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How do we understand the editorial ideology of a magazine like #TheEconomist ? A thread that raises some questions to the magazine. I recently read articles from the below 6 editions with some observations. You can read & decide if same questions hit your mind. @TVMohandasPai
@TheEconomist takes note of major economic reforms but choses to overshadow those by “Hindu nationalist goals” like Kashmir lockdown. Hindu-Nationalist ? I don’t see Chinese nationalist or English nationalist being used. So how does patriotism in India becomes Hindu nationalism?
#TheEconomist says #Modi achieved “unusual unity amongst Hindus” & his victory has “settled the debate in favor of Hindutva”. In a 80% Hindu country, what’s wrong with “unity amongst Hindus” ? You want to see us divided as before?
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A group of protesters set alight on Sunday the lobby of a newly built residential building in Hong Kong that authorities planned to use as a quarantine facility, as public fears about the coronavirus outbreak intensified. #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanPneumonia
Protesters now have a new ‘Anti-Epidemic’ Five Demands. Source: Telegram #antielab #hongkongprotests #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanPneumonia
The lobby of the newly built residential building, that the government planned to use as a quarantine facility, was set on fire by the protesters earlier on. Credit: Tyrone Siu. #antielab #hongkongprotests #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanPneumonia
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‘We've had enough!’: German farmers drive tractors through Berlin to protest EU agriculture policy

Tear gas fills the streets of Paris as Yellow Vests protests continue for 62nd consecutive weekend
Lebanese security forces use water cannons against protesters in Beirut who rally against corruption and mismanagement in the country

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1/ Congratulations to #Taiwan’s new President #TsaiIngWen @iingwen and also #DPP @DPPonline under her lead! 👏🏻#Taiwan2020 #TaiwanElection
2/ Also glad to know many young politicians can successfully take seats in the legislature, such as #DPP’s Lai Pin-yu, Hong Shen-hang, #TSP’s Chen Bo-wei, and Independent @FreddyLim. Unfortunately, it is really pity that @enoch_tw can't make it this time.
3/ Today is the day for the majority of #Taiwaneses to choose their fate, to safeguard their democracy and freedoms, and most importantly, to say no to #CCP's authoritarian invasion. People of #Taiwan also show the world their defiance of #Beijing’s lie of #onecountrytwosystems.
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It's #TaiwanElection day here in #Taiwan, the last bastion of democracy in the Chinese speaking world. Long queues since 8am at the voting stations in #taipei
Hearing a lot of "韩国瑜" at this voting station in #Taipei #TaiwanElection
Looks like the polling station I was at isn't a representative enough sample. Thanks goodness.
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1/ Hong Kong #YellowEconomicCircle is evolving! Instead of promoting individual pro-democracy ‘Yellow’ stores, #山下黃舍 in Central and Western District aims to develop a community of yellow businesses.

How does it work?

#HongKongProtests #BuyYellowEatYellow
2/ ‘Yellow’ stores are divided into 3 colors (green/blue/red, not reflecting of political stance). Consumers can redeem coupons by collecting different color stamps when they shop in different pro-democracy neighborhood businesses.

#YellowEconomicCircle #BuyYellowEatYellow
3/ It is a win-win situation that strengthens #YellowEconomicCircle in a neighborhood:

Not only profits will be even out among ‘Yellow’ businesses, the coupon program will attract consumers of different political stance.

#HongKongProtests #BuyYellowEatYellow
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1/ Fascistizing HK in 2020

(h/t @XinqiSu)
Via my formidable autotranslate skills🤪

#HongKong Educ secy #KevinYeung:

- #HKers are Chinese; we will punish problem teachers severely
- schools use improper biased teaching materials to mislead the mind…
@XinqiSu 2/ #KevinYeung (last yr he suggested HKers switch to Mandarin)

- 123 cases of teacher "misconduct" (incorrect views)
- 74 investigations completed; follow-up actions on 13 of them
- students who hv bn caught up in mass arrests will be threatened: "the consequences can be v srs"
@XinqiSu 3/ #KevinYeung

we have rec'd many complaints that teachers have made inappropriate comments on personal websites & we need to know if they hv done similar things on campus. Process usu takes > a mth to complete.

