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Les Bro, vous avez été super nombreux à nous demander l'histoire derrière #4Kings. Alors là voilà ! C'est long mais vrai 🙂

Si notre histoire vous parle, un ❤️ et 🔁 ça nous fera beaucoup de bien 🙏🏻
1) Les Flambeurs au Casino
2) Le Chute
3) La Prise de Conscience
4) Hermes et la Stratégie des 4 Rois
5) 4 Kings
1) Les Flambeurs au Casino

On arrive sur le marché crypto en Avril 2021, en plein #Bullrun. Le marché est en folie. Ca explose. Et ça parle bcp d'un petit token $SOL 😉

On met 5k€ sur #Solana à 26$ sans rien comprendre ou connaitre. La suite, on la connait, ça explose 🚀
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China Doll

This is one of my most favorite papers on SarsCoV2.
I did several threads on it in my old account.
Luc Montagnier described SC2 as an organism created with a "watchmakers precision."
That is how I describe this paper. >
Did you know that matryoshka dolls were first created in China?

"Despite the fact that nesting dolls gained worldwide exposure and popularity from Russia, there is physical proof that the idea of the nesting of dolls inside one another has existed since the beginning of>
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A 1000 years old, well carved conch shell, Shankh, depicting Vishnu Bhagwan on Garuda and Ganapati Bhagwan at the top.
This Shankh isnt a WAR trumpet, but this was used to hold & pour water.

Shankh is 1 of the 14 gems that came out during churning of ocean/Samudra Manthan.
1/n My thread on Y d 12 #Jyotirlingas in India hv bn positioned in a progressive spiral.If u draw a line over d Jyotirlinga temples on map then d final result is d shape of a conch shell or d #Fibonacci pattern. They say, this pattern is nature's secret code.Pic credit: Unknown
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Vous êtes vous déjà dit : "J'ai acheté trop tard" ou "J'ai vendu trop tôt"! 

Rationalisez votre stratégie d'investissement grâce à la plateforme

Venez découvrir cet outil d'aide à l'investissement et rendez vos positions lucratives sans stress Image

Les méthodes et #outils présentés dans ce #thread ne constituent pas un conseil en #investissement.

Par ailleurs, s'appuyer sur cet outil ne vous dispense pas de réaliser des recherches sur les fondamentaux des projets. Image

Investir dans les #cryptos, c'est être prêt à y passer du temps et à vivre du stress au quotidien.

La volatilité, les rebondissements sur le marché chaque semaine, les nouveaux #projets prometteurs.

Tous ces facteurs demandent un investissement personnel important. Image
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In this thread I am sharing Trading Setup, which can be used to find 𝑹𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒂𝒍 𝑺𝒕𝒐𝒄𝒌𝒔 after a 𝑫𝒐𝒘𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒅.

I have shared such trading setups in the past as well.

Like❤️& Retweet🔄for wider reach and for more such learning thread in the future.

🔴Crucial Moving Average (#EMA)

Generally, all stocks have tendencies to retrace back to EMA and this is called Mean Reversion.
200 EMA is a crucial one which can be used to find support for stocks during downtrend.

It works on Daily, Weekly and Monthly time frame.

I would prefer to do backtest on the stock and see how it had reacted when it approaches near crucial EMA in the past.

Sharing some examples where stock took support near EMA:

1⃣ ICICI Bank - Daily
2⃣ TCS - Weekly
3⃣ Cipla - Monthly

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An 8 Step Checklist Before Entering Any Trade:

A thread(🧵)... (1/18) Image
1. If the market is in a trading range or trending: Traders must know that if this happens, there's a higher probability of right #trades. Always remember, the trend is your best friend (2/18) Image
#Traders must also ask if the prices are in a strong trend and if they want to continue to move along with this trend. (3/18) Image
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Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Bugün yine piyasada çok duyduğunuz bir terimi konuşmak istiyorum.
Bu terim Fibonacci.

Bir çok analist fibonacci seviyelerini kullanarak teknik destek noktaları ya da hedefler belirleyip bunlara göre trade yapıyor.

#BTC #Bitcoin #Fibonacci
Peki, Fibonacci nedir ? nasıl hesaplanır ? Hesaplamak için çok büyük araçlara gerek var mıdır ? Herşeyden öte, Fibonacci işe yarayan bir araç mıdır ?

#BTC #Bitcoin #Fibonacci
İlk sorumuza cevap verelim.
İşin tarihini merak edenler araştırabilirler, ben oraya girmiyeceğim.
Çünkü konumuzla alakasız.

