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I would be more than happy to guide on anyone who wishes to start learning #NimblrTA

The idea is let's do it for next 30 days and review where we are and what change it may bring.

Content is what is readily available but would be done in steps.

@Deishma @AhoNiranjana
#Topic #NimblrTA #Strength #Candles

Content for study

Once done you may ask queries or if something is not clear or may have feedback, open discussion and learning.

Efforts will be yours to enlearn!
#Topic #NimblrTA #Strength #Candles
About Breakout Candle

Acknowledge the tweets with
1) Questions
2) Feedback
Once you complete the topic must mention your participation through a tweet or like so it's known how many are following
What are strength candles?
How are they indicated in charts?
What is OHLC?
What is candle consecutiveness?
What do two strength candles indicate?
Why don't we have volume indicator in NimblrTA
What to wicks identify?
What is BH:CH rule?

Help me answer these questions
What is body breakout?
How do the candles in between 2 strength candle indicate?
What is BO12?
At what point the BO12 is formed?
Characteristics of BO1 and BO2?

Unless someone answers these, moving to next topics might not be helpful.

Please help yourself n read the material
What is CCI
How is CCI calculated
What's does it indicate
Bull and bear momentum occurs at what values of CCI
100 to -100 range for CCI significance
Is CCI204 equal to CCI34 30 practically
How many types of CCI are there in intraday setup
CCI 34 30, CCI 30 5 and CCI 8 5 role?
Reason for taking 34 in CCI period
Reason for taking 8 in CCI period
Relationship between accumulation period and momentum period
If CCI are calculated on EMA will they be fast?
Willing to fly?
When time is money in a sense, let's understand how the timeslots of the day affect the intraday and interday trades #Topic #Timeslots #Panchang #Moon #Transit
What is VOM
What does it signify
What the time slots or moon transit time signify
How do we get the values for timeslots
How do we configure them in the tool
Is it a daily process?
How are interday cycles related to intraday cycles
Can these by used for time based stops?
#Topic #EMA #Alignment #TGC #TDC
What is EMA
How different is it from SMA
What is TGC condition
What is TDC condition
What is TGC factor
What is TDC factor
What Colors are EMA printed on the charts, and dentify them
What values are the EMA for Intraday trades
What is TGC influx
How long does EMA divergence usually last?
What does fresh alignment indicate?
How to detect fresh alignment each day?
#NimblrTA #Topic #Understanding #pSAR

What is pSAR
What does it indicate?
How do we use it in #NimblrTA
Which CCI does it map to?
How to identify early Reversals with it?
What are the settings used for it and what is sensitivity and acceleration
#Topic #Zigzag #Indicator #NimblrTA
Zigzag has a big role to play while analysing the stock and taking a decision.
Identifies Highs and Lows
Identifies Waves
Identifies Overlaps
Identifies Bearish or Bullish Wedge
Detection of Binet's Formation
Identifies peaks for exits
Would someone like to capture key points till now?

Any feedback
Any queries
New suggestions

Your participation is the key, go in steps and learn and discuss to create an understanding

Will move further with more components
Following topics are covered and discussed
All about #Fibonacci #Numbers
#NimblrTA is based on these numbers.

Used for
Targets Calculation (0.618,1,,1.618,2.32,2.618)
Identify the Pullbacks
Intensity Of Pullbacks (23.6, 38.2, 61.8)
Used For Calculation Of DTR values for stocks
For Entries into stock at the correct levels
Usage: Extension and Retracement Tools

Kalidas Numbers: docs.google.com/document/d/15e…

DTR Reference:
Understanding #Breakouts
Most loosely used term in trading
What is a breakout?
What comprises of a breakout?
What are ORB and it's significance
What is ORBH, ORBL, BO-High and BO-Low
How many candles needed for a breakout?
What is BO1, BO2 and BO12
What is CCI-B + BO12
Can BO12 occur before CCI crossing 100 or -100?
Can CCI cross 100/-100 before BO12
Can BO12 and CCI-B be synchronous?
In general, can first 3 candles of 5 mins form a breakout?

