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Ive seen so much "Press F" today and tbh many people are getting straight tossed off Twitter this last week. damn
Everyone likes to have followers, but i care more about losing people i knew, i interacted with and talk to, like @Longbow141 and @BobbyTrill who have been erased. Its not fair, they were just regular people who had just had ENOUGH of Democrats!
@Longbow141 @bobbytrill opps i tagged the wrong bob lol
sorry stranger
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Hello, everyone!
First and foremost, my account was accidentally locked due to GDPR (as far as I'm aware) - and I was distressed because of how close I came to losing all my fans, friends and family that I am fortunate enough to talk to every day from here.
Unfortunately, while it was beyond stressful for me, on a daily basis, of fear of losing contact with you all - I managed to pull through and fix the error with the account, yet fortunately - a handful of family and friends managed to help me with the issue,
While others I see facing the issue in #TwitterLockout aren't currently getting the best outcome, I urge those users to stay calm throughout it and to pay very close attention to the wording of notices they get, like I did.
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Here is a thread on Nigel #Farage.
His lies, his fans, his friends, his campaigns worldwide... and a few questions.
2/ For a start, #Breakingnews: #NigelFarage is a liar.
Example 1 : "Turkey is about to join the EU"
As a MEP, he knew Cyprus' veto made that impossible.
3/ #NigelFarage is a liar.
Example 2:
He said he cared about the UKIP members and would stand for them.
And then that ๐Ÿ‘‡โ€ฆ
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Here it is y'all, it is the Trump Train.


Make sure to follow all Patriots from Cars 1 โ€“ Caboose, then RT

I do not add anyone to this train without being asked to, or given permission.

Please do not hijack my hard work as your own!! Lot of that happening.
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A Tale of an Alpaca Bot
Meet @BakedAlpacas. As the ones responsible for bringing him into being, we can say with 100% certainty that this Twitter account is a bot.
The concept of the bot is simple. He began as a parody of Baked Alaska's tweets - key words and phrases in the tweets are replaced with other words and phrases, mostly involving alpacas. Over time, tweets from additional accounts such as @AnnCoulter and @JackPosobiec were added.
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Some of you are frustrated after the #TwitterLockOut.

That's understandable. We are pebbles in the shoe of giants.

While not all of us are on Twitter, we represent the masses who think as we do, but who don't engage in the daily grind of pushing back the Marxism. /1
Sure Twitter is big, but it doesn't compare to masses of people who DON'T think that children should be allowed to choose to be transgender.

Who DON'T want their community to lose ethnic cohesion and to fall into multicultural hell.

Who DON'T want any of this Marxist garbage /2
This is a war, a meme war, and because it's become a Cold War since the Trump election doesn't mean that it's not just as vital as it always was.

We won a victory that day, but it was just the beginning of the war. /3
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13. #QAnon's dropping already this evening, answering, the question of what is someone
1. "who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.
14. On 16 July 2014, President Assad was sworn in for another 7-year term after receiving 88.7% of the vote in Syria, with an international delegation who observed the election finding it "free and fair".โ€ฆ
15. Nikki Haley still embarrassing us, today reading her script at UN with tiredly absurd claim that Dr Assad is being "allowed" to have "gassed his own people", and that the Syrian people's "sovereignty" is no excuse not to intervene. Yikes.
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Watching 'bots complain that the removal of other 'bots is "a silencing of conservative voices" may be amusing, but if you'll hang with me, I'll show you Judgement Day in a series of Tweets.
#TwitterLockOut #UglySingularity
What's going on with Twitter is deeply connected to two things โ€” the 'crisis actor' meme and the structure of Twitter itself.
The idea of the 'crisis actor' โ€” the accusation that people caught up in the midst of a crisis arenโ€™t real people, but 'actors,' isnโ€™t a new one. It's been used for decades. Thereโ€™s a reason for that.
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Twitter is a microcosm of how cultural purges in Marxism work. #TwitterLockOut

First, they promise "open society" full of diverse opinion.
Then actively silence 'wrongthink' through bullying, intimidation.
Then, when forced to be anon, they say your opinion shouldn't matter.
Finally they accuse you of being a 'traitor' (Russian bot) to justify purging you/2
Now, you are isolated, removed from the conversation. All that's left are either party apparatchiks, with AstroTurf support to make them appear the overwhelming majority, or regular people, cowed into compliance. /3
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Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/20/18 (Tue) 23:44:40 b0b86f No.448338

Stay tuned.
Everything has meaning or a purpose.
@Jack - getting nervous?
Phase [2].

#QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening #TwitterLockout @POTUS
Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/20/18 (Tue) 23:51:08 b0b86f No.448399

The gun found by the USSS was an intercept we provided.
This is not a game.
Protect code went live.
Code signals clean.
We are moving up the timetable.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for Q posts beginning Feb 18, 2018.

The theme for this series is: "For God And Country."

Q posts have been migrated to a website that can handle more traffic. They can be found here:
2) There have been some changes in the last few days.
#Qanon posts on the 8chan #GreatAwakening site are not visible. One anon believes Q has locked the board, leaving them intact, but invisible. Q is responding to the anons who post on the 8chan research board.
3) #Qanon posted this on Sunday the 18th.

POTUS seems to be warning Barack Obama that he hasn't heard the last of the Iran deal.

Are Attorney General Sessions and FBI Director Chris Wray looking into where the money went?
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