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Teamwork... This ought to rattle some cages...

1) RaTG13 is incapable of binding to a bat or a pangolin (no binding observed), and is less than 1/1000 the affinity to humans than CoV2 and less than 1/300 the affinity than SARS. It is incapable of forming an infection in humans—
2) most logical explanation is that RaTG13 is CoV2 with the Spike RBD swapped out in a desperate attempt by Shi to distance herself and her lab from the origin. The RBM itself is in an orphaned Amplicon and a TSS amplicon, both not touching any of the S1 inserts,
3) which is likely the product of an attenyation experiment.
Two: the proposed O-linked glycans downstream of the FCS, do not exist.…
This difference, that between software prediction and experimental result,
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Seminars in Nephrology has an entire issue devoted to social media in the discipline of nephrology.

The mastermind @kidney_boy highlights the contents here:…
First up is @aoglasser @RJmdphilly @michellebr00ks (all #WomenInMedicine) who highlight opportunities for community, advocacy, and connection.

They review the "anatomy" and "physiology" of tweets too. :D

Next up is @stones__ and @hswapnil who discuss Twitter journal clubs (#JClub). "Clubbing" on Twitter can certainly be a lot more exciting, and definitely an alternative until we can all stop #PhysicalDistancing…
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Guilty pleasure time: this YouTube user is a back channel from a patriot who knew Q was about to post on 4chan for the first time.

Title says it all: 29 Trumped, Trouble Coming to Washington, Q Clearance initiated.

On the the 29th, a few days AFTER this video was posted, Q dropped for the first time on 4chan.

It's a creepy video that draws attention to two of @McNaughtonArt's paintings, one of which shows POTUS crushing a snake's head. There's some dialogue at the end asking 'do you believe in the owl?'

Clearly addressed to the cabal.

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@DrREpstein Dearest Dr. Epstein, the sickest thing about the cabal is their torture of the brave people that tell, & they truly live to take what anyone loves most & destroy it before their eyes while they watch us all in pain. No one wants to believe they are this evil, but they are
@DrREpstein Now we still have to worry, because they are NEVER done, as long as we still breathe air. You have to protect yourself, you have to stay on social media, & rethink your home, security, travel plans, and daily life. #ForReal and stay on twitter. and @Google #WeKnow
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Coincidence this "Q Clearance Initiated" video was released 2 days before Q's first drop?

Was reviewing some of my early Q notes, and thought I'd revisit this video - to my knowledge, this mystery has never been solved.

Any thoughts?… Image
The video description text is:
All traitor's punished...
S.E.B.A.S.T.I.A.N. Initiated
Donald John Trump
I recall the Sebastian 1717 channel having several other videos published at the time, but currently there is only one that is public.
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#Q ...Myself & Others Have Attempted To Let You Know...Now....Im Just Gonna Let The CARDS Fall Where They MAY....
You Can't Impeach @realDonaldTrump For Conspiracy With Russia If You Are A Senator Doing It With Long Time Oligarch Ties (Deripaska etc) & Soros.....
NO US Persons Name Could Be On The Russian Dossier....NO NAME At All... That's Why A Trusted M16 (FIFA) Agent Was Used & How MCCAIN Mysteriously Was In Possession Of DOSSIER. There Will Be Differences In What He Gave To FBI & What GPS Washed & Put Steeles Name On For Use....
Also If Incase You Missed It When MUELLER & Others Gave Report They Stressed Over & Over NO US CITIZEN
CONSPIRED WITH RUSSIA....Covering Up For McCain & All The Other Anti Trump Coup Plotters.
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#OSINT #SpyGate 5 days is a hellavuh difference

@TheLastRefuge2 Spy's Glaring Time/Date Issue:

#Ref Pdop-Meeting

"According to Downer’s calendar schedule the meeting was May 11th, 2016"
Issue: there is a discrepancy in the time data & ascribes it to:

"(likely due to the significantly different time zones between London and Australia)."


"redacted cable communique from Downer to Canberra, AU office, on May 11th, 2016, the day he's meting Papadopoulos"
Sunshine notes:


"the excerpt from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that describes the events. However, worth noting Mueller assigns this meeting to May 6th, 2016. (?):"
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Lets Go Ahead & Get It Out In The Open @realDonaldTrump

One Question To All #Daca #Mexico #Mexican #Mexicans #IllegalAliens #IllegalImmigration
#Refugee #RefugeesWelcome #Refugees Especially The Children.When You Entered The US Border How Much Blood Did They Take From You?
Never Speak Of This But We Will Let You In & Help You Stay If You Donate Blood & Or Plasma

@realDonaldTrump This Is Why #humantrafficking Must Stop aside From Previously Stated Reasons But You Know...Dont You?
Did @realDonaldTrump Cut Off All The #DeepState #humantrafficking
#Blood #Plasma #Adrenachrome Supplies??? Is That Why They Are Traveling Out Of The Country So Much????
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Why is WAPO dedicated to attacking this movement?
If we aren't a threat—or real—or simply just a conspiracy theory—why the [constant] heavy attacks?

[Information Warfare][IW] (…
#QAnon🦅 @POTUS

Your Country Needs You.
Your Vote Matters!
We, the People.

The Time is Now.
Patriots Fight!
– Ephesians 6:10-18
– Declaration of Independence
We Will Do Our Job to Protect the Vote.
Will You Do Yours?
Will You Answer the Call?
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Why did Dr Christine Blasey Ford not know that Senate Republicans offered to send investigators to her home (or ANYWHERE of her choosing) to interview her?

This option was offered to her several times, and yet she testified under oath, she had NO IDEA that this was an option.
The outcry from Democrats towards Brett Kavanaugh DEMAND that the FBI investigate him, is a freak side-show attempt to distract from what really happened (or didn’t happen in this case).

Defendants DONT SPECIAL-ORDER an FBI investigation on themselves! You KNOW this!
Why did her attorneys withhold this very plausible option from Ms Blasey Ford?

What possible reason did they have to FORCE Blasey Ford to submit to an extensive polygraph examination on the day of her grandmother’s funeral?

What rocket scientist suggested that, and WHY?
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1. This is a friend of mine from college. #HisNameWasMarkBingham He was the rugby player on #Flight93 We were waiting for him as he was the best man in one of my best friend’s wedding. Like the rest of America, I watched in disbelief as the #FakeNews spewed sh*t about (contd...)
2. What was being said about Mark. He was an awesome human being, fearless and honest. He realized something was not right on 9/11 and was part of the reason the flight came down in the wrong place as it was intended to do more damage by the cabal. Truths long hidden ..
3. As we anxiously waited and could hear Mark’s voice placing that fateful call to his mother from Flight 93, we couldn’t believe the towers were under attack. A bunch of bright graduate students at the time, many of us didn’t buy the #fakenews even back in 2001.
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#Benghazi We know the truth.
#FastAndFurious We know the truth.
#IRS Lois Lerner? We know the truth.
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