#BTC #Bitcoin #Fibonacci
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Mar 28 & Dec 21 ( 328 & 1221 )
Time between dates : 8 Months, 23 Days / 38 Weeks, 2 Days. Not including end date.
# 2083 & 227 #Numerology #Gematria #Calendar
355 / 356 is 21st of the 12th
#Gematria #Calendar #Geometry #Mathematics
355 / 356th day is 21st of Dec
(Shortest Day of the Year)
Biblical Star 21/12/2020 = 108 | 45 | 216 | 90
UK Tier Four Restrictions:- 21/12/2020
#Calendar #Gematria #Events #Coronavirus
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ℹ️En el siguiente hilo voy analizar técnicamente el gráfico de #Bitcoin, entendemos que los ciclos no son ni serán iguales, pero te sorprenderías de la simetría técnica que tienen, como ciclos alcistas que son.

El análisis fundamental y la métrica On-chain son igual de importantes para tomar decisiones a la hora de invertir.
Pero hoy nos centraremos en el análisis técnico, si eres de los que espera un tuit de Elon Musk para invertir, no es tu hilo.

Como sabéis los ciclos alcistas de #bitcoin son generados por #Halvings que se producen en la cadena cada 210.000 bloques.
Por eso bitcoin tiende a subir, porque si entendemos una demanda constante o en aumento y una oferta reducida en el tiempo = pump/HOLD

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Here are some ways to screen for stocks.

I use @TrendSpider but if you don't have a screener in your trading software, you can use FinViz for free.


@TrendSpider 1/ Why screen for stocks?

This is one of the best ways to catch a stock before it's about to move. Having a repeatable screen that you use is a defined edge in trading.
@TrendSpider 2/ When looking for stocks, the goal is to find those true market leaders right before or right as they are about to move.

Let's take a look at some ideas to screen for below 👇
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There are 2 Key retraces to follow for the Day.
1st is fm 17281 - 17420 @ 17330-350 (Aggressive)
2nd is fm 17064 - 17420 @ 17240-285(Conservative)

Based on Pivot tables,
17310-335 is a key support zone,
17470-500 is a key resistance zone.
There are 2 Key retraces to follow for the Day.
1st is fm 17281 - 17420 @ 17330-350 (Aggressive)
2nd is fm 17064 - 17420 @ 17240-285(Conservative)

Based on Pivot tables,
17310-335 is a key support zone,
17470-500 is a key resistance zone.
Based on Pivot tables,
17310-335 is a key support zone,
17470-500 is a key resistance zone.

Didn't get the "BUY" trade
BUT, a "Sell" trade emerged @ "17470-500" with a high of 17490 with OB readings and generated
100+ points with a low of "17362"
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There's always a lot of talk about an economic and financial crash. While there are a few who think everything will keep going up, I think we are going to see a mix of both. Allow me to explain. It appears #Crypto is heading towards a market cycle top with a full fib extension.
This is likely to happen sometime between now & spring. There is also a lot of analysis that supports full fib extensions and market cycle tops for the #NASDAQ and the #DowJones at the same time. This is based on a fib cycle start for the NASDAQ in March of 2000 with the #Dotcom
bubble burst and for the #DowJones in Oct of 2007 with the financial crisis. I agree with the cycle start for the #NASDAQ but see the fib cycle start for the DowJones beginning a month before the #Dotcom bubble burst in Feb of 2000 and extending to the #COVID19 crash in March of
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Most prefer to "Predict" where market will reverse.
Few want to "Follow" the trend

Choose your t/f combo & ride the trend till 1 trade gets stopped
Week & Day - Down & Down
Day & Hour - Down & sideways
(Predictors looking for morning star in "Day", Evening star formed in "Hour") Image
How do you follow "Trend" ?
Get familiar with "ABC" correctives with the help of #Fibonacci Retracement
Have shown recently in many of the tweets, how this strategy alone produces LRHR trades
With experience, you'll learn to pull the trigger
For experience, you have to ACT/ TRADE Image
1. Moving average with 20Ema or 20Sma
2. LH & LL in downtrend & HH & HL in uptrend
3. Trendline

For a shorter t/f trader, primary bias should be of "Day" t/f
For Intraday, bias should be from "Hour" t/f

Keep this template for your trading
When all t/f align, great trades emerge Image
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Evidence for #Omicron of an abnormal BUG in continuity of human host #Fibonacci #spikes adaptation of #variants ==> see these charts ImageImageImageImage

Omicron's Spike gene has 25 mutations changing an amino acid

B/c of the codon redundancy you would expect ~2x as many silent mutations: 50

And there is apparently only 1 silent (“synonymous”) mutation

Random mutagenesis can not generate such statistics

Omicron (B.1.1.529) most recent common ancestor is AV.1. Relative to this MRCA, Omicron has 25 nonsynonymous & 1 synonymous mutation in Spike, & 13 nonsynonymous & 6 synonymous mutations in the rest of the genome. This is very strange & I don't understand.
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¿Cómo establecer profits en nuestras operaciones?

