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Looks like this Canadian has had enough malarkey from CPC, the complicit Conservative MSM and the NDP shilling for official opposition status.

Me too! But this is a manufactured scandal with multiple planned outcomes. Coordinated and very purposeful in intent.
JWR confirmed in her testimony that she was informed of a cabinet shuffle on Jan. 7, 2019. Butts confirmed she was offered Indigenous Services that day. She refused.

Most Canadians are forgetting the significance of Jan 7.

14 arrested at Wet’suwet’en.

A critical decision made by PM in a crisis? Reassurance by PM to Canadians that reconciliation was still a main priority?

Misplaced faith in JWR by PM is more likely. But not for asking her to contribute to reconciliation, but for assuming it was even supported by JWR.
Development of the Indigenous Framework was stalled long before Wet’suwet’en was raided by RCMP. An impasse on the definition of self determination had erupted in tense negotiations and withdrawal of support from many FN for the definition the Crown used.
The Crown (currently Liberal majority) supports a government to government relationship. Generally accepted in 3 out of 4 Indigenous groups. Métis, Inuit & Non-Status Indians were negotiating from that understanding. But a faction of FN’s wanted nation to nation status.
What’s the difference? Huge. In land title, it would mean sovereign nation to nation status for FN land. No longer under the protective umbrella of Canadian laws & rights. Separate and independent. Recognition of individual tribes as separate independent nations.
Some FN want sovereign status from Canada, with control of natural resources & self governance, with additional funds to be provided annually from Canada to supplement their independent economies as compensation for squatting on FN traditional territory. I.E. the rest of Canada.
Pretty radical stuff. This would mean the break up of Canada as a united nation. Completely the anathema to Liberal Party ideology. Quebec and current Alberta secession included.
Agreeing to the definition of self determination as secession from Canada may well be the path to reconciliation for some, but it is NOT a position the LPC currently hold or support. Nor would most Canadian citizens. The vast majority of the electorate wants a united Canada.
So that brings us to the current SNC scandal. Is it about shuffling a Minister out of MOJAG because of pressure applied to find a solution and get a second opinion? No.

It’s a scandal that when asked to overtly support the LPC Crown position on self determination, JWR refused.
Attached is an article about 2012 Assembly of First Nations (AFN) elections. The candidate & policy platform profiled. Clearly FN frustrations with the Crown are an issue. Her position is self determination is nation to nation. Separate FN from Canada. ammsa.com/publications/w…
But if you read closely, she has an endorsement from a prominent FN leader, Bill Wilson. JWR’s father also endorses self determination meaning separation. He names Gabriel as “the only candidate tested under fire.”

Gabriel is from Oka. Yep that Oka Crisis.
Canada has committed many injustices when it comes to FN. Oka Crisis of 1990 was one of many.

Perhaps FN and Crown relationship is broken beyond repair. That’s for others to determine.
My problem is JWR, whose father is on record supporting FN secession, is a sitting MP for LPC. The party dedicated to national unity for decades.

My political views are differ from my parents, so it’s possible hers do too. But in all likelihood, JWR doesn’t support the LPC plan
When requested to assume Indigenous Services, the PM was asking her to assume the Crown position that government to government was the intended outcome of the reconciliation efforts. Instead she refused. Her father is on record stating it was an insult to even ask.
The above information provides context for Wilson’s comments about his daughter being shuffled to the “armpit of Ministries” Veteran Affairs.

Remember JWR was provided the opportunity to address this in her testimony. But she did not. That’s telling.

Butts revealed in his testimony that she was offered Indigenous Services first. Yes, it would have been a sensitive issue to assume the role of the oppressor. But all power to change comes from the seat of power. Who better to help pave the path to reconciliation than JWR?
A FN woman, lawyer, experienced MOJAG, cognizant of FN issues first hand and in a position of power to do something about it. Not an insult, an invitation on a day of crisis in the FN community in Canada to steady the ship & resume reconciliation efforts.
But an impossible task if you don’t support the official Crown position on self determination. Was that why JWR had stated she didn’t want the Indigenous files hoisted on her? I’m Métis. I’ve been relegated to Aboriginal files and blocked from working on mainstream issues.
It’s insulting to be relegated to only Aboriginal issues when your training encompasses more.

