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@NadricTvPlus On s'en branle des noms donnés par les studios qui se foutent de notre langue.
Complètement con d'ignorer les acteurs/Actrices, les VRAIES voix Françaises.... #Respect!
Le pire, si ça marche en France en français, c'est ce con de Chris Patt qui aura "la récompense".
@NadricTvPlus Mais "Allociné #ToutLeMonde fait ça, alors j'fais pareil" pour jouer au "blogueur".
Pas foutu de REFLECHIR par vous-même (ça diplôme mal en #Idiocratie), VOTRE identité!
0 respect pour les acteurs français/francophones qui font le boulot!
Et ça se dit Passionné de ciné
@NadricTvPlus Mais les acteurs aussi sont fautifs, se "suicident" eux-même à accepter cette CONNERIE typiquement Américaine de ne mettre que le nom des voix de la version USA (et non VO!) seulement!
Ca signe le contrat, et au mieux, ça pleure après.... au lieu de se faire respecter avant!
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“Get It”?

MIRRORS (whole building = one giant mirror) ARE POWERFUL TOOLS.

It would upset me for the longest time thinking about all who have done all they have in time not able to receive the love & appreciation for all they have done to preserve what evil has been trying
So hard to erase from everyones lives …
Most knew from the time they started helping it was “ALL FOR A 🦌 BUCK” …

They had to trust what it was they were doing would be translated to the world in A way for the world to see with their eyes wide open ..

Layer has been pretty much put together the way Wrestling is—All scripted predetermined outcomes ..
If evil was scripting staged world changing attacks upon the world to push the masses into A specific direction that benefited evil, good had to counter evil somehow.
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De retour de l'Assemblée Nationale.
Très honoré d'avoir été invité par @OlgaGivernet pour partager mes réflexions sur la résilience, l'antifragilité, le leadership et les systèmes complexes avec des personnes ouvertes, curieuses et engagées. J'en retiens plusieurs choses : 0/5
1) il existe, au coeur de l'Etat Français, des personnes qui réfléchissent d'une manière vraiment pragmatique et réaliste aux enjeux majeurs que représentent la transition énergétique et ses impacts sur nos sociétés, et qui ne sont pas dupes ;
2) ces gens ont accueilli mes mauvaises nouvelles et mes critiques (constructives) avec une ouverture qui m'a fait chaud au coeur : leadership, exemplarité, cohérence, limites des capacités de l'Etat à fonctionner sans l'adhésion sincère des citoyens, tout y est passé ;
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Here's wishing Happy #WalongDay to the heroes of 6 KUMAON.
They went to their deaths heroically & steadfastly, without any fuss, this day in 1962.
Just so that a General could please a PM on his birthday.
This day in 1962 - The only attack of the war by Indian army was launched - As a birthday gift from a General to a PM.
A heavy price was paid by the Kumaonis of 6 Kumaon that night.
Denied even one day to prepare for the attack, they went in as ordered.
Out of the over 200 men that had gone into the attack, only 90 returned.
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Major Somnath Sharma, the first recipient of the Param Veer Chakra, who saved Srinagar from falling to Pakistani hands during the Battle of Badgam in the 1947 War on this date.
Thread on a real hero.
Major Somnath Sharma, born in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh in 1923, came from a family with a military background. His father Major General Amarnath Sharma, was the first director general of Armed Medical Services post Independence.
Growing up with his grandfather Pandit Daulat Ram, he would often listen to the Gita and Krishna’s teaching to Arjun influenced him a lot. His maternal uncle Capt. Krishna Dutt Vasudev, had earlier died in WWII, defending a bridge in Malaya from the Japanese.
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There is more than enough gold to give EVERY SINGLE FAMILY ALL AROUND THE WORLD ENOUGH MONEY to start their lives over
For MANY MANY MANY generations to come !

Those who want to buy back into A better country they live in can do so, those who want to open up more “MA N PA” shops can do so, those who want to quit their jobs to travel for A few years before finding something new they enjoy doing
They can do so, those who want to continue working stacking on top of that GINORMOUS nest egg they have—They can do so, those who never thought they would be able to retire THEY CAN FINALLY DO SO & THOSE WHO NEVER WANT TO WORK ANOTHER DAY IN THEIR LIVES—THEY CAN DO SO!!
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1. L'article de Cécile Morin, membre du CLHEE (Collectif Lutte et Handicaps pour l'Égalité et l'Émancipation), du 11/3/2022 dans Médiapart, alerte sur les pénibles conditions de #travail des personnes en situation de lourd #handicap dans les #ESAT.… Image
2. Cécile Morin y parle de l'enquête (durant 6 ans) du journaliste Thibault Petit sur les #ESAT. Il a écrit un livre à ce sujet titré "Handicap à vendre". #handicap #travail… Image
3. Dans son livre "Handicap à vendre", couverture avec la citation "Resteriez-vous sept heures à trier des vis ? eux, oui ! " d'un directeur d'#ESAT , Thibault Petit y dénonce des mauvais traitements subis par les handicapé(e)s dans leur #travail.… Image
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Many of us have friends & extended family members of other faiths who have for long participated & enjoyed our celebrations as we have reciprocated theirs.

