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The #BlackCensusProject offers a comprehensive guide for what kind of action Black voters want from elected officials. Here is how the @KamalaHarris #BlackAgenda answers the needs and desires identified within the survey. Feel free to RT/Bookmark. #Kamala2020
#BlackCensusProject 90% say lack of affordable housing is a problem.
Kamala's solution: Pt 1- $100 billion to close Black homeownership gap
-Increases median Black wealth by $32,113
-Shrinks the Black wealth gap by 31%
-$25K downpayment/closing assistance
Keep in mind that studies have shown the devastating impact of redlining/ discriminatory practices on Black homeownership and wealth. @KamalaHarris plan rights those wrongs impacting 4Million families in redlined areas
#BlackCensusProject #Kamala2020
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There are a number of hints from Dem congressional leadership about impeachment & what's happening. We're left with trying to interpret them. And that's not easy and it's frustrating at times. 1/35
However, there are statements by them that leads us to believe they're working toward impeachment, but before I get to their statements... 2/
The over-the-top distraction makes it hard to stay focused on the impt nuggets of info. MSM writes spectacularly misleading headlines & buries golden nuggets within 24 hours. Then, there're pundits who put the news in the spin cycle - which doesn't paint Dem leadership fairly. 3/
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Thread Part 1: Not enough ink has been dedicated to educating people on Kamala Harris' role as CA Attorney General and her record. This thread is CA AG 101 answering: what was Kamala's role and what did she do in that role? Feel free to bookmark and RT #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople
First lets get some basic things established. Kamala was CA AG (1st Black woman) from 2011-Jan 2017. She oversaw an office of more than 4,500 employees incl.: 1,000 lawyers, investigators, sworn peace officers, & professional staff. She had an operating budget of over $700M/yr.
Kamala's AG duties were: "safeguarding the public from violent criminals, preserving California's spectacular natural resources, enforcing civil rights laws, and helping victims of identity theft, mortgage-related fraud, illegal business practices, and other consumer crimes."
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1/ One of the principal legacies of the Roberts Court will be its systematic undermining of American democracy, greenlighting efforts to rig elections, ignoring gerrymandering, slashing voting rights, and shifting power from the many to the few. #Rucho #SCOTUS
2/ #Rucho is only the latest in a long string of recent #SCOTUS decisions undermining American democracy. Below are some of the biggies:
3/ In Shelby County v. Holder (2013), the Court struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act, turning a blind eye to ongoing voting discrimination & preventing Congress from putting in place adequate protections against discrimination. #VRAA
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Friday Action:
Keep the pressure on the Republicans!
If you aren’t outraged, you should be!
Oregonians show your support for Governor Kate Brown!
Our Republican friends should get an earful after the President admittedly took help from a foreign country and would do it again in order to win. If you aren’t aware, it is a felony.
His effort to clean it up doesn’t help. Please contact your representatives and give them an earful.
PLEASE put the pressure on Republicans especially in the Senate. IMPEACHMENT will not help us unless something changes in the Senate.
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The next 18 months are going to be filled with stories like this.


While the story itself is essentially true, it is the narrative bend that rings hollow, and it will be the underlying current of Trump's media coverage for 2020.

In fact, that narrative is being shaped in real time, right now.

It is a fiction of "Trump the Underdog." And of "Trump the man whose own hubris is what kseps him from true greatness."

There will be profiles documenting Trump's loneliness and his fears of loss.

There will be stories of exasperated staff members worrying about their boss.

But it will all be bullshit.

The things they will write and report on will have had always been true, but they will be told differently.

Trump, mob criminal, will be recast as a tragic hero.

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#TheResistanceIsUnited #bluewave2020 #ForThePeople @thedemocrats @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @realDonaldTrump #MAGA
(Thread) Trump & Bolten are dangerous! The repetitive attacks on tankers in the Persian Gulf, so much seems safe, are meant as a provocation. Only those who want ->
to provoke whom and what - that is anything but clear. The US can't be ruled out!  That the Iran is behind the recent attack, as they now claim in Washington, for the blurred video images of an Iranian speedboat as proof are not enough. In Teheran, of course, they accuse the ->
Americans, and wouldn't the Saudis too prefer to start a war against the archenemy on the other side of the Persian Gulf? The location on the Gulf is confused, but it is undoubtedly dangerous. On both sides, unfortunately, men who are not blessed with the gift of diplomacy ->
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Thread regarding #Sanders2020

1. Folks think Bernie was selfish for running in '16. I'm NOT one of them. I think he knew the American people weren't going to vote for HRC, & understood clearly the threat that Trump was to this country & the world; & wanted to inspire us.
2. For 4 decades Bernie's message has been consistent. He has ALWAYS been #ForThePeople. He has NEVER sold out. Is he perfect? No, there is no perfect human being, but he's definitely the best we have in the field without question.
3. I think Bernie looked at his options & did an unselfish thing. I think it's why the 2016 campaign struggled. This time around I am prouder than ever to support his campaign & actually volunteering. I don't know how safe our elections are, if they'll cheat, but I have to try.
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@samstein VP Joe Biden's ability to negotiate with congressional Republicans helped the Obama administration pass legislation like 👇

