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🧵 Living and exercising with #DID #ukrunchat
3 weeks ago we pushed the pace whilst out running. Hadn’t done any speed work or hills etc for months as was too worried about my injury prone body. Had several months of steady miles & strength training under my belt & felt ready.
My head was beyond full from everything we are managing - marriage breakdown, prospect of moving home, menopause and of course living with #DissociativeIdentityDisorder - The symptoms for which are just so vast and debilitating that we are too exhausted to try and explain.
That Saturday morning we NEEDED to run hard. Had our mind set on max perceived effort, an out and back of 20 mins each way & ran alongside an experienced and fast runner. So this is where the ability to dissociate becomes dangerous and some might say was an act of #SelfHarm
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A 🧵 This #DIDAwarnessDay MeWe have some news to share. Since last October a small volunteer group, including ourselves, have been working hard to prepare for starting a charity for and by people with dissociative disorders, their supporters and professionals working in the field
We are proud to announce our name - ‘The Dissociative Disorders Alliance’ @TheDDAGlobal #DIDAwarenessDay #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #DissociativeDisorders Image says The Dissociative Disorders Alliance’. Bright gr
Once established as a UK Charity we want to;

* Improve access to appropriate and effective support and care
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Let’s talk: Monsters Inside, highly stigmatized mental illness, and how society incarcerates mentally ill people they perceive as violent and dangerous. 🧵
#CancelMonstersInside #dissociatwt #dissociativeidentitydisorder

[CW: Institutionalization & Police Brutality]
Portraying mentally ill people as violent is not a new phenomenon. Systemically, mentally ill & neurodivergent people are characterized as violent, erratic, unpredictable, and as threat to society.
Being portrayed as dangerous leads to the removal of mentally ill people from larger society. Historically, that looked like indefinitely warehousing the mentally ill in state institutions and asylums.
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🌠ToSD Summarized🌠
Hopefully an easily digestible thread on ToSD. There's a lot of misinfo on twit & other places so here's some facts w/ sources. Stay informed!
#syscourse #dissociatwt #plurality #dissociativeidentitydisorder #ToSD #structuraldissociation
🌖What is ToSD?
ToSD stands for "theory of structural dissociation." Outside of twitter, though, it's actually called TSDP more often. That's bc the full name of the theory is "structural dissociation of the personality."

I'll be using TSDP in this thread instead of ToSD.
TSDP is a theory that provides an essential framework for understanding & working with trauma & dissociation. The core concepts of the theory were proposed in an academic book called The Haunted Self (THS), published in 2006.…
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I want to talk about how people with DID-PTSD express their trauma, dissociation, reality, recovery, etc. in different ways, and how policing that expression can lead to harm. #dissociativeidentitydisorder #dissociatwt #pluralgang #DIDOSDD
(Up front, this thread is about DID-PTSD but if you find it useful for endogenic or non-disordered plurality then that's cool.)
A lot of #syscourse tends to focus on the "personhood" of alters, dissociated parts, headmates, whatever you want to call them. It's an understandable topic. Routinely, we are denied our personhood even as collective wholes. Having DID-PTSD means that you have
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Unashamedly asking for a RT.
Two BBC radio stations have kindly given air time to me sharing experiences of living with #DisscociativeIdentityDisorder.
Listen again still up ATM so PLEASE tune in & share. Radio silence gives air to stigma & these interviews help change that #DID
The first interview was solo on @BBCCWR #BrodySwain - jump to about 2 hours 12 mins in… #DissociativeIdentityDisorder
The second piece was a double act with my previous therpist #GillFrost debut author of #TheGirlsWithin
on the #AnnaKing show with @BBCGlos
Jump to 2 hours 12 mins in…
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Our much loved, respected and now retired therapist has her debut book release this week of #TheGirlsWithin. Whilst names have been changed to protect identities, it is a true story account of a middle aged woman living with #DissociativeIdentityDisorder
Whilst numerous books about #DID exist, #TGW provides something quite different from most. Written in an accessible diary style and fully referenced, it provides a rare insight into the client /therapist relationship.
All of her internal family system, gave their full blessing to #GillFrost to publish the book via @firingthemind and in fact a child part said about the idea of writing a book; “If it would help the boys and girls who’ve had horrid things happen to them, then that’s good”
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Due to Tr!sha’s video drama, we’ve seen an uptick in phrases like “DID is living HELL how DARE you make fun of something that’s so horrible to live with!! This disorder makes life almost unlivable!”

This is a reminder that this rhetoric is harmful.

We’ve talked about this extensively in this video here:

But in short, repeating statements like that leads to sections of the community with #didosdd feel like they have to hit some benchmark of suffering to be valid.
The DID community is varied and that includes the severity of how we experience this disorder - some systems love each other despite the PTSD and get along as a group.

These phrases can leave these systems feelings alienated or unheard, or can create internalized stigma.
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