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Every Voice Matters - a #HongKongProtest art thread

We take a look at some #MeiWithHongKong artwork, and explore the influences of gaming on our protest art, as well as the movement itself. 1/18
HK mvmt’s newest icon is a scientist called Mei from Xi’an who shoots w/ her ice guns. When Blizzard punished gamer @blitzchung for supporting HK in an after-match interview, netizens decided in all their chaotic goodness to co-opt Mei into a revolutionary protest figure. 2/18
The internet turned Mei into a HKer. She douses out tg. She's an ☂️ in hand, shield at her hips, & sensibly wears a gas mask. And she shouts the words that got @blitzchung banned, the words that hv become HKer's rallying cry - 'Liberate HK, Revolution of our times!’ 3/18
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When you do business in China, you’re doing business with the Chinese government, right @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump ?
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1/ I want to tell a story about me and violence.
It was back to July 21, I was dragging my body back home at midnight after a long day of protest. I lay in my bed, Priscilla was asleep, and I scroll on my phone in the dark. My newsfeed was swarmed with footages..
2/ featuring thugs who held metal rods and hit train passengers indiscriminately at a train station. These hired thugs, later confirmed as gangs connected to pro-Beijing lawmaker and the Chinese liaison office of Hong Kong. They were beating people under the watch of the police..
3/ some were escorted personally by riot police to their safe haven.

I barely slept that night, adrenaline in my body kept me awake. My mind kept rehearsing how would I defend the passengers if I was on the train. The next day, terror has occupied the atmosphere of Hong Kong.
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#NOW in Tsim Sha Tsui, umbrella-holding protesters have occupied Salisbury Rd and walked into Nathan Road. Not a huge crowd but many are waiting along roads from TST pier.
Cantonese is difficult but not too difficult
@ Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hold it tight when storm looms - protesting couples in #AntiMaskBan march in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Chan Ka-ming, a pro-democracy district council candidate, is chanting slogan at a TST station exit on Nathan Rd.
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Hong Kong Protest continue on the 70th Anniversary of the
Rise of Communism in China 🇨🇳

LIVE: Unauthorised march takes place in Hong Kong on National Day of China via @YouTube @Ruptly


@beldandolo @AutistMember @PhillyQ_ @mbees39 @Rainncloudy
Procession of Flags


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China mentions #Kashmir

#Turkey and #Malaysia mentions #Kashmir

#Bangladesh mentions the 1971 genocide

But PM Modi didn't utter a word on





#Kurdistan or

declare to recognize #ArmenianGenocide

#India's idealism is frustrating
How can India argue for its place at #UNSC when we remain silent on major issues?

इतने ही तटस्थ हो नाव लेकर गंगा में काहे जाते हो

बैठो घाट पर और चिलम पियो

Yes, Kasmir is an issue

Make it an issue

Talk about #HinduGenocide in Pakistan

Talk about #Balochsitan #OrdinanceXX
PM Modi is the leader of India

His words matter

His anger will be discussed

His warning will be heeded to

Scrapping #Article370 is huge step in India but in global geopolitics, it is just a much-delayed step

Drop the hesitation...
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People stepping on the “Road of #XiJinping”, quite a number of them even stopped and jumped on it. Ahead of Chinese National Day, focus of #HongKong protest is shifted to discontent to CCP. #HongKongProtests
This is how #HongKong protesters appeal to mainland Chinese ahead of 1st Oct national day - Lyrics of Chinese National Anthem “March of the volunteers” are presented with pictures of democratic movement & CCP’s repression. #China70years #HongKongProtest
How #HongKong protesters appeal to mainland Chinese - Lyrics of #PRC National Anthem are presented under the context of 1989 democratic movement.
>#LiuXiaobo spoke at Tiananmen Square
>Judges marched to support democracy
>@PDChina reporters called for revocation military control
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6 days ago I made a Instagram post in support of freedom for Hong Kong. This is a 7 year old art that I've posted many times without issue. The only difference is this time I made the post in support of Hong Kong fighting for freedom against the oppressive Chinese government.
The next day, my post was removed for "hate speech". This isn't Instagram's fault. The Chinese government paid attackers to mass report me, thus triggering the algorithm to automatically remove my post. I appealed the removal and my art was restored.
However, ever since that day, I've been shadowbanned as well and I'm still shadowbanned. No doubt due to the same abuse of report button by the paid attackers. The Chinese government have figure out a way to censor and control free speech even outside of their country.
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America says NO to the destructive plague of #globalism. It is not an alternative governing system, but an international criminal cooperative who rose up the political and corporate ladders to form an alliance of evil that seeks to enslave and eventually eliminate free people.
Don't fall for their lies or attempts to appeal to your empathy and good nature. They know you just want to do what's right so they say stuff you want to hear so they can grab the reins of power through your vote - then lock down the system so you cannot remove them. AWAKEN!
They've become so powerful, you would never dream that the most familiar of faces, the ones we thought were on our side, are members of this gargantuan organized crime gang; performing disgusting acts and crimes against humanity, all while mastering the art of public deception.
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Sebuah panduan taktik para demonstran di Hongkong ketika berunjuk rasa. Panduan yang mungkin akan berguna saat melakukan aksi turun ke jalan.

Cara meredam gas air mata: jangan lupa bawa tumbler, tak lupa sarung tangan anti panas.
Jangan lupa bawa sarung tangan anti-panas. Suhu proyektil gas air mata yang baru ditembakkan bisa capai 70 derajat. Cukup buat kulitmu terkelupas.
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wow! #HongKongers calling for international help to #StandWithHongKong and join the worldwide march on 9.29

#HongKong #HongKongProtest
Police banning a march again and again? #HongKongers will not be deterred to speak out again and again.
#HongKongers really don't give a damn whether there is @hkpoliceforce's "permission" to march, you can't silence the voices by suppression. This is Hong Kong, not in mainland China.

