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#TitoThePlagiarist, a thread
#TitoTheEnabler is a man of blunders & he never ceases to make us cringe. During Taguiwalo’s confirmation hearing, he insulted her, calling her as “na ano lang.” @serrano_rene @mrsunlawyer @ricci_richy
At the #RHLaw debates, #TitoThePlagiarist copied Kennedy’s line w/o proper citation & he made excuses to belie plagiarism accusations against him. @ProDeoEtPatria7 @ToniSpeakEasy @CigarettesAstro @juanelyas @NakaupoAngTuta @iAmSuperPissed @kikorustia
#TitoThePlagiarist supports death penalty for high level crimes including drug trafficking. He is confident that it will be passed. #NoToDeathPenalty @purplepoetry88 @BulanArtem @EstelleSelfie @walrus77777 @pripri_gosakto @Kimboo1627 @IdentikitThom
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#EpalNaGo’s loyalty to #DuterteInutil is the strongest bond that they share so whatever happens he will remain loyal to the #PoonNgPOGOs, a thread
#DuterteInutil trusts #EpalNaGo that his words are as good as his. Perhaps Honeylet must be jealous of this dynamics. @ricci_richy @claudiopoy @serrano_rene @kikorustia @ProDeoEtPatria7 @juanelyas @guingonabart @jekki_oppas @m_adelie
#EpalNaGo has been rewarded well as a result through gov’t contracts awarded to his family. Kachi! Kachi! @ToniSpeakEasy @CarloYourWorld @EstelleSelfie @shiela_mangahas @papalbadass @TheGodfatherXXI @iAmSuperPissed @MyRizalPH…
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#DuterteInutil vowed zero tolerance versus corruption promising to get rid of it in 6 months. Anyare?…
During #DuterteInutil’s 1st year in office, he fired people from his inner circle for allegations of corruption but there weren’t any formal investigations done to determine if they were accurate. @supernegatrona @mrsunlawyer @akatsukichan2x @hotmanila
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We continue our tale of another Tulfo parasite, #BlackEyedMon, the eldest, who insulted construction workers calling them lazy & slow. #TutaNiPooh

@supernegatrona @akatsukichan2x @serrano_rene
Being the eldest, he should have set an example to his siblings but he is not different from them. The rotten fruit didn’t fall far from its tree. #DDSMon #MonTheTroll #BlackEyedMon @PunchTheLies @JohnronP @BKwago @MyRizalPH @legallyzen Image
When #ErwinTheTroll made a grave mistake in slurring a former general for his alleged inefficiency in @dswdserves, #BlackEyedMon told him to apologize but the apology was half-baked.
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The beautiful island of Cebu has a long history & part of it is the long reign of #PoliticalDynasties including #GwenTrapo’s Royal House of Tuob. A thread

@claudiopoy @serrano_rene @raymondnaguit @MiguelPCaro
#GwenTuob is one of the parasites plaguing the island. Her lust for power is troubling for she is vicious to anyone who dares to oppose her rule. #GwenTheSugboDictator
@supernegatrona @PunchTheLies @Doc4Dead @bansheerabidcat @jaicabajar @giasison @akatsukichan2x @ToniSpeakEasy Image
Her Royal Household began its existence when Madam Glory rose to power. The Garcia clan became a trusted ally in Sugbo. #EndPoliticalDynasty #ItaponAngMgaTrapo… @PCIJdotOrg ImageImageImageImage
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#DuterTIWALI na kamo? A thread
1. Birds of the same feather corrupt together #TheTaleOfTheThreeStooges and #TheChroniclesOfAssholes (this is a loooong thread)
2.1 Appointing unqualified people to key gov't posts #DuterTIWALI #TheTurtleGeneral #PhilHealthMess, another thread
2.2 Appointing unqualified people to key gov't posts #DuterTIWALI #TheCzarCzaran, another thread
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Part 1
A tale must be told about the siblings branding themselves as clean but pure lies. We shall begin our story w/ #ErwinDDSTroll. A thread
@ogie_rosa @HelloTimTim @leisbeth_recto
@ToniSpeakEasy @PunchTheLies Image
#ErwinDDSTroll’s mouth has always put him in trouble because he is a staunch #InutilNaPagong ally. He insulted a former general when the latter declined his interview request. He earned PMA's wrath. #BadMouthErwin

