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75 years ago, @UN was founded to unite the world to confront the challenges facing all of humanity. With growing inequality, climate crisis, #COVID19, toxic nationalism, and ongoing conflict - it is clear that the promise of the UN remains as important as ever. #UN75
We celebrate the @UN #UN75. Its humanitarian efforts have saved lives, it has brokered and kept peace in conflict areas around the world, promoted #HumanRights, and created & championed an agenda for sustainable development. #PeaceDay #GlobalGoals Image
But @UN's promise remains unfulfilled. Globally, #WomensRights are being rolled back, women human rights defenders are under attack. 25 yrs since the Beijing Declaration, & 20 yrs since UNSC Res. 1325, govts aren't meeting commitments to #WomenPeaceSecurity & gender equality. Image
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What do we do on Sundays? (I mean, before the cleaning, cooking, stopping kids' squabbles, and trying to crack the code of how to fit both work & homeschooling in the coming week). We read! So here's #EyalaReads, your recommended reads about #Africa #WomensRights & #Feminism.
"Grief is a cruel kind of education." Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote how grieving for her father, but also about who he was. It's a beautiful and moving piece. Uncomfortably intimate at times, especially because she has been so private so far. @NewYorker
"Volatile times call for complex and imaginative cultural stories." Read @MsAfropolitan's thoughts about African #feminism and afropolitanism today. (Blogging tip: see how she links back to her own blog when she guest-posts? We learn oh!) @brittlepaper
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After decades of war, #PeaceTalks have finally started in #Afghanistan. Women’s voices cannot be silenced. Afghan women must have the right to shape the future of their country.

How can this be achieved? Read about it here 👉🏾 Image
Nearly 80% of #Afghanistan’s peace negotiations since 2005 have left women completely out.

To achieve sustainable peace that benefits all, women must be included.

Our latest report, with @Cordaid @InclusivePeace:
#WomensRights Image
If this ongoing discrimination against #Afghanistan's women continues, all the recent hard-won gains for #WomensRights in the country could be reversed. Image
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Another Sunday, another #EyalaReads! Setting time aside on Sunday mornings to go through my bookmarks is my version of Auntie Maxine's "reclaiming my time". Sharing a selection of great reads about #Africa #WomensRights and #Feminism with you all is the icing on the cake. Enjoy!
"The stigmatization of single motherhood is a patriarchal strategy used to police women into heterosexual submission." @Married2_Coffee wrote about single mothers in #SouthSudan and you should read this!
@monaeltahawy started a newsletter! It's called #Feminist Giant and it's dope. Of the few issues I've received so far, this one is my favorite. It's about the Beijing conference, #Covid_19, and "the Multiplicity of Fuckeries." Sign up! #EyalaReads
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2020 truly is the year of weird: good or bad, everything feels strange. I'm grateful for the sense of normalcy #EyalaReads brings on the Sundays I'm able to curate it, and for you for reading with me. Enjoy this week's roundup of my fav reads on #Africa #WomensRights & #Feminism!
If you read only one thing this week, this is the one. Jesmyn Ward wrote her heart out in @VanityFair and I felt everything: the grief, the fatigue, the anger, the hope. Read this, it is magnificent. #EyalaReads
Ta-Nehisi Coates did a spectacular job as a guest-editor of The Great Fire, @VanityFair's September issue, about race relations and #racism in the US. I loved the interview Angela Davis gave @ava. Great insights for us African feminists, too. #EyalaReads
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Hello beautiful souls! My calendar says it's Sunday (though my to-do list suggests otherwise) so here I am, bringing you #EyalaReads, your weekly reading recommendations about #WomensRights, #Feminism & #Africa... From my bookmarks to yours.
I loved @Afrowomanist's thoughts on what self-care means for #feminist activists! Don't miss out. It warms my heart to see an essay on @AfriFeminists that is inspired by a @blkwomenradical webinar. Different platforms, same conversations.💜 #EyalaReads
"If you don’t intend your feminism to be transformative, then please at least spare us this dehumanising agony." It took me a while to read this piece @fungaijustbeing because I was shouting "yes!!" every two lines. Read it, share it. #EyalaReads
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It's #EyalaReads time! Hope you're ready for your weekly recommendations of inspiring (and sometimes infuriating) pieces of writing about #Feminism, #WomensRights & #Africa. Definitely my favorite way of ending the week!
Combating the misuse of tradition to justify gender-based violence was my entry point into #feminist work. Reading this @dwnews piece on womxn who are called witches & persecuted for it reminded me of why this will always be a priority of mine. #EyalaReads
Has Rama Salla Dieng's "Talking back" series really come to an end? I loved every interview. This last one with @YaraSallam, a #feminist from #Egypt, is shorter but packed with great insights (and some awesome reading recommendations). Read it!
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“There’s no #gender-neutral #pandemic, and this one is no different!”

