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At the request of Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis, the DOJ and FBI Scranton, PA are investigating military ballots that were cast for @realDonaldTrump that were discarded.

So far, they found 9 discarded ballots.

#VoterFraud #ElectionFraud
It doesn’t say where those ballots were found, but they’ve already done interviews & found some evidence. Election officials have been cooperative. However, some of the ballots can’t be attributed to specific voters. No further details available yet.
Here is the letter that the US Attorney wrote to the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections about the discarded mail in ballots.

There’s also more info, which I’ll post in my thread here.
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.@PJMedia_com .@HvonSpakovsky

.@Reuters [published] a 3,000-word hit piece, entitled “Special Report: How a small group of U.S. lawyers pushed #VoterFraud fears into the mainstream.” The article is riddled with errors.
.@PJMedia_com .@HvonSpakovsky
@Reuters: “Right-wing donors” gave conservative groups $6.5 million [supporting] #ElectionIntegrity. [It] fails to mention that left-wing donors gave liberal groups about $600 million to attack state election integrity laws.
#FakeNews from .@Reuters

PACEI dissolved not because it failed to find anything, but because it never had the chance, due to lack of cooperation from states and the left’s lawfare, which was eating up all the time of the staff assigned to the commission.
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.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

.@PILFoundation, an #Indiana-based #ElectionIntegrity group, conducted a nationwide study to identify the hundreds of thousands of deceased individuals on voter rolls.

.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

During its analysis, @PILFoundation also found that nearly 40,000 likely duplicate registrants "appear to have cast second votes in 2018 from the same address."

.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

#NewYork, #Texas, #Michigan, #Florida, and #California—accounted for 51 percent of the total number of deceased individuals on voter rolls, according to @PILFoundation.

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#California is NOT updating #VoterRoll UNLESS you barrage them with calls and emails for months, & personally send proofs. And even then it appears one has to fill out a special FORM and MAIL it to County Voter Registrar Office.
@POTUS @GavinNewsom #Election2020
My mother passed away in Nov'19. In Jan'20 I submitted #DeatCertificate to #SSI. Checking on her #VoterStatus I saw her still #active in the #VoterRoll. So I started sending emails and making phone calls to the CA Commissioner, to the County Voter Registrar. #VoterFraudIsReal
The first email I sent in May'20. No reply. I resent it. Automated reply came in July'20. I Called the County Voter Registrar Office (CVRO). Left a voice mail. No returned calls. I sent an email cc-ing everyone in the CVR office. #VoterFraudIsReal
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.@WashTimes #VIP2020

.@LCChurchwell .@PILFoundation, a voting integrity outfit, a #VotingIntegrity outfit, said #NorthCarolina officials have blocked efforts to bring transparency to its voter registration process.

.@WashTimes #VIP2020

.@PILFoundation is suing the @NCSBE to try to pry loose data. Without that, it’s impossible to estimate the extent of #NonCitizenVoting.

#VoterFraud #ElectionFraud
.@WashTimes #VIP2020

#NorthCarolina’s lack of transparency is leaving the public with few options to explore the full scope of #NonCitizenVoting activity and address any procedural shortcomings,” @LCChurchwell .@PILFoundation.

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There is voter Suppression. @GovSisolak has mandated masks. I have COPD as well as Asthma. I'm on O2. With the smoke from CA. I'm unable to keep my O2 sats above 89 even on my O2. I can't go to polls for vote because of the mask mandate. But I won't trust the vote by mail as the
envelopes distinguish Repub from Dem by the codes on the envelope. They fixed the postage due for Rep envelopes but it still shows the code 46 which is Republican. This is on the return envelope also. This is #VoterFraud #VoterFraudIsReal
It also equates to VOTER SUPPRESSION Image
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#California . @DailySignal . @HvonSpakovsky


As regular listeners of @NPR know, the taxpayer-funded outlet regularly disparages the idea that any type of fraud occurs in our elections.

#ElectionFraud #VoterFraud
#California . @NPR . @DailySignal . @HvonSpakovsky


Now, research by the @PILFoundation has turned up information pointing to possible #ElectionFraud by NPR employees.


