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Introducing a new Bleeding Heartland author for this week's #Iowa #wildflowers.
Kara Grady considers why many of our state's native orchids are disappearing: #nativeplants #nature #climate…
If you'd like to learn more about some of #Iowa's native orchids, Marla Mertz featured showy orchis in 2016:
#wildflowers #nativeplants #nature…
Also in 2016, Marla Mertz featured two orchids that bloom in the autumn: Oval ladies’-tresses and Autumn coralroot
#Iowa #wildflowers #nativeplants #nature…
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Eine Chronik

Teil 2
Impfungen und Zertifikate

Januar 2021 - August 2021

🧵 Image
Eine redliche #Aufarbeitung der Pandemie und im Besonderen von #2G ist zwingend notwendig. Ich versuche mit dieser Thread-Serie einen Beitrag dazu zu leisten.
Es wird empfohlen die Chronik von Anfang an zu lesen. Den ersten Teil findet ihr hier:

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'Just do the work and see what happens.' This is our motto too, in case you wondered what we are doing at Oh Koh :) 'When you see a #documentary you expect to be #informed or to be #angry but you don't expect to be #moved.'

Image: Preetha Kannan Image
Thierry Gaudin about his music video 'We are the Earth'. That is what is happening with Other Kohinoors - people are getting moved & that is serving as the #trigger for further #development... He further says: 'it gives you the #energy and you do what you want with it.
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🦎 Ouverture des 13èmes Journées Thématiques #FAERE « #Villes & #Environnement » 

💬 Discours d’accueil de M. Ben Salem et J. Lochard, directrices du laboratoire #ERUDITE.

➡️Présentation des activités de la #FAERE

📆 1er et 2 juin
📍 La Centrif’ - Cité Descartes

#JT_FAERE ImageImageImage
🦎Première session de présentations avec un ensemble de trois travaux orientés « #énergie »

#JT_FAERE #Ville #Cities #Environment #Environnement #Economics #Economie ImageImageImage
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This is from the list of "rationalized content" - i.e., stuff that will be dropped - from the syllabus of class X, from the website of the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in India.…

(1/) Image
The rationale for the "rationalisation" of content is that the same subjects are covered in a higher class.

So evolution is covered in XII standard biology, and the periodic table in XII standard chemistry. So why teach it in Xth?

(2/) Image
The problem with this logic is that, in India, students opt for different "streams" after the Xth standard (class X) board exam.

Some opt for science, some for commerce, some for arts.

Non-science stream students will NEVER encounter evolution or the periodic table again.
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Institutional capture via language: what do UNDP, ECB, OECD, EU Commission & an environmentally minded MEP have in common? They all endorsed consciously or not a contested reconceptualisation of #nature & human life at last week' #beyondgrowth event…… 1/11
@spietikainen started the panel by stating: "let's assume (..) that we all agree already that GDP is flawed and not the right measure and that we need a new metering system that includes the planetary boundaries, the #naturalcapital and the social wellbeing of humans." 2/11
While we know Sirpa and do not doubt her intentions, the reference to #naturalcapital - a simplistic and contested reconceptualisation of #nature - is extremely problematic and shows the level of linguistic capture on the issue of conservation. 3/11
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There is no concept of Engagement in Islam :A Thread🧵 Image
Engagement is the time between acceptance of the marriage proposal (khitba) and the marriage ceremony (‘aqd). Once the proposal is accepted, the man and the woman are known as “engaged to be married or simply “engaged”. Engagement has no recognition in Islamic laws Image
Who Proposes?

