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BOBI WINE’S CONUNDRUM: Whether the SMACK, of 60 y.o. Bro Deodati Aganyira is sufficiently ‘The School’ for his first son Solomon Kampala?

In 1998, the post of HM SMACK opened up after a curious resignation.

Bro Aganyira was passed over for a much younger Bro Edward Bukenya, 32. ImageImageImage
Bro Bukenya (pictured), despite a faulty start, went on to score 15 years of phenomenal achievements, making so many envious.

Suddenly, @Educ_SportsUg invoked a dubious policy of arbitrarily transferring long-stay HMs.

Jan 2014: Enter Bro John Ssenkabirwa, from Caltec Academy! Image
The new transfer policy was resisted by many founding bodies for ‘shaking traditions’, non-consultation, etc.

The church even went to court to restrain gov’t from transferring Bro Bukenya to his alma mater St Edwards SS Bukuumi, @IndependentUG…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/13/2022…
Is the media still stifling the lab-leak theory? - UnHerd…
#MainstreamMedia, #NarrativeControl, #COVID19Source
FBI: Ransomware gang breached 52 US critical infrastructure orgs…
#FBIWarning, #RansomwareHacking, #InfrastructureOrganizations
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#TodayinHistory in 1986, #EDSA #PeoplePower Revolution succeeded. Ferdinand Marcos lost control of the military. At 10:45 am, Cory Aquino took her oath as 11th #PH President. At 9:25 pm, Marcos & family left Malacañang & fled to Hawaii. The world was astonished. THREAD. #EDSA36
On 22 Feb, w/ the call of Jaime Cardinal Sin for people to form human barricades to protect the military defectors led by Defense Sec Juan Ponce Enrile & AFP Vice Chief of Staff Fidel Ramos, thousands responded, bringing w/ them donations, bibles, & rosaries.
On 23 Feb, the 1st attempt to arrest the defectors were repelled by civilians who braved their bare bodies at risk of being crushed by metal tanks or being shot at.
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@AJWVictoriaBC It seems rather arrogant to say there is nothing special about 1.5C when an entire IPCC report was built to analyze the difference between 1.5C and 2C and what that means for all life on earth, with a clearly stated goal to limit warming to 1.5C.
@AJWVictoriaBC Matthews et al 2021 calculated that there is a 17% chance that the remaining carbon budget to limit warming to 1.5 °C has already been exceeded.

Rather than climate doom-ism, I would much rather focus on that 83% chance and advocate for climate action.…
@AJWVictoriaBC The pathway is pretty clear. Ripple et al 2020 and 2021 call for transformative and rapid change.

It's been signed by 13,800+ scientists.…
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I hadn't realised the Health Bill gets rid of the duty to provide hospital services!! 😱

We are living in dark times, friends.

Please please, email your MP, & sign any petitions you see. We can't depend on friendly aliens to come from Betelguese to save us!

PS Can you email your MP TONIGHT, please tweeps?

The 2nd reading of this alarming Health & Care Bill is tomorrow. MPs need to have emails in their inboxes first thing. /2

Here's a template letter to help you write to your MP. (Not written by me!) Best to write your own, but this provides good info. Or you could keep it very simple, - just mention the removal of the duty to provide hospital care to everyone. /2…
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Are you committed to breaking the 2-party system? Help us build power in the only party that values #People, #Planet, and #Peace Over Profit.

Registering Green helps us with ballot access and sends a message to the duopoly!

(In states where there is no party registration, please become a member of your state party

We run in every race, every year and win!
2020: 210 races
2019: 132 races
2018: 296 races
2017: 196 races
2016: 310 races
2015: 128 races
🔸2021 Candidates

🔸We've had over 1,200 victories!

🔸Currently have 130+ officeholders…

🔸8 state legislators…

🔸Green Party Media Coverage
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Thread: To all the women scared to #ReclaimTheseStreets as a result of police intimidation around £10k fines for covid-safe vigils. This is just the beginning... @pritipatel’s new Police & Crime Bill introduced this week will criminalise nearly all forms of effective protest..
They want to enshrine the limitations on civil liberties that we’ve seen under the pandemic in law and restrict the ways we can legally protest going forward. Noone knows about this bill yet…
Read more here and do everything you can to spread the word. Or this will become the new law of the land under the radar and we’ll wake up one day soon having lost our right to protest…
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One year ago today, Donald Trump became only the 3rd President in US History to be Impeached. This was in part by all of you incredible #Resisters who called your Reps & those who were part of organizations like the #ImpeachmentTaskForce.
Even though in the end, Trump was Acquitted he, shall remain #ForeverImpeached. Now with him having been defeated by We The People, let us celebrate the fact we made the attempt back then to hold him accountable & that we proved our organization skills & #PeoplePower...
...which we then used to come together as a broadened #ResistanceCoalition, with some of us even putting country over preferred party, to defeat him in the Election. So once more, I’d like to wish you all a VERY Merry #Impeachmas!
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While I watch #Debates2020, I'm going to share the ways the issues being discussed relate to my plans for Georgia. #gapol…
"We're not learning to live with it. We're dying."

