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I made the mistake of finding out that all 24 thousand seasons of Survivor are on Hulu.

I gave up all reality TV about a decade ago—once I realized I was spending 23 hours a week watching Big Brother—and yet... 😬
I’m already 3 episodes deep. It’s over. Nice seeing you all.

I’m not saying which season because someone will spoil it for me. But I remember why I used to love this show. 😂😂
The ability to binge this without commercials is kind of a game changer not gonna lie
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The government is planning to allow faith-based adoption agencies take federal funding and then turn away LGBTQ people and non-Christians, *including Jews*.

The means Mike Pence and all these rightwing numpties who have been complaining about anti-Semitism are full of shit.
The nerve of these people to slam Rep Omar’s purported anti-semitism while supporting a policy that would prohibit Jewish people from adopting or fostering children is the very definition of fucked up.
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Those of you who have been fellow law nerds from the beginning may recall we did an episode on this public nudity case.

Bakers and Bare Breasts Will Determine the Limits of Free Speech… #TeamLegal #BoomLawyered
It is utter nonsense that men can go topless and women can’t lest they be charged with public indecency, especially when women go topless as protest speech.

Fortunately the 10th Cir ruled the right way.
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My latest on the Christian crusade to allow businesses and other public accommodations to discriminate against LGBTQ people. #TeamLegal | It Didn’t End With Cakes: Artists in Arizona Want to Deny Wedding Invitations to Gay Couples
Evangelicals across the country are filing lawsuits to enshrine “We don’t serve your kind here” discrimination against LGBTQ people into law.
Courts have rejected attempts to use religion to justify race-based discrimination.

Courts must reject attempts to use religion to justify discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s a no brainer.…
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Our fellow law nerds know that we aren’t out of the woods yet. This is just a stay.

But considering how pessimistic I was, I am going to enjoy my evening and focus on being a buzzkill tomorrow. ✌🏾🌸
We will have a pod for you tomorrow on what the stay means, what’s up with Brad McBeer’s dissent, and what to expect next. #BoomLawyered
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Oh hi, the Supreme Court may underhandedly gut Roe today without outright gutting Roe.

For more, you should listen to @Hegemommy and me explain what is at stake here:…

And here:…

Then scream with us. #TeamLegal #BoomLawyered
Also, here is a written explanation of how the 5th Circuit ignored proper appellate procedure and Supreme Court precedent to rule that shuttering *every clinic in Louisiana but one* isn’t an undue burden for pregnant people. #TeamLegal…
But basically,
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Nothing on the merits. It’s a short order. #TeamLegal
We can do this again in a week! So that’s fun.

- said no one
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*taps mic*

Utah just introduced anti-trans legislation to prevent people from changing the gender on their birth certificate.

But here’s the kicker—and I guarantee a lot of you will yell “what the fuck?!” When you read it.

The bill defines female as:

“an individual with ovaries who is confirmed before or at birth to
have external anatomical characteristics that appear to have the purpose of performing the natural reproductive function of providing eggs and receiving sperm from a male donor.“
I wish I was kidding.…

It is going to get so. much. worse.
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Good morning fellow law nerds! I'm a little late to the live tweeting this morning because the Senate site wasn't working but HERE I AM #TeamLegal
Today is a lot of witnesses talking about why Barr should or should not be confirmed.

Right now Marc Morial President and CEO of Urban League is up now
A few thoughts from yesterday:

Barr is basically guaranteed confirmation unless something wild happens because there's not the votes to block him. Knowing that Barr's job was to reasonable and non-confrontational yesterday. He had to come off as an adult in the administration.
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I'll be taking over from here. I will try to live up to the live-tweet standards that @Hegemommy has set. #TeamLegal
Cornyn asks if China is going to kill us all with their intellectual property thievery. (sort of.)

Barr says China is the paramount economic and military rival in the world and that they're stealing all of our technology. oh noes!
Senator Leahy is up.

Someone hand this man a cough drop.
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So all this nonsense about precedent is just a dodge.
From Barr’s 1991 confirmation hearing:

Barr Opposed to Roe vs. Wade Decision : Justice Dept.: The attorney general-designate tells Senate panel right to privacy does not extend to obtaining an abortion. #TeamLegal…
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Good morning fellow law nerds and welcome to Day One of the Bill Barr confirmation hearings! I live here now.

If you are able to and watch to listen/watch here is a Judiciary Committee link…

Also, here's Barr's letter saying he's totally chill about the Mueller investigation #TeamLegal…
Senators are starting to fill the hearing room. Lindsey Graham wishes everyone a happy new year and introduces Chuck Grassley who no longer is the chair but still has a lot to say, apparently
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2018 was a helluva year but it did end on a few high notes, like this decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that says using drugs while pregnant is not child abuse. @AngryBlackLady has the background here #TeamLegal…
Here's a copy of the decision since TeamLegal likes to keep it servicey too…
A few things to note from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision.

