As California attorney general, Kamala Harris declined to defend California’s ban on same-sex marriage Proposition 8 in court.
Kamala Harris along side of us in Pride. #LGBT #queerpol
2000 Kamala Harris opposed California Proposition 22 which stated that only marriages between a man and a woman are to be considered valid or recognized in California. Voters APPROVED the ANTI GAY with 61.2% of voters in favor.
As California attorney general, Kamala Harris declined to defend California’s ban on same-sex marriage Proposition 8 in court.
When U.S Supreme Court restored marriage equality to CA, Kamala Harris officiated at the wedding of Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, the first same-sex wedding after the ruling, and instructed clerks to marry same-sex couples seeking a license with “no exceptions.” 🏳️‍🌈
AG Harris refused to certify a CA “Kill the Gays” ballot initiative that would have (unconstitutionally) instituted the death penalty for homosexual acts. A federal judge agreed to relieve her of duty to prepare title and summary for measure before the signature-gathering stage
Harris co-sponsored a bill in CA Legislature with Susan Bonilla to eliminate the “gay panic” defense in cases of murder or violent crime against LGBT people. Gov. Brown signed the bill in 2014, making CA, along with Illinois, one of 2 states in the country to ban the plea.
2019 🏳️‍🌈Kamala Harris becomes the first presidential candidate to shout out against Transphobia in her presidential launch.
Kamala Harris is a co-sponsor of the #EqualityAct.
Learn more on how YOU can help pass the #EQUALITYACT.
Be an ally.
2018 Kamala Harris stands up against the religious freedom" theocratic garbage argument used to deny us cakes, flowers and other fun stuff with the "Do No Harm Act"
2018 Kamala Harris and Tom Carper introduced the Census Equality Act to require the U.S. Census Bureau to ensure the approximately 10 million Americans who identify as LGBTQ are properly counted for and represented in Census data collection efforts.
Counted #LGBT = services
Harris signed amicus briefs arguing that transgender people should be allowed to use public restroom consistent with their gender identity. As AG, she filed briefs in favor of Obama admin guidance supporting transgender students and against NC's notoriously anti-LGBT House Bill 2
2017 U.S. Senator Kamala Harris signed an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of transgender student Gavin Grimm’s case.…
Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California, long time #LGBT rights activist said Harris’ record on LGBT rights in her capacities as attorney general and a U.S. senator are nothing short of “impeccable.”
On transgender issues in particular, Rick Zbur noted Kamala Harris as AG appointed a transgender WOC, Mariana Marroquin, to the California Racial & Identity Profiling Advisory Board. Zbur says Harris has engaged with the #LGBT community like no other, ever.🔥🏳️‍🌈
Who is RICK ZBUR and why should we care that he says Kamal Harris is on #LGBT?
22 years ago Zbur became the first "openly gay man" to run for Congress.
Zbur endured death threats, lost the race by 10 points, his opponent used his orientation against him in a brutal and brave race
But wait a minute, I heard Harris denied gender reassignment surgery for prisoners!!!!

Of course its always more complicated that one tweet.

"Cop" Kamala Harris had a client: The CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation . 1
Harris was compelled to fight the court order granting gender reassignment surgery to an inmate because that was her responsibility as attorney general to follow the law.
“When you have a client, you basically have ethical duties to represent the client’s interest,” Zbur said. “You take direction from the client. And so, she did really have constraints in terms of what she could do, but I think the bottom line is that during that period of time
AG Kamala Harris "was working hand-in-hand with us on a process that resulted in changing the gender reassignment surgery policies at the Department of Corrections, and that’s a really significant thing.” Rick Zbur, CA Equality
Even though her name is on each of the legal briefs Nathan Barankin, chief of staff for Harris and deputy AG, said around 1,100 attorneys are working on cases like these and Harris wasn’t personally aware or involved in the litigation until a later time.
Peter Renn, senior attorney, Lambda Legal, works on trans cases, said "the situation changed in the lawsuits as Kamala Harris became more involved in the litigation." 🏳️‍🌈🔥
Renn said “Initially there was language in briefing for the state that glaringly misunderstood the medical necessity of transition-related medical care and was patently offensive. Then, there was a dramatic change, which seems to have gone along with important policy shifts.”
People disagree with the above assessments and think that AG Kamala Harris should have handled this case differently.
Jillian Weiss, ED of Trans Legal Defense & Education Fund, said Harris’ defense of the state in the litigation contrasts with her otherwise pro-LGBT record.