#HongKong #HongKongProtests #FreeHongKong #StandWithHongKong
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Influence operations targeting #HongKongProtests are still active on Twitter, @AstroscreenHQ just found a live one! A THREAD
@AstroscreenHQ Between August 29 and September 4, *4,016* Twitter users posted 17,063 mentions of hashtags in support of the Hong Kong police and against the protesters. Our team found that at least 67% of those accounts were fake.
@AstroscreenHQ The 3 hashtags @astroscreenHQ analysed were #暴徒(thugs), #守護香港 (guarding Hong Kong) and #全民撐警 (National support for the police).
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Joshua Wong, who symbolizes Hong Kong's struggle to retain its democratic freedoms from authoritarian China, has been arrested by the Beijing-backed Hong Kong police…
Joshua Wong, the student pro-democracy campaigner,
was bundled into a van while walking along street.… Here's his last tweet before his arrest: #HongKong
Also arrested by Beijing-backed #HongKong police: pro-democracy leaders including Agnes Chow.… #Hongkongprotest
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Draconian Powers granted by Hong Kong Emergency Declaration Ordinance
(if enacted by Xi Xingping puppet Carrie Lam)

PDF in English:!en@2…
Power to Make Regulations. A very broad power that allows the Chief Executive (Lam) to make ANY laws on the fly.
Total and Complete Censorship
A blackout of any and all means of communication.
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#hongkongprotest rally in Vancouver. Mainland China nationalists showed up. Hong Kong solidarity group chanting #freehongkong and #twosystems while China nationalists chanting #onechina and “take off your masks” and singing the Chinese national anthem

Nationalists chanting “we love Hong Kong” and “we love China” with banner that says “Hong Kong is part of Chinatown”.
Supporters coming off of the Canada line to join their side. There’s enough people to close off the shoulder lane on broadway
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Hong Kong's "Summer of Dissent" [thread]. I'm starting a series of illustrations to explain some of the context of the current protests. I think what is happening right now is history in the making and I want to add perspective to some of the reporting I've seen. #hongkongprotest
1: The extradition bill and why HK people are still angry about it. Next up: how the relations between protesters and the police have deteriorated. #hongkongprotest

If you support this project, consider donating to it:… Thank you, and stay tuned!
2: The protests by the numbers and a look into how the relations between the public and the police have deteriorated. #HongKongProtests

If you support this project, consider donating to it:… Thank you for the generous support so far!
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English Infographics for #FreedomHK Thread 🧵

Feel free to take them & use them to promote the Water Revolution of Hong Kong! They are made by netizens of HK & do not belong to anyone. #antiELABhk #HongKongProtests
Let’s start with the MTR Non Cooperation Movement: a message to MTR riders from Hong Kongers

#HongKongProtests #YuenLongDarkNight #FreedomHK
Resistance schedule! What are Hong Kongers up to? #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
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This evening there is a crowd dressed in white marching in Yuen Long. They seem to be against #antiELAB protesters. #antiELAB protesters are telling each other to stay safe and avoid the area.

More photos from Yuen Long.
Meanwhile in Yuen Long.
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🇭🇰 "We have no intention to set a deadline for this work."

Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam says she’s suspending the controversial China-backed #ExtraditionBill that’s sparked thousands to protest. More @business: #香港 #反送中
🇭🇰☂ In Hong Kong, another massive march is pushing ahead today despite the government's decision to suspend a controversial China-backed #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中

Read more @business:
A sea of black in Hong Kong today as protesters gather for another march over an unpopular #ExtraditionBill #香港 #反送中
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A Trump delete/retweet with no grammatical changes - but code is still easy.
Note is posted on 6/13/2019 -"not ready today"
He deletes at 13th minute = 13th day = today
He retweets it 21st minute = something big to happen in #Iran within 8 days! #Qanon
New Trump tweet delete changing "i" to "u"
1st tweet = 12th min = Day of interview which has been used in countless hit pieces since. Changing "i" to "u" of "Ridiculous" = Asking allies to turn this argument from himself to them. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Trump misspelling - Lockheed -> Lockhead - context of Coatesville- Pennsylvania = connected with 9/11- and Lockheed = planes perhaps some info is about to get "unlocked"?… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #Itshappening
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HK will likely ignite again on June 12 when the extradition bill is scheduled for second reading. Calls for actions have are now circulating in Telegram groups. Not heeding the popular will is going to have dire long term consequences for the HK government.
More calls for protest on June 12
Intersting poster, @jwassers. Goes to what you said the other week about protest as a form of learning and not an attempt to escape education.
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Massive crowds take to streets in ‘last fight’ for #HongKong: an estimated 1 million people join protest against proposed law that would allow China to extradite people to the mainland #occupyHK…
Hundreds of masked protesters attempted to storm the #HongKong parliament at midnight following the massive rally against the extradition bill, sparking clashes with riot police…
100 businesses pledge to close their doors to allow workers to join another protest against #HongKong’s controversial extradition bill #HongKongProtest
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Time lapse video of Hong Kong protests against extending the Chinese police state to the territory, by @stilltalkin
Important point by @AsiaMTI director @GregPoling — the police state founded by Mao is not the only possible future for China, but a better one depends on international support for free expression such as #Hongkongprotest today.
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