Read this interview @phumzileunwomen on the specific gender dimension of #Coronavirus and how this has highlighted once more the need to have more women in power!…
While #women represent 1/2 of humanity, their under-representation in political offices is appalling. This is not only wrong, but also stupid: female leadership correlates with more inclusive governance & better economic outcomes.
From crossing party lines, being more responsive to public needs, increasing stability, challenging the status quo, and inspiring more #women to run for office, #GenderParity benefits societies and enables progress.
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Credit goes to: Jessica Baudin-Griffin

Oh, I’m sorry,
Are you offended
By my unicorn fist?
Well, after a year of this government,
I’m feeling
Mighty pissed.

UCP policies tell
Albertans to
Suck it.
Education, health care,
Human rights?
Ya, they’ve fucked it.
These career politicians
Without any
Spend their days
However they please.

And while we struggle
Our way through a
Global pandemic,
They’re spreading
Ideology like a
Swift epidemic.
And maybe all of this
Was part of their
Keep the woman at home,
Reliant on her

But this Mom
Won’t go down without
A fight.
You start messing with kids?
Watch out for
My bite.
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Hello Eyala family! It's been a week of near-silence on social media because July brought more engagement than what my little introvert heart can handle. But I'm back with #EyalaReads, your weekly reading recommendations about #feminism #Africa #WomensRights.
Images of the #BeirutBlast have been haunting me all week. I can't stop thinking about the thousands of womxn from across Africa working in #Beirut as domestic workers. This @CNN piece about what they're experiencing is a painful read.
For African migrant workers in #Beirut trauma is adding to trauma. @CNN had previously reported on abuse by #Kenya consulate staff. An infuriating read. If you know #Afrifem / orgs supporting our sisters in #Lebanon please let me know. #EyalaReads
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You know what I want for the next 3 months?
It's how America works. We can tweet against Trump all we want, but the best way to support Biden and guarantee a Blue Wave is to energize 3 movements:
2-People of Color
3-Climate Action
Nothing has been under attack more than #WomensRights since the pussy grabber took office.
I don't know about you, but I think we should have Million Women Marches regularly between now and November because the attacks are disgusting, dehumanizing, and lethal.
George Floyd's murder being caught on video energized a movement. Why stop? We will not know peace as long as we have a racist in our White House.
ICE roundups, kids in cages, Kung Flu, tear gas, wall, the list goes on and on and we should still be protesting.
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Hello Friends! Somehow Sunday has come again to close one of these feel-long-but-go-in-a-flash weeks 2020 has specialized in. So here I am with my list of #recommendedreads about #Africa #WomensRights & #Feminism, and an exciting announcement!
#EyalaReads #SundayReads
If you know (or just follow) me you will know that #feminist sisterhood is the core of what I am about. So of course @TheJamaJack's ode to the sisters who nurture her is at the top of this reading list. Thank you sis for sharing! #EyalaReads
@TheJamaJack piece reminded me of what Dr. Celeste Henery wrote in @HistoryWO about radical friendships: "a type of friendship, driven by an uncertain but no less wondrous attempt to become more of ourselves. I would call it sacred." On point. #EyalaReads
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Sunday morning ritual: catching up with my bookmarks section and sharing recommended reads about #WomensRights #Feminism & #Africa with you all. This is turning out to be great training about how to multitask and focus through chaos. Who knew? Anyway, it's time for #EyalaReads!
With every day that passes, we realize how expansive, harmful and complex the impact of #COVID19 on #WomensRights is. Sobering and infuriating. Like with this analysis of @chenaichair about online violence against women. @webfoundation
Online violence against women and girls was already so brutal, especially for #feminist activists - as @OuyaVivianne of @FeministsKE explains in @AfriFeminists. I'm worried about us, sisters. Let's check on each other.
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I think it’s time for the truth to come out... dirty secrets are not my burden to carry.
I’ll start by saying up until a few years ago, I was fully indoctrinated into toxic police culture. I fully bought into it. If I heard anything like my story I wouldn’t believe it. I’d hold popular opinion that she’s crazy/incompetent/vindictive/lying/slutty and a bitch.
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Good morning Eyala family ☀️ and welcome back to #EyalaReads, your Sunday selection of recommended reads about #Feminism #WomensRights and #Africa.

As #Afrifem we often say that "we stand on the shoulders of giants". How much do we actually know about our #feminist foremothers? The question came as I read @EverjoiceWin's moving obituary for Mabel Moyo. May she rest in power. @jass4justice
To be young, gifted, Black and #feminist in #Russia... Whew. Read about Maria Magdalena Tunkara, a 22-year-old Russian-Malian woman who wont't apologize for telling the truth about #racism in her country. A powerhouse.

Profile by @mkpetkova in @AJEnglish
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It's the 1st Sunday of the 2nd half of the mess of a year that is 2020! Not something I would've ever thought to celebrate but in 2020 we to snatch joy wherever we can.

