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Last day of June so we will be finishing off with a week of #SafeguardingFail s from the inbox.

Day 1: Contrary to legislation a #Cambridgeshire school has responded “it is not viable to provide copies of all curriculum materials to parents” to being asked to share resources.
Day 2: Again a refusal to share materials with parents on request, this time school in north of England. ‘Copyright’ was given as the excuse this time. As has been confirmed in today’s #RSEDebate this is incorrect. #SafeguardingFail #PSHEPeeps
Day 3: A school in the south of England has invited the school of sexuality in to discuss pleasure & make playdough vaginas with year 8 girls. They are denying to parents that they have the right to withdraw their children from these lessons. #SafeguardingFail #RSEDebate #PSHE
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On my way to More Than a Provider event with @socfuture @Certitude @unitedresponse looking forward learning how providers can be better allies to people they support and meeting colleagues from across the sector in person for the first time!
Its going to be a jam pack day @socfuture with sessions looking at topics from how to host a public living room to reframing social care. Personally looking forward to the communal ice breaker dance 🕺🏽 🪩 @unitedresponse @meetmacintyre @Certitude
Important take away from the opening speeches - we all share the vision of @socfuture to live in the place we call home with the people and things that
we love, in communities where we look
out for one another, doing things that
matter to us 🙌🏻 #MoreThanAProvider @unitedresponse
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I would advise you to do some research into the transitional process and the availability of transitional healthcare in your area, as well as make contact with transgender groups in your location.
If you need signposting to groups then drop me a DM and I will find you somewhere you can speak with trans women and work things out. Lived experience counts for so much and having the opportunity to speak to people who have done it will be vital to you understanding yourself.
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A lot of people don't seem to understand what we'd lose if we allow the tory government to scrap the HRA. So I have read it, so you don't have to. Here is a thread of what we'd lose...

#HRA #ToryLiars #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #GetTheToriesOut
1. The Right to Life:
'Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law.'
2. Prohibition of Torture:
'No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.'
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Something the GCs should really wake up and consider! It starts with trans rights and then it expands to LGB rights and women’s rights. All are at risk of these right wing politicians get their way but they are happy to align with those who will harm us. #LGBT+ #RoeVsWade
And whilst they’re all obsessing over language and people being accepted, I wonder how many of the prominent GCs will be posting angrily about this decision because they should be! As of yet I’ve seen no traction from a number of them but hopefully that’s because they’ve not seen
I’ve already seen two prominent GCs either shrug it off and make excuses or try and blame the left for the overturning
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Aquí todo lo que debes saber sobre la XLIV Marcha del Orgullo #LGBTTTIQ+ de la Ciudad de México🏳️‍🌈.…
Este año el comité organizador espera la asistencia de 250 mil personas para la marcha del orgullo #LGBTTTIQ+ en la Ciudad de México.…
.@dannapaola ofrecerá un concierto durante la Marcha #LGBT+ CDMX 2022.…
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Der Bandera-Superstar, der früher auch in Frauenkleidern im Kreis tanzte, und der Liebling der grün-liberal-sozialdemokratischen #Kriegstreiber und von Tante #afelia ist, hat mal kurz klargestellt, dass die #LGBT Freunde für ihn "kranke" Menschen sind.
Nach dieser Meinungsdarstellung, sie seien "Menschen mit Behinderungen, die nicht verfolgt werden dürfen" («людьми з відхиленнями», але він «проти їх переслідування») wird die Kampfbereitschaft in den ukrainischen #LGBTQ Frontverbänden auf den Boden der Tatsachen verfrachtet.
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Rep @Ilhan I wanted to share this video with you.

A Muslim Cleric claims Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) instructed his companions to kill #Gay

Caliph Ali wanted to burn them alive & Abu Bakar agreed. While the rest wanted to throw them from a high place & then stone them

Is this true?
Being #Pride2022 you promised to fight for LGBT.

Also as you are heading Anti #Islamophobia in @JoeBiden Gov, you can look into dozens of Islamic nations whose law demands death to #LGBTQIA this includes Somalia, your birthplace.

Also, look into religious text opposing #LGBT 🙏🏼
Dear All, do tag all #LGBTQ leaders in the world including India. So they are aware what is the thoughts of Islam on LGBTQ and look into resolving this peacefully.
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#Breaking: Texas CPS has ruled out child abuse in the case of the Briggles, one of three families under state investigation for allowing their trans child to access gender-affirming care.

Info provided in court hearing today.

Background:… #txlege
Several other investigations into the families of transgender children remain active, @LambdaLegal lawyer states in court.

Some families were contacted just within last few days. #txlege
@LambdaLegal Judge asks state's attorney whether investigations into gender affirming care are unique in that CPS investigators were forced to pursue these cases?

State says it has no evidence to prove either way bc investigations were put on hold once suit filed. #txlege
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Idk who needs to hear this this #Pride but disability rights is an #LGBT issue and LGBT rights is a disability issue.

They overlap. ALOT. But yet I rarely see them brought up at the same time or the connections mentioned.