#Biden #JoeBiden #TeamJoe
@samstein “Their willingness to say no to everything — the fact that since 2007, they have filibustered about 500 pieces of legislation that would help the middle class just gives you a sense of how opposed they are to any progress-" President Barack Obama, in 2014…
@samstein “History will look back and note that Republicans in Congress treated President Obama with unprecedented disrespect,” Reid said, arguing that soon after Obama was elected, the GOP set out to make him a one-term president and obstruct anything he did.…
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The New York Times has compiled a list of the 84 environmental rules on their way out during your nightmare presidency.
Here are the ones that have been completed so far:
"1. Canceled a requirement for oil and gas companies to report methane emissions. (EPA)"
"2. Revised and partially repealed an Obama-era rule limiting methane emissions on public lands, including intentional venting and flaring from drilling operations.
(Interior Department)"
#ClimateChangeIsReal #ThursdayThoughts
"3. Loosened a Clinton-era rule designed to limit toxic emissions from major industrial polluters. (EPA)"
#PartyOverCountry #GreedOverEverything
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Watch live as I speak at the #CADem19 convention from San Francisco! #BlueWaveRolling -NP…
Good morning, California Democrats! I’m happy to join our San Francisco delegates to welcome you to our great city.

As a former chair of the California Democratic Party, it is a homecoming for me to be with you at the state convention. #CADem19 #BlueWaveRolling
As Speaker of the House, it is my privilege to bring you the gratitude of our magnificent House Democratic Majority – a majority that California Democrats delivered! #CADem19 #BlueWaveRolling
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Mueller’s findings were damning: Trump welcomed Russia’s interference in our elections. Trump benefited from these crimes. Trump and Republicans in Congress are doing nothing to stop it from happening again. Congress must protect our democracy #ForThePeople #TrumpResignNOW 1/
Likely because he stands to benefit – again, Trump has done nothing to prevent another Russian attack of our elections and, in fact,
has made a future attack more likely. Republicans in Congress must join with Democrats to protect our democracy #ForThePeople #TrumpResignNOW 2/
From the start, Trump abused his power by obstructing any probe into Russia’s attack on our democracy. Although Mueller found
evidence of bad acts anyway, he made clear that Trump’s actions negatively impacted his ability to get at the full truth
#ForThePeople #TrumpResignNOW 3/
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We’re LIVE at our UW town hall! Tune in and hear how I’m fighting for the people of Washington’s 7th district. 💻:…
WA-07 is one of the most engaged districts in the country. It really matters that you're engaged and that you're paying attention.
Our office spends a lot of energy, effort and time. Please know that on anything related to a federal issue - we can help you navigate that!

Last year, we served over 1,500 individual constituents and got $1.6 MILLION dollars back to our constituents!
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If it's Thursday, it's another temper tantrum and more lies. So we're correcting the record #ForThePeople.

Thread. ⬇️
House Democrats have accomplished so much already. So far we have taken action to...

✅ Defend Americans’ access to affordable health care and prescription drugs.…
✅ Make certain that our veterans' families and children have the essential care they need.…
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Let's put it another way:

@SpeakerPelosi has the power to bring the articles to the floor of the House. She will exercise her prerogative how she sees fit.
@SpeakerPelosi @SpeakerPelosi and Democratic Caucus Leader @RepJeffries are focused on achieving the agenda #ForThePeople that fueled the Blue Wave.

@RepCheri's quarterly haul for the @dccc, more than seven million dollars in one quarter, reflects the hunger by this House to get things done.
@SpeakerPelosi @RepJeffries @RepCheri @dccc We've already achieved much and more. The lower house of the 116th Congress, in less than six months, passed legislation to end the government shutdown, to preserve our national parks, Equality Act, and to protect our elections with the For the People Act (H.R.1).
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I am honored to speak tonight at the Ohio Democratic Party 2019 Legacy Dinner in Columbus, where I’ll be joined by the outstanding OH delegation in the House. Please tune in to the livestream at 7:30 p.m. ET to follow my speech. – NP
How energizing and invigorating it is to see the determination in this grand gathering of friends, leaders, activists and champions for Ohio’s working families! – NP #ODPLegacy
In the halls of Congress, Ohio Democrats don’t just have a seat at the table – they sit at the head of the table. Every Member of your House Congressional delegation holds a gavel in the majority – every one! #ODPLegacy
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SCOTUS, you absolute fücking fücks. Roberts, are you fücking proud of yourself? Does THIS look like it maybe is "approaching the 'pervasive,' 'flagrant,' 'widespread,' and 'rampant' discrimination" of the farking states the #VotingRights Act was protecting against?