"Mara Keisling, executive director of National Center for Transgender Equality, took an even more lenient approach to Harris’ action on the lawsuit and said her organization would work with her on issues of transition-related care for transgender prisoners."
What is clear is that Kamala Harris has led on #LGBT rights and has learned from the prison GRS cases and is well equipped NOW with knowledge and heart to lead on #Trans issue in the White House. 10
Kamala Harris gets it on protecting and getting justice for #trans immigrants #KHIVE #ForthePeople
Kamal Harris stands with us in the fight against transgender violence.
Kamala Harris understands the violence and discrimination #trans kids face in school and their communities. She will fight with us to protect #trans kids from harm. #KHive #LGBT #queerpol
Kamala Harris understands the importance of elevating #trans voices in our political discourse. #KHive #LGBT #queerpol
Kamala Harris will LEAD, giving the platform over to #trans Moms to explain how discrimination hurts #trans kids. #KHive
DEC 2018 Kamala Harris calls on DHS to release the full records on the death of ICE transgender prisoner Roxsana Hernández #KHIVE
April 2018 Kamala Harris includes transgender discrimination as a disqualifying mark on the record of judicial nominee Kyle Duncan #KHIVE
March 2018 Kamala Harris understands the CRUELTY of banning trans service members and how that ban hurts every trans person regardless of their desire or no desire to serve in the military.
June 2017 Kamala Harris gives pride shout out to the first #trans athlete in the NCAA, Kyle Allums.
Aug 2017 Kamala Harris declares Trump appointee Sam Clovis completely unacceptable based on anti LGBT views.
Kamala Harris presses Kavanaugh about gay rights. The judge refused to answer whether the high court’s ruling declaring a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry was correctly decided. #KHive #LGBT
HARRIS: My question is very specific. Can you comment on your personal opinion on whether Obergefell was correctly decided? It’s a yes or no. Please.

KAVANAUGH: In Masterpiece Cakeshop, and this is, I think, relevant to your question, Justice Kennedy wrote in the majority...
Kav: ...opinion joined by Chief Justice Robert. Alito, Gorsuch, Breyer and Kagan, the days of discriminating against gay and lesbian Americans, or treating gay and lesbian Americans as inferior in dignity and worth, are over.

HARRIS: Do you agree with that statement?
KAVANAUGH: That is the precedent of the Supreme Court agreed with by —

HARRIS: Sir, I’m asking your opinion. You’re the nominee right now, and so it is probative of your ability to serve on the highest court in our land. So I’m asking you a very specific question.
Harris: Either you’re willing to answer it or not. And if you’re not willing to answer it, we can move on. But do you believe Obegefell was correctly decided?

KAVANAUGH: Each of the justices have declined as a matter of judicial independence each of them to answer questions
HARRIS: So you will not answer them?

KAVANAUGH: Following the precedent set by those eight justices, they’ve all declined when asked to answer that question.

Senator Kamala 🔥Harris, presidential nominee used her time to push Kavanuagh on marriage equality. Thank you. 🏳️‍🌈
CW: Kamala Harris introduces legislation to ban the use of "Gay Panic" as a defense.

What is "Gay Panic" and "Trans Panic" and why do I care?

A "gay panic” defense was used as recently as April 2018 to mitigate a murder charge to criminally negligent homicide.
Subthread 2:1
CW: “Panic” defenses are uniquely used to justify violent crimes against LGBTQ+ individuals. Gay and trans “panic” defenses frequently draw on unique stigmas about LGBTQ+ people, sexuality, and gender to justify horrific violence against gay and trans individuals.
Gay Panic 2
CW: The defendants in the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard in 1988 used gay panic, they claimed they were so afraid of Matthews gay flirtations, they "gay panicked" and had to kill him.
"Gay panic" 3
CW:Marco McMillian, 1st openly gay man to run for office in MS.
Feb 2013, Lawrence Reed choked McMillian, drowned him, doused his body in gas and set it on fire. Reed admitted to the murder but insisted he was defending himself against McMillian’s sexually aggressive advances.
CW: Larry King,15, was an openly gay student who expressed himself by wearing makeup, accessories, and high heels. King asked fellow student Brandon McInerney to be his valentine, and McInerney shot King execution-style in the head.
"Gay Panic" 5
CW:McInerney’s attorney claimed that his client was sexually harassed by King and, therefore, was not culpable for his death. The jury could not reach a unanimous decision and the case was declared a mistrial.
"Gay Panic" 6
Kamala is a cop.
CW: 2008,18, yo Angie Zapata met 31 yr Allen Andrade and they spent 3 days together, during which they had at least one sexual encounter. Andrade discovered that Zapata was transgender, he viciously beat her with a fire extinguisher.
"Trans Panic" 7
Kamala is a cop.
CW: Upon his arrest, Andrade said he thought he had “killed it.” Andrade was found guilty of both first degree murder and a hate crime and was sentenced to life in prison.

