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“Those [#NeverTrump] people are delusional grifters,” he said. “Trump is going to lose, and the Democrats are going to look at those assholes and say, ‘Get the fuck out of here, you Bush-loving warmongers.” Thoughts /1…
This is a good and insightful piece. You should read it. /2
Our self-loathing Trumpist handmaiden, however (like so many progressives), can’t fathom that most professional #NeverTrump really aren’t in this for space in the Biden administration or the Democratic Party. Really. /3
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1/3 💰"We Need Some Money”💰
~Rudy Giuliani
💰Rudy hired Pierce Bainbridge law firm-PB-weeks later.
💰Virage Capital funded PB multi-millions
💰Virage lead-lawyer worked in Russia.
💰Virage exec worked at Enron
💰PB repped a Russian Oligarch
💰Rudy issues w/ Russia⬇️
2/3💰Virage has LLC in Cayman Islands
💰Virage has several LLC's
💰Virage provides funds for litigation
💰Ed Ondarza is ex-Enron Virage guy⬇️
💰PB ran up $65,000,000 debt in one-year
💰PB, a litigation firm, won zero trials during year
💰PB boss now reps Kyle Rittenhouse
3/3 💰PB repped Carter Page
💰PB repped Tulsi Gabbard
💰PB repped Russian Oligarch
💰PB repped Giuliani
💰PB had lots of🔴Red Flags🔴
💰Yet, Virage Capital funded PB $65 million?
💰Read short link below from more...
#Whistleblower #Resist #Corruption…
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I need to clarify.

Charges need to brought against Liberal leaders who make decisions that result in the deaths and imprisonment of their citizens.

Daniel Andrews is a case in point:…
1/ Using the police force as a private army, sending out fleets of drones to monitor and harass citizens....and creating a group of social workers with parallel powers to the police wrong and authoritarian.…
3/ How many people have put off procedures - or have serious mental health issues because of his criminal decision making.

I do believe leaders that go down this road have to be held to task.

If they think they can get away with it - it will worsen…
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Keep in mind that they produce the polls and believe the polls because they are convinced that a large majority of Americans *hate* President Trump. And I mean really hate. Like with white-hot #Resist level hatred. They are certain that 55-60% of Americans are of such views.
Now, could they be right? I guess so. I don't see it: I do see hatred, but it is presented to me by an MSM with a vested interest in Trump being hated. Also, if just 30% hate Trump, that's 90+ million. That's a lot of people. It can cause quite a ruckus. But it can't beat Trump.
My view is that Trump is not hated - at least, not by anything close to a majority. Most are probably used to him by now and merely bemused by his Tweets. He hasn't been the Nazi Oppressor the haters say. It is pretty obvious to most that Trump isn't the ogre some say.
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Logic and common sense in a Londen metro...
"...400 doctors speaking up...what are we scared of?..."
Logic and common sense in a Londen metro...
"...We are the 99% , why do we fight eachother?..."
Logic and common sense in a Londen metro...
"...You forgot where you come from..."
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1 month after FBI took possession of Hunter laptop, Burisma was reportedly "hacked by Russia," & a dem security firm tied to the intelligence community went on to claim that they got Hunter's emails.

I regret to inform you that the FBI is at it again.
"Experts say timing & scale of attacks suggest the Russians could be searching for potentially embarrassing material on Bidens."

"Timing of Russian campaign mirrors the GRU hacks we saw in 2016 against DNC & Podesta,” - dem security guy

Same playbook!…
Final step is this IC leak to The NYT, so they can prop up the absurd narrative & continue running interference for their preferred candidate.

The never-ending coup attempt from the inside continues.
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1 - This is an opportunity for those of us lucky enough to be young and healthy, to show how courageous, driven and and capable we are in the face of this virus.
2 - We need to make sure that the elderly and the vulnerable are looked after not just physically, but also financially. We need to make sure that we keep working and living and setting an example of hope. We need to keep the economy moving.
3 - It’s time for us to stand up for our lives and our livelihoods, our friendships and our kids well-being. We can be the ones to allow the virus to slowly work it’s way through the young in the population, gain immunity and protect the vulnerable.
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So, for those who haven't been following what I've been saying, please take a moment to read this thread.
On my pinned tweet, you will see that I warned of this. I wasn't saying it because of a hunch or a guess, but because history has shown us what happens.

