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Je regarde enfin le super documentaire de @Francetele sur le #Twitch 🇫🇷 : #mercipourlesub
Dès le début, ca envoi de la #vulgarisation et, de la mobilisation de compétence transverse. [thk @M0diie en particulier]…
🔺Puis ca enchaine sur la raison pourquoi #Twitch c'est cool : Le côté social, les interactions, ...

🔻Et le revers de la médaille, car tous les humains ne sont pas ouverts et bienveillant ...

Seul rempart censé lutter pour faire régner l'ordre et rappeler des conventions sociales non maîtrisées, les #MODERATEURS puisque Twitch refuse d'arbitrer.

#mercipourlesub #twitchdobetter
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Me: Got hate raided multiple times, made 3 videos w/ 85k+ views educating people about them, took a weekend off to make sure my info was secure b/c the perpetrator was in my DMs.

Also me: Got rejected by @Twitch for Partner b/c I didn't stream 12 days last month.

Sigh. 🧵1/
This was my worst fear last month when this started. I work full-time, and it's tough to compensate for the additional time I had to spend dealing w/ the raids. I also had to secure my personal info b/c several folks have been doxxed. 2/
But even if doxxing wasn't a concern, the additional hours of work dealing with these hate raids have put in alone (not even counting the videos I made, which MANY have found helpful) would have easily justified taking a few days off to recuperate. But not to @Twitch. 3/
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🧑‍🏭👩‍🏭Aujourd'hui est une journée de mobilisation pour certains #streamers et #viewers :
#ADayOffTwitch est une tentative de faire prendre conscience à @Twitch des problèmes de #harcèlements et de l’absence d’outils pour lutter contre

Un ptit thread

#TwitchDoBetter #DayOffTwitch Image
L'outil de #Raid de #Twitch est performant et peut être utilisé de pour plein de bonne chose (partager une commu, faire découvrir des chaines ...) et certains l'utilise pour harceler.
Ok, ils pourraient le faire sans l'outil Twitch mais moins facilement.
Les cibles de ces harcèlements le sont pour avoir un sexe (des femmes essentiellement), une minorité ethnique, une identité sexuelle ou une sexualité différent.

Souvenons-nous qu'il n'y a pas d'arc-en-ciel d'une seule couleur ...

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Today, September 1st, I won't be streaming on Twitch for #ADayOffFromTwitch. I'm replacing my typical offline image with this one so that visitors will know why I'm not live.

A few thoughts about why, *if you can*, participating in this is important. A🧵 1/
Thanks to the work of many, including @RekItRaven and @LuciaEverblack, #TwitchDoBetter has drawn attention from the media & organizations like @ColorofChange. This movement has already been tremendously successful & standing together to stay off Twitch furthers that point. 2/
I understand that many cannot participate for many reasons, and from the beginning, the organizers have been adamant that we need to respect those who are unable. But people will be watching to see if there is a visible impact on Twitch's viewership. This definitely matters. 3/
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it comes as no surprise to ANY of us that most of the top streamers on Twitch are uninformed about hate raids, don't notice them in their own channels & aren't using their platforms to speak up about the harassment and abuse marginalized creators deal with on a daily basis. 🧵
Of the Top 50 streamers on Twitch by average viewership, ONE of them is a woman. Fifty-nine of them are men. Y'all make BANK off of Twitch and most don't look out for anyone on the platform but themselves. that's their choice, sure - but it's a shitty, selfish and gross choice.
before anyone @'s me about highlighting the gender disparity here: sincerely from the bottom of my heart have a very shut the fuck up & educate yourself on privilege.…
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Nossa luta não é apenas por melhores repasses financeiros. Também lutamos para que a Twitch seja um ambiente sadio e acolhedor para comunidades minoritárias. Queremos mais transparência e ferramentas melhores para lidarmos com ataques de ódio dentro da plataforma. (1/3)
Muites companheires streamers, principalmente mulheres, membros da comunidade LGBTQIAP+ e outras minorias sociais recebem ataques de ódio, seja na forma de "raids hostis", seja na forma de bots, seja na forma de viewers individuais com nicks ou conteúdo ofensivos. (2/3)
Há um esforço grande, dentre streamers e mods, para evitar esses ataques e nos defendermos deles, mas a Twitch em si não é colaborativa para esse esforço. Denúncias raramente são respondidas e, quando são, são negadas sem nenhuma transparência quanto aos motivos. (3/3)
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I wanna share some information that I learned after this AM's hate raid. #TwitchDoBetter

1. My chat's been in followers-only mode & the raid started seconds after "creatineoverdose" followed and posted a weird message in my chat (I'm assuming to see what they could send) 1/
This sad fuck has been seen around @Twitch talking about their handiwork as seen below. Others have reported seeing them follow and/or chat just before a hate raid began. I reported their account but not sure what impact it will have, frankly... 2/
2. Thanks to @stephneee_plz's video, my StreamDeck was set up to disable my alerts (I made a link in advance that didn't have follower alerts on it) & to change to my backup overlay w/o labels. I also changed to emote-only mode, but the bots adapted! 3/
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I won't be returning to streaming on @TwitchUKI @Twitch. I'm sorry to those who enjoyed my streams, but I refuse to earn any money for a platform that allows hate raids to continue in any capacity.

I may stream to YouTube eventually
or find another way to create content as I have a lot of ideas and I ENJOY creating content, however I will not fund a company who won't stop their creators being repeatedly harassed.

Sort it out, do something
about the torrents of hate that are pouring out of your platform.

Watching friends get multiple hate raids a stream is abhorrent and on top of that your lack of action on this is leaving them even more disenchanted as they have to continually interrupt their streams to stop it.
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You know what pisses me off about this? There’s an easy way to at least mitigate this: an option to only allow people with two factor to chat, disallow people from attaching the same phone number to more than two accounts, disallow you from using Google voice numbers for 2FA
Would you stop every attack? Nope. Would it make the barrier of entry a lot higher than it currently is? Fuck yes it would

Come the fuck on @Twitch #TwitchDoBetter
And what really pisses me off is that this has been suggested multiple times on their “UserVoice” site that they only seem to fucking care about when it’s stupid shit like changing the color of /me
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