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The only child shit is actually pretty gravy when you're young. When you get older? Man, it'd be nice to have some help.
Heh. It's funny (not *actually* funny) that you say that but yeah. That's where my revelation about this started.
Sort of related: This *obviously* isn't true for everyone — please don't run up here trying to #wellactually me — but it's been stuck in my head ever since I read this Chris Rock interview two years ago.… Image
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Networking. #HiphopUncovered is really about the power of networking and teamworking. Knowing what you want. Knowing the difference between where you are and where you want to go and…
knowing who can get you there. Who is your group, or tribe, or team of people who trust you and are clear about what the goal is. Find those people and be ready to go to some unfamiliar spaces. @hiphopuncovered emphasized
that people really grew up with their network. They grew up in the same household, went through a lot of the same tragedies and those tragedies binded them together. They didn't have team building sessions and…
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Are you folks ready for the 2019 Target Field Concessions Price Analysis #TargetFieldFood? If no, please mute #TargetFieldFood because here it comes …
Reminder: the #TargetFieldFood price spreadsheet was created for those who pay for concessions, unlike media folks who get free feedbags. I believe fans who fork over their hard-earned dough care about prices. I also chart dropped items, which write-ups rarely mention.
(Also this year the Twins released their prices AFTER they got the free media PR, which, #capitalism, but #ethicsinjournalism. For the record, I’m a 10-year Twins season ticketholder, former media critic & definite cheap-ass, though I like good ballpark food.) #TargetFieldFood
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#JackRyan: an ex-Marine with a PhD in history, an economist, a stockbroker who made millions thru his investments, and a CIA analyst.

OK. Suspend our disbelief + allow that he’s done all this by his late 30s. But suspend it as to believe he’s a white dude and not Jamaican? 🤔
Also Jack Ryan is very much A White Man With The Answers.™️

His hunches are never wrong. Every ep he hits someone with a #wellactually. Ppl tell him he’s just too *good.* Abbie Cornish is flustered by him.

Lol. It’s like Amazon gave a random Redditor some $ for a screenplay.
🇺🇸🇺🇸JACK RYAN! Avatar for the argument that American military hegemony is a necessary good! FUCK YEAH! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Commemorating #StarTrekDay by rewatching The Phantom Menace for the first time
some literal ass no sense of humor having ass #WellActually McGee coming into my mentions to tell me that's SW not ST in 5432...
lmao Anakin's mom is like yeah he has no dad I just got pregnant like kaboom and Qui Gon's all mmk
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