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#hongkongprotest rally in Vancouver. Mainland China nationalists showed up. Hong Kong solidarity group chanting #freehongkong and #twosystems while China nationalists chanting #onechina and “take off your masks” and singing the Chinese national anthem

Nationalists chanting “we love Hong Kong” and “we love China” with banner that says “Hong Kong is part of Chinatown”.
Supporters coming off of the Canada line to join their side. There’s enough people to close off the shoulder lane on broadway
Nationalist side is seemingly louder with their chants at the moment. Someone dropped off signage and distributed it amongst their side.
“Free canadian” being chanted by pro Hong Kong group. #Hongkongprotest
Lots of media at event, including CBC, Ming Pao at event.
Both sides chatting up passerbys, handing out information. Hong Kong side has petition
Traffic authorities shut down the shoulder lane on both broadway and Cambie. Overheard discussions on closing another lane.
Nationalist contingent surrounding wrapping around the broadway-city Hall station #HongKongProtests
Pro Hong Kong group spilling over on broadway, with signs and posters arriving. The helmets and face masks out amongst the crowd. #cansaveHK
Rally organizers doing a great job helping traffic authorities keep crowds safe with the 99 bus and cars driving past. Also saw volunteers guide commuters ro@the Canada line station. #cansaveHK #Hongkongprotest
Scene at 4:40pm In Vancouver at the Hong Kong rally. Both sides having more and more people showing up....! Not even the first hour of the rally out of a plan of four (until 8pm)

Police doing great job keeping sides separate. Access to sky train station still relatively easy despite crowds. Supporters for both sides growing quickly though.
Snippet of chants from both sides. It’s loud here.
#cansaveHK #Hongkongprotest #antiELAB
Saw the first middle finger being thrown. With some people applauding for it.

Chats now:
“Two systems” vs “one China”
Yo @nathanlawkc good to see you in Vancouver again 😂

#cansavehk #Hongkongprotest
Brought out the big flags.
With pro Hong Kong chanting “back to China”
Flipping the bird here with chants of “there is only one China” in Mandarin. #HongKongProtests #cansaveHK
Lol got dragged away (lightly) by a cop for blocking the path way to the station while taking precious picture. It’s fine, they doing their job to make sure pathway is clear
Supplies for rally goers found
Uh oh .... nationalists chanting “China is your daddy” in Mandarin.
Will upload longer video of another heated debate later. Nationalists questioning why they (three white films) are at rally supporting Hong Kong.
#FreeHongKong #cansavehk #HongKongProtests
#cansaveHK hand made signs in support of Hong Kong
Drive by by nationalists. Met with cheers and boos
#cansavehk #hongkongprotests In Vancouver
Police intervening with someone sharing his thoughts with the nationalists
#freeHK balloons?
Explicit language in Mandarin being shouted by nationalists with someone on their side telling them to cut it out
Pro Hong Kong brought out a Winnie the poo stuffy and is hearing it with a pro Hong Kong flag. Winnie the poo is banned on WeChat and Weibo because of an internet meme depicting president Xi as poo

#cansavehk #HongKongProtests
Ok, more aggressive chants and shouting happening now. Physical distance between crowds maintained but you can feel the tension
National anthem by pro nationalists met with boos by pro Hong Kong rally goers
One person from nationalist shouting “stop the killings! Stop terrorism!!”

Wow. Nationalists shows up in Mclaren and Ferrari
Water being distributed by nationalists. People on pro Hong Kong side asking rhetorically who is backing them with supplies
Pro Hong Kong chanting “take your money (from the mainland government) and leave” in Cantonese. And now “off work!” Alluding to how nationalists are paid to show up.

Thanks kind people for translating for this mandarin speaking Taiwanese canadian.
Wow. We just got informed that the “second shift (of nationalists) is coming”

I was just wondering why they cleared out

#freehongkong #cansavehk #HongKongProtests
Pro Hong Kong rally goers burst in applause for nationalists who are taking the Canada line to leave the protest 😂
Now “thank you police” chants

Note how Nationalists have really cleared out.
Pro Hong Kong group signing Canada national anthem. Let with boos from the nationalists.

#hongkongprotests #cansaveHK #freehongkong
Officer asking rally organizers when pro Hong Kong rally goers will leave because nationalists are clearing out
Someone drove by with British flag. Met with applause by pro Hong Kong group
Sign alluding to the June 4th tiananmen massacre
Now chanting “free detained Canadians”, the two Michaels
“Free Hong Kong!” Chants in Vancouver, Canada
#hongkongprotests #antiELAB
Kids handing out info to commmuters
View from the other side. Nationalists have mostly cleared out. There are occasional outburst towards the pro Hong Kong groups, finger pointing and everything.
Pro Hong Kong crowd still standing strong. Chants and applause ongoing
Sole vocal nationalist shouting at the pro Hong Kong side. What a machine. At least twenty minutes straight
Convoy of mainland nationalist cars driving by and honking. There’s at least six cars. Cops stepping in to tell them to stop honking.
Only a few on the nationalists side are actively participating. The others are milling about watching. #FreeHongKong #cansavehk #antiELAB
The pro Hong Kong side has not wavered one bit. Doesn’t seem like anyone left. Chants still going strong. None stop.
“Shame on you!” She’s still going!

