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Jun 7, 2020, 10 tweets

1] Going through a presser by #Mwonzora yesterday, can't help but laugh at how he has become a #pathological liar.

Infact, its clear that besides getting security, legal & material support from #ZanuPF, they are equally giving him free lessons on #propaganda.

It's a shame

2] #Mwonzora unashamedly claims there was a "peaceful & smooth handover & take over" .

He wants you to believe that the then occupants, i.e. #MDC-A officials "peaceful" handed over the HQ to MDC-T.

& then probably regained their consciousness & returned to reclaim it at night?

3] #Mwonzora falsely claims that they had nothing to do with the presence of security forces at MRT House.

Bizzarely, #Komichi claims the exact opposite, arguing that they invited them against marauding MDC-A who had petrol bombs.

He clearly says they actually invited them.

4] So whereas #Mwonzora proffers ignorance over the presence of security people,whom #Komichi says they invited, there is nothing to substantiate both their violence claims.

It remains a fact that noone was arrested for possession of petrol bombs, nor destruction of doors.


5] Another lie is the description of events leading to the arrest of Biti et al.

In contrast to #Mwonzora's descriptions of events, no-one was inciting violence anywhere.

The illegal peace order which came after the violent takeover sadly doesn't serve its intended purpose.

6] Forget that the peace order was #nicodemously granted by a #court without that #legal #jurisdiction, see how it is texbook #ZanuPF stuff.

You make illegal actions first, then seek to abuse the law to cover up your tracks & external condemnation.

#Mwonzora is learning fast.

7] Then the #MDC_ALLIANCE meeting...

The same #MaKhupe who left the #MDC of #Tsvangirai because of the #ALLIANCE now leads the #MDC of #Tsvangirai in the #ALLIANCE.

Since the leader of the #MDC-T is allegedly leader of the #ALLIANCE, #MaKhupe has achieved the impossible. 🤣

8] The interesting thing about the alleged #ALLIANCE meeting shouldn't be about who attended or lack of pictorial evidence of the same..

Rather that #Mwonzora is ready to organize & attend any other meeting except that of the 2014 #MDC #NationalCouncil.

Over his dead body!

9] And obviously, there is the bizarre claim of many #MPs & #Councilors who attended the presser.

Ofcourse, no such thing happened.

The characters in this charade are few & known.

Pictures can't be produced.

#MaKhupe herself is being pushed to the sidelines.

Lies & more Lies

10] #Mwonzora's defense against being labelled #Lacoste is that "#Chamisa is #G40"

The authentic #MDC currently undersiege should not retreat.

The #character & #identity of the #MDC of #MRT can't be surrendered to these graduates from #ChitepoSchoolOfIdeology & #Lies.


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