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#ObamaCare is still Alive. It is not Dead.. wtf.. #RepealObamaCare #ReplaceObamaCare with New Healthcare insurance
@realDonaldTrump @arresthrc @madmandave1011 #QArmy
#EasterIsland one of the Oldest Islands with Giant Gods. #Mysterys of the #World
@arresthrc @madmandave1011 #GreatAwakening
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This video is to educate Americans on how the Democrats playbook is played out. #SmearCampaign on video below explaining new Smear Campaign/ tactic used to take down @POTUS
@TuckerCarlson show tonight, the #FakeNewsMedia, Dems all explained @realDonaldTrump Is #Manufactured this. A new #SmearCampaign Tactic being used.
In this video it shows you AOS talking and calling @realDonaldTrump
A #Manufactured
A new #SmearCampaign
A Tactic @SpeakerPelosi
Explained in 2017.
This Is to brain wash the #SocialistSociety
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Today the Democrats took the House on the back of an illegitimate win. Their voter fraud will be exposed.

FISA brings the HOUSE down.

Trust the plan.

Just watch the DEMS overplay their hand and end up with egg on their faces.

#Treason #Qanon
Logical thinking.

Consider the magnitude of the military operation that is unfolding.

Would the Democrats be taking control of house if it wasn't all part of the plan?

Patriots are in control.

#Qanon #TheStorm #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
Q drop.

"Never interfere with an enemy while He's in the process of destroying himself"

This applies to the Dems taking the house.

Trump knows [they] will lose.

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Hannity, Carter and Solomon are
tied to most current public info.
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Qanon
Senate and SC were the targets order to initiate [D] Day.
#TrustThePlan #TickTock #SpyGate
#PainComing #ClintonFoundation
#FisaGate #GreenCastleRedCastle
...THAT DON'T EXIST. #WitchHunt
#FakeNews #FakeOutrage
Dems know they NEED to cheat
to win elections. #VoterFraud
[HRC] #ClintonFoundation is the
#RealRussiaCollusion #UraniumOne
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Qanon…
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AMERICA!!! AMERICA!!! This is what we need to do!!! AGAIN!

Wait...what? What does AGAIN mean?

Well, let’s just see...shall we?
2). A meme was flown across Twitter over the past few months, coming to my attention again yesterday. I saved it so I could do this little investigation!
3.) According to this meme:
A. U.S. Immigration passed laws in accordance with the passing of the McCarran Walters Act of 1952., Revised & Re-Affirmed in 1965.

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Merry Christmas America.

This scumbag is going to see the other side of bars.

I broke this story and reported on it on #SteelTruth and YourVoiceAmerica as well as wrote an article in #TGP…
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Why won’t @AlexPadilla4CA release documents between @CASOSvote and @CA_DMV to @sacbee_news? Citizens deserve to know why over 30k people were accidentally registered to vote and why Padilla stopped further disclosure. What happened to transparency @TheDemocrats #CitizenAudit
Californians deserve the truth. @NancyPelosi @SenKamalaHarris @SenFeinstein @ericswalwell @tedlieu @GavinNewsom @AGBecerra please encourage @AlexPadilla4CA to release records it is the people’s right to see how our tax dollars are being spent.
In September and October DMV sent two different letters to @AlexPadilla4CA about improper registration, why can’t @sacbee_news have access to the conversations that took place?
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🇺🇸 Today marks one month since the 2018 Election! I think the Dems are finally done "finding" votes 🙄. Congratulations are in order! With so much attention on voting/election fraud, the good news has been overlooked. Here is a list of seats the Republicans flipped! #MAGA #KAG
🇺🇸We really haven't celebrated our 2018 Election wins, because we've been too busy analyzing the massive fraud these past 30 days. Listed here are the winning Republican Senators, who all received endorsement from President Trump! 😀 #winning
❤️🇺🇸Republicans flipped 2 US House seats on 11/06, both in the great state of Minnesota! 35 total House winners were endorsed by our amazing President! Congratulations to all 199 Republican House winners! (Many House results need to be investigated for fraud😡) #VoterFraud
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🗳⚠️Lets talk about Sacramento voting because it’s insane. Stumbled across this Voters Choice Act Counties ballot type count 67,417 dropped off 150k returned? Turns out this was the banner year that EVERYONE is mailed a ballot and you can vote anywhere #CitizenAudit
There’s 3 levels for the locations with little rhyme or reason but the drop off locations are fascinating. They open October 8th and according to the rules anyone can host a box🤣Supposedly an employee is supposed to have eyes on it at all times (of wherever the business is)
Really fast, stats are hard to find but in 2010 Sacramento had 269,562 immigrants the breakdown of their citizenship status is hazy at best but boils down to unauthorized. In 2016 there were supposedly 56k undocumented with 2.7 total in California.
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#VoterFraud #StopTheSteal Smoking Bazooka, Orange county CA. The vote totals in Orange county are ground zero of election fraud. Please help me get this noticed. Sorry thread is the only way to do this.
***This is an update I posted the wrong Orange county numbers***
Jim @gatewaypundit saw something is really wrong in the returns in Orange county. and did a piece about it. I will link at the bottom.

