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1. News: World Star Hip Hop Features Black Voter Canvassing for Donald Trump:

‘He Ain’t a Racist, and a Damn Good President’

-Thread 10.29.2020… #Trump #YouAintBlack #Biden #Harris
2. News: Exclusive – LEAKED Document: Leftists Fear President Trump May Win Minnesota, Plot Post-Election ‘Mass Mobilization’ (READ DOC)… #WARNING #BEWARE #RIOTS #VIOLENCE
3. News: McCarthy: We Don’t Know if Legally Joe Biden Could Stay in Office with Activity Involving Hunter Biden… #Biden
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Remember Kanye's supposed "attack" on Harriet Tubman? saying she never really freed slaves...she just delivered them to "work for OTHER white people'?…
2/ I'm gonna posit that @ye is a LEGIT "Harriet Tubman"...Kanye's FREEING blacks from the Democrat Voting Plantation!…
3/ Kanye's name is printed on ballots for Pres in at least 11 states, incl:
Colorado, Minnesota, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, Iowa , Tennessee and Vermont.

The most interesting to watch will be swing states Colo, Minn and Iowa.…
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1. News: MI Sen Candidate JOHN JAMES Responds To Biden Calling Him A ‘Disaster’ 'Yes, Joe Biden. I am a disaster for national Dems’ narrative.

A Black man who thinks for himself. @JohnJamesMI -Thread 10.17.2020 #YouAintBlack?!
2. News: WHO'S THE BOSS? Ocasio-Cortez, Progressive ‘Squad’ Already Making Demands Of Biden Transition Team Weeks Before The Election… #Biden
3. News: After Ice Cube Works W/ President Trump, CNN Cancels Cuomo Interview,

Rapper Says: ‘Can’t Handle The Truth’

Hang in there Ice Cube. We Got Your Six! You only lost phony supporters - Gained MILLIONS of Real People who appreciate YOU 4 YOU!…
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How to redpill a Lib you love...

Find common ground.

How about the need to have products "made in America?"

LOOK at this amazing news out today!

Just shared it with a liberal relative...…
2/ talk about WHY our factories and good jobs got shipped overseas...

SHARE THE BLAME, both Corrupt Dem AND Republicans.

It was Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama that did it.
2 of each.

and Obama?

Said those jobs were NEVER coming back w/o a magic wand.…
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Psyop's & Grifts work because they play off of people's ignorance. They gain trust by posting info that few people have heard about & call it inside information then later others come out with proof it is real & now everyone believes that the Grifter really is who he claims to... From that point forward the vast majority of people will then believe every thing they say without questioning it. As it pick up followers others join in because they see others doing it. They have a false belief that if a lot of people believe it then it must be true. A...
psyop means that some group within a government or corporation is behind it. The purpose is to push an agenda that takes those awake from the Truth. Read any Article on Qanon from the MSM on it they are say the same things
Trump Supporters
Satanic Pedophile Ring
Spirit cooking
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President Trump doesn't put on Kente Cloth, or code switch, or carry hot sauce, or tell black people #YouAintBlack (as Biden did). Trump simply passes legislation that EMPOWERS us. To #RESIST Trump is to resist black progress. There's just no other way to frame it. Period. -VJ Image
Just keeping it real. Am I going to listen to a white Democrat tell me Trump is a racist who doesn't care about black people, or am I going to look at his ACTIONS and the GLOWING praise of black civil rights activists like Horace Cooper? Easy choice. -VJ… Image
Not only is President Trump empowering black people to rise economically, he's taking a DIRECT hand in making SURE we rise at ALL levels of our Republic. Opposition to Trump is opposition to his PROVEN agenda of black empowerment! I mean... COME ON! Look at this! 👇🏾 -VJ Image
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So... what has President Trump done for black people? Read this thread and share it widely. Be the news! Just these things alone show Trump is working hard for ALL Americans. Anybody who criticizes these efforts is a hypocrite who wants black people to fail. Period. -VJ Image
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Joe Biden interviews HIMSELF. Funny!

#FridayFeeling #YouAintBlack
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@TrumpWarRoom THREAD

Biden's a racist and always has been.

“Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a JUNGLE, the JUNGLE being a RACIAL JUNGLE with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point,”–Joe Biden 1977…
@TrumpWarRoom Isn't it very interesting that Joe chooses to use the word "JUNGLE" here not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES in just ONE sentence when referring to blacks and black neighborhoods!

And, then there's this very racist comment of his: ...
@TrumpWarRoom “THEY haven't been socialized...THEY will become the PREDATORS ... Madam President we have PREDATORS on OUR streets … THEY are beyond the pale ... We have no choice but to take THEM out of society.”…
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Research this family names if you want to know more!

• Orsini

• Breakspear

• Aldobrandini

• Farnese

• Somaglia

#WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #QArmy #QAnons #Patriots #PatriotsFight #GreatAwakening #InItTogether #WeAreTheNewsNow #ObamaGate #COVID19 #Kenya #YouAintBlack
All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta & Teutonic Knights all based in missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome.
Pepe Orsini – Italy
Henry Breakspear – Macau, China

This is the true power finally. This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind.
The Cecil family were controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini.
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1/7 ready for a rabbit hole? #RedPill

follow along...

remember mass shootings a year ago - same time #Democrats were preparing to run & debate?

WE were able to see the FALSE FLAGS as a covert action, it shut down the news narratives about gun control

a church goer stopped one Image
2/7 super tuesday Quid Pro Quo #JoeBiden sweeps is presumptive nom...

#COVID Plan activated... shut down the ECONOMY.. lock YOU down..

then the last few weeks lots of peaceful protest... many armed


then 5/20/2020 a warning Image

next day news reals started popping on 5/21/2020...

black on white
white on black
fear hate violence....

even #JoeBiden said #YouAint _______ if YOU dont vote [COMPLY OBEY] for him...

same man who said BETO will take OUR guns.....

same man blames ORANGE MAN BAD... Image
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Oh Sweetie you didn't need to go their to do that for us to know that. The irony of this is that is probably the safest place for a black person to be, they probably treat then real well & laugh inside thinking look we fooled another 1, no danger from the police. #FilmIt #Truth
I have a Question though. Was #Biden there with a bull horn yelling #YouaintBlack is you don't loot & burn things down? #BlackLivesMatter as much as any others but #AwokenBlacks will change this Nation faster than anything when the pawns rise up & Stand up its Game Over. We have
all seen what the enemy of the people Hollywood & MSM have done to @realDonaldTrump since he stepped out & proved he was not 1 of them isn't time we looked at how they have always portrayed Blacks? Typically people hate what they fear. If you go to a country that has few blacks
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1. News: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz requested additional 1,200 National Guard soldiers:

1,700 National Guardsmen expected in Minneapolis tonight; military police on alert after riots rage across US

-Thread (May 30)… #riots
2. News: Portland: Antifa Members Destroying Justice Center #riots
3. News: Fox News Channel's Leland Vittert surrounded, overtaken, and chased off of his live-shot by an angry mob shouting "f*** Fox News."

Shannon Bream tosses to him - he shakes his head as if to tell her not to. #riots
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1. News: White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino fired back at Twitter for censoring a tweet from President Trump.

“Twitter is full of sh-t – more & more people are beginning to get it,”

@realDonaldTrump #BigTech @Scavino45 Image
2. News: George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him:

"They were working together at the same time."… #Trump #News #ShareTheNews
3. News: "They Motherf**kers Need To Go Home!"

Locals Rage At Rioters As Minneapolis Burns… #RIOTS
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1. 🇺🇸 The future of our Republic is at stake.
Survival as a Nation.
We Rise or We Die.
We, the People.

