So much noise about what Brexit means. Why not just check the source. Dominic Cummings.

Simple answers

Here we go: thread👇

Did we know what we were voting for?
How about Tory Red Lines? Were they part of "the brexit people voted for"
So what does respecting the vote mean?
So what was the will of the people? Guess what. Nothing to do with today's fights.
And that largest democratic mandate in history Dominic? How true is that?
You think politicians messed up in 2016? That if they'd admitted the mistake then we wouldn't have this problem?
Part 2 coming soon.

In the meantime if you think this is a remainer conspiracy of lies. Take a look at the detail here. Line by line what Cummings said.

Then reflect. Are we doing this the right way?

You want a bonus before part 2? OK how about the brilliant plan that the remainer elite messed up because Brexiters weren't in charge?
Ok Part 2.

A large reason why we've taken the time to put this together and link quotes verbatim is to show real Brexit problems.

We are a country divided because politicians and media have conspired to do the wrong thing. So let's see what Dominic thinks of those politicians
On politicians in general, such as Boris? As you probably guessed. Dominic's opinion isn't generally too high.
What about the validity of political arguments. When they play with the future of our country, for example? How deeply considered are their plans. Or is it all just poker and adrenalin? Dominic knows.
This one, which we posted as a bonus, gets to the heart of the problem that leavers are waking up to. Brexit isn't a mess due to interference from an annoying Remainer elite. It was simply awfully planned even by those fighting for it for 40 years.
And if Brexit was hijacked? You only need to compare Brexit16 to Brexit19 to see they are completely different. A vote misrepresented.

What if they had been hijacked by the bankers Dominic warned us had undermined confidence in all experts from 2008?
What about the campaigns themselves. Remain or Leave. Did any of them have the right political brains to help the People make the right decision?

Or was the whole thing, much like Brexit today, about ego?
So many celebrities like Shouty Julia, have built a platform on a personal reinterpretation of what Brexit means with Hindsight. Does Dominic have respect for them?
Have those celebrities, our politicians, our media, helped with a rational discussion of Brexit? To determine the best path for the country?
Was there in fact any rational discussion from politicians, or was it all shady fear mongering about Turkey and faux promises about NHS funding from Brexit Bonus already spent many times over just in preparation and economic cost.(anyone noticed that x3 as of today)
If Dominic could talk about the 21 we know he'd think many more tories should go. Like the majority who got in his way.

How many real people have changed opinion? Yet 190 tory MPs have almost overnight shifted opinion. Country over Party? Our collective ass.
Then three final thoughts for this section about the Boris Farage Coalition.
Is Mr Farage somehow a way to get true Brexit thinking into the mix?
And have they worked well together in the past?
But this is for good of country. Plus it would make sure Farage owned his sh1t (see @MitchBenn) for once. Is it really a bad idea?
That's it for section 2. But we've only just begun.

Want to know whether the EU really is a superstate?
Will WTO be a problem or a disaster?
Are we going to make ourselves into a Vassal state of the US?

Dominic has all the answers.
Part 3.

Does Dominic think we have the chops to deliver on Brexit promises?

What does he think about the in the ERG controlling Brexit?

And is the EU "Superstate" the problem, or an out of touch SW1 Whitehall cluster fnck?

#Leavers #17millionstrong you should read this part
Ok 3 tweets on UK Gov competence in doing anything positive with brexit.
This should be disturbing if you voted leave, because even if you think sunlit uplands are out there, Mr Cummings says you won't see them.
Ok maybe the brexit negotiations were bad. We'll get it right for the next 70?
Were politicians like the ERG ever thinking about Brexit? Or hijacking it for their own ends?
So 8 tweets on whether the EU really is the big energy sucking cancer killing British Sovereignty. Or maybe the distraction by those hiding problems closer to home?

Let's see. Do we even understand the issues?
I mean. If you're gonna leave the EU, then what else should you dump? That wasteful seat at the UN?
How about the thing you need most for an entrepreneurial outward looking economy. Good news?
In fact, in general. Bigger problem, EU or UK? Well now apparently we have to talk up the UK. We're not patriotic if we talk it down.

How convenient for real reform...
But let's say the EU is a monster. Is it the one we should fear or favour?
And if we fear sovereignty problems. Who creates them?
Anyway. We're gonna be fine after we leave. It's all for a good purpose right?
The people in charge? They have our backs? Those ERG guys?

Where did that DITCH quote come from anyway?
I wish I had better news. At least you might hope Dominic likes the guys now in charge?

I rather fear he's joined Government because he doesn't want them to touch it. Read on. ERG Infiltrators. Good or Bad for Leave?
You remember the backstop? Remain have been pointing this out for ages.

Maybe leavers will believe it from Cummings... And then start to question what XYZ ERG representative says?
Seems obvious. But included for completeness.
And if you thought there was any doubt. The ERG leavers. These are the guys you're placing all our faith in.

Did you wonder, as I did, why no one is talking about the disaster to the fishing industry that is no deal?

Yeah go check. Radio silence.
Even from Farage.
But there's so much Dominic still has to tell. Come back for part 4.
Maybe I should point out this side thread, more dot joining?

This thread is satirical. But not untrue.

Mr Cummings completely undermines every political misappropriation of Brexit. From Lancaster House Red Lines to No Deal

I hope you understand this?

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