So as an LGBT disabled guy let me clue yall in

Sorry in addvance if this is all over the place. Not good at structuring my points. But i just wanted to bring members from both my communities together to see the similarities. Abled queers and cishet disabled ppl may not have been aware of eachothers issues.
Throughout history being queer has been seen as a mental condition, as a disability. It isn't of course, but it was and still is treated such.

It may shock cishet disabled people, but abled queers still do face *some* form of ableism, to this day.
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🧵 on #Pride's historical background

(As seen on Wikipedia)…
📁 Annual Reminders

The 1950s and 1960s in the United States was an extremely repressive legal and social period for LGBT people.
In this context American homophile organizations such as the Daughters of Bilitis and the Mattachine Society coordinated some of the earliest demonstrations of the modern LGBT rights movement.
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🧵 On Christopher Street Liberation Day

(As seen on #Wikipedia)…
Early on the morning of Saturday, June 28, 1969, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons rioted following a police raid on the #Stonewall Inn, a gay bar at 43 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City.
This riot and further protests and rioting over the following nights were the watershed moment in the modern #LGBT rights movement and the impetus for organizing LGBT pride marches on a much larger public scale.
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Ich kannte @AlgeMartin vorher nicht, aber auch als Nichtfollower stößt mir dieser Thread sauer auf.

Warum? Ich versuche es mal step by step. Ein 🧵

Als erstes kommt das Framing als "Vernünftig" und "zwischen den Extremen".

Menschen denen das nicht gefällt, werden damit sofort in das Extreme, Unvernünftige Lager eingeteilt.

Katrins Meinung ist übrigens schon ziemlich locker.

Legitimiert wird die eigene Meinung durch die "langjährige Arbeit im Gesundheitssystem". Das muss allerdings nichts heißen. Langjährige Arbeit in einem Bereich (Pflege) gibt einem nicht per se Expertise für ähnliche Bereiche (Virologie, Spätfolgenforschung).

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In a district that has more black people than Latinos (WA-9,) Suspected #AntiBlackRacism candidate @ElectGallardo is running for Congress so that she can help immigrants. Not Americans. She doesn’t mention black people at all. #dragGallardo Get to work family!! #FBA #Freedmen
You can also add Suspected #AntiBlackRacism candidate for CA-52 @Vazquez4CA52 to the list. He’s using that black and brown, underrepresented community word salad language.
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Discurso de Harry Hay a favor de la organización pedófila NAMBLA, el 24 de junio de 1994, en el Stonewall Inn, el lugar que marca el inicio de la liberación gay en los Estados Unidos.

Feliz #17mayo les desea #antiNAMBLA
#DiaContraLaLGTBIfobia #LGBT
Dos días antes de la Marcha del Orgullo Gay que conmemoraba el 25 aniversario de los disturbios de Stonewall, un grupo autodenominado SOS (Spirit of Stonewall) convocó a una conferencia de prensa para manifestarse a favor de que NAMBLA participara de la marcha.
Hay como fundador del movimiento gay de los Estados Unidos, se presenta para afirmar que el movimiento que el inició nunca pretendió rechazar a los pedófilos y que quien pretenda hacerlo no conoce la propia historia de su gente.
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2023 seçiminde #mülteci meselesinin etkili olacağı görülüyor.

Ama asıl dip dalga,
#zkusağı'ndan gelecek.

2023'te ilk kez oy kullanacak 6 milyon genç, Ak Pari iktidarinda doğup büyüdü ancak bu gençlerin kahir ekseriyeti Ak Parti ve Sn Erdoğan'a muhalif.

Neden, nasıl anlatalım..
2- Gezi olaylarında görüldü ki, sokağa çıkan gençlerin önemli bir bölümü muhafazakar aile çocuklarıydı.

Ak parti iktidarlarında iş güç sahibi olmuş ailelerin çocukları...

Peki Ak Parti ve Sn. Erdoğan nerede hata yaptı, muhafazakar aile çocukları neden ve nasıl muhalif oldu?
3- Meselenin könhüne inildiğinde, Ak Parti'nin köprüler, oto yollar, inşa ederken, insan unsurunu ihmal ettiği, dahası bu konuda çok ciddi yanlış politikalar izlediği açıkça görülüyor.