But I was never offered a position that I could make systemic change. JWR was & refused. Reconciliation will involve new legislation to cement policy into practice.
Who was better positioned to understand all sides of the issue & had the legal background to aid in developing policy that met the needs of all involved? No one but JWR.

We do need to hear from JWR again. Does she support the LPC reconciliation efforts or FN secession?
A factor to consider is that FN want UNDRIP & Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) included in reconciliation. But it was JWR as MOJAG that deemed UNDRIP & FPIC unworkable in our system of laws. She must have known at that point it would present problems. cbc.ca/news/canada/br…
Reading the article, she deferred to the LPC position on self determination, but reassured the FN it would be addressed in individual consultation. Also reminding the audience that self determination is an essential part of reconciliation.

So she knew the conflict it presented.
Self determination is in the spotlight with the interference of a foreign (US) think tank funding a Canadian right wing think tank to build relationships with the FN community to promote resource development as a post reconciliation tool to eradicate poverty.
Atlas Network is funding Macdonald Laurier Institute since at least 2013 to persuade FN to partner with resource development and profile it as a case study of success.

They have several Indigenous case studies worldwide.
Here’s a handy thread unrolled for easy reading of part 1.

Part 2 is focused on the role of Atlas, MLI and the influence in the FN community.

Part 3 the CPC’s motivations (hint: it’s not just to tear down PM)
Atlas is a Far Right American Consequentialist Libertarian Think Tank.

Consequentialists are “ends justify the means” people in a nutshell. It’s more nuanced, a definition is here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consequen…

Libertarian ideology is “free market”, privatization & trickledown.
Atlas is funded by oil industry oligarchs like Koch Brothers, Dominionist Christian Foundations, other Right Wing Think Tanks, Business schools, and a few Canadians. Check the annual report. Interesting speaker at annual gala in 2017 (Fraser Institute).

Atlas funds 13 organizations in Canada. Wondering why Canadian right wing think tanks seem eerily similar to Republican Freedom Caucus? It’s one of MANY think tanks paying for proliferation (AKA Far Right indoctrination) of libertarian ideology in Canada.

Atlas is one of a large number of American organizations coordinating efforts to turn Canada into a libertarian stronghold. Austrian Economics, Mises, Hayek. This is the ideological base of Atlas Network.

This is the ideological beliefs of Canadian fed/prov Conservatives.
For a refresher on all things Libertarian, check the Canadian site for reference. Reads like the policy platforms of every Conservative party in Canada.

So why is Atlas paying to influence Canadian politics and targeting FN?

To avoid Canadian Crown purview, legal regulations & health & safety protections.

To remove the Canadian government’s & Canadian court’s ability to control Canadian resources.
Atlas & its funders oppose UNDRIP & FPIC. Giving FN the power of withholding consent is akin to veto power in their opinion. Multiple Atlas case studies detail influence to reject UNDRIP & to promote adoption of free market libertarian ideology by Indigenous peoples.
Atlas is funding MLI to synchronize corporate goals with reconciliation including secession from Canada. FN would then be free to partner with corporations and bypass all regulations & Canadian government involvement.
Who’s idea was it to separate from Canada? I don’t know. But the FN community, under guidance & coordination of MLI intervention, seem to be aligning with domestic & foreign corporations. I’m not sure that’s such a great idea.
A sovereign nation requires the role of self defence. Along with all the other legislative and bureaucratic functions.

