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Feeling inspired by @JustinParmenter’s work to identify the discriminatory practices of NC private schools receiving taxpayer $ via vouchers.

Let's look at how their policies discriminate against students on the basis of disability, shall we? #nced #ncga
Berean Baptist Academy in Fayetteville received >$1.7 million in public $ this year.

They “do not offer programs” for students with learning or emotional disabilities or ADHD and they “may not accept students with medical conditions.”

They should not get public $ #nced #ncga A screenshot of the Academi...
Liberty Christian Academy in Richlands received >$1.5 million in public $ this year.

They “do not provide enrollment" to students with special education needs and deny admittance to students with physical needs related to toileting.

They should not get public $ #nced #ncga Screenshot of the Acceptanc...
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A long personal thread on the #nced debate 🧵

While it may seem appealing to allocate funds directly to students rather than public schools, we must consider the impact and benefits of investing in our public education infrastructure.

A robust public school system is the bedrock of a democratic society, providing opportunities to all students. By adequately funding schools, we ensure that students have access to good teachers, well-equipped classrooms, and learning resources that foster development.
These opportunities empower students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, preparing them for a successful future.

Moreover, a strong public school system helps create a level playing field by bridging the achievement gap and promoting social mobility.
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With massive voucher expansion on the way, it’s time to review the North Carolina school privatizer playbook!!

#ncga #ncga #nced  🧵
1. Republicans take over control of state legislature.  Draw maps that ensure nobody can vote you out regardless of how terrible your leadership is.  Take over Supreme Court so maps can’t be challenged.
2. Create a school performance grade system that reinforces the narrative that schools struggling with poverty and impacts of institutional racism are failures.
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Many likely missed it in the Triangle bubble, but Sen Michael Lee was being honored at UNCW for his work in ed & a mob organized by radical faculty from that school staged a walkout of the dinner & then followed him & his family to their car, yelling obscenities... #ncpol #nced
They did this purportedly due to his support of the Parents Bill of Rights, which prevents radical gender theory and inappropriate sexuality being taught to young elementary students & gives parents more notice on what's happening with their child at school...
The UNCW Watson School of Education professors involved mostly train young elementary teachers, including lead organizer Caitlin Ryan, who writes things like "Reading the Rainbow" & "Navigating Parental Resistance" on how to successfully inject gender/sexuality into elementary ed
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Good time to re-share my favorite submissions to Lt. Governor @markrobinsonNC’s leftist teacher indoctrination complaint portal:… #nced #ncpol
My daughter is a freshman and in her class last week she was told by her History teacher that she had to use Times New Roman font in her essay.  We are offended because the Romans killed Jesus!  I can't believe her school hates the lord!! Image
My daughter's teacher recently Ms. Peffercorn was teaching the kids about left angles in her 4th grade math class.  Now I'm concerned that she is being indoctrinated with liberal propaganda because they never taught her about right angles! Image
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NC legislators have reached a deal to allow all families to use taxpayer funding to send their children to private schools.

Here are the schools that received the most taxpayer money through the NC voucher program this year, who they'll admit, and what they teach:
#ncpol, #nced Image
Grace Christian School in Sanford enrolled 371 students with vouchers this year, receiving $2,261,497.

The school teaches a strict "Biblical worldview" curriculum and explicitly states homosexuality is a sin. ImageImage
Berean Baptist Academy in Fayetteville received $1,779,599 this year in NC dollars.

It uses textbooks from the publisher Abeka which introduce Nelson Mandela as a "communist sympathizer" and say former slaves "were not prepared for political responsibility." #nced #ncpol ImageImage
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THREAD: I dug into the data on NC's main school voucher program for this story and broke it down into these graphics for y'all... #nced #ncpol…
The Opportunity Scholarship is the biggest voucher program in NC, and new bills would grow it #nced #ncpol

The NC State Education Assistance Authority administers voucher programs and tracks the data, so it's all publicly accessible 👇… Image
Opportunity Scholarships have already grown rapidly since they entered the scene in 2014. Image
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Tomorrow the NC State Board of Education will vote on the attached request to the General Assembly to authorize and fund a merit pay and revised teacher licensure pilot program.

#nced #ncga #ncpol #PathwaysToExodus
The program would be implemented in “public-school districts of varying size and geographic diversity” in school year 2024-25 following a year of planning in 23-24.
The pilot would run five years after that initial planning year. Superintendent Truitt says they want 5-15 districts, depends on GA funding allocation.
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Do these look like the results of a successful pilot program?