En büyük yanlış, Ak Parti'nin Abdullah Gül çizgisini takip ederek Avrupa'ya aşırı yanaşmasıydı
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Intro)@skepchicks @rebeccawatson has pushed unethical mis-info regarding pediatric transition for gender dysphoric minors. She's another ex of the lazy/ideological way many #atheists/#skeptics approach trans issues. Facts to follow in this vid/thread #lgbt
1)Pediatric transition causes sterilization, serious bone injuries (as recorded at Karolinska), & likely reduces IQ & prevents pre-gay kids from desisting. Every male child blocked in tanner 2 is permanently non-orgasmic, as Marci Bowers from WPATH admits.
2)She indicates medicalization in early tweens is rare. They are giving puberty blockers (PBs) at 9-12, HRT at 13, & Dr J. Olson is willing to give T at 8. Mastectomies at 13 & vaginoplasties at 16 are happening. Reducing, even erasing age of consent is a trans activist goal.
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The relationship between Florida & Disney started
in 1965 when Walt began buying up worthless swampland in what was then the middle of nowhere

Disney wanted land, power, and control and they wanted it cheap!… #disney #florida #reedycreek #politics #news
Wasn't just cuz Walt wanted to build another Theme-Park,

“Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”

Disney wanted to build a self-sustaining 'imagineered' city where folks would live, work & play under the auspices of Disney… #disney #epcot
So under that premise, the Florida Legislature let Disney have independent autonomy under the

Reedy Creek Improvement Zone

Where Disney would be its own county gov, run its own police, fire, sanitation, etc without any of that messy local political oversight #disney #florida
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Wie die #Linke gerade implodiert, tut einfach nur weh. Dieses Land braucht ein Angebot links der #SPD - dass #HartzIV immer noch existiert und es kaum Hilfen für Armutsbetroffene trotz der Rekordinflation gibt, beweist das. /MS
Die ständigen Querschüsse, vor allem von Sahra #Wagenknecht & Oskar #Lafontaine, sind untragbar. Einer ist schon weg, die andere sollte endlich selbst erkennen, wie sehr sie der Partei nur noch schadet. /MS
Die #Putin-Versteher, Querfrontler, Impfgegner, Aluhüte und Antisemiten sind das nächste Problem. Damit gewinnt man keine Wahlen, damit schießt man sich nur selbst ins Aus. Die Wahlergebnisse der letzten Jahre sollten wirklich für sich sprechen. /MS
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I’ve found the recent trend of people post Tweet threads recapping the major arguments of their books helpful and productive, so I wanted to do one for my new book The Digital Closet ( from @mitpbookstore. #queerbooks #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #censorship 1/17
My book explores how heteronormative bias is deeply embedded in the internet, hidden algorithms, keywords, content moderation, and more. Below you’ll find summaries of each chapter in the book to give you a preview. 2/17
The actual book will fill in these summaries with hundreds of documented examples which in aggregate demonstrate a systemic anti-LGBTQIA+ bias online. 3/17
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The BOU/@IBIS_journal is an international society for ornithologists all around the world. We have members on all continents researching on every topic of avian science and conservation. Join us and be part of our global #ornithology network

#BOU2022 Image
Via our Equality & Diversity Working Group we strive to improve as a society in making #ornithology more equal, equitable, diverse and inclusive…

#BOU2022 Image
Discrimination, racism and prejudice exists within society and sadly within #ornithology too. We stand with those against all forms of racism and where and when we can we will strive to make avian science more inclusive and diverse…

#BOU2022 Image
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The BOU/@IBIS_journal is an international society for ornithologists all around the world. We have members on all continents researching on every topic of avian science and conservation. Join us and be part of our global #ornithology network

#BOU2022 Image
Via our Equality & Diversity Working Group we strive to improve as a society in making #ornithology more equal, equitable, diverse and inclusive…

#BOU2022 Image
Discrimination, racism and prejudice exists within society and sadly within #ornithology too. We stand with those against all forms of racism and where and when we can, we will strive to make avian science more inclusive and diverse…

#BOU2022 Image
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🧵VERY IMPORTANT NEW STUDY pub in @bmj_latest focused on 140 US med schools & 30K med students looking at #burnout in people with intersectional identities.👩🏿‍⚕️🧑🏾‍⚕️🏳️‍🌈 Bottom line: We are likely underestimating harm.

#MedTwitter #MedEd #WomenInMedicine #LGBTQ Image
"Study’s major finding is that a higher proportion of students with multiple marginalized identities report mistreatment and discrimination. Students with all three marginalized identities (female, non-white, LGB) had the largest proportion."
#MedTwitter Image
"Additional pressure marginalized groups face to represent their communities or contribute to diversity efforts at their institutions and experiences of bias and discrimination likely contributes to the effect observed with this dimension of burnout."👩🏿‍⚕️🏳️‍🌈 Image
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Chi come me racconta da anni i gruppi anti-#lgbt e pro-vita non è per nulla sorpreso dalla posizione di questi a favore di #Putin (Pillon è solo una parte di nebulosa nera). Questi gruppi esistono grazie ai rubli della Russia e alla Russia rispondono. ⬇️
Parliamo di flussi di soldi che partono segretamente dall’ex blocco sovietico per arrivare in Europa. Miliardi di euro smistati in tutto l’Occidente da anonime società offshore, finanziate da società statali della Russia di Putin e dai tesorieri del regime dell’Azerbaijan⬇️
Parliamo di mille beneficiari misteriosi che arricchiscono anche una fondazione italiana con un conto bancario che funziona come una porta girevole: incassa 100mila euro al mese dalle offshore russo-azere e finanzia organizzazioni campagne contro aborto e diritti #Lgbt ⬇️
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