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since we're talking about anti-vaxxers & calls to "debate me", I will add that anti-trans activists use this exact same playbook. you can't "debate" a scientific consensus, b/c it's not based on one study & can't be undone w/individual "questions/concerns"…
...I will add that the anti-trans parent movement is eerily similar to the anti-vaccine parent movement in their tactics and dynamics – I detail those parallels here:… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #science
...ppl are sharing this great thread on further similarities with the "subliminal Satanic messages" moral panic of the 1980s. TL;DR: there is no satisfying conspiracy theorists b/c they're not evidence based & will never be swayed by "debate"...
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FIGHTING TRANS BILL: Tonight, hundreds are expected to pack Motion Church in Puyallup to launch the signature drive for the “REJECT 5599 REFERENDUM KICK-OFF.”

This in direct response to State Sen. Marko Liias’(⁦@SenMarkoLiias⁩) controversial transgender bill, signed into law…… Image
LEADING THE CHARGE: Parent advocate Dawn Land is the force behind this referendum to take out SB 5599. She says people from all across the spectrum, including the LGBTQ+ community, are standing with her. She says aggressive ground game starts now.
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@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett Ignoring fact that 50% of studies can't be replicated

And "Sociology" & related "Medical" type "studies" are the worst culprits

The ones that say otherwise are highly biased cherry-picked "studies" of self-selected participants by activist "researchers"…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett As I said

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

Is what is killing them😲

And that's what YOU support!!!😱🤦‍♂️

It's worse than the Liverpool "Care" Pathway!!!…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett #TransActivists have no self-awareness!

And no shame!!!

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

IS WHAT IS #KillingTransKids😲

And that's what THEY support!!!😱🤦‍♂️…
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@GA_Mouse @SatoruSato92 No one's killing children

Except #TransActivists #DrFrankensteins #DrMengeles #NurseAllits parents with #MunchausensSyndromeByProxy or who want to #TransTheGayAway

Their Allies #FellowTravellers & #UsefulIdiots


Because they didn't get the psych care needed!🤦‍♂️
@GA_Mouse @SatoruSato92 If a Trans kid kills THEMSELVES it's because they're mentally disturbed

If they are mentally disturbed they need psychiatric help

Usually for multiple mental disorders

But instead of getting the psychiatric care they need

They are railroaded down the Affirmative "Care" path🤦‍♂️
@GA_Mouse @SatoruSato92 Almost all kids who think are #Trans confused

Often homosexual

Usually with multiple mental health issues

Grow out of it between puberty & maturity (25!)

