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Whew! It’s been exactly a year since the Supreme Court shook @AngryBlackLady and @Hegemommy to their core by siding against Louisiana in June Medical Services v. Russo.

As yet another abortion fight looms at the Court, we’re looking back on the significance of the case.
June Medical Services was about a Louisiana law that required abortion providers to get admitting privileges at a local hospital.

These kinds of laws seem reasonable enough, but they are designed to force clinics to close.
Lawmakers claim that admitting privileges laws protect pregnant patients, but that is poppycock.

Due to abortion stigma and the Catholic takeover of hospitals, many hospitals refuse to grant admitting privileges to abortion providers. Lawmakers know this.
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It’s happening! @Hegemommy and @AngryBlackLady are at @Smashitbreakrm as we speak, to (literally!) take a hammer to some of the worst anti-abortion legislation we've seen.

Tune in right now, by clicking the YouTube livestream link below!
“Hello, everyone! And WELCOME to today’s very exciting event for Rewire News Group! I’m @hegemommy, the SVP and Executive Editor of Rewire News Group—and co-host of our legal podcast, Boom! Lawyered.”

#TeamLegal is getting started 👇
"A couple of weeks ago we asked you, our loyal listeners, readers, and fans, to rank some pretty awful anti-choice legislation and some cringe-worthy quotes from anti-choice lawmakers. We’ve now taken all of that harmful nonsense and put it on items—like this one!" 🔨
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Well, it’s Friday so that can mean only one thing: The Supreme Court is thinking about abortion again.

This time it’s not just one case they’re thinking about. It’s TWO!
The first case should be familiar to y’all by now. It involves a 15-week abortion ban out of Mississippi, and the Court has considered taking this case EIGHT TIMES SO FAR but hasn’t yet.
As @AngryBlackLady points out in her latest column we can’t figure out what on Earth the Court is thinking about because a 15-week abortion ban is flat out unconstitutional.…
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What’s up nerds! @AngryBlackLady here. Before we begin the SCOTUS live-tweet, let’s talk about what this ACA case is all about.

I don’t know if you really, but back when the Court said the ACA was A-OK, it did so because it said that the individual mandate was a tax and that the ACA was a valid exercise of Congress’s taxing power.
In 2017, when Congress passed the preposterously named Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it zeroed out the individual mandate which means no one had to pay a penalty for not getting insurance.
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It's your friendly neighborhood @AngryBlackLady here comin' in hot with scalding takes about Margaret Sanger and the lies anti-choicers tell about her.

You ready to debunk some myths, people!?

I said...


It’s Margaret Sanger’s birthday today and anti-choicers are out in full force doing their favorite things:

Projecting all of their own anti-Blackness on to Maggie Sangz while yelling at Black people for supporting Planned Parenthood.
"How dare you Black women support Planned Parenthood? Don't you know you're participating in your own genocide?" they wail as they clutch their pearls.

"Don’t you know the most dangerous place for a Black child is in the womb?" they keen because yes, they have the audacity.
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Well hello! It's me! @AngryBlackLady! Fancy meeting you over here!

Ready to talk Donald Trump and the Supreme Court?

Oh you are? Perfect.
Yesterday, Donald Trump took to the podium to, essentially, give me a heart attack.

He unveiled a list of 20 people whom he would appoint to the Supreme Court should there be an opening during his presidency.

Here's the list:
You might be thinking, “Imani! I don't wanna read this thread! I already know his 20 picks were absolute numpties.”

And you’re right. They are!

But I also want to talk about how Trump's speech was a preemptive strike against ANY BLACK WOMAN Biden might nominate for SCOTUS.
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Oh hello!

It's @AngryBlacklady. Fancy meeting you here. I have a bit of news.

@PPFA, @ACLU, and @ReproRights filed a lawsuit in North Carolina today and it's a BIG DEAL.

I'm excited. Let me explain why.
But @AngryBlacklady, you may be thinking, you always say lawsuits are a big deal and all you ever do is talk about lawsuits and it makes me sleepy.

Look, I get it. I do. I'm a sucker for a good lawsuit.

But lawsuits are important!

