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Data-led and sourced, if you're sceptical, challenge my sources. No one wants to be a fascist, it's forced on them when reason can't persuade. So let's REASON
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18 Sep
You're putting together the pieces. the Government employed a failed tech executive, the wife of a Tory MP to run #covid19 test and trace? You're learning she has zero experience and a CV to run from.

But you're scratching your head, how on earth can this happen?

The three traits that define this administration need secrecy.

1. ARROGANCE - they know better than anyone, including world famous virologists
2. UNACCOUNTABLE - they're never wrong and never sorry.
3. NEPOTISM - contracts and jobs to mates, loyalty over competence (see 1)
If you're setting up test and trace under those criteria, the approach makes sense.

1. No need to consult with experts in public health, viral tracing or disease containment
2. Secret, no data, reports or performance published
3. Run by a mate, contracts outsourced to mates.
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16 Aug
Suddenly #PublicHealth England is replaced by something you've never heard of?

Odd? Not reviewed by Parliament?

I hate to be the one who says it's just more corrupt political misdirection.

Even the target.

This is about SAGE, data suppression and excusing failed politicians.
๐Ÿ“ฐ๐Ÿฆ 1
I've talked about this since May, but it was obscure then.
More need to learn about THE JBC. Please help by retweeting this.

Whatever your politics, we've all now lived through these serial failuresโฌ‡๏ธ So anyone should question any new "plan" announced.

They can't plan. Image
๐Ÿ“ฐ๐Ÿฆ 2
Eh? JBC??

What is the Joint Bio-Security Centre? [JBC not JBSC]

This is the summary:
JBC will bring together experts on diseases (epidemiologists) with others from across Government to give ministers, [via the CMO], joined-up advice on decisions about managing diseaseโฌ Image
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3 Aug
Is it August?
For #Covid19 it's March.
Elsewhere track & trace work, local shutdowns & quarantines are audited, free hotels for anyone who can't isolate at home. EVERYONE tests

Not here.๐Ÿ”ฅ ยฃ150B, then #herdimmunity is back.

Science illiteracy
Political sociopathy.
A Thread Image
๐Ÿ”ฅยฃ150B 2

You've got to be fooking joking me, I shouted at the radio as I heard about the #Covid_19 over 50s plan.

I promise in a few tweets I will tell you constructively how we get out of this mess, but to do that, I need you to know why we're in it.

A hint โฌ Image
๐Ÿ”ฅยฃ150B 3

I'm laying out threads so I can give you scientific sources and references. We don't need more conspiracy.

You'll get a TLDR each time to save the read. For thisโฌ one TLDR is:

Lie and blame if you want to. A virus doesn't care. It'll wait.

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31 Jul
It was all so hideously inevitable

As many reported when UKGov make a 2nd attempt to ignore #COVID19 science, reinfection was certain

#coronavirus ignores

Captain Hindsight
Taking it on the chin
Having grit

Yet still, they spin.

I'll do a quick recap, but here's a hint โฌ‡๏ธ
For weeks various idiots in "power" told us vacuous lies about how it was safe to get back to work.

For the last week, those same idiots have been saying that lockdown was only a temporary "cure"

None of the idiots admitted the real problem

This is NOT rocket science
it's not even VIRAL science

A highly contagious disease.
So lock everyone up to buy time
For you to develop systems to ensure it will be kept under control
So when they reemerge they'll be ok

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23 Jul
UKGov can't get 'Trade Experts' to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements on #Brexit.

Not surprising, I wouldn't.

I'd lose the ability to say I wasn't responsible for their stupidity.

You don't know how long that list is from these Truthtwisters?โฌ

List: The Top Ten Trade Tragedies Image
1. Partners know they have no trade plan, since Brexit lacked one

2. Partners know they can't model the economics of negotiations since they didn't for Brexit.

3. If you can't model economics or create a plan, there no trust of honest negotiation. We are world's least trusted.
4. Despite having no trade negotiation experience in cabinet, or the Civil Service, they sacked all the experienced trade advisors we had in Brussels

5. Despite every major trade partner telling us by September last year our trade terms would be worse, they still claimed upside.
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22 Jul

Did you miss the latest #Brexit Trade hypocrisy while everyone was pointing at Russia?