I looked at this from a vote total perspective, non partisan.
Total votes recorded in Orange county and its six districts.
Governor = 1,028,458
Senate = 875,487
US house votes 1,471,723

(Total population for Orange county CA is 3.1 million.)
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There are many people like myself in Hollywood who came here to work in entertainment but realized that you have to eat the baby to “make it”.

I have met so many actors, musicians, many very famous and some not, who begged me for help against this cabal.

(Continued) ... 👇
Nothing could be done since the heads of state, the police depts and all of law enforcement is simply corrupt. #VoterFraud is juts the tip of the iceberg.

I was born and raised in this state, and I’m not leaving here. This place needs people like me & patriots who don’t give up.
There are many of us who cannot be bought. Like @POTUS he has been an inspiration to so many of us.

The corruption in the #FakeNews and media must be stopped for us to have a free society.

Many people in Hollywood are not working due to their refusal to engage in crime.
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Unreal. Hundreds of false and/or forged signatures on ballots and voter registration all by giving each homeless person $1 and cigarette. Happened during 2016 and 2018 elections but sure #voterfraud doesn’t happen in California. WRONG.…
Few things,WHO PAID THEM? What steps are being taken to make sure those fraudulent voter registrations didn’t participate in the election? Also why were previous charges dropped to misdemeanors? @CASOSvote @AlexPadilla4CA @AGBecerra @latimes #StopTheSteal…
Someone should see if Nickey is still wanted in Florida @AGPamBondi and will @LADAOffice consider previous felonies when convicting?
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Is ANYONE going to investigate California’s 1.5 million provisional ballots? More than three times the entire country? Can you at least take a random sampling of them?? @DHSgov @FBI @TheJusticeDept @CivilRights @GOP @ODNIgov #StopTheSteal
Why did 17,269 provisional ballots magically appear six days after the election? Why did 2,095 conditional votes appear seven days after? These are filled AT the polling place. #StopTheSteal #VoterFraud
GOP needs to grow a pair @realDonaldTrump can’t do everything.
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Is the vote SAFE? Qanon 53-47


#Qanon #VoterFraud #MAGA @TheSpeaker2018
I SHOULD OF NOTICED 3:02 in my video is like 302s!!! Ive even made freaking memes about it. Slipping. 😀

@MelissaM_Haskin @GenFlynn #WWG1WGA @POTUS
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This Anon offers a very interesting take on the VERY likely #DHS election sting that is just about complete.

We are witnessing the single largest take-down in human history. And it's going down RIGHT now.

#GreatAwakening #MAGA #StealTheVote #VoterFraud #ElectionFraud
#DHS Election Trap Extraordinaire Ballot Gate Cont. 👇

Rt. click and open in new tab for larger version.
I'm guessing by now, the Dems realize they've been caught....and are trying to figure out a way out.

There isn't one.