#antifascism #antiCCP
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2019 was the year of 🌍 protests:

🇩🇿 Algeria protests erupted after Bouteflika’s fifth term re-election bid
🇸🇩 After bread prices tripled overnight, #SudanUprising topples al-Bashir
🇭🇰 Extradition bill triggers 7-month #HongKongProtests
🇮🇶 #IraqProtests against corruption and economic mismanagement
🇮🇷 Anti-gov #IranProtests fuelled following a 50% fuel price hike overnight
🇱🇧 Proposed WhatsApp tax triggers nation-wide anti-gov #LebanonProtests
🇪🇬 Corruption allegations against President el-Sisi & gov’t spark rare protests in Egypt
🇪🇸 Conviction of Catalan leaders triggers pro-independence rallies
🇻🇪 Venezuela protests both in support & opposition to Maduro
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#NOW outside TST pier and Harbour City, citizens and tourists are enjoying a colourful and festive Christmas Eve while a small group of riot police are guarding the Star Ferry’s exit
#CarrieLam just published a video on her FB page, wishing people a peaceful, safe and merry Christmas.
Riot police patrolling Canton Road in TST.
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On this bright & fine Sunday, hundreds of ppl have gathered at Edinburgh Place in Central to call for support for Uighurs in Xinjiang, expressing fear that Hong Kong will soon face similar oppression if Beijing tightens its grip on the city. #HongKongProtests
The crowd has grown significantly since the start of the rally. Ppl are waving many types of flags around, but no flag of China spotted. #HongKongProtests
Protest art at today's rally: Participants reminding each other to use the name East Turkestan instead of Xinjiang, and a bit of holiday greetings around.
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Ain’t sure where head of the procession is, but Hennessy Road and all the side streets are alrdy filled with experienced marchers waiting to cut the queue. Likely another massive turnout for today’s CHRF march, one of the biggest we’ve seen in a while as many woleifei’re back.
You know things are about to start...when luxury shops are pulling down their shutters.
Quite a delay in uploading videos. Connection is bad. But hey, here’s Pepe crossover Sesame Street?
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A large number of protesters have packed Causeway Bay's East Point Road an hour ahead of the Civil Human Rights Front's 3pm protest march from Victoria Park to Central.

Photo: May James / HKFP.
Sunday's march is the first organised by the Civil Human Rights Front in months to receive #HongKong police approval. Police called on participants to stay peaceful.

Over the months, police often banned marches and cancelled rally approvals last-minute.

Photo: May James / HKFP.
The police approval letter for Sunday's march lasts from 12-6pm for the gathering in Victoria Park's grass lawn, and from 3-10pm for the march to Central's Chater Road.

Police say they will only open three Hennessy Road carriage-lanes plus the tramways.

Photo: May James / HKFP.
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It wasn’t easy to convince these Hong Kong and mainland Chinese students to talk about #HongKongprotests publicly, but when they did sit down to chat, I was surprised by the openness of the conversation.…
The #HongKongProtests sentiment has been so polarized that we’ve seen lots of anger and hatred. Few are willing to listen to the different voices from both sides. Condensing a 2-hour chat into 10 mins was difficult, but it casts a light on the possibility of mutual understanding.
“The #HongKongProstests are multilayered multifaceted. It’s at the same time a political revolution for democracy and a class revolution against the elites and it involves nativism and racism. You can agree with people on one dimension and totally disagree on another dimension.”
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My translation of “Glory to Hong Kong”, sung by a friend and myself.

What follows will be a thread of the lyrics and some of my thoughts on why I made those translation choices.

We stand on this land worn by tears
But our rage burns away all our fears
Lift your face, find your voice, free your silent tongue
For our freedom shall be won.
We march though our tears cloud the path
We march with no doubt in our hearts
Blood falls with our tears, but we still march on,
To bring freedom to Hong Kong
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[Thread] #Grèvedu5decembre à Toulouse ! Notre suivi de la journée (Et de la suite?) commence maintenant avec un petit son pour se mettre en jambe : Riot in Toulouse de Little Bob Story (1977). Go !

Ce matin sur le périph toulousain, feux de palettes et opération escargot : (…)

Mirail, Sciences Po et plusieurs lycées bloqués ce matin. La grève dans l'éducation nationale est massive (entre 60 et 90% de grévistes) et suivie par les lycéen-ne-s.
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to the non-HKers who are following me for the #HongKongProtests:

sorry about the whole neo-nazi freak out 🙏🏼 to sum it up, there are some suspicious characters at the fringes of HK‘s pro-democracy movement.

the majority of HKers are NOT aligning with these fringe thoughts! 1/?
while it may seem that HKers are sliding closer and closer to extremist views (e.g. alt-right imagery, white supremacist allies),

𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗛𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗞𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻𝗱𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿

yes, there is a small and vocal minority that is advocating increasingly dangerous ideals, and yes, as we become more desperate, we begin to grab at any straws we can reach, which can lead to some dangerous alliances (3/?)
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ATL🇺🇸 in #HongKong: THREAD 1/n

Today SO MUCH in one short video:

* Melee of press, #police, protesters & tourists
* #HongKongProtester being arrested
* UK tourist watching atop the silver sculpture
* Sound of pepper spray being sprayed (fountain-style)
* Tear gas being shot
#HongKong THREAD 2/n

I'm not here to be at the front lines (this guy👇👇👇 is), but to visit with some #HongKongers & their supporters involved.