1. Brexit is giving us even less control of trade deals than under the EU

2. All our rollover deals are dead in the water because of our stupid No Deal No Leverage stance
Hansard Quotes, unless stated.

A Tory finally points out what we've been saying for 2 years.

The No Deal no Leverage nonsense has undermined our negotiation position.
Deals are not being rolled over and
We're screwed with no options

Hardest deal in history?
#Brexit promise: Give Parliament control over trade deals. You guessed it - Tory Brexit gives Parliament EVEN LESS control than we had in the EU!

The Brexit lie was the EU didn't let us review trade deals.


UK Gov chose not to have Parliament review them.
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18 Jul
What Do We Know About The #RussiaReport?

Before next week's 50 pages, it's worth covering what we do and do not know about this most mysterious and suppressed of reports into #Brexit interference.

Though the details are surprisingly scarce, there are some certainties...

It will question the legitimacy of #Brexit.

Don't get distracted. Not only is #Brexit the report's subject, but efforts to suppress data go back to March 2019 (!!)โฌ

#Brexit is already tarnished on the topic of electoral fraud; this'll be worse

It's not a dead cat.
Reports this is some sort of 2-year jape aren't plausible.
a) Cummings job levels of political capital spent
b) Johnson attention consumed by it
c) other dead cats added by Raaab (trade & vaccines) more quickly than you can say, "look over there".
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10 Jul
Mystery woman knew. What a filthy piece of toerag.

Johnson's parsletongue on #carehome staff was skin crawling

Too cowardly to face his mess, #Johnson now wants to blame others.

The #CareHomeScandal top 5* Government acts of negligence
(of ~ 50 total)
โฌ Image
New to this?
You've got bits and pieces:

๐Ÿ”ต 20,000 dead
๐Ÿ”ต Maybe they'd be dead anyway
๐Ÿ”ต didn't the Government throw a ring of protection around
๐Ÿ”ต PPE
๐Ÿ”ต And we defended the #NHS
๐Ÿ”ต it was unprecedented?

Sound right?

UKGov PR has worked.

What actually happened?
Let's just start this year Jan 1, to even do that you need to pretend the existing problems, effects of austerity e.g. reduced base level track and trace capability had no bearing.

They did.

But it helps isolate what Johnson and gang were directly answerable for
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21 Jun
I'm sorry to say, but we're now in failed State territory.
You'll be shocked how long is the list of incompetence and negligence just for the past month.

I'll give you the list then propose what needs to be done.

Because this really cannot go on.
People who make decisions that kill, can't be trusted with more decisions

Section 1 #Covid19

1. UKGov killed 63,000 who should be alive-> airport fiasco
2. Replacing #SAGE with #JBC without explanation, undermining science
3. The 2m/1m fiasco, the result of Track & Trace lies.
4. Post #Cummings Social Distancing compliance fiasco. Public transport is a joke.
5. Track & Trace fiasco
6. Track & Trace App fiasco
Treated like fools. The Google/Apple app was the back up plan?
Obviously not, since UKGov is on record promising the complete opposite.
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10 Jun
โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ›ฌ1/X
UKGOV Crime Against Humanity Confirmed

In the latest Genetic Study, it is confirmed that the primary cause of higher UK rate vs similar country of
1. increase in #Coronavirus Growth
2. Deaths due to #Coronavirus
has a single common factor.

Airport Dispersal of #Covid19
โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ›ฌ2/X
The latest genetic study from the University of Birmingham confirms the majority of infections can be traced back to 1356 individuals (not a patient zero) who travelled to the UK from European Countries.

Roughly 1/3 of the cases each came via IT and Sp, 20% from FR
โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ›ฌ3/X
The infections themselves can be traced to a specific period.

90% of the infections entered the UK between the dates of 28FEB - 28MAR.

This is the period in which UKGov undertook a PR Campaign to say Airport Checks were not needed.

