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#wcpss #wakeol #nced #ncpol Statement from Wake County school board member Karen Carter over the controversy over her new job.

"It's not surprising that the same small group from the Wake GOP who attempted yet failed to censure me politically simply for representing the best
interests of children and teachers as a WCPSS School Board member are continuing to attack me personally.

The fact is... I was an educator prior to serving on the Wake County School Board. I was forced to leave my previous job to serve my community and now I am returning back
to my passion for helping others as a social worker.

The displaced anger from this group undermines the incredible work being done by nonprofits across our community. I will continue to ignore comments and actions that don't offer value or, in this case, are completely false.
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#wcpss #ncpol #nced #wakepol (Long thread incoming) Wake County school board member Karen Carter says her critics are unfairly smearing her new employer in their efforts to get back at her politically.

Carter announced earlier this month on her personal Facebook account that
after she leaves office she’ll start a new job in the social work field for the ARC of North Carolina. Soon afterward, her critics went on social media to try to link Carter’s new job to a $518,700 contract the school board had approved in Aug. 2021 with the ARC of the Triangle.
Carter says there’s no connection between he new job and the contract, pointing to how it’s 2 different ARC groups with separate 501Cs & separate boards. The contract to provide former Wake students with transitional adult skills expired at the end of last school year.
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#wcpss #nced #ncpol #wakepol #ralpol Long Twitter thread incoming about Wake County school board campaign finance reports. SBOE still hasn't posted the 3rd quarter reports yet for Doug Hammack & Chris Heagarty. The biggest donors by far are Dean Debnam, the owner of Public Policy
Polling, & his wife, Sesha. They each gave max $5,600 donation to the 7 Democratic backed candidates whose 3rd quarter reports are on file, for a total of $78,400. If they also gave max to Hammack & Heagarty, then it would reach $100K. The Debnams provided most of the money for
Monika Johnson-Hostler & Tara Waters. There's no one person or couple who has given nearly as much to the GOP backed candidates. For instance, reports show Bob Luddy gave money to only some of the GOP candidates. Here's how much each candidate has raised as of the 3rd quarter. If
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I may end up on the #WCPSS Board with you, so this is a conversation that will need to happen. I don't know anyone who doesn't want teachers to be paid more. The question is how it will get done. Typical of one side is the argument: just pay them more...
But how?
Currently the WCPSS budget allots almost 90% to salary and benefits. 58% of the NC State budget goes to education. So, where does the money from and how is it used to increase teacher pay? There are arguments for/against merit pay and for/against longevity pay...
Both need to be part of the discussion. It's not fair to punish a teacher financially for a class that may perform poorly on tests, for reasons beyond her/his control. Likewise, it's unfair to reward a substandard teacher simply because they've been on the job for X # of years...
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#wcpss #nced #ncpol #wakepol Several last-minute filings today mean there will be 29 candidates running for 9 Wake County school board seats. Only four incumbents are running so there will significant turnover regardless of what happens at the ballot box.…
#wcpss In District 1, Cheryl Caulfield will run against Ben Clapsaddle for the Wake County school board set being vacated by Heather Scott. In District 2, school board member Monika Johnson-Hostler will run against Dorian Hamilton & Monica Ruiz.
#wcpss In District 3, Doug Hammack, Brooks Lowe & Wing Ng will run for the Wake County school board seat being vacated by Roxie Cash. In District 4, appointed school board member Tara Waters will run against Daniel L. Grant-King, Becky Lew-Hobbs & Michael T. Williams.
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Starting Mar. 21, #WCPSS will actively monitor school-supplied devices.
"Gaggle will monitor students’ Google Drive and Outlook Email for concerns around self-harm and suicide, harrassment, drugs and alcohol,violence towards others, nudity and sexual content."
/more Image
Any personal device a student uses that is plugged into or connected to a district-supplied device is subject to the same search.
Here's the link to WCPSS' Gaggle summary sheet, which is light on real info on Gaggle.…
WCPSS gave all students Chromebooks this year. Gaggle will run on all of them. Email and web activity will be scanned, as well as CANVAS.… Image
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K-12 Masks updates to follow as school board meetings kicking off this afternoon & this evening:
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City
Clinton City
Alamance Burlington school board votes 6-1 to go mask optional effective immediately.
#nced #ncpol
Wake County board now meeting; board attorney is dragging this out with a long list of where face coverings are still required "for clarity for the public."
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Trice departed after I reported on his talking points to the #WCPSS board on CRT.
Under Trice & Macarenaz, the Equity Affairs office has been responsible for CRT training of teachers going back 5 years.
The office has cost taxpayers millions.…
Mascarenaz was a hire from the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Teaching Tolerence," which has since been renamed to "Learning for Justice.'
She was “Director of Equity Affairs for Coaching and Leadership.” Salary at date of hire: $85,000. She made $86,708 as of 2019.
The Office of Equity Affairs (OEA) has cost taxpayers millions, such as annual salaries (around 700k for 10 people).
Below is the running total for the OEA as determined by records requests. It's almost $6M since its inception not including 2020-21.
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Wake County's Office of Equity Affairs has drafted a new "Equity" policy for the district. It will be on the Policy Cmte agenda this Wednesday.
Yes, there are #CriticalRaceTheory elements in it.
Link to agenda item:…

Looks like they are drawing from districts that already have embedded CRT into their "Equity" policies.

Wake's OEA is going out of state with one example - Arlington, VA. This one repeats the idea of "inclusion" yet follows the fluid nature of CRT:
"The work of equity is a principle that is constantly evolving, therefore, it is only prudent that the
definition will also evolve."
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INBOX: Wake County Schools issues a statement about the Capitol protests. This is the notification sent to families.
#wcpss Image
District statement reads in part:
"We have a responsibility to understand how this is a teachable moment, a moment that strengthens public education, and a moment that also acknowledges this crisis in our democracy."

No mention that parents should first 'teach' this moment.
Links to "Psychological First Aid" & "civil discourse" resources follow the statement.
Pretty sure no such resources were offered during the riots that persisted throughout 2020.
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Here we go again with the pseudo psych test BIMAS-2.

And again, our family was not sent a letter. Was yours?

#WCPSS still hasn't answered my Qs on where the BIMAS-2 data is stored, who has access, how it is being used but they have put up this worthless FAQ:

One of my favs... only true if you actually were notified.
If not, they automatically screen your kid.
Also, your kid's psychological assessment is sitting on a "secure server" somewhere in #WCPSS.

Greetings Professor Falcon, shall we play a game?
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So, in the PS1 packet this morning is the #wcpss board's imaginary 'charter school tax'

We are being given a history lesson by Policy Watch's Rob Schofield about the "far right" former WCPSS school board and their "fluke" election.
Schofield says corporations and #schoolchoice are "picking winners and losers".

Equates choice with "privatization' and 'segregation'.
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NCSBE gots on the "Equity" train at their meeting this month.

At the meeting, James Ford was asked simply to define "Equity."

His didn't answer the question. He provided, instead, a buzzword word salad.

#nced (1/?)
Here's the article that quote came from.
It goes on to recite the same lines we've heard for a decade now about black students, yet like Ford's CREED project, offers no solutions save one... (next tweet)…
SBE Chairman Eric Davis gave us a hint:
“This is our intentional effort to push back on those forces and to do things to create a necessary change so that every student in North Carolina gets the education we need them to have and they deserve."

What forces?
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