Our #PersonaNonGrataBoy hasn’t learned his lesson yet when he was at it again. This time he insulted Dapitan City & even criticized it for the slow counting of votes in the 2019 elections. @TheGodfatherXXI @supernegatrona

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Cynthia Villar, it appears you're trying to test our limit when you never ending horrific statements that continue to malign/belittle different professionals like they are second class citizens of this country. A thread
@Cynthia_Villar #CynthiaVillarMustResign
1. RA 6713 Section 4. Norms of Conduct of Public Officials & Employees.
"They must act with justness and sincerity and shall not discriminate against anyone, esp. the poor & the underprivileged. They shall at all times respect the rights of others."… Image
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@Simply_Clinton @MaamSyj @makeapoint690 @DrTonyLeachon
Buckle up! We're heading to another premiere destination that the Yankees loved, Olongapo, where our hero Dick the enabler, grew up created his myth.
He claimed he has always been a humanitarian because it ran in the blood. Florence Nightingale ka ghurl? #DickTheEpal… ImageImageImage
When the Americans left Subic, he came to the rescue & lobbied for the creating of a Free-port zone but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything shady about it. #DickKawatan, a separate thread #GalawangTrapo
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@makeapoint690 @AltABSCBN @SuperficialGZT @MalacananEvents @IamCharotism
We’ve been through quite an adventure across the archipelago, time to go up North, to the land w/ the abundance of natural resources/fresh veggies, Benguet. Image
Our dear Prince Erickus Yup Yup Yup or Eric the worm is not from there. When its old guardian died, he was knighted by Peter the tick to take over the land. #IbalikAngABSCBN
The residents were caught off guard because they were expecting someone from the community or a neighboring district. @COMELEC even suggested that instead of appointing a caretaker, an election could be held.… ImageImage
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As someone who has been quite familiar navigating the limelight, he has been exploiting his fame and that of his family to expand his portfolio, entering politics as his retirement plan. Image
He is pretending to be a man of God, preaching his scriptures and using the bible to condemn other people’s sins but he himself is a sinner. #HypocriteManny

One of the Ten Commandments is thou shalt not commit adultery but he had an affair before with a starlet that almost ruined his marriage, earning his in-laws’ wrath.
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2016 was another turning point in our nation’s history. We had tasted small victories after the long reign of Madam Glory so most of us demanded for MORE, opening the door to false prophets that promised everything and anything. #BakitMoKamiInaswang
One of them created his own myth, a bubble of lies that fooled many. He was framed to be the savior by his cult for they believed he was genuine and cursed a lot. #DDS101

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“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.” ― David Brin #PhilHealthCorruption
Let’s go on a trip down memory lane during the turning point in the PH’s history, #PeoplePower. Ferdie, the dictator not the typhoon, learned about RAM’s coup to oust him. #NeverForget #NeverAgain… Image
Our little general Ricky, Meldy’s chief security escort, read a prepared statement to reveal the plot he was part of. Nilaglag mo sina Honasan?… Image
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Ladies and gentlemen, the thread is set and we’re proud to roll out the red carpet for the #MutyaAtLakanNgKatarantaduhan, Princess Juliana Cladetta and Prince Erickus Yup Yup Yup
The Wormy World Part 1
#SB19LGDayxNight #IbalikAngABSCBN Image
Buckle up because we are torpedoing down south to the place known for the carabao mango, Davao Occidental. Princess Juliana Cladetta or Cladi the worm is born in the Royal House of Mangga.
#iKONonILOGU2Concert (sorry for hijacking this hashtag, this tale needs to be told)
Since her royal household has huge coffers, she and her old man donated 3M for medical frontliners. She really has a ❤️of 🪙. 👏👏🙌… Image
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Let’s go down further south to the land with a promising tomorrow, Cam Sur. In the town named after a famous nut, lived LRay the Prodigal Lice. He was groomed to be his father’s successor to rule the Royal House of Pili. Image
Luis The Grand Lice, thought it was the right move after all he was his son, believing that he would listen to his counsel but once the determined little lice tasted power, he wasn’t ready to share it with his old man ever again.…
Once he took the throne, he began purging the ranks. He eliminated all the loyal subjects of his father because he didn’t trust them. He wanted to chart his own mark without any residue of its former occupant.… Image
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