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So this idiotic woman said to me, “what is that dog? Your personal guard dog? What’s he protecting you from, freak?” So I said, “people like you.” 😂😂😂 another woman said, “why is he a service dog?” So I told her he’s a service dog for my CPTSD. She said, “are you ex-military?”
I said, “no.” Then she said, “then why would you have PTSD? Only military members have PTSD, liar.” 🙄🙄🙄🙄 People can be such idiots. My whole life has been a war... far worse than what most military members go through. Why are people so idiotic at times? 🙄🙄 Plus, employees
aren’t supposed to ask WHY you have a service animal. So I reported her 😂😂😂 I bet she’s mad at me. Want to bet she was a #MAGAt? #SadNaziCryCry #TeamAvocado #resist - HN
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You've gotta hand it to McConnell. He's one smart, sneaky, son-of-a-bitch.
He's convinced nearly the whole country - ALL the MSM - that the shutdown is Trumpov's doing.
100. Senators. Voted. To. Fund. The. Government.
At least 80 would again, but...
Mitch won't let them.
Mitch McConnell single-handedly blocked Pres. Obama's SCOTUS appointment for 1/4 of a term.
McCon single-handedly kept all those Federal judgeships vacant so the Federalist Society could fill them while hiding behind Trumpov.
Mitch browbeat his flunkies in the Senate to seat Kavanaugh.
McCon ended the filibuster on SCOTUS seats to seat Gorsuch.
Mitch McConnell has worked a job that pays under 200,000 / yr for about 20 years and is a MULTIMILLIONAIRE.
200,000 X 20 = 2 Million.
If he never spent a cent
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An observation that was pointed out to me this morning by @KohanimKnew.

It just highlights the strategic genius of Trump.
First I was directed to this OpEd in the @DailyCaller. It was a play on the NYT #Resist piece.

In short, there are a lot of useless government workers and with the shutdown things are moving a lot smoother.

Next I was directed to this piece which says that after 30 days, a reduction of force can take place. I believe we are on day 25 or so now.

Employees that normally can't be laid off, can be.

Remember too, military is getting paid.

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Next Tweets: Pic of Torshin and Butina in Nashville at the 2015 @NRA Convention; pic of Torshin in Nashville in 2012 looking at voting machines with @MarshaBlackburn long term org chair Kline Preston; a couple recent threads we've written on these subjects. #TrumpRussia [Thread]
This pic of two close Putin allies - Butina and Torshin - at Nashville's @countrymusichof makes our blood run cold. (Pic first published by @CJCMichel.)

We can't see nametags on the other two women but our guess is other Russians in town for the convention.
Torshin in Nashville in 2012 with Kline Preston, @MarshaBlackburn's longtime org chair. (Shots from Torshin's own Twitter feed, which was still live last we checked tho Torshin himself seems to have... gone dark.)
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Resistance Operational Security Alert
*For Public Release*

Indivisible Network, @/IndivisibleNet
#TheResistance #Resist #RefusePolarization #ResistanceUnited

We have intelligence that convincingly implicates this account in fraud and other criminal acts
The allegations that we lay against @/IndivisibleNet and its creator(s) are as follows:
1) Attempted Financial Fraud of Resisters
2) Impersonation
3) Plagiarism
4) Polarization

#ResistTogether #Indivisible #Fraud #investigation
First allegation, Financial Fraud: In order to answer this allegation, we must first address allegation #2,

@/IndivisibleNet isn't affiliated in any way with the legitimate organization @IndivisibleTeam , an entirely legitimate and effective organization.
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A thread about moving the Overton Window:

The reason conservatives took control of government was through fear. Fear is the anticipation of negative consequences, activities, and thoughts.
The opposite of fear is hope: anticipation of good actions, policies, and change.
America lost hope because liberals stopped pushing policies that led to more hope and instead only tried to #resist policies from conservatives rooted in fear.
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I bet y'all only posted this to see how long it would take "frozen penguin pineal glands from Argentina" to become a cornerstone of #QAnonsense conspiracy theories everywhere. #foIIowthewhiterabbit #resist #rnaga
WTF is #Adrenochrome, anyway?
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Really important to understand the 3 part crisis we're about to see unfold when Donald Trump claims a fake "emergency" and forces the military to build the wall. <thread>
1) This is a constitutional crisis, plain and simple. The constitution gives Congress solely the power to appropriate funds. They have done so and Trump is planning to unilaterally take those funds and use them for another purpose for his own political agenda. 2/
2) The President is about to make unprecedented use of emergency powers given to the Commander in Chief for times of true national crisis in order to enact his political agenda. If he can claim anything is a crisis to get what he wants, there is no meaningful balance of power. 3/
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1. It's all so much #PoliticalTheatre, the optics & political jockeying are being done while the stage continues to be set for the coming #SwampDrain/#Pain.
The money for a #BorderWall is & has been available. The #SchumerShutdown is a #TalkingPoint creation to replace the......
2. ......dying #MuellerProbe/#RussiaCollusion narrative. The compromised #ObstructionistLeft will continue their high school-ish blathering as long as their #DS overlords, thru #CorporateMedia, continue to present them engaged in their juvenile #Resist, #AntiTrump antics. ......
3. ......More images of completed & or bolstered regions of the southern #BorderWall showing how much already exists would aid in the clarification of the realities, as they are, for the many that live by the #Propagandist's #NewsCycle swill.
#MockingbirdMedia #BuildTheWall
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It’s the same fear that has radicalized the @GOP and that is driving the disastrous Trump regime, whose base is radical right-wing Christians, white evangelicals first and foremost.…

#MondayMorning #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
On a related note, when Trump talks about declaring a national emergency, am I the only one who hears Jar Jar Binks in their head saying “emergency powers”? Not that Trump is nearly smart or skilled enough to be Palpatine.
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On a cover sheet for the Council for National Policy’s foreign policy arm - the International Policy Forum...

TOM FITTON of Judicial Watch is attempting to perfect the forging of Paul Weyrichs signature.

#CNP #Resist #Trump
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Right now it's very simple to explain what I think is happening.

Countries and entities sanctioned from trade, lobbying, or being held up to the standards of Western Civilization because they were violating human rights and can't get concessions in other way bought 1/?👇
(Extorted)their concessions from candidates, journalists and pre-existing lobbying organizations that in some cases shared similar interests like the NRA the IRI and the FRC.

When their interests align or intersect the bot activity spikes in their favor but I'm not sure they're
Always working together.

I believe there could be some coincidental intersections that benefit more than one of these sanctioned or blocked countries and entities. I believe that most of the GOP is easily bought including their largest donors.
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@themarketswork @DawsonSField @Perma_Skeptic @drawandstrike @Debradelai @STUinSD
What I do not understand is how the Democrats cannot see that government shutdown has more benefits than detriments. Its beenfits include

but are not limited to: .......
a) reduced inefficient spending of tax dollars given govt employees are part of a monopoly that by defnition breeds lazyness,

b) less bureaucrat costs and the desire of the #resist inside the govt to screw up the works

c) no government is good government......
d) less impact on normal human beings and businesses because a divided government is a government at its best – nothing gets screwed up worse......

The best of all is the Senate still can move forward with approving judges and supreme court nominees, ....
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1. #QAnon: What happens when all 'insiders' know [AS] of the House Intel Comm purposely leaks FAKE data to 'friendly' news sources to maintain & portray a FALSE NARRATIVE to the public? How do you build a case against him when he himself ("they") have access to the intell? #Q
2. #QAnon gives link referenced by Brit Hume revealing "how it works with Schiff and 'McClatchey'". #Q…
3. #QAnon's link to Brit Hume's tweet indicates that sweeping and emphatic on-the-record denials caused journalists not to write such a story, but "the McClatchy guys went with it anyway.." #Q
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1) What have those evil ICE agents been up to lately? #OrangeManBad #Resist #BuildTheWall @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @wynterklaus @SpiceOfOurLife @JuliansRum @HouseDemocrats

Informing the public is not the objective of the #MockingbirdMedia.
2) 12/03/18 🇲🇽Member of Mexican sex trafficking ring sentenced to 8 years' imprisonment…
3) 12/10/18 🇨🇴ICE returns Colombian national convicted of narcotics trafficking and providing support to a foreign terrorist organization…
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Is this.....Mayflower Event Attendee Robert Mcfarlane with The head of the "Saviour Fund" a "Charitable Foundation Meant to Support the Metropolitan HIlarion and the Russian Orthodox Church"

2. Did the Russian Orthodox Church attempt to infiltrate the Republican Party too?…
3. This was started two weeks after Obama was elected - and the group went inactive right before the election.