It would take me a month of Sundays just to list all the discriminatory voting laws passed by states that weren't allowed to pass such laws without express permission, when section 4(b) of the VRA was still law of the land.
@ifindkarma @HriSherryb @hr_indivisible @votolatino @connectvotedots @repjohnlewis @axidentaliberal @DemocracyStorm @TheDemCoalition @SaysHummingbird Do you know what states put forward discriminatory laws THE VERY DAY SCOTUS' execrable Chief Justice John Roberts decided that the success of the VRA meant it was no longer needed for these states?

Texas, Mississippi and, you guessed it, Florida.
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In reaction to obvious lies in Barr’s testimony on the #MuellerReport, #MadamSpeaker came to an alarming conclusion for our country: “The attorney general of the United States of America was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States. That’s a crime!”

Underscoring the seriousness of Barr's flagrant decision to lie to Congress about his handling of the Special Counsel investigation & the #MuellerReport, #MadamSpeaker called him out: "Nobody is above the law. Not the President of the United States. Not the Attorney General." ⚖️
Watching America’s top law enforcement officer perjure himself before Congress, #MadamSpeaker saw the Faustian bargain that threatens our democracy:

Barr and Republicans in Washington have become handmaidens to right-wing *special interests* and abandoned their oath of office.
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Lets talk about guns. @KamalaHarris just proposed the most aggressive executive actions on guns in history. If Congress fails to pass a gun safety bill w/n her first 100 days as president, she'll take action herself. It's simple: We're not waiting any longer. #CNNTownHall 1/
Here's what she wants on her desk: universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, & repeal of the @NRA’s corporate gun immunity bill. We have good ideas. Now we need the courage to do what's right. So if Rs continue to cower to the @NRA, she'll take them on herself...2/
1) Mandate near-universal background checks by requiring anyone who sells 5+ guns/year to run checks on all gun sales. Today in America, 1 of 5 gun purchases occur w/o a background check. Why? Bc federal law only requires gun "dealers" to perform checks. Who's a dealer? 🤷‍♂️3/
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Regardless of what goes forward with a Trump impeachment, it's extremely unlikely that the current GOP-controlled Senate will remove him.

It all should be detrimental to GOP Senators running for reelection. Public opinion would need to shift in their states.1/7
That's something we can control & House Democrats can control with or without immediate articles of impeachment.

In Richard Nixon's case, the hearings & investigations (1973) held prior to impeachment (1974) brought public opinion against him, before impeachment hearings. 2/7
The reality of being successfully impeached caused Nixon to resign.

In any case, we will be facing an unsuccessfully impeached Trump, and/or a very damaged by relentless investigations Trump, or his successor Mike Pence eligible for 2 terms in 2020. 3/7
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My boss @SpeakerPelosi (the highest ranking woman EVER elected in politics) has been absolutely amazing. Here are just a few of the reasons we can all be proud of the last #100DaysForThePeople:
Nancy led the fight to take back the House Majority last November, flipping 43 seats, including more than two dozen in districts Trump won in 2016. Swearing-In Day was a big deal! #100DaysForThePeople
She amped up the pressure to end the Trump Shutdown and refused to cave to the president’s demands for an ineffective border wall. #100DaysForThePeople
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Last month, the US House passed #HR1, the #ForThePeople Act, which is the boldest piece of democracy reform legislation in decades.

Several key parts of the bill have already been tried and tested at the state & local level. Here is a look at 10 of them:…
Citizen-funded elections have been passed across the country at both a statewide and municipal level. These laws have been proven to break down barriers for who can run for office and ensure candidates spend more time with everyday voters rather than raising money from big donors
Since #SCOTUS's wrongly decided Citizens United decision, many states have taken action to strengthen campaign finance disclosure laws to protect our right to know who is trying to influence our votes and elections. These new laws have often been passed with bipartisan support.
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Under the #ForThePeople Act, the president would be required to divest from financial interests that could conflict with official duties — for example, Trump's financial stake in his hotels:…
We've been investigating the ways in which @realdonaldtrump profits off the presidency — and whether foreign diplomats and lobbyists have spent money at Trump hotels to curry favor with the president:…
We've also filed lawsuits with multiple federal agencies to shed more light on whether Trump interfered with plans to relocate the FBI headquarters to prevent competition with his business:…
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😱A NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: The Mueller Investigation is a cover up scam, to sacrifice a few scapegoats to pacify the plebes, defuse a social explosion, to whitewash Trump and the GOP... using as a pretext for secrecy the DOJ rules, executive privilege, and top secret classification.
I KNOW PERFECTLY WELL THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and I do not believe it... YET. But that is exactly what people will deduce if justice is denied, Trump & associates get immunity and impunity, or we get anything less than 100% fully & detailed transparency we can believe.
Without full disclosure, the longer it takes, the more obstacles in its way, the less credible it becomes. Anyone who can predict what a cover up of this magnitude will do to America, let me know! Trump is clearly guilty & absent being proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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