How difficult would it be for Russia, China, Saudi Arabia or the US to annex sovereign nations for access to the natural resources?
Venezuela come to mind? It should. It’s one of Atlas Network’s case studies. They have the largest oil reserves of any nation. US, Russia & China are anxiously waiting to carve it up like a turkey to access resources. I’m not confident Indigenous Venezuelans will benefit.
From a national security perspective, handing large tracts of land title to FN for sovereign control isn’t in Canada’s or FN security interests. Admittedly I’m in favour of national unity, so I’m biased to begin, but imagining Russia annexing large parts of BC concerns me.
But it isn’t just BC, this involves large tracts of federal Crown land across Canada. So Canada could end up looking like Swiss cheese. Sovereign nations dotted throughout the country.

It’s not for me to determine the outcome, but I’m very leery of secession objectives.
Couple that with recently released UCP policy platform for inclusion of private property in the Albertan & Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, and I’m wondering if Canada can survive the coordinated Dominionist Libertarian Christian agenda.

I’m not being hyperbolic. If both objectives are achieved, corporations would have control of a large portion of resources in Canada, leaving Canadians, & presumably FN sovereign nations with only limited & costly legal recourse and without sovereignty.
Part 3 tomorrow.
Way back at the beginning I claimed this is a manufactured scandal with multiple planned outcomes. Coordinated & very purposeful in intent.

The control of the narrative by Conservatives is obvious to those of us who follow news & politics. Sadly it involves NDP shills as well.
There is a purpose behind the SNC scandal beyond inflicting political brand damage on PM & LPC.

It’s manifold, just from CPC perspective. NDP seem to be shilling for relevance, willingly providing an “ethical” character foil for LPC, & role model for CPC. Moral superiority, hmm.
Several agendas are at play.

1. FN dominance in reconciliation
2.Distract from other scandals
3. Foment division nationally
4. Character assassination
5. Signal alliance with Indigenous
6. SNC prosecution
1. This is obvious. As detailed in part 1&2. If land title is transferred to FN as a separate nation, the wealthy Consequentialist Libertarians among the CPC will be waiting in the wings with sharpened carving knives, ready to offer deals beyond FN imagination. Vulture capitalism
2. The perfect day (Ides of March) for this to become national, Jason Kenney, the UCP party & a few Ottawa CPC members are confirmed to be under criminal investigation. Most of us on AB twitter knew months ago where this was heading. But this info was suppressed until today.

Several people involved in the investigation including Brian Jean, Stephen Harper, CPC Ottawa aides, many UCP party members. Here’s Jean trying desperately to distance himself.

Crimes include money laundering & identity fraud
SNC scandal was a handy tool to keep this out of the media. A proliferation of conservative op eds (like the ones the CPC said they’ve never used) were used to focus on Liberals rather than Kenney and some serious criminal allegations.
3. Fomenting division nationally has been the main goal of CPC. Employing the Finkelstein Method, Scheer has been manufacturing scandals about the LPC since last summer using divisive political rhetoric aimed at PM’s ethics, morals & support for feminism.
Bill C-69 (Treason vs Environmentalism)
Gropegate (Feminism vs Predator)
McClintic Sentence (Interference vs Indifference)
India Visit (Incompetence vs Scheer Visit & Kenney)
Huawei Extradition (Rule of Law vs Interference)
SNC DPA (Interference vs Racism & Sexism of FN Woman)
4. It’s been a continuous barrage of accusations & conjecture. Each issue aimed at portions of the electorate purposefully, to chip away at the moral character of the PM & divide voters into tribes.

Classic Finkelstein, & NOTE: Putin’s US strategy too.
If you are unfamiliar with the Finkelstein Method, it’s dirty politics on steroids. Used by Harper way back in 1993. Harper is the master at Finkelstein-think.


Used to elect Far Right authoritarian majorities since Nixon. This is the best article I’ve found describing it. Summary in screen cap
Scheer, Moe, Kenney, are all using Finkel-think to divide & conquer. Under the guidance of IDU Director, Stephen Harper.
SNC is not a Liberal scandal, it’s a manufactured scandal by CPC.