"Trans Panic" 8

Sometimes what we need is a cop.
CW: 2003 Guin “Richie” Phillips was strangled to death before being placed in a suitcase and dumped into a lake. Police arrested Joshua Cottrell for the murder. During the trial, Cottrell’s defense attorney claimed that Phillips made unwanted sexual advances...

"Gay Panic" 9
CW: ... and tried to force Cottrell to have oral sex, but friends and family testified that Cottrell invited Phillips to his hotel room and posed questions of a sexual nature before attacking Phillips. Cottrell’s aunt testified that the murder was premeditated.

"Gay Panic" 10
The jury forewent charges of murder or reckless homicide and convicted Cottrell of second degree manslaughter.

Even though the Phillips murder was premeditated the jury fell into the trap that gay panic is a legit defense.
"Gay panic"11

Sometimes you need a cop.

#KHive #LGBT
CW: Gwen Araujo, a 17 year old trans woman, met Michael Magidson and José Merel online, the 3 engaged in consensual sex. Several months later, Magidson and Merel discovered that Araujo was transgender. They beat her repeatedly, strangled her, tied her up...

"Trans Panic" 12
CW: ..hit her with a shovel, killing her. At trial, Magidson’s atty claimed that Magidson’s violence was caused by the shock of discovering Araujo was trans. The jury deadlocked. In a 2nd trial, the jury rejected Magidson’s claim and found him guilty of second-degree murder

CW:2001 Ahmed Dabarran was an Asst DA in Fulton County, Georgia. He was struck over the head 12 times by Roderiqus Reshad Reed and died from his injuries. At trial, Reed’s attorney claimed that Reed killed Dabarran to protect himself from unwanted sexual advances.

"Gay Panic" 14
CW: A medical examiner testified that Dabarran was asleep at the time of the murder. The jury acquitted Reed of the murder despite Reed’s full confession.

"GayPanic" 15

Sometimes you need a cop who understands that "gay panic" is not a defense.

#Harris2020 #KHive #LGBT
Kamala Harris as Attorney General worked to outlaw Gay and Trans Panic in California and introduced legislation for a law nationwide.

Because, sometimes what you really need is a cop.

#KHive #Harris2020
1995 SCOTT AMEDURE – Talk show host Jenny Jones was hosting a show on secret admirers. Jonathan Schmitz was invited to participate and was surprised and embarrassed to see his male friend, Scott Amedure, confess to having a crush on him.

#GayPanic 16
CW: 3 days after the show, Schmitz drove to Amedure’s home and shot Amadure twice in the heart, killing him. At trial, Schmitz argued that he suffered from diminished capacity due to the “gay panic disorder” he experienced when Amedure revealed his attraction.

Gay Panic 17
CW: ...which rendered him unable to plan the killing, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The jury reduced the charge from premeditated murder to second-degree murder.

Gay Panic 18

Sometimes you need a really good cop. #Harris2020
Gay Panic is still legal in 47 states.…
Kamala Harris understands that lesbian voices are often unheard. She takes the time to elevate our sheroes.

Kamala Harris gave a special shout out to fierce, relentless, badass lesbian fighter for all lesbians @katekendall who served our community valiantly at the National Center for Lesbian Rights for 22 years.

Thank you Kate.

2013 Attorney General Kamala Harris fighting for marriage Equality. Making the phone call to go ahead and issue licenses to gay couples.

#Lgbt #queerpol 🏳️‍🌈🔥

Sometimes you need a good cop.

#Khive #Harris2020 🏳️‍🌈Lisa #KHive Talmadge 🔥 🏳️‍🌈
Attorney General Kamala Harris officiating at the "same sex" wedding of the Prop8 litigants immediately after the ruling that licenses be issued "without exceptions"

Sometimes you need a really good and fair cop.

Attorney General Kamala Harris refusing to defend Prop 8 (the California ban on same sex marriage).


We will not defend Prop 8 because it is wrong - Kamala Harris speaking a...
Piece on the "Gay panic" trial of Bill Tyack who killed Jack Blakenship and Sidney Wooster, his gay neighbors in a premeditated manner in 1981 and received only 4 years in prison for the murders. h/t @katherinehermes…
Homosexual panic is a term coined by psychiatrist Edward J. Kempf in 1920 for a condition of "panic due to the pressure of uncontrollable perverse sexual cravings Kempf classified this condition as an acute pernicious dissociative disorder, meaning... Gay Panic
... that it involved a disruption in typical perception and memory functions of an individual. In the psychiatrist's honor, the condition has come to also be known as "Kempf's disease". It is no longer recognized by the DSM. "Gay Panic"
Homosexual panic as a mental health disorder is distinct from homosexual panic defense (HPD) within the legal system. HPD was at one point considered a diagnosable medical condition, HPD implies only a temporary loss of self-control.HPD is used to reduce the sentence..