Good person to have had on that scene in game of thrones.
6:30 crowd update. Pro Hong Kong crowd still standing solid. Nationalist side sparse with occasional person walking by and shouting expletives
Standing on the nationalist side and over hearing things in Mandarin has been fascinating. Nationalists are telling each other how they shouldn’t swear at the pro Hong Kong side. One person wanted to change Mainland money into Hong King dollars to throw at them.
Discussions around how for those with interest and energy, to gather again at 8:30 at Robson and Granville for another rally.
Both sides have families with kids in attendance. Overhearing the kids asking their family what is going on.
Organizer on the nationalist side sharing how to gather again at 8:30/9pm. Met with applause and another round of “call me daddy” chants in Mandarin.
Nationalist side: “Hong Kong is part of China, don’t speak Cantonese!”
Nationalist side getting organized again. Starting with national anthem.

#HongKongProtests #antiELAB
Woman being consoled by friends. Overheard that she was triggered by the Tiananmen Square reference on one of the posters by the pro Hong Kong side
Pro Hong Kong side still standing strong. Wow. 6:45. Might make it to the original 8pm planned close time
Pro Hong Kong side still mostly here. Wraps around east side of the station. With volunteers directing pedestrians to the station. They are still distributing materials. 6:55pm
White Porsche with large Chinese flag drove by swearing at pro Hong Kong side. Met with expletives in Cantonese I’m return.

These nationalist cars are doing circles around the block.
Nationalist side cleared out even further. Cute print at home sign with him shouting in English how prom Hong Kong side should take off their face masks. “I have nothing to hide!”

(Ok, national surveillance social credit system).
Pro Hong Kong shouting “go back to China!” In English. I wonder what the cops, mostly white, think of all this.
Chants of “thank you police” from the Hong Kong side again. Chant stopped by applause for nationalists waving mainland China flag as they enter the Canada line station to leave the rally.
Family with kids on the pro Hong Kong side still at rally. They’ve been here since the beginning!
At least it’s semi clean around here. Garbage overflow.
Someone call City of Vancouver 3-1-1.
Slogans and posters found around broadway-city hall station by the pro Hong Kong side. Leaflets and petitions being distributed.
Lennon wall being set up by pro Hong Kong side. people taking time to write a note.
Nationalist “shame” lady still here. What what trooper. I’m sitting down and tweeting because... feet tired. Standing and walking around since 4pm.
7:25pm. Pro Hong Kong group still standing strong. Chants still lively with the occasion commuter walking by clapping or putting fist up in the air as support. Cars honking too. Roar of applause every time. #HongKongProtests #antiELAB #cansaveHK
Since last tweet: it’s quiet and I caught up with some folks I know and chatted up some cops for the hell of it.
Not much going on. Chants by pro Hong Kong side have mostly subsided,
7:37pm. Pro Hong Kong side mostly still here. I say it’s 70% of when when it was at its largest. Applause for when rally goers leave and wave goodbye.
I can’t believe it. “Shame” lady is still at it. Outlasting my phone battery and extra battery pack.
Overheard: Groups of pro Hong Kong rally goers chatting about other rallies around the globe. Sharing news in person vs... twitter 😂
Rally is now over. Organizers for pro Hong Kong side thanked everyone for sticking it through to 7:45 and thanked the police for keeping order.
Overheard: “I did not expect that I would be here for four hours!” From a younger pro Hong Kong rally goer.
Select notes from the temporary Lennon wall.
Printed posters by Pro Hong Kong organizers. Free for rally goers
I'm back in my flat. Safe.

1. Thank you to those who texted, called, tweeted, (other) to check in if i was safe. It was fine today; not the same as in other rallies in other Cities.
2. I won't be there tomorrow (Sunday) to cover the rally as I have work commitments and hanging with my mom but please keep an eye out as I'm sure someone will cover it.

3. Thank you for following along, I hope my coverage helped shed light on what is happening in Hong Kong.
Signing off for now.

Props to the Pro Hong Kong side for sticking it through the entirety of the 4 hours with such good and positive spirits. Keep up the fight. Stay safe. Know you have allies alongside you. #FreeHongKong #香港加油!
Here is the longer altercation as promised. I was filming to cover for friend in case anything happened. Nationalists definitely took his picture.

This was about as physically close the two sides got from what I experienced.
Also, thank you to the many for sharing this account of the #Hongkongprotests rally this afternoon in Vancouver.

I’m happy to share that this thread has been seen and shared by organizers in Hong Kong. Some have passed on messages of thanks for showing up. #FreeHongKong
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