#Traditionally in all #cultures, it is the man who proposes to the woman; and it is done either directly by the man himself or on his behalf by his family. In the
West, even now man is expected to get down on his one knee to propose to the woman he wants to marry Image
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So let’s talk about #honeybees in the context of ‘Saving the Bees’.
Let’s cut the bull & cut to the chase as there’s way too much confusion/misinformation out there which is a hinderance to & detrimental to genuine bee saving.
Please #retweet to help the bees that need it!
There are 3 basic types of bee on the planet.
Of the 20,000+ species of bee only 8 are honey #bees.
Around 40% of bee species are under pressure worldwide.
Honey bees are not in trouble.
Honey bees are not in trouble.
Honey bees are primarily a ‘kept species’. There have never before been so many #honeybees on the planet.
It is estimated that there are 100 million + hives on the planet. It’s a multi billion euro/dollar industry. It is not #nature or natural. These are farmed creatures.
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We need to talk about nature… 🌿

Please, please don’t be one of those people who watch a show like Wild Isles, think how beautiful nature is and how sad it is that we’re losing it at an alarming rate, but then not do anything about it!


Here’s how... 🧵
There are dozens of things individuals and businesses can do to support nature’s recovery and help tackle ecological collapse and biodiversity loss.

And some of those things are really quick and easy to do.

Here are just a few of them…

A plan created for the people, by the people of the UK – a vision for the future of nature, and the actions we must all take to protect and renew it. Add your voice here, takes 10s:

#PeoplesPlanForNature #SaveOurWildIsles
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I'm very excited to say my book "How #Kant Matters for #Biology" will soon be published! The thread below explains some of the key issues dealt with. I'm essentially resituating Kant in relation to biology, especially with key figures in the develop of biology in the in Britain. Image
Please get in touch if you want to review, I can help get the book out to journals relevant for you.
Links for the book:
University of Wales Press:
Chicago University Press:
Chapter 1 focuses on debates about Kant's influence on biology. I push back against how #influence tends to be understood in #philosophyofscience and argue that we need to recognise the importance of #misunderstanding - especially for Kant's philosophy. 1/10
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"That the #Anthropocene, at its core, is a fundamentally bourgeois concept should surprise no one. After all, it tells us that behind the current, disastrous state of world affairs is the #Anthropos. It’sa trick ...… #history #capitalism #ideology
... as old as #modernity – the rich and powerful create #problems for all of us, then tell us we’re all to blame. But are we? And just who, in any case, is ‘#we’?"
"The #Anthropocene concept has graced the cover of The Economist magazine and received the blessing of The New York Times’ editorial board – for the very sound reason that anthropogenic arguments obscure capitalogenic realities." #Science/#Society
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I #provax sbandierano come prova dell'origine naturel del #COVID19 principalmente due studi, di cui uno su #Nature.

Il primo si intitola "The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2"…

Il secondo "SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site was not engineered" scritto solo da Robert F. Gary…

Gli autori dei due studi sono stati finanziati da #NIAID…
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Flaco, the escaped Eurasian eagle-owl, perched on the Naumburg Bandshell last Friday night. Extreme opinions have been expressed about him. On this subject and others, perhaps we should behave more like owls: patiently watch and wait. (1/15)

#birds #birdwatching #nature #birdcpp
The question of Flaco’s continuing freedom is moot with the zoo suspending its efforts to capture him again. I was able to observe their efforts to attract him with playback last Thursday night. He was responsive vocally but seemed to fly away from it more than towards it. (2/15)
They tried and it didn’t work. Any continued use of loud, sustained playback could be more harmful to sensitive birds in the park than Flaco would be as a novice hunter. Flaco might one day be a threat to sensitive birds but he isn’t today. (3/15)
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"If you want to witness such moments on safari, you have to be patient and willing to sacrifice any other sightings you hear off. 1/4