Is JWR complicit? 🤷🏻‍♀️IDK. But there is a possibility since FN Self Determination economic development & CPC support of unfettered resource development align so nicely.
5. As an Indigenous woman, I’m highly suspicious of the outpouring of support from both CPC & NDP MP’s who were mere months ago ripping JWR to shreds. Criticism of the tabled legislation from MOJAG was frequent. Now both parties are her most ardent supporter?
Both parties trying to sell themselves to the FN community as the best option for reconciliation.

One problem, what about the three other Indigenous peoples in Canada?

Inuit, non-status Indians & Métis.

All invested in reconciliation to move past systemic racism & poverty.
CPC are focused on land title, & that’s currently FN only. Nary a mention of the other 3 Indigenous stakeholders.

NDP too. It’s like the NDP assume all Indigenous people’s are one homogeneous tribe. Our issues, access to federal funding, & path to reconcile are all different.
Few Canadians understand there are 4 distinct Indigenous peoples in Canada. Complicated further by on and off reserve FN. Similar but distinct, all with their own experience of systemic racism, abuse & poverty.
LPC’s goal for Reconciliation is to teach mainstream Canadians to understand the differences and unique challenges of each group of Indigenous people.

I am biased. But I don’t see any acknowledgement of Indigenous reconciliation beyond FN issues in recent CPC or NDP rhetoric.
6. SNC prosecution. Scheer has yet to identify his opinion whether SNC would qualify for a DPA or not from CPC perspective. I believe from examine of available public information that he neither wants a DPA nor prosecution. He wants all charges dropped.
SNC is being prosecuted for foreign & domestic bribery, fraud & money laundering crimes occurring between 2008-2014. Charges were laid in early 2015. Delays in getting to trial have led to three recent dismissals because of Jordan decision.
The former CEO, Pierre Duhaime, pleaded guilty to 1 crime February 1, 2019. The other 14 charges were dropped. He pleaded guilty to breach of trust. Bribery, fraud & money laundering charges dropped.
Some even had ALL charges dropped because of delays, including one Feb 15, 2019.


Or this one February 19, 2019

Did you notice? Or were you distracted by the JWR scandal.
In the middle of all these failures to hold SNC bad players accountable, the SNC scandal was published in the Globe & Mail on February 7, 2019.

Few noticed some people who actually committed the crimes are getting charges dismissed due to time delays and the Jordan decision.
Dozens were implicated in corrupt business at SNC. A few were convicted, EVERY ONE by plea deals. Curious? That’s right, every SNC corrupt actor conviction was obtained through a plea deal. Weird.
Not one person charged with an SNC crime has gone to trial. A few have gone to prison, but all were negotiated guilty pleas with many of the worst charges dropped.

That means the public is unaware of the details a trial or DPA would reveal about the crimes committed.
I’m not done. Still documenting what I’ve found. My iPad wouldn’t let me add any more tweets.

Consider the next batch part 3B
So why are plea deals and dropped charges so common? Who dropped the ball? Why are the SNC bad players, the ones who actually committed the crimes, getting to plead down charges or walk away free? There are interesting details to consider.
The time frame the crimes were committed fall within the Harper era. All of them.

Harper targeted the Justice Department in his government wide cuts. Staff cuts & budget cuts were brutal. Warnings reported the situation was unsustainable. cbc.ca/news/politics/…
The above facts are juxtaposed. That’s not an allegation. Just co-occurring events.

But PPSC cuts continued, even though the SNC crimes became public by 2011.

So what did Harper plan to account for reduction of Prosecutor efficacy by cutting 1/5 of its budget?
It’s not a mystery why so many charges have been withdrawn. There’s never been an increase in funding or staff to replace the cuts to prosecutors Harper made. An over stretched budget and significant understaffing issues are still the norm.
JWR was aware of the issues Harper cuts had created. Delays in prosecutions left extreme risk that corruption crimes & murderers could walk free because of Jordan decision restrictions.

