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LRT adalah contoh konkret proyek grasah-grusuh di era pemerintahan Jokowi yang bermasalah sejak perencanaan hingga pelaksanaan. #KoranTempo #KAI
Tanpa studi kelayakan yang memadai, proyek mercusuar itu tak hanya molor dari target, tapi juga semakin membebani keuangan negara.

Proyek LRT Jabodebek sejatinya belepotan sejak awal. #KoranTempo #KAI
Jokowi seharusnya menyadari bahwa pembuatan kebijakan publik tidak boleh asal cepat dan asal jalan.

Kini, masalahnya menjadi lebih sulit dipecahkan karena proyek LRT Jabodebek sudah berjalan sedemikian jauh. #KoranTempo #KAI
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EXO-L 🇯🇵 Planet #16
Profile Book: #KAI #JONGIN Translation

do not repost w/o credit
• Birth date: 1994/01/14
• sign: capricorn
• blood type: A
• hobby: learning various things, lego, watching soccer
• skill: sleeping a lot, eating a lot, playing a lot, resting and performing on stage
• motto as an artist: Lets do whatever we want to do happily
Jongin Favorites

•Fave word: im happy
• Fave flower: Rose
• Fave scent: scent of soap
• Fave music genre: R&B
• Fave film/drama: Jujutsu kaisen 😭
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Who else is watching #HaloTheSeries ?

I legit started watching it yesterday after being told that I was missing out on something great, didn't believe it. Till I binged it.

Are you watching it? if not you are missing out and here is why:

1. Great action and story! CGI is legit and the battle scenes are amazing! Loving this show and learning these characters via the missions and things they have going on.
Wished it took longer to reveal his face but still no complaints as much as it connects audience to the cast
2. #Cortana is dope. Sad, how she is able to shut down #MasterChief like that. Hopefully he understands that she is fully living thinking AI😂

Interesting how she wants to fully wants control, makes me really scared of #AI
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Thetan Arena has completed its #private investment, backed by tier-1 Venture Capitals: Animoca Brands, Axia8, Everest Ventures, DFG, Kardia Ventures, Spark Digital VC, Titan Ventures, Formless Capital, FomoCraft, Bitscale, AU21 Capital, Decom Holdings, K300, Bixin VC and more.
Thetan Arena! The world’s first blockchain-based #MOBA.

Milestone 1 (Q32021) will see the launch of the NFT marketplace and game itemization. By the end of this quarter, players will be able to join our Alpha testing on PC and Android.

#BSC #KAI #KRC20 #BEP20 #WolfFun #roadmap
Thetan Arena is co-developed by @KardiaChain and the famous Vietnamese game studio, Wolffun @wolffungame

#Milestone 2 (Q42021) players will experience multiple in-game events, as well as the introduction of the Thetan Coin and Thetan Box, bringing with it our economic structure.
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[DUB] 210823 - 07:32PM KST

🐻: (Photo)
🐻: It's raining~~

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 210823 - 07:40PM KST

🐻: (Photo)
🐻: [When it’s raining] it’s pajeon Kai*

* Pajeon is Korean scallion pancake and is a common rainy day food in Korea because the sizzling sound of it cooking sounds like rain
#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 210823 - 07:44PM KST

🐻: (Photo)
🐻: ....
🐻: (Sticker)
🐻: When [you] look at your phone when walking, this is what happens, ok

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
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[LIVE STREAM LINK] #KAI on tvN "Udo Inn" at 10:30PM KST
The cast is gathering at Kai's house, exactly his kitchen to plan their activity maybe bc he has the largest table😂😂
Jonginnie in stripes shirt😍😍😍
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[DUB] 210222 - 12:44PM KST

🐻: 🐻🐻
🐻: Bit by bit the things I’ve been working hard on are coming out! (Said cutely)
🐻: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Told you good things will happen this year (said cutely)