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1. News: “What am I doing? I'm fighting the deep state,” Trump told Sharyl Attkisson. “I'm fighting the swamp…If it keeps going the way it's going, I HAVE A CHANCE TO BREAK THE DEEP STATE. It's a vicious group of people”… #News @realDonaldTrump #PATRIOT
2. News: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Bring ‘Criminal’ Anthony Fauci To Justice… #Trump #News
3. News: Hungarian Politician: Facebook Appoints “Soros Oversight Board” to Police Acceptable Online Speech in America… #Trump #News #ShareTheNews
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1) 5.23.20 News Roundup! Press Secretary’s Press Briefing, Remarks By PDJT At the Rolling To Remember Ceremony, You Ain’t Black If You Vote For PDJT, #YouAintBlack T-Shirts For Sale, PDJT’s Re-election Campaign Smells Blood In the Water & Are Going All In, Richard Grenell
2) Continues To Allow the Sunlight In, Wray Is Feeling the Heat, Sessions Has No One But Himself To Blame, Matt Whitaker’s Interview, DOJ Starting To Go After the Draconian Governors, Great Job By Our Navy & Coast Guard, Jon Voight’s Message.....

Yesterday the White House added
3) a press briefing by our President followed by the @PressSec Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

[Video and Transcript Below]

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I'm seeing a lot of people trying to pass off Joe Biden's #YouAintBlack comment as merely a 'gaffe' or 'joke'...

But it wasn't.

It revealed a deeply rooted and pernicious form of racism that is extremely pervasive in left-wing politics. Let me explain... (1/14)
Every black person is aware of the power and pain of being considered an 'outsider' within one's own 'race'.

This happens everywhere, but it is a common phenomenon particularly amongst Black Americans, due to history and culture. (2/14)
You are probably familiar with terms like 'Uncle Tom', 'coon', 'house n*gga', 'coconut', 'Bounty' and 'race traitor'.

These slurs are used to demean black people by stripping them of their 'Blackness'. (3/14)
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@JoeBiden is a severely flawed candidate this whole debacle is a result of the failure of the @DNC to recognize it. #ados looks beyond #youaintblack to Biden’s political legacy and failure to address reparations or a Black Agenda -…
This whole game is nonsense @realDonaldTrump is a creation of White America. We as #ados Black America did not create nor support Trump by demanding a blk agenda to not vote down ballot Democrat. Trump is a creation & monster White America must own. @thehill @CNNPolitics @MSNBC Image
FACT CHECK: JOE BIDEN HAS ADVOCATED CUTTING SOCIAL SECURITY FOR 40 YEARS by @ryangrim my former editor @HuffPost now at @theintercept…
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Here's @SymoneDSanders insisting that Joe Biden "absolutely has a respect level for all people around him."

#YouAintBlack #NeverBiden #DemExit2020 #BidenIsRacist #BidenDropOut #bidenscognitivedecline #BidenLosesToTrump
Here's Biden's "respect level" for women, @SymoneDSanders:

#YouAintBlack #NeverBiden #DemExit2020 #BidenIsRacist #BidenDropOut #bidenscognitivedecline #BidenLosesToTrump
Here's Biden's "respect level" for Black people, @SymoneDSanders:

#YouAintBlack #NeverBiden #DemExit2020 #BidenIsRacist #BidenDropOut #bidenscognitivedecline #BidenLosesToTrump
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Biden's #YouAintBlack comments weren't great but I won't play the GOP's false equivalency game.

Everyone knows there’s no comparison between Trump & Biden when it comes to racism, but GOP will try and equate them to depress black turnout. Just like they did with Clinton.
Trump just praised well-known eugenist and anti-Semite Ford as having “good bloodlines."

He’s called black NFL players sons of bitches, called African countries shitholes, still won’t admit the exonerated 5 are innocent, and called neo-Nazis very fine people.

No comparison.
Obviously Biden was not the right messenger for this but @Toure is really spot on here.

Black people like @SenatorTimScott, @RealCandaceO, and @kanyewest who support Trump do not care about the black community, otherwise, they wouldn't support a white supremacist administration.
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This is how Dems view blacks. At some point black people must wake up and see who the real racist are. #blackvote
Clearly this won't keep blacks from voting from Biden. The same way his absentminded ways won't. The liberal media is pushing senile Biden on the population and like cows headed to the slaughter they will follow.
I guess I'm not black. Disgraceful the way Dems treat blacks and blacks allow it. Like sheep to the slaughter. Stop the madness. No wonder Dems do nothing for blacks. Why should they if they aren't held responsible.
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