And that’s exactly what happened since it was identified July 2017

The former MOJAG, JWR was responsible for advocating for an increase in funds during budget preparations. I found Family Justice, Indigenous Justice, reinstatement of access to Justice funds, Legal Aid, additional regional SC judges.
It’s unrealistic to expect the PPSC to prepare for prosecution of major crimes with insufficient budgetary & human resources. JWR can NOT claim she was unaware. She was the Minister responsible for PPSC. It’s IMPOSSIBLE she was unaware of the strain.
Why would the Director of Public Prosecutions, Kathleen Roussel, rule out the DPA for SNC while so understaffed & underfunded? Trials don’t guarantee conviction. Are PPSC human resources sufficient to properly prep for a trial? DPA does GUARANTEE corporation is held accountable.
SNC charges would only be withdrawn after an agreed upon list of requirements are met. Otherwise the prosecution would resume. Terms would include reparations, adopting an ethics code, ridding Corp of accused bad players, including board, and a hefty fine, within agreed timeline.
No backroom deals to absolve the Corporation of responsibility, DPA’s are subject to Judicial review & approval.

That means a Judge is required to review all evidence against the accused, rationale for DPA, the agreed upon terms, & determine appropriateness for approval.
Three failures to get to trial have allowed SNC bad players to essentially walk free.

Prosecutors must have had some indication in September 2018 of their limitations to bring those three prosecutions to trial. They’d had the file since 2015.

Was that information given to JWR?
I’ve seen tweets that the Crown Prosecutor recommended the DPA & was then overruled by the DPP. I can’t offer confirmation, so this is conjecture.

However, the SNC prosecution is subject to Jordan decision. Corporations are person’s too, by legal definition.
Recent testimony revealed the DPP recommended prosecution and within 12 days, only 4 of which were NOT in Fiji, the former MOJAG reached the same conclusion. Her final decision. She expected to NOT be pressured to review or reconsider any other factors. From that point forward.
The overlooked facts surrounding SNC are concerning. We need more information. And a lot more answers from JWR. What was the rationale for refusing the DPA? For JWR & the DPP?

This isn’t an accusation, just a series of factors yet unconsidered surrounding this scandal.
When I see many SNC bad players have walked free from charges, and all others convicted pleaded guilty, and a push for risk of withdrawal of charges currently in play, my desire to keep digging is triggered. So I did.

That’s part 4.

To be continued.
Confirmation I wasn’t dreaming.

Apparently the Crown Prosecutor did recommend a DPA. But was overruled by DPP.

Read this for an overview of all the Dominionist Christian Libertarian influence in Canada.

Time to continue the story. Part 4

I’m not going to delve into the sordid past of SNC dirty deeds. That’s available, if you’re interested, in various reports by MSM online.

But one person stuck out when I looked into those reports, in the context of all the above information.
Arthur Porter.

Porter died in a Panama jail, in June 2015, while being held for extradition to Canada. The prosecution against him was subsequently dropped in 2017.

So no details about his alleged crimes are public. Case closed.
What were the crimes he was accused of committing as Director of MUHC, a position held since 2004.

Here’s a breakdown.
Note: All the pleas or withdrawal of charges.

THE worst corruption crime in Canada’s history.

Buried in pleas & withdrawals.

I went looking for more details. The crimes committed are a decade old and many Canadians have forgotten the significance of this criminal conspiracy & the significance of Arthur Porter’s role.
Porter wasnt just the director of MUHC, he was also Chairman of the committee that oversees CSIS.

Appointed to the Security Intelligence Review Committee by Stephen Harper in 2008 & promoted by Harper as Chairman in 2010.
Arthur Porter held one of the most crucial positions of authority for Canadian National Security. As chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, he was privy to domestic & foreign intelligence, since Canada is a member of 5 Eyes.
5 Eyes explained:
So Porter was chair of SIRC during the same timeframe he was accused of committing fraud, bribery & money laundering with an international corporation, linked globally to many similar crimes.
The Canadian Chair of SIRC was exposed in MSM to be working with a well connected arms dealer on a deal with Russia, while acting on behalf of another nation, using bribe money received from SNC.

