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Excited to release our latest @BU_Law #immigrants' rights & human trafficking #clinic report on the Institutional Hearing Program ("IHP"), a little known program that quickly, and quietly, #deports noncitizens convicted of crimes. THREAD 1/…
For more than 40 years, IHP has been operating in the shadows, yet another branch of the vast #ICE #enforcement regime. IHP operates at least across 19 states, #deporting noncitizens who are unlikely to be represented by counsel. 2/
Our report is a snapshot of how this little studied program operates to swiftly deport #immigrants across New England. Here's some of what we found. 3/
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Turkish oppositional journalist Sedef Kabaş: "Sedef Kabaş is now free 🙏".

Today, a #Turkish #court has ordered the release of #journalist @SedefKabas who was jailed on Jan 22, 2022 on charges of "Insulting" the #President #Erdogan. (1/5)
On the oppositional TV channel @Tele1 she first quoted and then tweeted this Circassian proverb:

"A bull does not become king just by entering the palace, but the palace becomes a barn." (2/5)

This was taken by #Erdogan's propaganda chief Fahrettin Altun and the #Erdogan-dependent #Turkish judicial system as an insult to #President #Erdogan, who's an #autocrat, whereupon she was arrested. (3/5)…
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Delhi High Court on a writ petition by Jan Seva Welfare Society - regd seeking amenities for the society.

Chief: Now we are to decide the height of the compound wall as well in a writ jurisdiction.. height badhani hai ya kam karni hai?

#Court @shreyagarwal_12
Adv for petitioner: I'm questioning the illegal construction of a police booth on the pavement causing hardships to pedestrians.
Petitioner: Not only is the construction illegal but there are elaborate electricity, AC, water connections also in the booths.

Court: Are you withdrawing or should we impose costs?
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⚖️ LEGAL LOOKOUT 1: We’ve read with interest the amicus brief below filed by 24 health policy experts in the @texmed v. @HHSGov lawsuit, as we filed one, too.

Without any further digging, though, we can see off the bat that a majority of the so-called experts who signed

(1/8) ImageImageImage
onto this brief are funded by the #insurance industry.

We respect and cherish the fact that everyone party to a significant #policy debate like this one over #regulatory implementation of the #NoSurprisesAct has a voice.

But, a question to @RonaldKlain, @SecBecerra, and

@BrooksLaSureCMS: How can you reconcile the fact that the administration’s #regulations rely on these bankrolled academics and experts while also claiming that these regulations help #patients and our #healthcare system? This is an alternative reality.

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🧵 A landmark civil court case in Chinese A share securities fraud just had a significant verdict ($385 million). The significance is not just in dollars.

Kangmei Pharm. (600518) accounting fraud 2016-1018, officially uncovered in 2019, unofficially by social media 2018. /1
It's first time, China Securities Investor Services Center (ISC) filed as plaintiff in representative of investors.

ISC, a non-profit financial institution and is under the direct administration of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

Notice the murky status of non-profits. Its website ends with, which for English readers may thought as for-profit companies.

China skeptics are right to be skeptical as ISC directly administered by CSRC (China's SEC), a govt entity.

On the ground China is complex /3
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Several #interpreters left behind in #AFG who worked for the #Netherlands have received letters from the #Taliban ordering them to appear n court. TB said their families could also be prosecuted if an interpreter does not show up.
#Taliban officially rejected #Dutch media report about #prosecution of former Dutch forces #interpreters by IEA in #Afghanistan:
"According to Dutch national television report, the Islamic Emirate's security forces have summoned interpreters who worked ...
... with Dutch forces for prosecution. We reject this report as untrue and this is just a claim and propaganda.
Some people may be trying to leave the country (Afghanistan) and seek asylum with these kind of claims."
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🧮 @bluevirginia has published lies about TJ, USA’s No1 high school, leading to the purge of Asians from the STEM school. Looks like they could use a little remedial math ⬇️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ @coalitionforTJ @PacificLegal go to court TODAY 10 AM to fight for equal rights + the American Dream!
June 7, 2020, @bluevirginia reported “ZERO African Americans” admitted to TJ. Tell that to @HarryJ4Justice whose son, who is black, was admitted. Washington Post reporter @hannah_natanson repeated the lie, days later. When I corrected her, she tweeted a “clarification.”
The very day of the @bluevirginia big lie, TJ principal Ann Bonitatibus, who is white, sent TJ’s mostly minority immigrant parents + students an offensive “call to action” to check their “privileges,” consider nixing the Colonial mascot and, oh, set RACE GOALS for admissions
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- September Wrecktember! NineSeventeen?
- Markets planned to crash under BidAn
- 99% cryptos will tank
- Digital Yuan & #ISO20022 tokens backed or pegged to #Gold/other assets
- Grab ISO bargains now
- New Fork
- New Fin system will rise from the ashes
- New Gov
- #tiktok 3, 2, 1
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On Monday, two Good Shepherd Collective members headed to #Ofer #military court & #prison to stand in #solidarity with Sami Huraini of Youth Of Sumud / شباب صمود and his family on the day of his trial.
Although we were unable to join Sami in the #courtroom, we sat with his family and dozens of other #Palestinians awaiting their family members, imprisoned and/or awaiting #prosecution in the #military #court system.
In Sami’s case, his trial was postponed, granting momentary relief despite a continuation of the bail conditions which prevent him from participating in #protests—essentially, keeping him from exercising his most basic right to #free speech and #resistance to #oppression.
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Last month, the @HouseDemocrats impeached Donald John #Trump. When they did so, they adopted a resolution proclaiming that their impeachment was done in the name of the #HouseofRepresentatives and in the name of, and for, the United States of America.
That formula, explaining that the House impeached someone and did so in the name of the House and in the name of the United States, is common. Yet the assertion is troubling.