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 210222 - 01:01PM KST

🐻: Let me upload a photo on Instagram now

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 210222 - 01:19PM KST

🐻: Uploaded (said cutely)
🐻: Hoo

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
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#2NE1 Image
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280121 #KAI SM Super Idol League Huya Broadcast Real-Time Trans by EXOUpdates_Subs 🐻❤️
@weareoneEXO #EXO #카이
started the thread since they started the bc~ link is:… ☺️
Today’s BC title is “KAI starlight and me are going to accompany you left and right”
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210121 #EXO #KAI Huya SM Super Idol League Real-Time Translation by EXOUpdates_Subs 🐻❤️ [THREAD]
#카이 #엑소
opened the thread bc they opened the livestream!~ ❤️ Just a reminder, he’s going to play the Chi ver of PUBG and FIFA today! ☺️
They’re just playing Mmmh MV now, the actual livestream will take place at 8pm KST!
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201208 #카이 #KAI #开 POWER TIME
(on the difference btwn EXO's & Kai's solo)

🐻When I debuted in EXO, I totally didn't know anything. Now I know how everything is/works, I was really nervous.

#엑소 #EXO @weareoneEXO
201208 #카이 #KAI #开 POWER TIME

🐻 My mum sometimes looks at me and wonders how did she give birth to me and always tells me to take it easy, to take care of my body etc.

#엑소 #EXO
201208 #카이 #KAI #开 POWER TIME
(on the food that he realllly likes)
🐻 I have to restrain myself from eating jjambbong. I didn't like it in the past but started to like it early this year [...] I still want to eat it right now.

#엑소 #EXO
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[DUB] 201207 - 05:33 PM KST

🐻: What are you up to? (said cutely)

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 201207 - 05:38 PM KST

🐻: I’m working (said cutely)

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 201207 - 05:53 PM KST

🐻: [I’m] working hard working hard. To make sure there is enough content (said cutely)
🐻: Given how long we have been waiting [for this]!!! (said cutely)

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
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[DUB] 201206 - 01:37 AM KST

🐻: How could I go to bed at 9pm
🐻: Even I think it doesn’t make sense (said cutely)

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 201206 - 01:38 AM KST

🐻: Hehehe
🐻: I am going to work in 10 minutes!!!

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
[DUB] 201206 - 01:47 AM KST

🐻: (Video)
🐻: (Photo)
🐻: ?
🐻: Am I still dreaming!?

#KAI #카이 #カイ #金钟仁
#엑소카이 @weareoneEXO
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201201 #카이 #KAI #开 CULTWO SHOW

🐻 Hello I'm rookie singer Kai who has debuted for 1 day! It's been my dream to hand out my own album.

#엑소 #EXO @weareoneEXO
201201 #카이 #KAI #开 CULTWO SHOW

🐻 (on the feedback he got on his album) It's the first time that I'm releasing an album with only my own voice, and (people) told me that my voice colour is nice.

#엑소 #EXO @weareoneEXO
201201 #카이 #KAI #开 CULTWO SHOW

Nucksal commented on how Jongin has good reactions on the show Amazing Saturday, and Jongin said he's kinda like a cheerleader (on the show)

#엑소 #EXO @weareoneEXO
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Okay, there’s a lot of information about #Zilv and #Rourke status ( @GudelZilv ), I’ll try to explain somethings.
This is not with hate, I’m just trying to resume all until they upload a official declaration about everything.
(Sorry if I have mistakes in my English)
So, Zilv is still engage with Rourke, but Zilv also has a relationship with Kai.
We knew about this for Kai’s instastories and their IG profile. ImageImageImageImage
Zilv explain that he and R has had problems that tried to fix for almost a year, but It didn’t work out. They are different people, they didn’t do something bad to each other or have bad feelings, the things just happened. ImageImage
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💎remember when💎

💎taekai thread💎

remember when jongin told tae "i miss you" and tae was like "why is he saying that, i see him everyday" but he looked so delighted and
flustered and so happy to hear that and he told jongin "call me" like yeah i bet y'all phone bills are wild bc of e/o i still cry over that
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