Isn’t this a similar function Jared Kushner or General Flynn provided for Trump?
Access to national & international intelligence, close to national leader making deals with adversarial foreign nations with dirty money?

And our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, barely blinked an eye!

Am I the only one concerned about that revelation?
Especially since all the details are now buried due to Porter’s death, and a gutted PPSC limited to pleas & withdrawals of charges due to Jordan’s Decision?

It’s a HUGE Canadian & International intelligence security breach.
This is the benefit & beauty of hindsight. You can’t see the big picture until many of the pieces are laid out. It would be difficult for contemporary journalists to catch this as it unfolded.

Looking back, now aware of a global criminal crime syndicate, what happened!?
More details about Porter and his appointment to SIRC are very troubling.

He resigned MUHC a few months before his contract expired, but shortly after his SIRC resignation. They threw him a party.

It played as a minor scandal in contemporary news.

Porter was appointed to SIRC under questionable circumstances.

As is required, Harper requested feedback from opposition parties on Porter’s suitability. He received a warning about Porters past in hospital administration in Detroit from Gilles Duceppe. nationalpost.com/news/politics/…
Harper appointed him anyway. No follow up was conducted in Detroit with Porter’s colleagues to determine any risks. It’s unknown if PMO tried to follow up on Gilles Duceppe‘s warning. We only know there was a warning, yet appointed to SIRC, and promoted to Chair within 2 yrs.
This certainly is a problem. Did Arthur Porter compromise Canadian intelligence & security? The man allegedly took bribes, laundered money, committed fraud. He was corrupt, so, possibly?! We may never know. The case is closed.

Intriguing details increase the possible likelihood.
November 8, 2011 an article about Porter and a sketchy deal is published. Two days before Harper announces he accepted the resignation of Porter as Chair of SIRC. The article names and describes the man as Ari Ben-Menashe, former Israeli govt employee.
Ari Ben-Menashe isn’t just any former Israeli govt employee, he’s a former spy for Israel. He was an arms dealer. In fact he was THE arms dealer involved in the Iran-Contra Affair in 1980’s with Reagan, Bush Sr., Oliver North, Casper Weinberger.
That Iran-Contra Affair.
He wrote a book about the ordeal after being found not guilty in US. His defense: just following orders.

Met & married a Canadian woman, applied for & received Canadian citizenship. Lives in Montreal. Owns a firm that provides CSIS w/ information about foreign affairs.
Ben-Menashe was the Israeli agent that received US military arms in Israel, traded them for cash in Iran, gave that cash to US operatives, who then diverted $ to secure weapons for the Contras to overthrow the Nicaraguan socialist govt., delivered to the Contras by Ben-Menashe.
That’s who Arthur Porter, Chair of Canada’s SIRC, hired to secure $120M in funding from RUSSIA, in exchange for a Sierra Leone based Russian port. Acting as Ambassador Plenipotentiary (AKA foreign agent) for Sierra Leone, he used the bribes he received from SNC to secure the deal
Stephen Harper calmly accepted his resignation with commendations for his exemplary public service.

Then a few months later slipped an unannounced change of CSIS oversight into an omnibus bill.
And final report: nationalpost.com/news/canada/cs…
The final report of the Inspector General covers the period from Apr/10-Mar/11. Before Porter’s secret deal with Russia was exposed in MSM. No oversight for the Minister of Public Security on Porter file. nationalpost.com/news/canada/cs…

Key finding: numerous inaccuracies in reporting.
Harper’s response when an arrest warrant for Porter & his wife were issued is troubling.

Harper downplayed the risk to National Security. Said Porter’s accused crimes had nothing to do with his SIRC role.

Vic Toews even blamed
Vic Toews even blamed the opposition for not opposing the appointment before it was made.

But remember, Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Party, DID oppose the appointment. And Porter was appointed anyway.

Part 4 B soon
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