Half or more of the country disapproves of the House’s impeachment, and of the Senate’s trial.
But politicians will still claim they are doing it for us.

They aren’t.

And it is particularly urgent that we repudiate the idea that the House’s 2021 #impeachment of #DonaldTrump was in our name.
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#Iran #Teheran #Court #Internet

Iran's telecommunications minister and the youngest member of the cabinet of President Hassan Rouhani, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, was summoned on Wednesday by the country's attorney general and released on bail.
In a statement, Jamal Hadian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, said the minister appeared before a prosecutor at the Culture and Media Court in Tehran and was released after being questioned.
Jahromi faces an indictment, according to sources, over the failure of the ministry to comply with an order issued by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace of Iran to filter Instagram, block virtual private networks (VPNs) and facilitate locally established messengers.
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#Germany #Tunesia #Münster #NRW #Court

The alleged Islamist Sami A. failed with his asylum procedure before the North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court in Münster.
The court did not allow the Tunisian to appeal against a judgment of the administrative court in Gelsenkirchen. The administrative court lifted his ban on deportation for A. in January 2019 because there was no longer any risk of torture for him in his home country.
The decision of the Higher Administrative Court is final. A., who was classified by the German authorities as an Islamist threat and who allegedly was the bodyguard of the former Al Qaeda boss Osama bin Laden, was illegally deported to Tunisia in the summer of 2018.
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Today @AurumLinh & @Jonny_McCully launch their @mozilla project @AtlasLabHQ aimed at closing the knowledge gap between technology & law by building a resource for those working on the front lines of #AI & #humanrights #litigation 1/ Image
The @AtlasLabHQ website consists of two guides, one that explains the process of creating #machinelearning systems & another that explains the process of challenging such systems through a #humanrights lawsuit 2/ Image
The first guide is a "no code" guide to building a #machinelearning system & provides a foundational understanding of the human decisions made during the development of a machine learning model, from defining a problem to deploying a model 3/ Image
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#AmericaIsOnTheBallot "Every democracy or many democracies in their histories have taken a flier on a populist fast-talking con man. I come from Minnesota, we have a governor we took a flier on like that, it happens in history. You can do it once but when you do it twice, then 1/
it's no longer about who he is. It’s about who you are. The whole world will look #differently at US if we were to reaffirm & re-elect this man, because then the world will actually start looking at us really how it looks at Russia & China. Just another #transactional country. 2/
They’ll look at us as a country that #decided to #change the #StatueOfLiberty from “give me your tired, your poor, those seeking & yearning to be #free, to get the #hell off my lawn… & that will affect the whole world. The world likes to make fun of America. 3/
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We need to talk about just how corrupt we've allowed #democracy in #America to become, to the point it isn't democracy in many respects. And we need to stop #partisan squabbling and get to fixing it before we end up a one-party state, like #China. Thread👇
In 2019, writing the decision for Common Cause v. Rucho, Chief Justice Roberts closed off the federal courts as an avenue for addressing partisan #gerrymandering, instead telling citizens to propose state constitutional amendments.
In many states, with statehouses #gerrymandered beyond reach of the people, or otherwise beholden to special interests, these citizen-amendments are the only avenue left for addressing #democracy reform and other policy concerns.
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Well where do I start with this one!

#Article from #TheLiverpoolVermin who are just as #bad as the #TheScum

🤬#Police #drag man off #Merseyrail #train in #handcuffs after he '#refuses to #wear #mask'🤬…
I've #watched the #video many times in #shock & #horror at the #actions from the #police #FORCE & I've read both #articles #TheLiverpoolVermin & #BritishTransportPoliceFederations #Statement

Something not quite right none of it adds up, the video shows the #Police ARE #Lying🤬
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1] Going through a presser by #Mwonzora yesterday, can't help but laugh at how he has become a #pathological liar.

Infact, its clear that besides getting security, legal & material support from #ZanuPF, they are equally giving him free lessons on #propaganda.

It's a shame Image
2] #Mwonzora unashamedly claims there was a "peaceful & smooth handover & take over" .

He wants you to believe that the then occupants, i.e. #MDC-A officials "peaceful" handed over the HQ to MDC-T.

& then probably regained their consciousness & returned to reclaim it at night? Image
3] #Mwonzora falsely claims that they had nothing to do with the presence of security forces at MRT House.

Bizzarely, #Komichi claims the exact opposite, arguing that they invited them against marauding MDC-A who had petrol bombs.

He clearly says they actually invited them. Image
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1] By each passing day, i wonder what goes through #Mwonzora's mind as he continues to lose his #political battles with #Chamisa.

How does he think of himself as SG of a party who's supposed #MPs (majority), continue to defy his #authority?

Surely, one has to #pause & #reflect.
2] MDC supporters have seen 3 splits now.

They know that they have little to do with #constitutionalism.

When Biti left, NC, commenting on the #congress that followed mockingly said "we haven't invited Tendai & his oranges"

Fast forward to 2019, he's his closest lieutenant.
3] When Ncube left, citing certain issues, those who have left now mocked him.

The same happened when Biti & EM & even MaKhupe left.

The #constitutionalists remained.

The MDC supporters are not stupid.
They are rational.
They see through the patronizing Latin from the Lawyers.
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