Why did they not file any 990s if they're a 501c3?
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1. A few thoughts about this thorough and interesting profile of Mike Pence (thanks to @stephenbottomly for pointing me to it). There's good background here on Pence's religious ideology, ambition, and political career.…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
2. I have a couple of quibbles. This one is fairly trivial, but @mckaycoppins, please take note--I'm a Hoosier, and no one in Indiana considers Columbus "a suburb of Indianapolis." By now, some may consider it an exurb, I suppose, but definitely not a suburb.
3. More substantively, as is all too typical for @TheAtlantic, I find this piece annoyingly sympathetic to evangelicals' and other conservative Christians' sense of being "beleaguered." THEY. ARE. NOT. PERSECUTED. They are pathological authoritarians

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
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1. Okay, I'm finally sitting down to do my own #2018InReview thread. A lot has happened in my life this year. I've made concrete progress as a writer, speaker, activist, and #Exvangelical advocate.. I'm in a transitional space but feeling somewhat more hopeful about the future.
2. I think I'll go essentially chronologically. Back in January, I was teaching what would become my last semester at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I had hoped that maybe another temporary but full-time with benefits position there would come along, but it did not.
3. I was left with the choice of eking out a living as an adjunct instructor with no benefits, or moving back in with my parents in Indiana for a while to try and see if I could keep the momentum up with the popular engagement through writing, podcasts, radio, etc. I'd been doing
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So - thread on Depression (as promised)

The truth is I don’t remember exactly when I got depressed or why but I’m going to try to explain it, my failed attempts at getting help, and how I feel now.
2/ I should start by saying I know I’m not a good looking person. It used to be one of the main reasons I was unhappy but I’ve come to terms with it. Years on hotornot netted me a 4.1/10 which is somewhere between Steve Buscemi and an Orc. I grew facial hair to hide most of that.
3/. Anyways, 1997 is the year I fell into a seemingly bottomless pit. After Spending my entire life previously living in a nice rich town with the same people, but struggling to make friends...I got into 8th grade and finally started to fit in.

And then my mom met a guy...
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Our town’s crawling with #BlackWater agents trying to kidnap and/or 86 me. Tonight, this BW Agent was at the restaurant we were at and started to harass my family and I after checking his phone (his Delta was tripped) - he came and my service dog almost bit him. Thanks Peqqi.
This town is also crawling with dozens of #MI6 and #FBI agents protecting me, however, they have asked me to document everything publicly so document I shall. Also, our new next door neighbor, who Cap and Rod told me was a #DOD / #CIA spy had a mysterious car parked outside his
house tonight - which stated that it was a natural gas agency. Just last night, I was warned that the #CIA likes to cause gas explosion “accidents” to take out their top targets. I was warned there was a hit out on me and our house was in danger of such an “accident.”
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Downtown CHARLOTTESVILLE right now. F*ing white trash has a black man submitted first with a knife around his neck, then makes him kneel still threatening to stab him.
Please, Twitter do your thing in the name of justice #resist

First part of the video
Sir, I’m sorry I didn’t protect your identity. I wish I would’ve done more to spare you from this. I hope you are doing well considering everything. You are a brave man, completely undeserving of this assault and its consequences. God bless you.
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The evangelicals are raging against the dying of the dim, Republicans are running on family values, ending abortion, and fiscal responsibility.

Do they live up to these standards? Of course not

Thread: 2000-2018 in @gop culture, no particular order

“on-one encounters in an empty locker room and a motel room with minors that violated the special trust between those young boys and their coach,”…
the first two tabs left open on his search engine allegedly titled "LAYLA RIVERA TIGHT BOOTY" and "IVONE SEXY AMATEUR,"…
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I call on the @UN to investigate the @realDonaldTrump administration for crimes against humanity. Children have been torn from their families, thrown in cages, and died in custody. This is an abomination against humanity.

UN human rights head: Trump policy separating migrant families is abuse…
Trump policy of detaining children 'may amount to torture', UN says…
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