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Them: "What do you mean Midoriya is Autistic?"

And ... Midoriya is ... lowkey Plural ...

One for All ...

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Ok … if any of these are wrong … please tell me … as they are all intertwined identities and communities and of relevance to the Autistic …
Furries are people who embrace an Anthropomorphic aesthetic.

The general populace tends to see it as *just* a kink but it is much more that that and for some furries it has absolutely nothing to do with sex.

#Therian are people who identify, for any reason, that while they have a human body, they are intrinsically a non-human animal (this is inclusive of extinct animals but exclusive of hypothetical animals)
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- Accidently Open Secrets About Autism -

Meme Edition
This is a collection of memes exploring these open secrets about Autism.

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One of the most common questions we get is:

"Is Plural DID?"

Plurality (being more than one) is relatively common for the Autistic and DID is a *subset* of the Plural community.

#Pluralgang is the Plural Hashtag.

@TpaNonprofit is an amazing organization regarding Plurals
If you experience DID, please be aware that there is a large and active community of Plurals who share your experiences and they often identify with the #Pluralgang hashtag or using the term "System" or "Collective" in their usernames.
Plural is a massive umbrella term inclusive of all states of being "more than one" both neurological and metaphysical.

The two major categories are Traumagenic (manifesting through trauma) and Endogenic (not manifesting through trauma).
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In my head canon, Elsa is also Plural.

Her "living" Ice creations are indicitive of her emotional state at the time they where created.

Elsa is touch averse, you can see how she pulls away from any contact and it overwhelms her easily.

Olaf is her DESIRE for Warm Hugs that she cannot tolerate. It is her childhood that she never got due to her Autistic Traits, unrestrained powers, and the loss of her parents.
Marshmallows is her repressed anguish, rage, and simple wants that she cannot have.

Marshmallow is the Anthropomorphization of the paradox of overstimulation of being calm until pushed too far and then being an unrivaled force of nature.
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This is El.

As part of #pluralAcceptanceWeek we are showing you a bit more “behind the curtain.”

We are a plural.

The majority of what you read here is from me working very closely with two Headmates: Theory and Artist.

I asked them each to front briefly in order to give examples of our independent natures.

Here is Theory:

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I am Artist of the El/Theory/Artist sub-system.

I will be frank. Twitter is far from my ideal stage. But I work with the tools provided.

I am interpretation and asthetic .., in the words of Agent J:

“I make This look Good”

Here is one of my more … present threads …
Art without purpose is just masturbation.

Like Theory, I am a crafter. We both go to the Archives of Experience and transmute base materials into wonders.

Theory is focused constantly on catalyzing … refining ore into ingots. ingots into structures, Alway a spider …
I am the Alchemist. I transmute lead into gold. Where Theory develops complexity through correlation I elevate communication through connection.
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“Fate of the Fallen” by @Kel_Kade is a wonderful book that I whole heartedly recommend to ND wanting to be seen and NT who want to learn about ND while experiencing a great story.

Of EPIC relevance is that the MC is Traumagenic Plural.

Here there be spoilers about the plurality with respect to #PluralAwareness


In this story, Aaslo and Matthias are an inseparable duo and it turns out that Matthias has a Prophesied destiny.
Right out of the gate, Matthias is killed.

Aaslo is forced by circumstances to do some pretty traumatic things …

And then … Matthias starts to talk to Aaslo, in his head.

In a fantasy setting it is easy to excuse this kind of thing as some kind of magic … but …
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We have often written about how how Sir Terry Pratchett (@terryandrob) embraces states of Plurality in his work.

Though most is arguably up for discussion. Sir Terry Pratchett was profoundly blunt when it came to Miss Pickle and Miss Point.


The bell over the door gave a dusty jangle as Vimes entered the gloomy interior.

The noise died away, and there was a definite feeling that this marked the end of the entertainment for today.

Then a distant shuffling was born in the heavy silence.
It turned out to belong to a very old woman who appeared, at first sight, to be as dusty as the rocks she, presumably, sold.

Vimes had his doubts even about that. Shops like this one often looked upon the selling of merchandise as in some way a betrayal of a sacred trust.
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What do Jung's Archetypes, illuminated manuscripts, passing notes in class, and Abe Lincoln have to do with young plural & DID systems making videos on TikTok? Stick around, and try to laugh along with us…

#pluralgang #dissociadid #DIDchat #DIDOSDD
Jung was a very interesting fellow. He was heavily influenced by classical scholarship, read many languages, was interested in spiritism (seances, mediumship, channeling), studied mythology, the Bible, etc. These are the things he followed avidly.
Then he went on these inner world journeys. An idea he picked up from the spiritist movement where they would autowrite and go journeying and make elaborate accounts of their experiences. Thus The Red Book. But Jung didn't just write an account.
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Singlets will watch the scene from Suicide Squad and be like "OMG it's so cool that they share a body and have superpowers."

But then when they see plural systems/DID systems online they're like, "what a bunch of fucking fakers. So cringe." #pluralgang #dissociatwt
Scene in Question:

You can't enjoy media inspired by real life plurality and then go online see DID systems and go, "fuck them kids."

Like, that's not how anything works lmao
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I want to talk about how people with DID-PTSD express their trauma, dissociation, reality, recovery, etc. in different ways, and how policing that expression can lead to harm. #dissociativeidentitydisorder #dissociatwt #pluralgang #DIDOSDD
(Up front, this thread is about DID-PTSD but if you find it useful for endogenic or non-disordered plurality then that's cool.)
A lot of #syscourse tends to focus on the "personhood" of alters, dissociated parts, headmates, whatever you want to call them. It's an understandable topic. Routinely, we are denied our personhood even as collective wholes. Having DID-PTSD means that you have
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when you're trying to build a sense of group identity from nothing, for a demographic who until very recently have been isolated, never knowing each other... there are a lot of challenges #pluralgang
there is no single "plural culture", nor will there ever be. ask one system what their culture is, and you'll get five opinions.
the culture we get is the culture we all build, together.
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Trouble working with or finding your inner world? Hopefully this info helps folks. 🧵 We keep finding folk having trouble with or mistaken impressions about inner worlds. #pluralgang #pluralpride #plurallife #dissociatwt #DIDOSDD
We have found some plural & DID systems “trying” too hard to make/create their inner world, imagine it, picture it, visualize it into existence, etc. It seems that somehow there's some mistaken information about inner worlds being shared in the community.
We are pretty sure most already have this “place” and are overlooking it, making it too complicated, or under the mistaken impression that it has to be more elaborate, therefore *that* must not be it, it must be more grandiose.
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dear DID/OSDD, system, and/or plural community, we need to talk about race.

sincerely, an angry and tired system of color (meaning, we have a non-white body).

#pluralgang #dissociatwt
disclaimer 1:
much of this tweet is going to be directly addressed to white systems (meaning systems with a white body—we are not going to clarify this any more).
while we are aware that BIPOC can be racist against other BIPOC, we see the behaviors we are addressing most...
...frequently in white systems. this does not mean we are exempting fellow SOC from checking their behaviors.

(SOC=system(s) of color)
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