So let's celebrate by doing our #EyalaReads thing, shall we? Reads about #WomensRights #Africa #Feminism 👇🏾
"I have probably been thinking about dead black people more than the police and politicians whose decisions kill them."

This essay by @Okwonga in @BylineTimes did things to my heart I don't have words to explain. Read it.

#EyalaReads #SundayReads
Historians' erasure of women's contributions to African independence struggles is beyond infuriating.

Grateful for @AnnetteJosephG's wonderful tribute to anti-colonial activist Andrée Blouin who fought for Congolese independence:
#EyalaReads @AJEnglish
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Headline in the Times.
Ironic if a company owned by citizens of 2 countries with appalling human rights records sack a man for thought crimes and nasty tweets.
Wierd condemnation given that the hotel's owners are members of the ruling regimes in countries where homosexuality is illegal.
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"WhY DiDnT YoU RePoRt It"

As a traumatized 16 year old, I was told (probably truthfully) by my rape counsellor -

"the police will ask you questions in a way that will make you feel like you're lying, I don't think you're robust enough for that"…
I did report it, 12 years later. A document resurfaced from my visit to A&E the morning after the incident occured. The nurse asked me if it was consensual.

Consensual, to me, as a sexually naive 16 yr old meant - did you fight him with everything you had? Not, did you say no?
My understanding, at 16, of the word consensual (or lack of) is important as 12 years later it undermined my report.

Had the nurse asked - 'did you say no' I would have given a different answer. I'm not blaming her, she was kind, I remember seeing tears rolling down her face
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The U.S. must stop supporting the monarchies that rule Saudi Arabia and UAE.

@FreedomForward and 19 organizations are calling on Congress to block all new U.S. arms sales to both dictatorships. 1/…
Both Saudi Arabia and UAE pose a significant threat to U.S. interests, regional democracy, and global security.

The U.S. must stop supporting these brutal governments and instead invest in real, tangible measures for peace. 2/
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It's been a long, exhausting week, with more painful conversations than most of us had the bandwith to deal with. But we made it to another Sunday, so it's time for #EyalaReads! I'm recommending some articles I read this week about #WomensRights #Feminism & #Africa.
I'm fascinated by blindspots, so I've been wondering: who are we (not) talking about when we chant #BlackLivesMatter? Iconic transgender activist @immissmajor told @blkwomenradical why we need to be inclusive of the Black trans community. #EyalaReads
The impact of the #COVID19 pandemic is getting more worrying every day. This @TheAtlantic report shows that the supplies of sexual health products are running low and my brain hurts as I imagine the consequences for #WomensRights... #EyalaReads
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Hello fam! Time for me to lift myself from a few weeks of hurt, anger and heartbreak, and follow the advice a brilliant #Afrifem gave me: "Don't let them pull you in their hole." So I'm back with recommended reads about #Africa, #WomensRights & #Feminism

#EyalaReads #SundayReads
First let me flag a few important news stories that may have missed due to the global context:

#WeAreTired. Tired of being raped and killed. I stand in solidarity with Nigerian feminists demanding #JusticeForUwa and #JusticeForTina. Enough

Don't ignore this: in #Cameroon journalist Samuel Wazizi was arbitrarily arrested last year and for 300 DAYS his family & lawyers did not hear from him. Now we find out he was murdered in prison. We demand #JusticeForWazizi. Follow @KahWalla for more info.
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Women are looking at the manipulation tactics of the trans rights movement and how micro abusive behaviour has gone macro. Thread:
1. Forced Teaming
3. 'Negging'.
5. Pronouns are Rohypnol
6. MRA, Incel, TRA crossover.
#GenderWooWoo #trans #WomensRights
Why are ideologies antithetical to each other being presented as natural allies?…
'We need to disavow ourselves of the idea that “transgenderism” is anything but a men’s rights activist (MRA) agenda using tools of manipulation to present themselves as victims' - @bjportraits…
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NEW PROJECT ALERT! Introducing the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List. I've pulled together readings to help us keep track of how old scripts about gender rewrite themselves in the age of pandemic.…
The Gender and Covid-19 Reading list itself is housed at the @WomenLawWCL #gender #womensrights 2/…
Because this is a crisis-in-progress, the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List is a work-in-progress. If you've written something you'd like to see on the list, ping 3/
@womenknowlaw @WomenAlso @womenalsoknow @IFESGender @OsgoodeIFLS @onGender @GenderSexLaw
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Time feels so strange in lockdown: each day is painfully slow, yet every Sunday I find myself asking where the week went. Anyway, here we are again: it's time for #EyalaReads, your weekly list of recommended reads about #Feminism #WomensRights & #Africa.
Don't be like me: don't hurl your phone across the room when reading this @thelilynews piece. Mothers in heterosexual relationships are quitting jobs they love because their partners can't handle their own kids during the lockdown.

Speaking of #lockdown: I know we're all tired of reading about "Sex in the age of #COVID19" but this one is a gem. I mean, of course it is: it's on @adventurefrom. Read it!
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