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"Trump’s aggressive response to the #SupremeCourt vacancy, as compared to his dereliction regarding #COVID, reveals three fundamental qualities: his callousness and lack of care for others; his strong drive to dominate others; and his inability to deal... (1/7)
"... with complex problems that require a sustained focus. These traits are hallmarks of Psychopathic Personality Disorder, a severe and dangerous condition for which the president meets the diagnostic criteria... (2/7) #DutyToWarn #DutyToInform #UNFIT
"... A humane and comprehensive response to COVID would have required #empathy and a capacity to work diligently on complex issues. The absence of these qualities is deeply ingrained in his personality structure... (3/7) #WednesdayWisdom
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#Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome - Journal @ForeignAffairs devotes 150+ pages to Trump’s dismal & frightening impact on history. No mention of his mental illness or cognitive impairment. Stunning & strange—Trump blindness afflicts the policy establishment. They don’t get it. Image
Regarding @ForeignAffairs: Richard Haas contrasts Trump with predecessors while ignoring Trump’s insanity, cognitive impairment, brain malfunction. Haas & others are looking through the wrong end of the scope. Trump = dementia. #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome
America has a history of clinging to leaders despite crippling illness, disability, and even alcohol & drug misuse. Reagan/Alzheimer’s - Nixon/alcohol - Kennedy/narcotics - Wilson/CVA. Trump is simply one more impaired POTUS, & the worst yet. #Presidementia #UNFIT #TrumpIsUnwell
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7/ Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome #UNFIT - Watching Unfit: The film is brutally honest in exposing the fascist attitudes & supporters of Trump. “He has the same diagnosis as Hitler,” Gartner says. Historical perspective is very well done.
8/ #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome #UNFIT - Watching Unfit: Next is review of the dictators & “strongmen” who are “fellow travelers” aligned with Trump’s world view. Trump is a symptom of weakening democracy around the world. Goodall’s ape studies explained re aggression.
9/ #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome #UNFIT - Watching Unfit: Trump plays to our primitive warlike instincts, “the psychology of power.” Painter sees big danger as nuclear war, Trump’s “fire & fury” rhetoric is unhinged. Nance: Trump might kill us all.
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1/ #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome #UNFIT - Watching the movie Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump. Film opens w/ Drs. Gartner, Dodes, Durvasala, & Frank. Stark, unflinching account of malignant narcissism, gaslighting. Scaramucci: Trump isn’t stupid, “became President.”
2/ #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome #UNFIT - Watching Unfit: Frank says Trump’s father was a crook & (mis)shaped Donald. Review of Trump’s misogyny, sociopathy, lack of empathy. Trump will attack anyone seen as disloyal. Trump on interview admits being vindictive, vengeful.
3/ #Presidementia #TrumpDementiaSyndrome #UNFIT - Watching Unfit: Segment on Trump cheating at golf is telling & curiously shameful. Then Kristol, Painter, & Nance eviscerate Trump with surgical precision. “Not fit to serve by character or judgment.”
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This was the week that @MeidasTouch and @BandyXLee1 made #TrumpsMentalUnhealth trend on Twitter (1/3)...
This was the week that @duty2warn’s #UNFIT launched On Demand (2/3)... Image
Maybe #Trumplethinskin is getting touchy about people pointing out his mental deficiencies... Because all of a sudden #SweatyDonald is lamely trying to psychoanalyze Joe Biden. (3/3)
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(1) #UNFIT is hot!! Website is jamming, reviews are great (WaPo is latest), and we can't keep up with the DM's. Making this tweet to give details on access, and share some things you might be curious about:
1. The film was NEVER blocked. When we saw that the larger platforms were late, we thought as you might have, that the WH had a hand in it. They didn't! But larger platforms did receive materials late - there were tech difficulties; we've looked into it and they’ve been resolved
(3) ALL platforms are now either LIVE or will be very soon, EVERY platform listed will be LIVE. Here is the status by platform -

You can STREAM on FandangoNOW, VUDU, Microsoft, and Google Play. We even added links on our website
WATCH page to those platforms for easy clicking.
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Trump's ghostwriter @tonyschwartz now agrees with Dr. Vince Greenwood (@DutytoInform) that Trump is more than a conman or pathological liar or even a “malignant narcissist.” He's a clinically diagnosable psychopath. #DutyToInform #DutyToWarn #UNFIT…
This commercial will convince you that #psychopathy is heriditary.

Disgusting Don Jr. and Evil Eric display the pathological lying and gaslighting—and total lack of remorse—that’s now the hallmark of the Trump brand.

#TrumpTalksTrump by @ReallyAmerican1
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@duty2warn Top Psychologists Compare Trump to Hitler and Mussolini in the New Documentary “#UNFIT.” In this eye-opening documentary, premiering in virtual cinemas Aug. 28, psychologists and former allies of Trump diagnose why he’s a danger to America. @nschager…
@duty2warn @nschager 20 Ways Trump Is Copying Hitler’s Early Rhetoric and Policies. Civil Liberties Prof. Burt Neuborne details Trump’s mimicry of Hitler’s pre-war rhetoric and strategies and questions whether federal government can contain Trump and GOP power grabs. #Analogy…
@duty2warn @nschager "I Am a Nationalist:" Donald Trump Apes Mussolini in Drive to Destroy America. It is important that everyone understands how dangerous what Trump said is. By Prof. Juan Cole, @jricole #Analogy via @commondreams
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Trump is doubling down on the very idea of #RussianBounty operation as a “hoax.”👇

This is unmistakably a very dangerous road he’s taking the country.
2. "From what I hear and I hear it pretty good, the intelligence people, many of them, didn't believe it happened at all. I think it's a hoax."