However, this sudden interest in #GarbaNight & this push that it should be open to all by the very people who through
the year mock every belief, tradition & ritual & till last week were happily posting on social media with the same toxicity…has been a surprise.

So it is not without reason that we, who once took great pride in sharing with openness our culture & festivities are now wary
& distrustful of these new enthusiasts.

We would then naturally prefer they stay afar than mar a happy time & leave a bitter taste.

It must be said however, that anywhere in the world, music concerts, shows, establishments of repute hold the right to deny admission.
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10-10-22 ImageImage
“Do Unto others as you would want done upon you”? ..

1 Golden Rule?

“Forgive them for they know not what they do”? ..
- But many know, many see but refuse to acknowledge what they see, many chose to judged before they had eyes to see but once they see they act like none of Image
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I want ppl to understand that violence towards Indigenous women has been silenced for decades and now that we have the resources (phone, car, money, education) to protect ourselves it’s now being amplified. My mother could never tell her horrific stories bc she had nothing.
I will stand strong; although I’m vulnerable, I will speak my truth; although some will pretend not to hear, I will fight for my right to exist safely in the world; although some will endanger me purposefully. True courage and bravery comes from our will to survive despite it all
My fierceness comes not from allowing tragedy to define me - it comes from taking up space in the utmost respectful of ways, the ways of my ancestors - which was our will to overcome genocide, to carry on the rules of the original ppls through love of all living things #respect
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Yes, the term “Esk*mo” is derogatory.

In being #GoodRelatives, we must respect all people when they tell us how they identify & not use outdated, inaccurate, or derogatory terminology. The Indigenous peoples of the Arctic have been clear about rejecting this term.

🧵👇🏾 Yes, the term “Esk*mo” is d...
The word “Esk*mo” is an offensive term that has been used historically to describe Inuit peoples throughout their homelands, Inuit Nunangat, in the arctic regions of Alaska, Greenland, and Canada, as well as the Yupik of Alaska and northeastern Russia, and the Inupiat of Alaska. Image
The use of “Esk*mo”, an exonym (a name given to a group of people by another group), and perpetuates harmful stereotypes of the Inuit as remote and politically insignificant, while also romanticizing the Arctic. Image
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Martyrs of CRPF - 11 Aug
Includes the six boys of 34th Battalion lost this day in 2002. A huge loss indeed Image
Seventh Battalion The Garhwal Rifles lost 20 men on 11 Aug some yrs ago during a training exercise
God Bless them Image
Khudiram Bose
Hanged at the age of 18 years 7 months & 11 days by the Empire, this day 114 yrs ago Image
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I'm seeing a LOT of "conversions" in #Texas & it's BeautiFULL. Strongly noticeable after #Uvalde ..I saw Texans seemingly waking up from a coma.. then last week or so, Texans watched the #PACTAct #Hypocrisy & #gopPoliticalStunts ..Eyes & Minds are OPEN. HEALING is Happening..
A goood Way 2 observe this, is @BetoORourke rallies..every rally, gop protesters are enCouraged to ask questions, express concerns.. #Beto LISTENS, & with #Respect ,shares how much ALL Texans have in common.."not you OR me, but YOU AND me". Inspiring US to be KIND to each other..
the Way We USED to be, not so long ago. Making Texans realize it's always been about Working TOGETHER to make #Texas the Best it can be, for EVERY One. Watch some of #Beto 's rallies..see Him interact with, & convert, a maga Mind. Lots of videos on it😊✌🏼
See #RepublicansForBeto
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@TatianaVentose a commis une nouvelle vidéo sur le #covidlong où elle explique comment elle a guéri pour que la communauté bénéficie de son #RETEX, éreintant au passage les scientifiques et médecins #zététiciens.
Je réprouve le fait de surfer ainsi sur le désespoir de certains CL
Au delà des éléments mis en exergue par @NansFLORENS (🙏) des incohérences majeures sautent aux yeux dès le départ.
S'il s'agit bien d'1 problème majeur de #santépublique, poser être la 1ere personne en 🇫🇷 à avoir guéri grâce à 1 traitement sans AMM pour la pathologie concernée
alors que depuis des mois elle a testé énormément de choses n'est pas scientifique. (A quoi est réellement lié son mieux sachant - et fort heureusement, que d'autres malades recouvrent aussi progressivement la santé sans faire de tels tests grandeur nature ? 🤔).
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#dysorthorgapic #dyslexic #French #BadStudent😋

#autism #Reserch

I usually use to help me translate. But right now, I don't understand. How is using Leo Kanner's backward and dishonest knowledge going to help autists and research 🤨 ?
Leo Kanner has said many things about autism, ESPECIALLY "pathological" nonsense, and he has stolen knowledge from Hans Asperger's assistants.