First-- two justices dissented so 😐

Second, the state had argued that one reason it should charge pregnant people with child abuse is because of the possibility they become pregnant again
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Today an Oklahoma court allowed the state's 72-hour mandatory delay before getting an abortion take effect…
The ruling came in a case also challenging the state's D&E ban. That measure remains blocked #TeamLegal

Here's more background:…
In June the Iowa Supreme Court blocked a similar measure from taking effect…
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My latest on Alabama voters passing a personhood amendment last night. #TeamLegal | In Alabama, Fertilized Eggs Are Now People
Alabama will jail pregnant people. They’re already doing it under their child endangerment law—jailing drug addicted pregnant people—even though the law is not for that purpose.

It’s for meth dealers who bring their kids to their meth lab.…
This is the slippery slope towards Gilead that we all need to pay attention to.

Several states’ voters have rejected these personhood amendments. Mississippi did in 2011. Colorado did several times over the last several years.

Here’s an explainer:…
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I know people don’t find value in voting—especially given the two party system and rampant injustice in this country—but honest to god, the lurching rightward of the courts has concerned me for years.

And now it’s happening. And it really makes me feel sick.
And voting is the only way to stop it. It just is.

Part of the reason @Hegemommy and I started this #TeamLegal business is to explain how the law impacts people.

I think a lot of people are put off by all the jargon and so they don’t pay much attention to the courts.
I’m begging everyone to pay more attention to the courts. Not just the Supreme Court. But lower courts, too.
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Gather round, friends as we settle into Day Two of Kavanaugh confirmation hearings!

Senators are milling about judiciary and things should be starting soon
Grassley gavels the room to order and wishes everyone a good morning.

Reminder: no good mornings for Grassley
Grassley says Democratic Senators interrupted proceedings 63 times and protesters were escorted out about 70 times.

Protesters start speaking over Grassley now. Sounds like a disability rights activist
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Please read this. And then vote like the make up of the federal judiciary depends on it, BECAUSE IT DOES. #TeamLegal | The Latest Big Win in Gavin Grimm’s Case Shows Why Judicial Diversity Matters
i did a little research on the diversity of the federal judiciary.

Reagan’s appointees were 90% white, of those, 86% were men.

H.W. Bush’s appointees were 90% white and of those, 73% were male.
Terrible, right?
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I'm updating our legislation tracker and check this shit out. | Missouri 'Parody Marriages' Resolution (SCR 54) - Rewire.News… #TeamLegal
The Missouri legislature has introduced a resolution that states that any form of marriage that does not involve one man and one woman is a “parody marriage.”

I'm telling y'all--LGBTQ folks are NOT safe. Same sex marriage--Obergefell (the SCOTUS ruling) be damned--is NOT safe.
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This is excellent excellent news.
I wrote about Black hair discrimination and Chastity Jones’ case almost a year ago to the day! It’s one of my better pieces if I do say so myself which I totally just did. #TeamLegal

Black Hair Discrimination Is Real—But Is It Against the Law?
And I quoted this book which is truly excellent. After reading it,I realized it was written by a woman i went to Girls’ High with. Small world!…
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My latest. | Pennsylvania Supreme Court Could Decide Whether Using Drugs While Pregnant Is Child Abuse
Yesterday I published this piece about how laws not intended to ensnare pregnant people are being used to punish pregnant people.
So here’s a mini thread about it:

Pennsylvania has a law that makes it child abuse to

“intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly … causing bodily injury to a child through any recent act or failure to act.” #TeamLegal
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Covering this morning's House hearing on a TOTAL abortion ban. Stay tuned for more info from me and @Rewire_News. #NoAbortionBan
The panel's chair, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), an unabashed white nationalist, has called the hearing to order. #NoAbortionBan
Like three sentences into his statement, King is already crowing about the Supreme Court. CC: #TeamLegal @AngryBlackLady @Hegemommy
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I really like how the judge said it's not the state's fault that there's a scarcity of abortion providers in Missouri.

Repubs in Missouri introduce 30 pieces of anti-choice legislation a year, all aimed at regulating Missouri's last clinic out of existence...
When I say 30 per year, I'm not kidding. Last year Republicans introduced more than 35 bills aimed at shutting the last remaining clinic.
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The Garza hearing starts now. I'll be live tweeting whether Trump administration can force an undocumented minor to give birth.
Government starts by saying it is not preventing Garza from getting an abortion just that they are not facilitating it. Sound familiar?
Government claims there is no undue burden and the only reason she can't get an abortion is because she happens to be detained.
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