I am warning you that despite everything, it can get worse and we need to be prepared for it.
I don't condone violence, but we must realize that neither trump nor his supporters will shy away from it if they need to in order to take the country from us.

Every single one of us is in charge of securing democracy and our first line of defense is voting.
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Is there any doubt that Biden’s team made contact with Twitter and Facebook today and urged them to stifle damaging news related to Ukraine and his son? And didn’t these social media companies comply?

Now just imagine what would happen if Biden were to occupy the White House.
Also, you’ve really got to hand it to the Democrats. They so brazenly and effortlessly impeached @realDonaldTrump for the exact same thing Biden ACTUALLY did. Using the power of the government to pressure a foreign entity for personal gain. How in the fvck do Democrats do it?
How can they get away with it? How can they spend millions of dollars, waste government resources, and pin a crime on a President when it was the previous Vice President who actually committed the crime?
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The Lincoln Project convinced Democratic donors to part with $39,384,397 in Q3. It burned a staggering $13 million on operating expenditures, made $23.9M of IEs (mostly routed into its founders firms), and ended with $13.2M on hand.
Among @ProjectLincoln's Q3 donors, $300,000 from liberal dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund
Catering to #Resist donors has been a lucrative reversal of fortune for the Lincoln Project's founders. Reed Galen's Summit Strategic was paid $18.8M in Q3, Ron Steslow's TUSK Digital got $8.7M, Kurt Bardella's Endeavor Strategy got $153K
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Photo night!

I’m going to share some of my very favorite photographs I’ve taken and have for sale on my website:

This is my main source of income since I’ve lost my job.

#photography #photooftheday #resist
Left: Cinderella’s Castle
Right: Daytona Beach Shores, FL
Left: Fort Wilderness Campground sunset
Right: Washington Oaks Garden State Park
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Remember when Kamala Harris sat at the VP debate and said Trump hasn't nominated any BLACK judges? Remember that? I do. It felt like a slap across the fact. It felt like what JIM CROW racists used to do when they would DIMINISH black accomplishments! -VJ… Image
It's bad enough we've got white liberals trying to lie to keep black people as slaves on the Democrat plantation... but now we've got Kamala Harris doing it... at the VP debate she said NONE of President Trump's appointed judges were black. LIAR!!! -VJ… Image
I have tears in my eyes as I post this. The Democrats promised to change the lives of black Americans for the better, then proceeded to put us in jail for life. Even Kamala Harris betrayed us. But now Trump is here. And he has NOT betrayed us! 🙏🏽-VJ
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"I'm 16 and Marxist-Leninist!"
No, Sarah, you're a teenager from an upper-middle-class household who's trying to get some social clout online because you're bored and rebellious. Stop screwing around and do your chores.
"My pronouns are fae/faer."
No they're not, and you have never corrected anybody when they used "she" or "her" to refer to you. You're just trying to feel unique and special because you lack the artistic talents that your peers have.
"I'm a learning MLM."
No, Jennifer, you watched a couple of Breadtube videos after quitting your job at the grocery store. You're not going to read State and Revolution, but you're probably going into a different MLM—multi-level marketing.
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Holy shit you guys, I'm sorry it has taken so long but I came across info I needed to verify, and I think I can now. I don't have anything written out, but I have all the info collected. But I need to tell y'all right now, because this is huge.
Black Lives Matter was not founded originally by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometti, and Patrisse Cullors. They became the faces of the movement and they retroactively created that story around them, but the movement itself IS a Communist movement.
The first use of the hashtag was not on July 13 like the story has gone for so long. The first use was on August 20, 2012 by a guy named Marcus Anthony Hunter. He is a professor of Sociology at UCLA. ImageImageImage
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“Re-examine all you have been told
in school or church or in any book,
Dismiss whatever insults your own soul;
And your very flesh shall be a great poem…” ~
~ Walt Whitman ~ Preface to Leaves of Grass, 1855 edition #Resist Image

Love the earth and sun and the animals,
Despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks,
Stand up for the stupid and crazy,
Devote your income and labor to others,
Hate tyrants, argue not concerning God,
Have patience and indulgence toward the people. ~ Walt Whitman Image
Have patience and indulgence toward the people.
Take off your hat to nothing known or unknown,
or to any man or number of men,
Go freely with powerful uneducated persons,
And with the young, and with the mothers or families.~ Walt Whitman Image
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Who is a currently irrelevant person you’d bet it all is MAGA without looking it up? I’ll go first - guy who wrote Boondock Saints
Anyway I’m sorry the guy who called himself “rotten” hurt y’all’s feelings
Ok y’all knew this was coming next

Who is a currently irrelevant person who you know without looking it up is very “#Resist” but like, doesn’t want to pay higher taxes or defund police or stop abusing their maid? I’ll go first, Trent Reznor
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If you still believe it can’t happen here, you’re wrong.