Donald J. Trump to Fox News, July 1, 2020 on #RussianBounty

What a dereliction of responsibility as commander-in-chief.
3. Recall that the Wall Street Journal now reports on split within U.S. intelligence community:

"The differences WEREN'T over the central assessment that operatives with Russia’s GRU intelligence agency paid bounties to the insurgent Taliban movement to kill Americans."
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(1) As tweeted earlier, we have a significant UPDATE on our film #UNFIT. The #1 goal of the film was always to put forth discussion of his pathology, get it firmly into the public narrative, using voices of those most qualified to assess, AND to make an ACTUAL difference! (more)
(2) To make an actual difference the film needed to speak truth and science, and be good enough to secure real distribution. It had to be both informational and entertaining - doctors would be featured, and pathology discussed, BUT it had to be more than talking heads - much more
(3) - the film needed to cover the ripple effects of Trump - the upending of societal norms, and the impact of Trumpism (aka Malignant Normality). And, the film also needed to be extremely professional, with clips (licensed), graphics, animation, and tight, crisp editing. (more)
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(1/3) Trump is banned from even running a charity, due to rampant systematic fraud. Yet he still runs our country! Malignant narcissism is responsible for catastrophic behavior thru history, yet nobody talks about it - even after his sniffling disaffected speech today! #UNFIT
(2/3) Trump's disorders NEED to be part of the PUBLIC narrative! What the %$#@&!% are we waiting for? A feature film? Well, OK then.

As many of our followers may know, we've been producing just such a film. Stay tuned later today for a major update.
(3/3) For newer followers - or those unfamiliar with our upcoming film - please visit for the basics. More info later today.
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A major mistake of the Trump era may prove to be repeatedly using political/legal processes to retroactively punish Trump for egregious/inhumane/illegal behaviors/actions, instead of using those behaviors to justify/compel mental health evaluations to pre-empt *future* harm. 1/
To be clear, this doesn’t necessary mean involuntary commitment, because as many mental health professionals have pointed out,….: 2/
However, after listening to impeachment testimony and watching Republican congressmen engage in political theatre/fiction, it is painfully obvious that, from a process/procedural standpoint, it is a mistake continue to look at Trump’s behavior (mental health)…. 3/
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@ianbassin 12/11/17: A Letter to Congress from Concerned Mental Health Experts. Prof. @BandyXLee1: “A group of us put our concerns into a book #TheDangerousCaseOfDonaldTrump… there are 1000's of us, ready to communicate our case to you, should you choose to hear us”…
@ianbassin @BandyXLee1 A Warning to the Nation. By Prof. Judith Herman and Prof. @BandyXLee1: “When a person poses a danger because of mental disturbance, psychiatrists are mandated to report, to incapacitate and to take steps to protect the public.” (1/25/2018)… @DangerousCase
@ianbassin @BandyXLee1 @DangerousCase "Once established as a shared worldview, the narcissism of minor differences leads to an easy dehumanization of The Other, entrenched in racism and other forms of prejudice. It culminates in mob actions, gang violence, terrorism, and…" – @yourauntemma
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Dear @SteveScalise @GOPLeader @SenBillCassidy @SenJohnKennedy : I know reading isn’t your strong suit, since it took you days to read a brief call memo. But you really need to read this story by a Republican lawyer based in DC. NO REALLY!…
This particular Republican lawyer also has a rock solid source inside the White House. Maybe y’all should pay attention. 👀#TrumpLies
A former Trump lawyer: “He lies his a$$ off.” Isn’t capable of telling the truth. Not good for a POTUS, huh? #UnfitForOffice
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The whistleblower story is not shocking to the mental health community. Yes, it's shocking we're in this place, but the behavior = consistent with the disorder. We must learn from history. The bar will keep moving toward the obvious: he loses the election and won't leave. (more)
We understand the Speaker's sensitivity to public sentiment. We understand a large swathe of the public is experiencing Malignant Normality. But Speaker - if you expect a peaceful transition of power because that's how it is generally done, please alter your expectations. (more)
The time to impact the public narrative is now. The time for impeachment has come. The time for infusing the narrative HEAVILY with the nature of his disorder is also now - his pathology is the only explanation for the underlying core of what he says and does.
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@CNNSotu Oddly, you discuss #eugenics in America in the 1920s, but you never mention #MargaretSanger, the founder of @PPFA, and her approval of #GermanEugenicSterilzation, #KKK, and other efforts to eliminate the production of offspring by the #unfit.
I say, "oddly" with respect to your omission because Sanger's love affair with #eugenics ran so deeply through her activism that it constituted a part of the masthead of her "Birth Control Review."
Sanger didn't pull punches about the intended use of #eugenic #sterilization:

"There is only one reply to a request for a higher birthrate among the intelligent, and that is to ask the government to first take off the burdens of the insane and the feeble-minded from your backs."
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Why does America need a movie to tell us "the obvious" about Donald Trump?

Find out in this thread...
1. Trump's personality disorder is well-known to mental health professionals ... but not to the public!
2. The majority of the public is not aware of how clearly Trump fits the diagnostic criteria. We teach them about the DSM and the term "Malignant Narcissist."
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