NC Cyber's growth scores have consistently ranked rock bottom. The best NCVA has done is crack the bottom 3% of schools back in 2018. Why extend this failed experiment @JonHardister @ErinforNC?

#nced #ncpol #H149
If this isn't failure, what would failure look like?
H149 not only extends the charters of two of the state's worst schools, it also opens the doors for other charter operators to copy this failed model. If two schools designed around the concept can't get it right, why would we expect others to find success?
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There are many reasons to oppose the #NCGA's latest bigoted attack on the LGBTQ community: #S49, aka the "Parents' Bill of Rights."

Here (imo) are the four biggest reasons to oppose this bill:

#nced #ncpol
1) The bill allows bad actors to tie up school district operations and resources by filing frivolous requests for information and/or objections to instructional materials.
There are no penalties for parents who file excessive or frivolous requests, making this process rife for abuse by disgruntled parents and opponents of public schools.
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Important update on the February 15 @BelkFoundation merit pay for @CharMeckSchools panel discussion:

#nced #ncpol #PathwaysToExodus
Recently it came to my attention that the Belk Foundation planned to host a panel discussion on the Pathways to Excellence merit pay proposal at UNCC next month starring State Superintendent Catherine Truitt, State Board of Education Chair Eric Davis and others.
From the event description it seemed likely the goal of this discussion was to sweet talk Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools into piloting the merit pay system, possibly as soon as next school year.
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Never forget that state superintendent @CTruittNCDPI schemed with #PEPSC Chair Patrick Miller and @edstateboard_nc member Jill Camnitz to prevent @EducationNC from collecting teacher feedback on the merit pay proposal because she wouldn’t have control of the responses. #nced ImageImage
At the same meeting, Truitt’s Chief of Staff Shelby Armentrout said “If teachers come out against it then it’ll be dead on arrival.”

Don’t ever doubt the power of your educator voice. 🗣️🍎 #nced #ncpol…
Speaking of fear of teachers, next month Truitt and the Belk Foundation are holding an event to try to schmooze Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools into volunteering to pilot merit pay.…
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teaching ≠ incarceration

At this week's #PEPSC Commission meeting, a member of the group tasked with moving NC to a merit pay system of licensing and compensating teachers referred to the career of the traditional classroom teacher as "incarceration."

#nced #ncpol
With all due respect to Dr. Sam Houston (CEO of The North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center) and his distinguished education resume, he hasn't worked as a classroom teacher in 40+ years and it shows.
Dr. Houston's cringeworthy comment effectively illustrates the problem with having no currently practicing traditional classroom teachers at the table when policy that will most directly impact classroom teachers is being developed.
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With all due respect to Eckel and Vaughan's marketing advice here, lowering the bar so that anyone who can pass some online quizzes can become a teacher is not a "student first model"--it's a recipe for disaster. #nced #ncpol
Research is clear that the most important driver of student learning is having an excellent teachers.
This approach would essentially allow anyone with a pulse to become a teacher. @SREBeducation and the Human Capital Roundtable, who drafted the plan at SBE's behest, would tell you that's fine because the "effectiveness measures" in Pathways will tell us who's doing a good job.
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#nced #ncpol State Board of Education will vote Thursday on accelerated 2023 openings for 3 new North Carolina charter schools. Most of the questions today are about American Leadership Academy-Monroe, the latest school operated by Charter One. State board members Jill Camnitz &
Alan Duncan questions rapid expansion of Charter One when there's no academic data on their NC schools. Duncan also points to how Charter One is for-profit & would get 15% of the school's revenue & would handle nearly all of the governance decisions. State Supt. Catherine Truitt
says the 2K parents on the waiting list don't care if it's run by a for-profit or non-profit. Truitt says she's more worried about non-profits that don't have the funds or experience while Charter One spent $105 million to help 2 new NC charter schools open this year.
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Today the NC State Board of Education will hear a recommendation from the #PEPSC Commission to approve a broad framework which would pave the way for switching all North Carolina teachers from an experience-based pay scale to merit pay. #nced #ncpol…
This highly experimental move would make NC the first state in the country to stop compensating teachers based on their commitment to a career in the classroom and instead determine their pay through standardized test scores, evaluations, surveys, and "to be determined"
What's being presented today is the culmination of a process which began in late 2018 in closed "Human Capital Roundtable" meetings which likely violated state law. Participants were required to follow "Vegas Rules," and steps were taken to hide communication from the public.
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#wcpss #wakeol #nced #ncpol Statement from Wake County school board member Karen Carter over the controversy over her new job.