#Topic #Breakout

Example Of a breakout captured via #NimblrTA #Tool
Note ORBH, BO-H, BO1, BO2
Another example from today where the #NimblrTA Tool detected a #FreshBO
Condition CCI-B (CCI 34 30 > 100) AND BO12 (BO1 and BO2 are formed) is the point of alert (marked with arrow)
An example from live alerts today as detected by #NimblrTA #Tool
Note the way breakout gets detected
Understanding a typical example of #FreshBO CCI-B+BO12
#BO12 #Extension #FreshBO Alert from the tool detects such conditions
#BO12 #Extension #FreshBO 3 Child Candles
Identify stocks giving
BO1, BO2, Extension with children
Mark CCI-B/S

Take stocks from today as market opens

Hint: Use dashboard to track stocks and mark the BO12 and CCI-B/S
(Click chart to view chart at that point of alert)

Focus on stocks as they give a breakout in today's market.

Post chart in this thread chain with CCI-B/S + BO12

Be a part of the process, learn it live
Another example for the day #MARUTI
#Topic #DTR Everything has a limit, so do stocks on an event day (Results/Announcements/Mergers/Acquisitions) or on a non event day (normal days) These are DTR derived from the margins of the stocks. At alerts, we assess how much scope is available for rise/fall n take positions
#DTR #Excercise
1) Track the dashboard, click on chart kkonline.org/screener/dashb…
2) Mark ORBH/L, BO H/L, DTRORB, DTR at the point of alert
3) Track DTRL (scope in %) at the point of alert and mention.
4) Repeat for 5 stocks where you see alerts
Link: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d… (A-Z)
You may use the DTR sheet or the Tool to find stocks where

1) FreshBO happens
2) CCI34 30 >100
3) DTR is low when alert triggers
4) DTRL is high when alert triggers

Post 5 charts which above indications for us to move to next topic
An example from yesterday is #Maruti

The tool provides an easy view for DTRORB, DTR values and the scope (in exploration)
As the stock trends the DTR increases, reducing less scope at new entry.
Note DTR(ORBL) marked in Blue as value 3.38 which indicates against a DTR target of 2.62 the stock has already exceeded the 3rd bucket size by 3.38-2.62 = 0.76%

DTR targets are done already.

If a fresh breakout happens would you enter at that point? Y/N ?
This brings us to a method where the stock replenishes it's DTR, increases its scope.

The method or strategy is called #Pullback
Let's continue today to identify
ORBH/L, BO High/Low, CCI crossing 100, DTRORB and the DTR values at that point.
#Topic #Camouflage #Stealth #Candle
Nature's way to prevent detection.

What are stealth candles?
How to detect them?
What's the benefit of these candles?
What are the characteristics?

Preserve the DTRL as the market progresses
Silence before the Storm
Let's focus on the recent chart from the market. Try to put points forward which you note in these charts.

The topics/points covered till now will help you guide the way
#Topic #Candle #Count
The number of candles of 5 minutes it takes for a stock to move from buy sentiment to sell sentiment or vice versa

Lesser the count, faster the change in sentiment.

Count 10 (in green color) means stock took 50 mins

Explore thread
#Topic #Candle #Count
Acts like a speedometer and tells you fast fast the stock is moving.
Move at rocket speed with #Candle #Count and #DTRL
#NimblrTA #Explore @Deishma
As the train moves on a continuous bridge, it can flow.
If the bridge breaks, conductivity hinders.

Bridge is the strength candle and train is the price.

Channel bridges the gap.

#Shunting #NimblrTA
#Quiz #Topic #Decision #Making
If you get an alert at this stage for a Fresh Breakout, what would be your take.

Must enlist the parameters which helps your decision
Let's discuss the following chart

What all do you notice in it based on the discussions till now on the thread

How are the various components placed?
What type of strategy is it?
How to decide entry?
What is the outcome for the strategy if confirmed?
What seems a Fresh Breakout with fresh highs is in disguise a Reversal.

You can only detect it with a well defined process.

#NimblrTA #Tools help you with such trades easily.
#Topic #Exit What makes you exit a stock?
Is there a p[rocess to exit or you exit just when you want?

#TCS No exit even when all targets are met and exceeded.

#NimblrTA guides you with process for Exit Strategy

Read it here: deishman.wordpress.com/2019/05/13/how…
#Topic #Binets #Formation
What is Binet's Formation?
How to detect it?
Best entry for the formation?
What is inverse Binets Formation?

Can you spot such patterns on any charts ?

Learn it with
Is it really a rocket science?
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