...against the perpetrator of assault or murder of a homosexual individual. In murder trial of Larry King, HPD was used by defendant Brandon McInerny, who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter.

Sept 2014, CA became the 1st state to abolish HPD because... Kamala is a cop.
More on how you can help abolish "Gay and Trans Panic" defenses in your state:…
Kamala Harris at the Human Rights Campaign.

Because marriage is not the beginning and end of our #LGBT struggle.
2014 Kamala Harris Talking about her call to "lift the stay" on marriage equality and performing the first legal same sex marriages after prop 8. #LGBT #KHive
Kamala Harris on the torture called "conversion therapy" #LGBT #KHIve
April 2017 Kamala Harris co sponsors the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act which when passed will ban the torture dubbed "Conversion Theraoy" nationwide.…
Like Secretary Hillary Clinton did before her, Kamala Harris keeps a watchful eye on how #LGBT people are discriminated against and killed based on sexual orientation around the world.
Kamala Harris introduces the Census Equality Act with Sen Tom Carper.
When we are counted, we can effectively make the case for funding for services to #LGBT people based on the significant and unique challenges we face.
Kamala Harris, leading the way, fighting along side with us on all the #LGBT issues, fully aware marriage is not our entire struggle.

California Ban on Conversion therapy upheld
2006 Kamala Harris as San Francisco District Attorney convened a national conference of prosecutors to undermine the “gay or trans panic” defense.
"Gay panic" is used by homophobes to lighten their sentence in gay hate crimes.
2004-5 COP!!! KAMALA HARRIS tailors SF DA office’s programs to serve the LGBT community, setting up special programs to combat anti-LGBT hate crimes, as well as an #LGBT Victim Advocacy Unit and an LGBT Sexual Assault Awareness Program.
2006 COP! Kamala Harris convenes first ever national conference on "Gay Panic" defense abolition. 200 other cops attend.
They learn why "gay panic" and "trans panic" is a trash defense and why it should be abolished.…
2006 "We need to be able to understand who the victims are and explain why who they are can never be argued as a justification for their demise," said San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who organized the "gay panic" abolition conference.

Sometimes we need a good cop.
Former Laramie, police Chief Dave O'Malley, who investigated the killing of Matthew Shepard in 1998, discussed "losing his ignorance" at the conference organized by DA Harris.Their attorneys included "gay panic" argument in opening statements but the judge barred it during trial.
Chief O'Malley describes himself as homophobic before that case, never hesitating to tell an anti-gay joke or story.

"Getting involved in the investigation and interacting with Matt's friends and family got me thinking for myself and figuring out that I was wrong," he said.
2006 SF District Attorney Kamala Harris brought Chief O'Malley and 200 other "cops" together to dispel ignorance about trans and gay people and address the overwhelming scourge of trans violence. #LGBT…
2006 Police Comm.Theresa Sparks: Harris will "get almost universal support from the LGBT community."Harris has committed more resources to solving murders and suspicious deaths of transgender women, than "any DA in the history of SanFrancisco." BAR.
2012: Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, Honored with George Moscone Ally Award for LGBT Advocacy, to Ride in Sunday’s LA Pride Parade…
Kamala Harris on the Census Equality Act.
Powerful video of @SenKamalaHarris fighting for gay parents in the face of right wing haters in 2009
Sometimes you need a badass cop who will do the right thing.

Kamala Harris.

For the People.

Longer video of Kamala Harris fighting for gay parents on TV in 2006.
2020 Kamala Harris “Takes full responsibility for GRS briefs in Norsworthy case”…
Under questioning from Sen. Kamala Harris, Kavanaugh refuses to say whether he thinks the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision Obergefell v. Hodges (Marriage equality) was correctly decided.…
2018: Kamala Harris opposes Mike Pompeo nomination to Secretary of State citing his past anti #LGBT statements.
Kamala Harris knew in 2016 Mike Pence was a terrible pick for VP based on his decades of anti gay activism. Called Pence out immediately on his #LGBT hate.
2017: Kamala Harris consistently shouts out our gay heroes like Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow Flag,1978.
2016: Kamala Harris is not fooled by this "religious freedom" " first amendment" nonsense used to cover up blatant #LGBT hate and discrimination.
Harris gets it.
Calls it out for what it is.
No sneaky #LGBT hate slides by Kamala the cop. 🔥🌈
No sneaky #LGBT hate slides by Kamala the cop. 🔥🌈…
Kamala Harris is OUT and PROUD of her support for the #LGBT community and our history. Not afraid to shout our victories. Not afraid to be a champion of our causes and our history.
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