"It's not surprising that the same small group from the Wake GOP who attempted yet failed to censure me politically simply for representing the best
interests of children and teachers as a WCPSS School Board member are continuing to attack me personally.

The fact is... I was an educator prior to serving on the Wake County School Board. I was forced to leave my previous job to serve my community and now I am returning back
to my passion for helping others as a social worker.

The displaced anger from this group undermines the incredible work being done by nonprofits across our community. I will continue to ignore comments and actions that don't offer value or, in this case, are completely false.
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#wcpss #ncpol #nced #wakepol (Long thread incoming) Wake County school board member Karen Carter says her critics are unfairly smearing her new employer in their efforts to get back at her politically.

Carter announced earlier this month on her personal Facebook account that
after she leaves office she’ll start a new job in the social work field for the ARC of North Carolina. Soon afterward, her critics went on social media to try to link Carter’s new job to a $518,700 contract the school board had approved in Aug. 2021 with the ARC of the Triangle.
Carter says there’s no connection between he new job and the contract, pointing to how it’s 2 different ARC groups with separate 501Cs & separate boards. The contract to provide former Wake students with transitional adult skills expired at the end of last school year.
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Update on merit pay for North Carolina teachers:

Today the PEPSC Commission met and, by a vote of 9-7, approved a "Blueprint for Action" which is the first step toward moving all North Carolina teachers from an experience-based pay scale to merit pay. #nced #ncpol
You can see the vote breakdown below.
Like pretty much everything else in this torturous saga, the vote was a complete 💩 show.

Initially it was tied 7-7. Then two members (Sam Houston and Michael Maher) who had left the virtual meeting were called back in to vote, but a third (Anthony Graham) was not.
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#wcpss #nced #ncpol #wakepol #ralpol Long Twitter thread incoming about Wake County school board campaign finance reports. SBOE still hasn't posted the 3rd quarter reports yet for Doug Hammack & Chris Heagarty. The biggest donors by far are Dean Debnam, the owner of Public Policy
Polling, & his wife, Sesha. They each gave max $5,600 donation to the 7 Democratic backed candidates whose 3rd quarter reports are on file, for a total of $78,400. If they also gave max to Hammack & Heagarty, then it would reach $100K. The Debnams provided most of the money for
Monika Johnson-Hostler & Tara Waters. There's no one person or couple who has given nearly as much to the GOP backed candidates. For instance, reports show Bob Luddy gave money to only some of the GOP candidates. Here's how much each candidate has raised as of the 3rd quarter. If
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Breaking: NC Supreme Court's Dem majority is forcing the Leandro fund transfer & sending it back to the trial court to determine the calculation.
Newby, Berger & Barringer dissent.…
#nced #ncpol #ncga Image
Berger's dissent reiterates the legislature, not the court, has the power of the purse.
He also notes "the majority takes it upon itself to resolve issues in this case without notice and in the face of this Court’s order to the contrary" Image
Oral argument were heard in August:…
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In about 3 weeks the PEPSC Commission is expected to vote on the NC Pathways to Excellence merit pay scheme. If they approve the proposal it will then go to the State Board of Education for consideration.
#nced #ncpol #ncga
There is broad consensus among educators that this plan is a terrible idea.

Not only has educator feedback been ignored, but our state superintendent @CTruittNCDPI has taken steps to prevent independent feedback collection in an effort to control messaging.
Our partners at @NPEaction (founded by @DianeRavitch, executive directed by @carolburris) have put together this handy tool for letting PEPSC Commission members know that this merit pay plan is a bad idea. #nced
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🧵The @UNC_System BOG has plans to fund universities on a performance-based model.

"This is probably the most critical this decision this board will make in a decade because it has the impact of how the campuses operate for years into the future."
- @NCState Chancellor Woodson
The @UNC_System BOG finance committee had a robust discussion on the performance weighted funding plan today, with questions from board members and university chancellors. #nced #highered
Some arguments for the new funding model:
-it would incentivize and reward univs that meet strategic goals
-it could buffer univs from funding losses due to a current trend of enrollment loss
-it would cap gains/losses due to "performance" at 3%
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Some important points to consider:

On what planet is "other tools not yet developed" an acceptable proposal for how we will measure teacher effectiveness? This cake isn't even half baked and we want the State Board of Education to approve it? #nced #ncpol
The whole viability of this scheme rests on whether or not it fairly and accurately measures teacher effectiveness. If Tomberlin and DPI can't figure that out now they don't deserve a blank check.
Also, the people driving this scheme keep talking about the big salary increases because that distracts from the myriad flaws in the proposal (see above) and from the shady and probably illegal process they followed to get to this point.
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