#africansafari #lion #bigcats #bigfive #safariadventure #wildlifeconservation #magicalkenya #masaimara #nature #wildlifesafari
This particular day we spent almost 7 hours with this #lion called Bob Marley (notice the dreads under his mane). He would get up every 20 minutes or so and dig the burrow deeper. We had to be ready throughout as the warthog in the burrow could dash out any moment. 2/4
It was coming to the end of the day and we were almost losing hope when it started raining heavy. Bob Marley used this to his advantage as the burrow filled with water and he started splashing the water inside the burrow which confused the #warthogs and made them rush out. 3/4
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Found on the slopes of aberdare ranges is Trout and About, a trout hatchery and a campsite in the depth of Kiburu Forest.
A great place to isolate, relax, explore and reconnect with yourself ✨
They have amazing picnic spaces ideal for romance, families, teams, or solo relaxation.
The tents are well equipped with an air mattress, Beddings and there is always bonefire to keep you warm
I recently did a solo trip to the camp and I loved every second of it, the disconnect I had from the rest of the world, exploring the forest and reconnecting with myself just amazing. You can go fishing, hiking, village tours and interacting with the community while at the camp.
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Hello Tweeple! Super chuffed to have this #paper just out in @naturesustainab ! It took 2 years, 15 institutions and 18 authors to put this together. Here's a summary 👇🧵 (0/9)
(1/9) The problem: #landscape-scale #conservation in a crowded country like #India
(2/9) Let's take this one (#biogeographic) zone at a time...
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3 confessions from #ClimateActivists & #ClimateEconomists seeking to tackle the #ClimateCrisis

We were wrong

-2 promise apple pie & motherhood sans costs
-2 repeat solar PV cheapest form of power sans caveats
-2 dismiss any trade-off between climate & development

Back in the day those, including me, who worked on many different versions of the #greendeal all focused on the win-win scenarios ... #greenjobs #greengrowth #justtransition etc. and tho the context has changed completely this win-win farming remains even in the year 2023
Had we mobilised on a war-footing back then, invested at scale, imposed #carbontaxes, innovated like mad & massively increased financial & technological support 4 developing economies to shun coal & adopt #renewables, the #greendeal may have worked, albeit not without real costs
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Je suis un humain,
un enfant,
un joueur,
un artiste,
un créateur.

Je suis une machine biologique et je fais pleinement partie de la nature.

Au même titre que toutes les autres créatures, je considère que tout ce que ...
...l'humain modifie ou créé fait indubitablement partie de la nature, mais surtout qu'aucune exception ne peut être faite quand bien même son niveau extrême de complexité.

C'est pourquoi je pense que toute #technologie fait invariablement partie de la #nature.
Je suis conscient.
Je maîtrise le langage.

Je comprends les mots,
j'en ai construit tout un dictionnaire dans ma tête.
Ils sont des symboles renfermant des concepts.
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Ok time to talk about getting those #renewables BUILT. 💪

Slow planning and permitting is stopping us from getting on track for net-zero. My colleagues @ETC_energy have set out what the problems are, and how we can try to address them. A 🧵
1. What's the size of the problem? Both solar and wind need to grow much faster to get on-track for net-zero by 2050. Current projections would lead to a power system that emits 2.2 GtCO2 more each year by 2030!

Need to close that gap!
As an aside, the only country that's crushing VRE deployment? China, obviously - and also Spain (nice one!).
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1) When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth,
2) the separate and equal station to which the Laws of #Nature and of Nature's #God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
3) We hold these #truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are #Life, #Liberty and the pursuit of #Happiness.
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در این رشته توییت به طور خلاصه و ساده توضییح میدم که چرا ما به کشوری #ورشکسته در زمینه آب تبدیل شدیم.
با یک مقاله که حدودا یک ماه پیش در ژورنال Scientific Reports انتشارات #Nature در مورد کمبود آبِ ایران(با تحلیل داده های بیست ساله #NASA و #DLR) چاپ شده شروع میکنم.1/
#مهسا_امینی Image
این مقاله داده های سری زمانی ماهواره ای رو از سال 2001 تا 2019 در کشور ایران بررسی کرده. بعد از تحلیل داده ها متوجه یک گسترش کشاورزی (27000 کیلومتر مربع) و تشدید قابل توجه کشت (48000 کیلومتر مربع) در این سالها شدند.
در این بازه زمانی یک کاهش قابل توجهی در ذخیره کل آب رو مشاهده کردند و متوجه ارتباط مستقیمش با استفاده ناپایدار از آب های زیرزمینی (عمدتاً برای آبیاری کشاورزی) شدند. جالب اینکه این کاهش بسیار زیاد ذخیره آب به کاهش بارندگی، تبخیر...(عکس پایین Meteorological Water) ربطی نداشته.
3/ Image
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