The [type of #ElectionFraud] found in the @NPR case, instances of which appear in The @Heritage #ElectionFraud Database, concerns individuals who violate eligibility rules by registering and voting where they don’t actually live.
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#Pennsylvania . @BroadAndLiberty


#Philadelphia #ElectionOfficials are doing all they can to crank up bias in this year’s elections. The latest? Accepting a $10,000,000 cash payment from a #Chicago based 501(c)(3) “charitable” organization.
#Pennsylvania . @BroadAndLiberty

The Center for Tech and Civic Life @HelloCTCLexpects #Philadelphia to run elections the way the outsiders in #Chicago want the election to be run, or else.

No word if the cash came in a brown paper bag.

#Pennsylvania . @BroadAndLiberty @lindakernslaw


We do know the folks in Chicago giving Philadelphia all this cash expect something in return.

Why not? It’s the Philadelphia way.

#BallotBox #VoterFraud
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Big fat thread on #VoterFraud and #MailInBallots.

"Following accusations of widespread fraud, voter intimidation, and ballot theft in the May 12 municipal elections in Paterson, N.J., state Attorney is charging four men with voter fraud."…

From thedonald.
"The US has a long and unfortunate history of
election fraud. The Heritage Foundation is providing a list
of election fraud cases from across the country."… Image
"A former Judge of Elections has been convicted for his role in accepting bribes to cast fraudulent ballots and certifying false voting results during the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections in Philadelphia."…
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. @WashTimes


@PILFoundation has filed two court briefs that assert that #DoubleVoting by the thousands happened in 2016-2018 in #Georgia and #NorthCarolina.

. @WashTimes


Anti-universal mail ballot activists say [#Georgia and #NorthCarolina] are a tip-off for what will happen in the Nov. 3 election.

#DoubleVoting #DeadVoters #NonCitizenVoters
. @WashTimes #VIP2020

Clark County #Nevada’s switched to mail-in ballots before its June primary. 225,000 of 1.3 million mailed ballots (17.3%) were undeliverable. 305,000 mail-in ballots (23.5%) were accepted and counted

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. @WashTimes #VIP2020

@PILFoundation said #Nevada’s Clark County opted for actual ballots, not applications, to all listed voters in the state’s June primary.

. @WashTimes #VIP2020

Las Vegas-centric Clark County, #Nevada’s largest, mailed 1.3 million ballots; @USPS determined 223,469 were undeliverable. Voters filled out and returned 305,008.

. @WashTimes #VIP2020

“These numbers show how vote by mail fails,” said @PILFoundation President J. Christian Adams @ElectionLawCtr.

#MailFail #ElectionIntegrity
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Voting twice is a FELONY in all 50 states.
The penalty is up to 10 years in prison.

(#VoterFraud is illegal. It's also called #ElectoralFraud, 52 U.S. Code § 20511, if you're encouraging others to commit a crime related to voting.)

👆🏽 Maybe Trump ought to read the White House's own website on the issue of #VoterFraud & voting twice: Image
You will be caught & you will be punished: ImageImageImageImage
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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Nineteen individuals have been charged with voter fraud and, in some instances, related offenses, announced United States Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin for the Middle District of North Carolina.
According to court charging documents, each defendant voted in a federal election in 2016. One defendant also voted in 2018. Non-citizens are not eligible to register to vote or to vote in federal elections.
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This is a compilation to prove the existence of mail-in-voter fraud.
If anyone tells you it doesn't exist or its a lie from Trump, redirect them here.

Growing list
Send me more and i'll add it.
#VoterFraud #VoterFraudIsReal #MailInVoting #AbsenteeBallots
Before anyone starts with 'but Trump votes by mail too", ill start this off with this video to explain the difference between absentee voting and mail-in-ballots.
Trump votes with absentee voting.
Before i start posting articles, ill just leave u with this.…
These are the types of fraud listed.
As you can see, the safer version of mail-in-voting, absentee ballots, can also be fraudulent.
Mail-in-voter fraud is not categorized independently. Image
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#VoterFraud resources:

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots…

Cat gets voter reg app…

Local news experiment

Chaos in NY. The Atlantic…
Skid Row signatures for cigarettes…

Obama mail in voting

Guilty plea in Philly:…

CBS Experiment shows mail in voting flaw:…

Mail in ballots for dead people:…
New Jersey Ballots:…

Unauthorized absentee ballots:…

GOP voter fraud:…

West Dallas:…

Millions of extra registrants:…

Guilty in NY:…
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MSM loves Pea Dough Mackay!
Pea Dough Mackay Loves the UzzlimMay OtherHoodBray!
Pea Dough Mackay Is a Traitor to Canadian Tax Payers!
Pea Dough Mackay Is an Enemy to Children!

