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"May this conference serve as an invitation to all of us, as representatives of faiths and leaders in society, to discharge the responsibility for humankind to unite as members of one single human family.” -- Ariane Sabet…
Fading Family Lines- Women and Men Without Children, Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren in 19th, 20th and 21st Century Northern Sweden…
#FamilyLineage, #SwedishPopulationStudy, #LineageExtinction, #AdulthoodMortality
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🧽 My wife, @bec_berggren, and I started a home cleaning biz out of our garage with $1,000. 18mo later, we’re doing $30k/mo with 8 employees, an office, and a waiting list that’s always full.

Here are some things we’ve learned:

(I’ll update this thread over time)
Background: we’re high school sweethearts from Illinois farm country. I’m a systems/tech nerd with a background in sales. She’s a roll-up-your-sleeves hustler with a servant’s heart. I went to college for audio engineering. She went to cosmetology school.
Neither of us were getting rich in our respective trades. I wanted to start a biz for years. She was more reluctant. 😅

We’ve always had more hustle than 💰.
$1,000 was A LOT to pull out of our savings account. 😰

Today it looks like the best investment we’ll ever make. 📈
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FIRED FOR DEMANDING AIRBORNE & VENTILATION SAFETY—I want to say kudos to bravery of @BenBonnema for speaking out for safety of workers and shoppers at Trader Joe’s. Corporate HQ didn’t like him speaking out on #COVID19 safety—fired him instead. Disgusting.…
2) here was Ben’s letter that set off his firing. He only advocated what the CDC recommended for schools just yesterday evening.
3) Meanwhile, the CDC just came out strongly in favor of indoor air quality in schools! See detailed🧵
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HUGE—CDC just released NEW indoor air guidance for schools & #COVID19! Now emphasize: “Opening windows, using portable air cleaners, improving building-wide filtration are ways to increase ventilation in school or child care program.” Good, but caveats:🧵…
2) “Bring in as much outdoor air as possible.
If safe to do so, open windows and doors. Even just cracking open a window or door helps increase outdoor airflow, which helps reduce the potential concentration of virus particles in the air.”
3) “Use child-safe fans to increase the effectiveness of open windows. Safely secure fans in a window to blow potentially contaminated air out and pull new air in through other open windows/doors.
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So #TraderJoes is not only absent from minority communities, but reacts to legitimate employee concerns regarding covid-19 protocols and fires them. This should really tell you all you need to know.
While you’re here, if you took issue with Gina Carano being fired from the Mandalorian, but fine with Kaepernick being jobless then you should probably upload the photos of yourself at the Capitol insurrection on January 6th. Make sure to tag the FBI Twitter handle.
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Today my friend got fired from #TraderJoes when he recommended enhanced COVID-safe practices. He’s been working there all through the pandemic, but I guess his labor (and his health) aren’t essential to corporate. Support Crew for a @TraderJoesUnion!
Here is #TraderJoes response to @BenBonnema’s letter. It’s pathetic. Instead of addressing his concerns as an employee they signal out two of his recommendations for keeping employees safe as contrary to the value of the company and fire him. Trader Joe’s is trash.
If you find this behavior upsetting please let them know, and make sure to follow and support @TraderJoesUnion
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To @GovInslee @WAHealth / Lynnwood WS James Center. Manager on duty said it’s @Safeway policy NOT to enforce mask requirement. Stocker had also removed mask. Was POed that I took photo.
#boycottSafeway #boycottAlbertsons Image
I just realized the manager asked ME to put my phone away but did not ask HER to put a mask on.

Is this REALLY your policy?
I know that @WholeFoods could do a better job of dealing with employees - but I feel safe shopping there.

Ditto #TraderJoes.

Both manage a line. Both enforce mask. Both clean carts. Both have staff who laugh with you.
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Regarding the #Hartsdale #TraderJoes specifically:
"In Hartsdale, New York, one Trader Joe’s employee has tested positive for the coronavirus, and another has been diagnosed as a suspected case by their doctor, according to one current and former employee...
"....Erica Mildner worked at the #Hartsdale store until she quit March 20 after being sent home for asking to wear gloves, which previously were not explicitly permitted by the corporate office. [ #OSHA ] is now investigating her case.......
"....Mildner said she does not trust Trader Joe’s guidelines regarding whether a store is closed for a deep cleaning.
'We all know it takes a few days to feel symptoms, get access to a test, and then get the results of that test,' Mildner said....."
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(1) Active shooter emergency in #SilverLake, Los Angeles.

At least this time the motive appears to be clear from the outset: This looks like domestic violence spilled over into the community, a common issue.

(2) I'm following events live on this feed. Sounds like several hostages have been able to leave safely, some remain inside with the shooter.…
(3) Media so far are being careful not to compromise the Police operation. Good to see.

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