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If you want our elections to be legit, it is time to CALL ALL REPRESENTATIVES NOW. Memes and tweets aren't going to do it folks. We need to make our VOICES heard NOW! #VoterFraud is happening across the entire country. #StopTheSteal @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Get on the phone and call your representatives EVERY DAY this week. Do not back down. Do not just trust the plan. Do not just tweet and send memes. Get on the phone. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If we lose the election process, America is done. #StopTheSteal #VoterFraud @MattWhitaker46
List of House of Representatives with phone numbers:

List of Senators with phone numbers:…

State Attorneys General:…

MAKE THE CALLS. #StopTheSteal #VoterFraud

If we do not stand up and fight, it's over.
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11.12.18 - Anon post: Last night POTUS flew over JFK crash site! Anon says today the plan kicks into motion! 🙏#QAnon #TheStorm @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s tweets 11.12.18!! #QAnon #TrustTheMastersPlan #DarkToLight #WRWY @realDonaldTrump
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1. Dr Gina @RealDrGina didn't have these connected on her page. I felt them too important not to connect them. Her husband @johnloudon is a witness to the current #VoterFraud happening.
@drawandstrike @almostjingo @Techno_Fog @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino
2. He witnessed the hiding away of ballots during the counting.
3. He recorded what happened as the ballots were being removed and has signed an affidavit attesting to what he saw. We have current witness. @RealDrGina has the video up on her page. Link to her tweet:
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 11/11/18 12:06:11 Enemy @ the Front Door.
USSS 'stay' alerts prevent travel.
A Week To Remember. Q
Thank you!! @SecretService This is why POTUS ‘stayed’ put!! #QAnon #AWeekToRemember @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q!! 12:58 Let the unsealing begin.
Let the DEC[L]AS begin.
Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH.
We, the PEOPLE.
Q #QAnon #DeclassifyFISA #UnsealTheIndictments #WeThePeople demand #Truth and #JusticeUnderTheLaw @realDonaldTrump
All states in HRC Tweet currently having Voter Fraud Issues!! #QAnon #VoterFraud @realDonaldTrump
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump

In #Arizona midterm elections, we get 45-55% turn out
We're currently at almost 62%
Majority of newly added ballots are going to Sinema
KEEP IN MIND Dems would vote for Dem governor candidate, but GOP @dougducey won.
Ducey w on with about 56.9% of the vote, beating Garcia handily (Garcia got 41.8%)
#RedForEd came out strong AGAINST Ducey.
Red for Ed was not just typically Democrats.
So logic is the DEM vs GOP senate race should be pretty close to the governor race.
But it isn't.
Logic with this election in Arizona is that if:
GOPe Ducey got 57% of the vote and
Socialist Garcia got 41.8% of the vote....

GOPe McSally should have about 57% of the vote and
Socialist Sinema should have about 42% of the vote.

But that's not happening.
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1. #QAnon Presidential candidate Trump said Aug 2016, "Sanctuary cities.. that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars, and we will work with Congress to pass legislation to protect those jurisdictions that do assist federal authorities.” #Q
2. #QAnon Five days after his inauguration, January 25, 2017, President Trump signed EO 13,768 stating that "sanctuary jurisdictions" would not be "eligible to receive Federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement"… #Q
3. #QAnon <3 months later, on April 7, 2017, the Democrat California governor declared CA's drought emergency was over. So, $115.8 Million was cut from the Drought Response budget, including $97.5M cut for emergency Forestry & Fire Protection response.… #Q
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@RealCandaceO @Twitter @realDonaldTrump 📢#BreakingNews 📢
This is the #VoterFraud that @realDonaldTrump is talking about that the Media are attempting to Lie to you about!

They want you focused on the #MalibuFires they Started to coverup the #ElectionFraud going on in #ElectionResults2018

@RealCandaceO @Twitter @realDonaldTrump 📢#BreakingNews 📢
#RETWEET To Stop #VoterFraud

12 States are illegally providing Aid to illegal NON-U.S. Citizens to Vote in U.S. Elections #ElectionFraud

How are these states breaking the Law you ask?
NOT U.S. Citizen NO Vote
👇Click Thread for details👇
@RealCandaceO @Twitter @realDonaldTrump 1)As we continue to sort our way through election chaos in Florida & witness attorneys for both Bill Nelson & Andrew Gillum object to a noncitizen ballot being excluded from vote counts, question for many U.S. Citizens remains, “Can illegal aliens actually vote in our elections?”
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A thread on what I find of “the battle of Athens”


A thread on what I find of “the battle of Athens”


A thread on what I find of “the battle of Athens”

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