#CrimesAgainstChildren Image
Do Some Research Canada!
No Name McStain was ExeQted!!!

#NewCanada ImageImageImageImage
O'Toole is Another Traitor!
Same Bird
Different Wing!
Voter Fraud is Not Only in USA!
Soros owns the Voting Machines!
They are all S0r0s and co Puppets!!

#SorosIsATerrorist ImageImageImageImage
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During Joe Biden's presidential nomination acceptance speech Thursday night, both his personal YouTube page & the Democratic Party's YouTube page saw strong, NEGATIVE reactions from LIVE audiences. In fact, the “DISLIKES”
OUTNUMBERED the “likes”... 🤔 #MailInVoterFraud #WWG1WGA
📣They’re “SETTING THE STAGE” folks... 📣
They’ll be covering for their #VoterFraud from ever angle & the attached article only CONFIRMS those accusations!

Man, they’ve got some really STUPID puppet masters pulling the strings... 🤣 👍
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1. News: “I Was Raped by Top Democrat Donor – I Know More Than You Will Ever Know About Their Evil”

– Hollywood Actress Rose McGowan Goes Off on Joe Biden and Democrats - Thread 8.22.20… #Biden #Democrats #Hollywood #MeToo
2. News: Kamala Harris is PRANKED by Russian hoaxers who pose as climate activist Greta Thunberg and her father and offer Biden's VP pick 'dirt' on President Trump… #Biden #KamalaHarris #Harris
3. News: Kamala Harris spent her formative years in one of the ultra-wealthy neighborhoods in Canada.

Harris is NOT an African American, nor a descendant of downtrodden slaves.… #Biden #Harris
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1. News: Joe Biden: Awkward.

"Hey, Everyone... 'I'M JOE BIDEN'S HUSBAND."

“She a Backbone, Like a RAMROD."

“... that's the kind of first lady, lady, lady, lady Jill will be"

-Thread 8.19.20
#DNC #Jill #Biden #Convention
2. News: EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Attorney Confirms that Obama Actually Bragged About Using the Photos of Kids in Cages as Propaganda… #Trump #Obama #Democrat #Cage
3. News: “It Was All False Conspiracy Theories and Made Up Lies that Were Paid for by the Democrats”-

Carter Page on FISA Warrant Obtained to Spy on Him and Trump Camp… #Trump #Spygate #Democrats #Obamagate
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1. Register Every Person Who
Walks Into DMV (Legal & Not)
2. Unleash #Plandemic So
You Have #SocialDistancing Con
3. Helicopter Drop Mass
Amounts Of #MailInBallots
4. Overload #USPS W/Predictable
Failure & Blame @realDonaldTrump
5. Gum Up Counting To Steal
Or Blame Loss W/Stolen Image
is an every 4yr occurrence.
From #BLM #ANTIFA #Riots2020
#VoterFraud #BallotHarvesting
#ComplicitDNCMedia & now add
the #Plandemic & #MailInBallots
...created to steal Presidential
Elections or claim [their] loss
was stolen. ImageImageImageImage
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From Check them out:
“Voter fraud is not a conspiracy. The conspiracy is that it is claimed to be rare. Here’s a list of recent frauds....”
July 27, 2020
"The Department of Justice on Thursday announced the indictment of former Democrat Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers on a slew of voter fraud charges."…
June 25, 2020
"A city councilman and a councilman-elect are among the four people charged with voting fraud related to the May 12 municipal election, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced Thursday."…
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Agenda driven, activist #FakeNewsMedia is once again lying about funding for the @USPS contained in the #HeroesAct.

FACT: The $25,000,000,000 is in no way connected to mail-in voting or expediting mail.

FACT: The $3,600,000,000 is in no way connected to the Postal Service.
They get away with shoveling their #FakeNews because too many people still believe that what legacy media reports must be true.

Many others will promote news they know is not true as long as it fits their narrative or pushes their agenda.

The $25,000,000,000 is on page 45.

The $3,600,000,000 is on page 38.
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