This did not follow science advice.
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6 Jun
A #Brexit List. Wonderfully obscure things you may not know about No Deal Brexit

I was inspired by Mr
@LeetStephenleet who gave me one I didn't know. After this long that's reason enough.

If you're a Brexit believer, don't read. Cognitive dissonance defeats facts every time.
1. We increase animal suffering 7x. One of the best EU contributions (for me) UK made was a massive improvement in animal transport conditions for 7x our population.

When we go that will over time be eroded. But US transport standards are even worse. And we can't influence them!
2. You know almost all our lamb and cattle go to the EU, so No Deal is a Farming nightmare - CAP doesn't close the gap

Millions of contracts to replace. Except different countries eat different cuts. Some can't be replaced. Get ready for the UK lambs testicles and Tripe Mountain
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6 Jun
This is a plea to clever people.

Help. #Brexit. It's all been so long and I can't really remember what it did for us. And I can't find anything that tells me that.

So I jotted some notes below

I thought at least Leavers got something?

I must be stupid. I can't even find that.
Let me see if I have this right. It's super confusing, I need your help

We still plan to leave the EU

Based on a 2016 vote for something

That I think looks nothing like what has been described for December.

eg. unfettered trade seems off the table.

A Million to 1 chance
I'd like to be sure of that. But this historically significant change still, amazingly

Has no documentation on what it will actually be

Yet we're 100% certain we must do it, whatever it is.

One of the things it used to be was about trade, with new partners outside the EU
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5 Jun
This isn't a thread about now.

It's more a cautionary tale from then, our history.

However I hope the topic is interesting. How many famous Nazi mistakes do you know?

The headlines yes, but the weird cultish lies that undermined the Nazi war machine, maybe not? Read on.
1. Distraction is a thing, I state now no intent to obscure the Holocaust with trivia. That was the most horrendous crime of all time.

And now the weird. You'll see the point(s).

The Aryan Campaign Poster Child (literally) was Jewish. Daughter of Jacob and Pauline Levinson...
2. Once Goebbels found out, instead of leaving it be, he created the "conspiracy of Jewsishness" denial.

It sapped Huge time and resources and explained some of the "bad" (for him) campaign decisions made later on. Mistakes an earlier, More ALERT, Goebbels wouldn't have made.
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30 May
Four of UKGov scientists advisers now question the validity of the timing of the end of lockdown. Their concern: 8000 infections a day, without track and trace ready to go, we'd be nuts.

And the #Johnson regime that "follows the science"

Barreling on regardless.
Someone said that this sort of behaviour is due to the Fixed Term Parliament Act.

Nope, it's massive majority arrogance, no enquiry fear, constant lies

Enquiry? You can predict - it'll need 10 years to conclude that:


The killers will go free.
These are not normal times.
Our Government, due to negligence have killed ~20-50,000 people needlessly.
They've killed more wasting time covering up.
And then claimed to have saved us from 500,000 dead, a number only at risk due to their nihilistic #HerdImmunity plan.
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29 May
1. As we approach the Goverment lowest credibility point in the #Cummings saga, I'd like to pen a few tweets on the Alan Turing of our time.

Historians will look back and acknowledge a man who saved 100,000s yet whose character was deliberately assassinated to protect shysters.
2. Many of you here will know him, but in the outside world, at best, they know the lurid and deliberately exaggerated Press stories. So we have a job to do. Recognise and tell the true heroic story of Prof @neil_ferguson

Let me point some things out.
3. If you don't know Prof Neil, the summary version is that at the start of #COVID19, he was the primary modeller on the NERVTAG group, the science team specialising in transmissible viruses which advised SAGE, the better known UKGov main science advisory group.
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27 May
1. A thread and sources on UKGov negligence recognising we now have 3rd worst per capita @coronavirus deaths in Europe.

A fact, but a kind benchmark Take the G10, we're 2nd only to the US.

But we can also remove UKGov concerns to show we're on track to be world's worst.
2.UKGov argue that international comparisons are unfair
a) don't compare same start date
b) aren't per capita
c) only one continent.