#PubertyBlockers & #Hormones believed to block mental development too

As well as having multiple serious side effects😱🤦‍♂️
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Gender theory ideologues credentialed to perform surgeries is a horror plot. Oregon’s governor is likely to sign into law a bill that allows for minors as young as 15 to get sterilizing procedures (“bottom surgery”) without parental knowledge.
The trans activist/cosmetic surgeon/assistant professor being interviewed about performing transitioning surgeries on minors in Portland is this doctor. This is not a parody account. ImageImage
Dr. Blair Peters, the Portland #trans activist, professor and OHSU surgeon who claims it is "propaganda" that minors are being surgically transitioned, had previously boasted about removing the breasts of underage females. ImageImage
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Another self-identified #trans nonbinary journalist has been arrested for far-left #Antifa extremism. Julia Caroline Dupuis was arrested in Bartow County, Ga. along with two comrades on April 28 on suspicion of stalking & felony intimidation of a police officer as an act of…… ImageImageImageImage
Far-left extremist Caroline Hart Tennenbaum (maiden name Appleton, they/them), of Atlanta, was arrested in Bartow County, Ga. on April 28 & charged with stalking & felony intimidation of a police officer as an act for terror movement #StopCopCity. The nonbinary trans militant use…… ImageImageImageImage
Abeeku Osei Vassall was arrested in Bartow County, Ga. on April 28 on suspicion of stalking & felony intimidation of a police officer as an act of revenge for the terrorist #Antifa movement #StopCopCity. He was released on May 16 after the $20k bond was covered. Dozens of terror…… ImageImageImage
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Depois de anunciar sua conversão, a influenciadora trans Catty Lares apareceu em vídeo onde tem seus cabelos cortados durante um culto evangélico. Além do visual masculino, passou a adotar o nome Carlos Emanuel.
Conversão não tem nada a ver com mudança de visual, nem com banho de loja, mas com a decisão de seguir os passos de Jesus. Não duvido de sua conversão e sinceridade. Mas, pelo jeito, ela comprou um pacote fechado que incluía alguns jabutis, entre eles, a reversão da sexualidade
e a destransição de gênero. Já, já, vão importuna-la pela maneira de falar e trejeitos femininos que, certamente, não a abandonarão. Possivelmente, alguém se apresentará como uma espécie de Coach de masculinidade para ensiná-la a se portar varonilmente.
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#VaccineHesitancy- “post-truth” era- #theWHO. Making up 61% of vaccine hesitancy is:
🔴Vaccine Safety
🔴Mistrust in Health Institutions
🔴Lack of efficacy
🔴Negative exp.
🔵7% conspiracy theories
It's a ⚠️MISTRUST BASED ON EXPERIENCE & RISK issue ⚠️ NOTt conspiracy issue! ImageImage
They are not hearing us or listening to the FACTS. They are stonewalling us. Vaccine hesitancy is NOT a result conspiracy theories But a result of fraudulent, conflicted & corrupted, regulator, safety & manufacturing processes that have caused Negative experiences (NO LIABILITY)
And nearly 10% of healthcare workers ⚠️⚠️⚠️KNOW IT.…
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Since ‘21 lawmakers proposed nearly 900 anti-#LGBTQ+ bills, nearly 500 of which were introduced this year in 49 state legislatures+Congress. Many bills target rights of #transgender people by curtailing “basic healthcare, education, legal recognition & the right to publicly exist
1) Many of the anti-trans bills target the rights of #transgender people by curtailing “basic #healthcare, education, #legal recognition, and the right to publicly exist” #LGBTQ…
2) #NorthDakota recently enacted a statute restricting access to sex-segregated spaces…
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brand new essay, many weeks in the making: "Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth Is Neither New nor Experimental: A Timeline and Compilation of Studies." no-paywall link, 15 min read + over 100 references – please share & give it "claps"!… #trans #science
...FYI most media outlets wouldn't have allowed me to publish this piece as is. so if you appreciate that I make essays like this freely available online, pls consider supporting me on Patreon for as little as $1/month! #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #science
🧵my essay 1) provides a brief history of how gender-affirming care came to be, 2) debunks the most common anti-trans & just-asking-questions talking points & tactics, 3) provides a list of over 100 studies & reviews showing how established this field is:…
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Had a conversation at #LetWomenSpeakBirmingham today which really made me think? Why aren't TRAs fighting for their OWN spaces? It's true that TW suffer from increased risk of male violence and need protection. With all the funding the LGBTQ orgs get, why is this not their focus
Instead of fighting women and trying to force everyone to use the TRA lingo? There is a real need for #trans specific refuges, rape crisis centres etc and I guarantee most women would fight for them and with them on this. I don't want anyone to be a victim of male violence and
All survivors need support and effective well funded services. Other minorities have built their own spaces. Rape crisis centres for gay men. Refuges for women of colour. Support groups for the disabled. Etc etc. It seems deeply weird that the trans rights movement is more focus
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Es reicht. Die #CDU lügt hier wieder in Person von @PrienKarin, dass sich die Balken biegen. Die #Ampel ist Schuld am Erstarken der #AfD. #Merz ist vollmündig angetreten, sie zu halbieren. Faktisch stärkt er sie. Ein Blick auf die Fakten. 👇
Die #CDU und #Merz waren es, die den vergifteten Boden der #Politikverdrossenheit, #Angst und #Panik angesichts der #Energiekrise bereitet haben. Den nutzt die #AfD. Am 4.9. des vergangenen Jahres prognostizierte Merz deutschlandweite Blackouts.…
#Merz war sich sicher. "Wenn diese Regierung so weitermacht und aus ideologischen Gründen am Atomausstieg festhält, droht uns Anfang nächsten Jahres ein Blackout." Der Atomausstieg am 15.4. diesen Jahres sollte einen Blackout im Winter nach sich ziehen.
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'It's not a fetish'. 🙄 🚩#Trans #AGP #NHS @NWAmbulance
@LGBTfdn Image
@againstgrmrs this is #trans identified @Freda_Wa11ace who drives an ambulance for the UK National Health Service. Image
@NWAMB_Inclusion @NWAmbulance were singing Freda's praises recently too. Image
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Chapitre 1 : Le sexe et le genre.

La #transidentité soulève énormément de questions et donne lieu à une...

@hackingsocialfr 1/10 Illustration du chapitre 1,...
@hackingsocialfr ... multitude d’#affirmations qui souvent se contredisent les unes les autres. Je ne suis quant à moi pas surprise de la bousculade ambiante, ce thème étant à peu près le plus perturbant qu’on puisse trouver puisqu’il touche à...

#transgenre #lgbtphobie 2/10
@hackingsocialfr ... l’#identité de chacun et chacune, et qu’il vient remettre en question le fonctionnement même de notre société. Nous pensons tous et toutes avoir une idée claire de ce qu’est un #homme ou une #femme et de...

#sciences #recherche 3/10
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if you are a journalist (or YouTuber) & you push the notion of "transgender social contagion" without addressing any of the counter-evidence that I've compiled here, that either means 1) you're shitty at doing research, or 2) you're an anti-trans activist:…
...from what I gather, the YouTube video I'm subtweeting also spreads misinformation about puberty blockers (which have been used since mid-90s on trans youth). here's a good open access review that debunks claims that they're experimental:… #trans #LGBTQ screenshot from linked to a...
...and while we're debunking shoddy/slanted "just asking questions about gender-affirming care" stories, here is an important thread regarding the recent Atlantic article: #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
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#Anonymous #OpGOP
You wanted a bombshell!
#TuckerCarlson, who's spent decades framing #LGBTQ+ as "groomers," name checking Harvey Milk's assassin in his yearbook, and whipping up panic against #trans people, has a thing for 14-year old girls!