Cases are climbing back up in Georgia. We need leaders who will provide clear guidance and listen to scientists. #Debates2020…
I'm glad to hear them discuss the impact of this pandemic on schools. My glambaby just started school & I'm grateful they're working hard to keep him safe. We need resources to support our students & teachers. My opponent voted to defund education by $1 billion this year. #gapol
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Zaman media sosial atau bisa di sebut era digital bisa dengan mudah diakses banyak orang, termasuk warga NU dimanapun berada, banyak yang menjadikan medsos

Haddi VJB
@PemudaNahdliyin @AswajaMedia Image
1. sebagai hiburan semata, ada juga yang menjadikan media sosial untuk berjualan, mencari teman, hingga berkomunitas sesuai hobi dan lain sebagainya

Tetapi ada satu hal yang begitu besar dampak negatifnya dari media sosial, yaitu ketika di gunakan untuk membangun propaganda yg Image
2. jauh dari fakta atau tidak sesuai dari kebenarannya, yaitu hoax, fitnah, yang bertujuan memecah belah masyarakat, biasanya ini sangat sering terjadi jika sudah masuk ke ranah politik, ranah diman sebuah pemahaman yang keras, tidak pandang saudara, tidak pandang itu benar atau Image
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1/8 👂 WHEN THEY HEAR US: After a majority of respondents called on the EU to ban biometric identification in the #AIWhitePaper consultation, the @EU_Commission says a ban is still being considered.
#BanThisBS #FacialRecognition #MassSurveillance #DemocracyInAction #PeoplePower
2/8 What is at stake with biometric surveillance? Our reality as we know it! We must protect our democratic public spaces– and with them, our freedoms to speak, to assemble, to protest and to express ourselves.

#BanThisBS #FacialRecognition
3/8 Europe, right now 🇪🇺: more than 15 countries have secretly experimented with harmful #Biometric systems like #FacialRecognition in public spaces. They have often ignored existing laws & showed no respect for democracy or critical public opinion.
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“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.” ― David Brin #PhilHealthCorruption
Let’s go on a trip down memory lane during the turning point in the PH’s history, #PeoplePower. Ferdie, the dictator not the typhoon, learned about RAM’s coup to oust him. #NeverForget #NeverAgain… Image
Our little general Ricky, Meldy’s chief security escort, read a prepared statement to reveal the plot he was part of. Nilaglag mo sina Honasan?… Image
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[1/5] #31July is the day of spontaneous #PeoplePower community actions.

It's a strategic decision to overstretch the poorly equiped security forces.

We must first defeat ZanuPf symbols of oppression in our communities before the final victory march into the CBD.

[2/5] #31July is the genesis of a weeks long #PeoplePower revolution whose end goal is #ZanupfMustGo.

Governance failure,
State Capture,
Human rights abuses,
Illegitimacy are the convenors of the people's revolution!
[3/5] There is low morale & high poverty among the rank & file of soliders,police & ZanuPf structures as they don't benefit from ED's corruption.

ED is eating alone!

ZanuPf can't financially & physically sustain a prolonged & stretched #PeoplePower revolution.

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1] The strangest thing about politics for me, has to be that the stakeholders of an electoral process are forced to be submissive to the end product of that very electoral process.

How do we get to a point where the one elected, becomes bigger than those who elected her/him? Image
2] It's equally strange for me, that beneficiaries of a popular electoral process, even a new regime, begin criminalizing regime change!

They dread the same process through which they came to power, & bastardize any pronouncements & actions that promote change.


Why? Image
3] Imagine a scenario where when you support X,you're patriotic, but when Y, you're being influenced by Z!

How do electoral processes come to a point where they are only acceptable when they produce a particular end product?

Why do we have elections if regime change is illegal? Image
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#TodayinHistory in 1986, after #EDSA in February, a group of military Marcos loyalists led by Arturo Tolentino occupied Manila Hotel demanding President Corazon Aquino's resignation. Tolentino proclaimed himself "acting President" on Marcos' behalf. (THREAD) #PH #history Image
Context: In Snap Election 1986, 2 contending parties competed: Ferdinand Marcos & Arturo Tolentino (Pres & VP respectively), and Corazon Aquino & Salvador Laurel (Pres & VP respectively). COMELEC proclaimed Marcos win despite evidences of electoral fraud.
The #EDSA #PeoplePower Revolution of 1986, brought about by Snap Election fraud and the subsequent millions of civilians forming barricades to protect defected military leaders Fidel V. Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile, ousted Ferdinand Marcos from power.
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In 2008 @edmnangagwa led a ZanuPf terror campaign against Zimbabweans perceived to be @mdczimbabwe members & supporters. We keep demanding justice & saying out names of victims.