Lawsuits determine what legal rights you have!
And if you’re tired of the same old abortion rights lawsuits that center the concerns of white women (or that don’t explicitly speak to the concerns of BIPOC) then get ready because boy howdy do I have the lawsuit for you.
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The birth control benefit assures that insurance premiums that cover preventative care also cover birth control -- because its preventative care!-- If I'm paying premiums for coverage that birth control ain't free. The benefit assures *I* get non-discriminatory coverage
Here's the only backgrounder you need on this case, courtesy of @AngryBlackLady #TeamLegal…
I'm Italian and a Taurus I can stay mad about the "free birth control" talking points for a looooooong time we do not forget these things 😂
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A couple programming notes! I am covering the Little Sisters/Trump v. Pennsylvania case LIVE FROM MY HOME OFFICE AND MAYBE MY BACK PATIO

Hop on over to @Rewire_News just before 10 ET/8 am in The Vortex where I will be live tweeting arguments
@Rewire_News These cases involve challenges to the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act.

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Medication abortion, and those who would reach the state's 20 week ban if delayed can resume in Texas, thanks to a new order from District Judge Lee Yeakel. #TeamLegal
This is very good news!

This is a very good order from Judge Yeakel, though I still expect Texas to appeal. And if/when they do the case will head straight back to the same panel of judges who would let the Texas ban take effect…
That's because Trump judge Kyle Duncan, for the 2-1 majority, ordered that the same panel of judges retain jurisdiction over any fight around Gov. Abbott's EO banning abortion during COVID-19 mitigation efforts
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Jim Jordan yields his time back and then changes his mind and Cummings says, nah and I LIKE THIS NEW COMMITTEE
Cohen sworn in and begins his opening statements which were submitted in advance…
So I appear to be live-tweeting today! Quick programming note. I have to bow out for a radio spot on how tenuous abortion rights are right now [ON BRAND!] otherwise I GOTCHU ALL

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Good morning fellow law nerds! I'm a little late to the live tweeting this morning because the Senate site wasn't working but HERE I AM #TeamLegal
Today is a lot of witnesses talking about why Barr should or should not be confirmed.

Right now Marc Morial President and CEO of Urban League is up now
A few thoughts from yesterday:

Barr is basically guaranteed confirmation unless something wild happens because there's not the votes to block him. Knowing that Barr's job was to reasonable and non-confrontational yesterday. He had to come off as an adult in the administration.
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Good morning fellow law nerds and welcome to Day One of the Bill Barr confirmation hearings! I live here now.

If you are able to and watch to listen/watch here is a Judiciary Committee link…

Also, here's Barr's letter saying he's totally chill about the Mueller investigation #TeamLegal…
Senators are starting to fill the hearing room. Lindsey Graham wishes everyone a happy new year and introduces Chuck Grassley who no longer is the chair but still has a lot to say, apparently
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2018 was a helluva year but it did end on a few high notes, like this decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that says using drugs while pregnant is not child abuse. @AngryBlackLady has the background here #TeamLegal…
Here's a copy of the decision since TeamLegal likes to keep it servicey too…
A few things to note from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision.

First-- two justices dissented so 😐

Second, the state had argued that one reason it should charge pregnant people with child abuse is because of the possibility they become pregnant again
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Today an Oklahoma court allowed the state's 72-hour mandatory delay before getting an abortion take effect…
The ruling came in a case also challenging the state's D&E ban. That measure remains blocked #TeamLegal

Here's more background:…
In June the Iowa Supreme Court blocked a similar measure from taking effect…
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Gather round, friends as we settle into Day Two of Kavanaugh confirmation hearings!

Senators are milling about judiciary and things should be starting soon
Grassley gavels the room to order and wishes everyone a good morning.

Reminder: no good mornings for Grassley
Grassley says Democratic Senators interrupted proceedings 63 times and protesters were escorted out about 70 times.

Protesters start speaking over Grassley now. Sounds like a disability rights activist
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The Garza hearing starts now. I'll be live tweeting whether Trump administration can force an undocumented minor to give birth.
Government starts by saying it is not preventing Garza from getting an abortion just that they are not facilitating it. Sound familiar?
Government claims there is no undue burden and the only reason she can't get an abortion is because she happens to be detained.
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