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Happy #StarTrekDay!

Let's celebrate the bright future that Star Trek envisions for us - all of us, together.

Over fifty years ago we were introduced to the idea of a future in which humanity had learned to sort out its problems and work together.

(A thread.) @StarTrek Constitution-class starship navigating an asteroid ring arou
Through the lens of space travel we explored our own challenges as people, and confronted our own problems - sometimes metaphorically, sometimes directly.

Today, that tradition carries on with the various Star Trek shows, movies, books, and games. Beauty shot of all "hero" starships from various S
We imagine a bright future for everyone - one in which we try to solve issues with science and diplomacy first. One in which we can meet the material and emotional needs of people and give everyone equal footing in our society. Michael Burnham (ST: Discovery) and Seven (ST: Picard) as th
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Quark saying,"when governments fall, people like me are lined up and shot" hits differently now. #StarTrekDay #StarTrekDS9
Quark was worried about the demonization of businesses like his bar and casino amid the rise of a potentially fundamentalist government. I'm concerned about being thrown in the back of a van by fascists who exploit fundamentalism to meet authoritarian ends. #StarTrekDS9
I really appreciated @ShimermanArmin's commentary during today's panel. He talked about how he said back then that #StarTrekDS9 would eventually be understood & appreciated. It was so ahead of its time. It gave me stories as a young person that I wouldn't encounter anywhere else.
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I've been in an online-teaching tizzy all day so haven't been in the right frame of mind to post anything #StarTrekDay -themed but I appreciate that my fellow geeks have been keeping up a steady stream of good stuff.
How'come the holodeck only ever has big complicated malfunctions like characters coming to life and taking over the ship? It's never, say, stuck on mute.
(To be fair, on DS9, things like replicators did often break in ordinary ways, giving @AnnoyedOBrien plenty to do. They didn't randomly start producing new elements or portals to the Mirror Universe or sentient supervillains; they just... stopped making coffee.)
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So, for #StarTrekDay and #StarTrekUnitedGives, here's the story of my first encounter with the Captain's chair of the U.S.S. Enterprise...
In the summer between my junior and senior years of college, I won a writing for TV competition. (It was only open to college kids, so it's not like I beat Robert Towne or something.) The grand prize was eight weeks in LA, interning on the Paramount lot.
The script I wrote to enter said competition was a Next Generation spec, so the lion's share of my time was spent interning on Star Trek. At the time, they were in pre-production on both TNG season 6 and Deep Space Nine season 1.
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I will actually be tuning in to check out the DS9 panel about the the episode Far Beyond the Stars because I am a giant nerd. #StarTrekUnitedGives
This panel is good y'all. Cirroc Lofton is talking about the importance of the Black authors who were mentioned in the episode. #StarTrekUnitedGives
Omg I love how blunt @NanaVisitor was just now about Kira having had PTSD and being distrusting because of that. #StarTrekUnitedGives
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Happy #StarTrekDay — in honour of this occasion and with apologies to the Great Bird of the Galaxy for my transgressions, I have replaced every instance of the word “brain” in Spock’s Brain with the word “dick”.

I’m so very sorry.

#StarTrekDay #SpocksDick
#StarTrekDay #SpocksDick
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For #StarTrekDay

A thread about Trekkie & Trekker thoughts from a fan & somewhat techie-spacie nerdish geek & tech author. How is our life different, after they so boldly went where no one had gone before?

Trek thread 1/10 Image
Trek thread 2/10

"Set your phasers on stun". What a novel truly Roddenberrian vision during devastating bloodshed of Vietnam War. A future where lethal military weapons would have a non-lethal setting?

The modern tazer is direct result of that vision. Lives saved in police work Image
Trek thread 3/10

The Communicator. During original TV series you could not directly dial from USA to France or Japan on your landline (& rotary dial) phone, nor send a text fro airplane. A decade later Japan launched first cellular network. By 1996 we had Motorola's 'Star Tac' Image
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Happy #StarTrekDay! 🖖🏼🖖🏼🖖🏼

Here are our top #StarTrek #language and #communication fun facts 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Image
#StarTrek #language and #communication fun fact:

#Klingon is an object-verb-subject language (instead of "Klingons cherish their honor" >>> "Their honor cherish Klingons") Image
#StarTrek #language and #communication fun fact:

"The #UniversalTranslator could never work. Discuss." makes a great essay topic for #Linguistics 101 students. Image
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Commemorating #StarTrekDay by rewatching The Phantom Menace for the first time
some literal ass no sense of humor having ass #WellActually McGee coming into my mentions to tell me that's SW not ST in 5432...
lmao Anakin's mom is like yeah he has no dad I just got pregnant like kaboom and Qui Gon's all mmk
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