Let's say that's fair, and remove those objections from data.
vs start date, with per capita vs leading economies in every continent.

It's worse.
3.While UKGov hasn't shared this they know it. Have you noticed the switch, "unfair comparisons" to it's the "scientists fault"?

It's possible to demonstrate how scientific consensus was at odds with UKGov at almost every point. Airports as an exampleโฌ

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27 May
Q "What's a Westminster Bubble Issue?"
A "Something immoral that doesn't make it outside of Westminster, or no one remembers."

Q "Eh? You mean this isn't the first time?"

A "From one perspective you could say they've always done it. But arguably, it's been worse since 2016."
Q. "and what do YOU mean by THAT?" In what seemed like slow motion, I watched a tiny globule of spittle escape her lip, roughly a third of the way along, but no clear source.
I paused, breathed in, in that way when you just catch your breath.
Zen, to her perpetual alert to this
topic and the burden of guilt she never admitted. "I didn't mean that", she looked already a little less defensive, she had also seen the saliva rain drop and was embarrassed. "They'll probably try to suggest that's it but it isn't. For them it's a good way to cover the cracks.
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26 May
1. Most of your know #Cummson - Cummings & Johnson - are sure they can't be tried in the UK.

All laws that should apply, are gone.
I don't mean Cummings Durham. I mean they removed real laws.

There's only one option left. The Hague. But that needs talking about. Thread.
2. For the many of you who are coming to this fresh
- I feel your immediate scepticism about the last tweet.
I've been there. So at the end of this thread, you'll find an exhaustive examination of
what the laws were,
why they apply to us
how they removed them for ministers
3. If you're thinking, how do we get them to The Hague, you'll also find a thread on that. It might even be a good reason for them finally to stand down for a decent Government of National Unity - to plea bargain.

But today I want to talk Hague politics, so they do go on trial
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21 May
1. A thread: #Brexit & #covid19. The UK is the only country in the world, ignoring Coronavirus to deliver the worst parts of a bad plan missold 4 years ago

While others prepare for #Coronaworld do we think "ignore any Pandemics, deliver only downsides" was 'on the ballot paper'?
2. A Bloke wants a refund on a product he broke. He spends so long arguing that:
his car's on bricks -speakers
home robbed
wife's gone with kids.
His doctor calls
It's cancer.

Denying changes, he says if his cancer were a cannon he'd fire it at them.

That's us.
3. Could we have known?
I'll update an Aug19 NoDeal thread below.
EVERTHING got worse.

Take the Patel "Law": We've added Elites vs unskilled masses but affected almost no EU migration.

This Hurts non EU migrants keeping our NHS alive. (see Hassan)

Go the Brexit elites!
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20 May
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...is wrong.

Dunning Kruger is far worse.

Donald Trump has declared a plan sure to worsen #Covid_19. This time though he affects the world as well as the US.

Sadly the topic is obscure; few know it's even a problem.

Settle in. Long one
1. A thread on shooting feet.

Must we always divide between self interest and progress? Choose the labels your system gives them.

It looks like that but in viral science we'd found peaceโ€”a place where politics was finally beaten by mutual interest.

Want to know how, why?
2. I wouldn't try this story usually but all of a sudden virology is fashionable. Not sure why ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Let me take you back to the 1980s and a different Virus - HIV.
Some of you may know that it took almost 20 years for treatments to become available in developing markets.
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19 May
I checked back, apparently, I've been saying the same thing since March and hoping for a different result. My friends tell me it's not the usual problem, merely my state of being.

So this time really clear.

There are 3 reasons for looking carefully at the UC type.

1. We're about to succumb to the "wisdom" that lockdown is in opposition to the economy.
It's not - the economy and the virus are neutral, our choice is lockdown or have many more deaths if we're not prepared.
2. It's laid out, no need to bet. The thread below lists all examples from Asia.

If we break quarantine without these, what defences have we built since March? Amazingly I hear politicians saying there are none, we must "bite the bullet". OK. Who next after we kill the old?
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