We see continuations of terror today through abductions.
In this thread are names of those who were murdered only as the ZanuPf government declared war against fellow Zimbabweans all in pursuit for power retention.

Note that these are only names of those killed.
thousands more were tortured & crippled.

1. Fanuel Mubaira 15/05/08
2. Bakari Best 16/05/08
3. Kahari Best 11/05/08
4. Madzivanzira Elias 11/05/08

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Why Are you Qualified? #PostTrust the solutions are #GoldStandards Public Options that enable #InclusiveValue Privacy Enhanced Self Sovereign Identities #PeoplePowered Technologies #Verus Valu.Earth #WeareOne #WeAreInThisTogether @rontkim @MikeToutonghi @rch371
What is Verus #PostTrust the solutions are #GoldStandards Public Options that enable #InclusiveValue Privacy Enhanced Self Sovereign Identities #PeoplePowered Technologies #Verus Valu.Earth #WeareOne #WeAreInThisTogether @rontkim @MikeToutonghi @rch371
What is ZKE Privacy? #PostTrust the solutions are #GoldStandards Public Options that enable #InclusiveValue Privacy Enhanced Self Sovereign Identities #PeoplePowered Technologies #Verus Valu.Earth #WeareOne #WeAreInThisTogether @rontkim @MikeToutonghi @rch371
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The protests are working, in so many ways. Shall we count the ways? Please add to this.

1. Justice: The lead killer charged, then all 4 charged and charges increased.

2. Politics: Klobuchar will not be the Running-Mate; Ferguson has a black woman mayor; Steven King is over.
3. The public conversation has shifted. Defunding is on the agenda. All 50 states have seen rallies. Mainline white churches finally speaking out. The power elite looks split.
4. Massive organizing, especially black young people.
5. Politicians and businesses in bargaining mode
Each day more victories. Please add.
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(1/22) Saying people shouldn't have protested the way they did in Warren Park yesterday because they flouted #Covid19Zim lock-down regulations is no different with a mother telling a child not to report rape because it is perpetuated by a breadwinner.

2/22The abuses that were demonstrated against had to be confronted physically because they are being committed physically with absolute disregard to #Covid19Zim lock-down regulations! It is the duty of revolutionaries to act & confront such problems when most are still wondering!
(3/22) Instead of using the lock-down to combat #Covid19Zim the government held public meetings convened by minister July Moyo on 30 April in Chilonga Chiredzi to force the eviction of 10 000 residents from their land to pave way for the Chinese lucerne project.
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SAN presents #PeoplePOWER dropping 2020..!
The #PeoplePOWER project has 10 songs...
10. Strive (Black Girl) ft. DAMOLA
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Hundreds of people surround #BCGov Ministry buildings in Victoria w/picket signs reading: #BCGovtShutDown & ‘Respect #Wetsuweten Sovereignty”

Indigenous youth & Wet'suwet'en supporters invite @bcgeu workers to stand in #WetsuwetenSolidarity!

@bcgeu @mikegraemephoto On the Facebook event page for #BCGovtShutdown for #WetsuwetenSolidarity, there are 1,100 people "going" and 1,900 people "interested" in today's call to action & message to the BC gov't - #NoMoreBusinessAsUsual!

📸Lauren Sortome
@bcgeu @mikegraemephoto #BCGovtShutDown: BC Gov't ministries picketed today from 8:00AM-12:00PM by people in #WetsuwetenSolidarity w/Hereditary Chiefs, in response to violations of Wet’suwet’en law, RCMP arrests of matriarchs, & continued violence on Wet’suwet’en Territories.

📸L. Sortome
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Gotong Royong:
>Ruh Nusantara
>Solusi kehidupan+ekonomi berkelanjutan
>bukan marxsisme
>selalu berkembang seiring berkembangnya kesetaraan
>Selalu pupuk kegotong royongan+hargai perbedaan

Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia

lahir dr jiwa pemersatu bangsa,saling menghargai keberagaman&perbedaan

Mengesampingkan ego fanatisme suku/agama/ras~golongan

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Tan Hana Dharma Mangrwa


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My take on the statement released by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad:

#Iran's regime supports "violent extremist groups" who "would undermine Iraqi sovereignty and democracy."

This is a major wake up call for Tehran & the pro-Iran politicians of #Iraq.

Security forces shooting birdshots using live rounds as demonstrators gather near a Baghdad bridge. No injuries yet.
Scenes of a brave Iraqi women providing necessary logistics to Iraqi demonstrators.
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