To take a notion from 1960, proven false and harmful to autists, as "evolution" for autism research, is absurd. ImageImageImageImage
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Jadi kmaren itu ada acara ulang tahun salah satu klub motor di malang, lumayan tua dan punya banyak chapter khususnya pulau jawa, banyak pejabat" publik juga yg jadi membernya.

Kebetulan klub motor saya juga di undang, dan banyak juga temen" saya dari luar kota yang dateng.
Yang saya salut, klub motor tua yg berulang tahun itu ngadain acara di gor ken arok, yg notabene lumayan jauh dari pusat kota.

Mereka menghindari bikin macet serta takut bikin ngga nyaman buat warga malang kalo bikin acara dipusat kota, tahu sendiri kan suara motornya gimana🤣
Karena mereka ini salah satu klub motor besar di indonesia, serta banyak pejabat publik yg jadi membernya, wajib ngundang orang nomor 1 dan 2 di kota malang.

You know who🤣
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Hi John, We’re Moving along as planned …

Yes, no matter what I forgive you & DJT …
70 x 7

The thing that has always hurt the most, it’s knowing how long my Father & Brother have know . .
I get it though, they couldn’t tell me—I had to do it all on my own.

The Pain—1999 ImageImage
Lover Image
I forgive DJ for doing what he HAD TO DO within Gov showing no mercy, protecting his daughter the ways he had to KNOWING it would work—even when no one else knew why …It had to be this way protecting The mother of #OUR unborn children that are here today, my Queen …
She hated
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Man, people giving all this Bunter hiden & Jan 6 BS the attention they are, only shows how asleep so many truly are …

It was all staged, bunter purposely did all he did over A long period of time to bring his “father” down. Got placed on boards of directors purposely
& handed it all over to A “Pawn Shop owner” …

Jan 6 was staged, it’s been obvious for A very long time.

When the “dead” end up being still alive, arrested & the world figures out all the OTHER staged events that took place, were purposely done just to try starting
A civil war.
This whole time, EVERYONE has been SHOWN what the last 46 years has been like in 6 years—staged events like George F & Jan. 6, with fake deaths as if it all was A movie set & THE PEOPLE without knowing it were the background actors on all those movie sets.
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08 Jul
Nk Jasvir Singh, 6 JAKRIF
Martyred at the Line of Control in Kupwara Sector yesterday Image
Vir Biharis of First Battalion, The Bihar Regiment, who fell on the Path of Glory in Batalik during the #KargilWar Image
Martyred in Sukma, 15 yrs ago ... Image
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“you're a loose end for a party that needs to tidy up”


h/t @TeresaCCarter2…
thanks to @SollenbergerRC's incredible reporting we know Kutti was working for shadowy cabal of Qpub paint-huffers…
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Want to thank @Bindestriche for the retweet. Inspired the need to vent my thoughts in this🧵
An article on Peter #Thiel & his vision, to me a sign: we need to reclaim our #future & not let #techgurus take over.
Let’s start to look at our daily routines: fast pace thru … 1/21
#digital tools for working, shopping, researching, studying. communicating & more, made possible by mostly #SiliconValley’s tech companies for a “convenient” life. And I wonder if this is really the concept of the #goodlife that I dreamed of in my childhood? …2/21
..& will it be favored by unborn generations? It seems we are letting a certain type of tech vision take over.
Let me try to look behind that future that seems to be favored now:
As I see it the few leading tech companies now are mainly white men in their 30‘s & 40‘s … 3/21
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Martyred this day 67 yrs ago Image
The Hero of Batalik.
Fell in Kargil, leading from the front in days when info about enemy was still sketchy.
A real Tiger .. Image
Maj Sarvanan - Even after death, his body lay staking claim on land that was rightfully HIS, till it was recovered when own troops could finally reach where he did, 37 days later.
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On April 23, 2022, I registered with Florida Department of Corporations
Entity Name: 1equal1, 1=1, #1=1, One Equal One, 1e1, 1ae1, ONE EQUAL ONE, One_Equal_One, ONE_EQUAL_ONE, Inc.
@threadreaderapp unroll
(as proof of Payment; undeterred by delays. happy to comply with #consumerprotection #law #regulation)

[Mirror] (…)

Today, May 17, 2022 I had the courage. I applied for a #Grant @OpenSea.
My submission for #grant

1equal1 is……
with the Power of #NFTCommunity
@threadreaderapp unroll

1equal1, the project is a personal commitment and movement to advance civil rights and social justice by inspiring, advocating, and mobilizing via digital art in the blockchain.
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