Think of it as American Thought Leaders🇺🇸, #HongKong Edition, & why not ATL🇺🇸—it's been said that this resembles, in some ways, 1776.
#HongKongProtests THREAD 3/n

Meet conflict reporter @Michael_Yon (with gas mask & orange vest) & #HongKong videographer Eric Fok @RazvenHK (donning mask).

Ok, before you meet them, meet the rather assertive #HongKongPolice. Big blue sign means "this protest is unauthorized."
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The march from Tsim Sha Tsui to Coliseum begins. Theme of this protest is 毋忘初心, despite pro-democracy candidates winning majority of district council seats, #HongKong people continue to take to the streets in huge number as their demands remain unmet.
A stark contrast in atmosphere outside the newly reopened Museum of Art, where people are dancing to music at an outdoor concert (which, surprisingly, isn’t cancelled...?)
Okay. The procession is moving along Avenue of Stars, but apparently this is not the approved route. So people are heading back to Salisbury Road.
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On the way to Edinburgh Place for Thanksgiving assembly, #HongKongProtests mascots are on sale/display—Pepe the frog + 連豬 + 勇武
People are waving the national flag and singing the national anthem of the US at the #Thanksgiving assembly as part of #HongKongProtests. #POTUS signed the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act into law this morning HK time
#GloryToHongKong #願榮光歸香港 + American flag. What a combo... #HongKongProtests
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Thousands have gathered at Edinburgh Place on Thanksgiving Day to express gratitude to US govt for signing HK Human Rights and Democracy Act into law. This is the first major rally organised after the #DCelection and turnouts are still strong.
Before the program begins, the protesters observed a one minute silence in remembrance of casualties in the movement.
US national anthem played at the beginning in the rally, but the sign interpreter stole the show.
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nonetheless, international observers should not prematurely celebrate the election results as an end to the #hongkongprotests - they simply show how hongkongers are determined to take every opportunity to make our voices heard within a system that is rigged against us
while celebrating the historic results, hongkongers have immediately reminded one another that this is not a victory. the city still looks like a police state; the situation in #polyu has been declared to be a humanitarian crisis. 4000+ have been arrested; countless injured.
hongkongers are celebrating because we have taken our struggle from the streets, to the hills, to the districts, to the ballot boxes – from 'adding oil', to 'resisting', to 'taking revenge', to 'voting', these are all threads in an arduous fight for democracy & self-determination
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mini-thread comment on this:

I think this is a very accurate take for the *time* Simon Cheng was kidnapped. This would also roughly be when a foreign friend left HK was his family after death threats got too intense and he was being followed whenever he left the house.
Simon Cheng would have set off every red flag for a Ministry of State Security cadre looking for the "black hand" organizing #HongKongProtests.
- worked at UK Consulate

- was assigned to monitor protests and participated

- set up a study group that included Mainlanders here

- was collecting money to bail a Mainland protester out of jail during that trip to Shenzhen

- was in contact with a lot of 'leaders', I assume
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At 3:50 a.m. local time, 4 individuals dressed in black and wielding batons entered the print shop and warehouse of the #HongKong edition of @EpochTimes and set a fire.

This is our response. (Thread 👇)…
The telescopic batons carried by the thugs in the video are similar to those used by the #HongKongPolice. Two of the thugs who carried out the attack were dressed in black with masks, like the #HongKongProtesters.

This was apparently done in an effort to confuse…
…the situation, as this tactic fits a pattern we have seen in #HongKong. Police and thugs have pretended to be protesters, journalists, and citizens, and committed violence, including beatings and arson, then blamed the protesters in an attempt to discredit them.
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4 masked intruders dressed in black set a fire at the printing press of the #HongKong edition of @EpochTimes in the early hours of Nov. 19, marking the 4th attack to the facility since its opening more than a decade ago. (Thread 👇)…
The incident took place around 3:40AM, as the staff there were about to send off newly printed newspapers to the stands.

Moments after staff opened the factory door, 4 masked men walked into the facility and pointed batons towards the workers, shouting: “all of you don’t move!”
Surveillance footage shows 2 of the men dressed in all black carrying batons, while one of them holds newspapers, and another carries two containers containing a flammable liquid, which he poured onto the factory machines and newspapers.
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