From Abby Grossberg v. FoxNews Image
For anyone who wants to read the entire case Grossman Vs Fox…
Crickets from #MAGA and MSM the same way there were crickets when trump said he would date his daughter. Apparently being a GOP pedophile is just accepted if not expected at this point. Hey Lindsey is this what Trump has on you?
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Three #Antifa members part of the North Texas cell of the terror-linked John Brown Gun Club were arrested following violent attacks on @fortworthpd & protesters outside a family-friendly drag event on April 23. @EFJBGC is raising cash for their members in jail right now.

Samuel…… ImageImageImageImage
@fortworthpd @EFJBGC Christopher Guillott, 33, a leader of #Antifa militia Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, was arrested at an ambush attack on @fortworthpd outside a family-friendly drag show in Fort Worth, Texas on April 23. He was arrested on suspicion of assault on a peace officer & interfering with…… ImageImageImage
Meghan Grant, 37, of Dallas, is a communist #trans nonbinary #Antifa member arrested at the attack on protesters critical of a family-friendly drag event on April 23 in Fort Worth. Grant was arrested on suspicion of resisting an arrest search and interfering with public duties.…… ImageImageImageImage
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NEW Ngo investigation: A #drag queen & ex-elementary school aide who helped groom a child into becoming a drag performer was convicted of nearly a dozen felony child sex crimes in Oregon. She was sentenced to less than a year in jail in a sweetheart deal.…
Last year, @hunnybadgermom & I reported on Kelsey Boren's arrest ahead of a child drag event at #Antifa bar Old Nick's Pub in Eugene. (The pub is a meeting place for Antifa.) Boren was one of the adults who groomed the child into becoming a performer.…
On Oct. 23, 2022, #Antifa & far-left extremists gathered to attack the small group who protested the child drag event at Old Nick's Pub. The child performer was taught how to do drag by a now-convicted child sex offender.
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I appreciate the #NYT for finally covering that recent anti-#trans laws are a political strategy, not driven by real concern for children

However, I wish they would acknowledge the ways in which their inaccurate reporting amplified misinformation & contributed to where we are 🧵 Image
For example, @mega2e amplified fear-mongering around gender-affirming medical care for adolescents by falsely claiming researchers from a large NIH-funded study on the benefits of gender-affirming medical care for #trans youth never reported their results:
I let the #NYT know about the error in @mega2e's piece, and they ignored it. They've yet to issue an apology or correction, despite the fact that the results are now also published in @NEJM
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Heute gab es einen Webtalk mit Sascha Bos von der "Interdisziplinären Spezialsprechstunde für Fragen der Geschlechtsidentität im Kindes- und Jugendalter" der Charité Berlin. Die gelten als einer der Vorreiter der "gender-affirmativen" Behandlung in Deutschland. 🧵 #trans #ROGD
Bos nannte es ein "Paradigma der Entpathologisierung und Entstigmatisierung", das relativ neu sei. Wollen sich etwa Teenies♀️ die Brüste abschneiden, sind die in deren Weltsicht gesund. Alles ganz normal! Sie arbeiten daher mit Verbänden wie Trakine und dem BVT* zusammen.
In ihre Sprechstunde kommen überwiegend Jugendliche 15+, zu 76% weiblich, 64% sind schon sozial transitioniert, viele Autochthone, obwohl die im Einzugsgebiet eine Minderheit sind.
Die Patienten wollen v.a. HRT und Mastektomien. Pubertätsblocker sind selten ein relevanter Wunsch.
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Parents in Hernando County, Fla. are furious after a #trans teacher who allegedly made comments to staff about killing students in a murder-suicide was allowed back in the classroom at Fox Chapel Middle School. Ashlee Renczkowski was formerly Alexander.…
"...a teacher had just made concerning statements about self-harm & then possibly making statements about shooting students."

@Moms4Liberty published the report about #trans teacher Ashlee Renczkowski, who has returned to the classroom at Fox Chapel Middle School in FL. ImageImage
The Florida #trans teacher who allegedly made comments about committing a murder-suicide shooting of students was removed from the classroom on April 13 following intervention from the Florida Department of Education:
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Given the current state of affairs, maybe take some time to listen to the stories of #trans folks, and hear what they have to say.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransWomenAreWomen #nonbinary
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"Most disturbing & gruesome video I have seen"

EXCLUSIVE details about what the cab camera captured when a Portland #trans suspect allegedly murdered a taxi driver. Moses Lopez wore a tiara & allegedly plunged a blade into the neck of Reese M. Lawhon.…
Reese McDowell Lawhon is the #Portland cab driver who was stabbed to death by a #trans suspect who was released days earlier for allegedly threatening other people with a knife. Reese picked Moses Lopez up at a @VoodooDoughnut for a ride worth less than $10 before having a blade…… ImageImageImageImage
Many have asked why the #Portland #trans murder suspect was quickly released from jail just days earlier for allegedly threatening people with a knife in Coos Bay, Ore. The Sheriff's Office there released a statement saying it is because of Oregon law. Senate Bill 48, passed &…… Image
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