Ask yourselves, how many Jakob Schmid’s do you know of?

Fascism is already here. He’s threatening a dictatorship. We are many steps in.

Whatever you thought you would’ve done in 1930’s Nazi Germany, you’re doing it now.
At the age of 12, Sophie Scholl was required to join the Bund League of German Girls—this was part of the “Hitler Youth”

You can read more about Sophie & her brother, Hans Scholl & the Nazi White Rose #Resistance movement here➡️…

Thread on the Nazi Bund…
“Our current ‘state’ is the dictatorship of evil. We know that already, I hear you object, and we don’t need you to reproach us for it yet again. But, I ask you, if you know that, then why don’t you act?“

—Prophetic words from Sophie Scholl, 1921–1943

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If the US is a dysfunctional family, the media often plays the peacemaker, whose fear of confrontation derails necessary but uncomfortable discussion.

Example: allowing the Right to browbeat us into accepting extremist judges.

My latest for @RDispatches…
I suggest reading this alongside Catholic scholar @MassimoFaggioli's commentary on why the specifics of Judge Amy Coney Barret's religious beliefs are not off limits for public discussion and Senate questioning:…

#SCOTUS #FridayThoughts
I also suggest reading @AndrewLSeidel's argument for why any judge willing to accept an illegitimate nomination process is unfit to serve. Even as the GOP pushes ahead with their power grab, we must not forget that this is a coup.…

#FridayReads #Resist
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Dumb libs always accuse me of being a grifter

Meanwhile #resist Trump reply guys are literally writing political fanfiction and making bank on it 😂 Image
There is literally no money in being anti establishment, trust me

If I was a grifter I would have just been one of these brainless Trump reply guys

Easy, comfortable money
Guys, could you imagine how much money I could make if I did the character redemption arc (from #resist POV) of me being super anti Biden then becoming a die hard supporter in order to STOP TRUMP

Oh my God my first book would be a goldmine
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I voted for Joe today. I ask every eligible American voter who follows me and who doesn’t follow me to do the same. It’s time to change the world. We must do it now.
Welp. Since this post seems to be making an impact, I would please ask you to follow the following....

@MeidasTouch, @Eleven_Films, @PDXEleven, @ReallyAmerican1, @chipfranklin, @DemocracyStorm, @DemWrite, @davidmweissman, @littledeekay,@hilaryluros, @donwinslow

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Who is still isolating?

#IsolationBaking recipe # 102

Champagne Chicken with Mushrooms

A super simple, fast dish to make for 2 or 4, yet very elegant.

👇 Image


2 whole boneless chicken breasts, skin, trimmed, rinsed, patted dry, each sliced into 2 thin escalopes
½ cup (about 60 grams) flour
½ teaspoon salt plus more if needed
Freshly ground black pepper
3 tablespoons (45 grams) butter, margarine or half butter


or margarine and olive oil
2/3 cup (150 ml) Champagne brut or another sparkling wine (I use Crémant de Loire)
Juice of 1 lime
½ pound (250 grams) white mushrooms, cleaned, trimmed, sliced
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg

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#RightWingRadical Yea I will admit it I scare my wife with my thoughts and my actions! Cause I’m not gonna sit back and let the crazy #Left destroy our country without a fight! They aren’t hiding their crazy ideas and pretend like they are normal! #Defendthisnation #Fight
Why should I feel sorry for you? You are living in the greatest country on the planet! You #resist got it all wrong! The communist in China would love to be free! Yet here you are doing their bidding for them! #walkaway
The #medialies! #Wakeup your #woke rhetoric doesn’t make a lick of sense! Cops pick on black people, there is systemic racism it’s all hogwash! #GeorgeFloyd died of a fentanyl over dose! If that was a white dude under that cops knee the media wouldn’t have give a shit about him!
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