Si aún te cuesta establecer profits en las operaciones te interesa leer este hilo
Establecer profits en nuestros trades siempre es algo complicado, siempre entran dudas como:

- ¿Y si sigue subiendo?
- Es que seguro que cierro ahora cae un poco y vuelve hacia arriba
- Venga $100 más y la cierro

O similares
Si tenéis este tipo de dudas permitidme el atrevimiento pero, o lleváis muy poco tiempo en este mundo, o no tenéis ni idea de qué va esto

Para ser un buen trader jamás debes pensar algo de manera emocional, porque sino estás perdido

Debes establecer puntos/zonas clave de venta
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En complément du superbe #Thread de @_Cryptique, voici le mien avec de nombreux comptes francophone #crypto à suivre.

J'ai réalisé ça sur le thème un peu #humoristique mais ces comptes restent néanmoins des personnes sérieuses.

J'espère que vous trouverez le format sympa !

Peintre #digital et sculpteur de l'ère du numérique personne ne sait s’il est réellement humain ou si c’est une IA avancée.

Un #artiste accompli autour de nombreux #NFTs, il partage également son expertise autour de l’art numérique de demain.

A commencer le défi #From0To10K pour finalement s’orienter vers l’éducation ainsi que la démocratisation de la #crypto et du #Bitcoin

Du simple terme crypto à la présentation de nouveaux projets, c’est une véritable mine d’information dans un but éducatif
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Here are just few Examples of why i use ONLY #Fibonacci levels and candle stick patterns Without any other indicator


#trading #stocks #technicalanalysis
#CHARTS #Candlestick #patterns
Here an example about SPY 60 min chart from September
Check time each picture stamped
No indicators ... just following candle stick pattern ImageImageImage
2. $SPY 60 min chart
Bull flag & target price identified in advanced
check time stamped pictures
Again ... Just by knowing candle stick patterns & Fibonacci levels ImageImage
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#Fibonacci Retracement How i use it ?
Fibonacci Retracement is a technical analysis tool that i use to locate areas/levels of support & resistance
It is based on the Fibonacci sequence ratios introduced by Leonardo Fibonacci
Measure the rise of price from swing low to swing high (depends on the time frame in use)
This level will give the support levels AND the potential resistances levels once price continue higher
Let's take $FSLY Daily for example
White Arrow : Swing high
Yellow Arrow : Swing low

As you can see it gives us support levels & future potential resistance levels Image
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Today's Charts To Watch

$LUV Daily Chart

Still have a 1-2 setup on the trendline breakout.

#PupWaves @TrendSpider Image
$BROS 30 Minute Chart

You know The Pup loves his coffee, bro!

#PupWaves @TrendSpider Image
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Good Morning!

If youve checked out my blog then you know I use What I call 'The neutral Strategy for ETF's.

I'm still very intrigued by the strength of $IWM.

Notice the Blueprint I put together on 9/26 and the results
Price pushed into T2 to the upside and rejected and then dropped to lower T1 and supported. Remember levels to the upside are resistance and levels to downside are support. At the end of the week price closed right in the neutral and is getting very tight.
From a #Fibonacci perspective you can see price is still below the 618, the golden fib. Why is this a big deal? A move above the 618 signals a break in trend of the measured range.

Bulls need above 224.41 and a close on the weekly above this would be instrumental
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#trustthescience #phi #trustthescience pull a damn legion out my ass…sing LIFE around my damn throne sing I wanna hear 618 every damn day sing let everything that has breath bitch sing!!!! Sing!!! #trustthescience
#sing #trusthescience sing around my DAMN throne! LIFT YOUR DAMN VOICE sing every damn day!!!! Sing bitch! Amen Amen Amen spiritual condition of fucking SATAN you can’t sedate me! God greatest creation sing around my mf throne.
I wanna hear 1.618 every damn day. While they go #smallrichgreatandpoor sing around my damn throne. Lift your mf voice #fauci #fibonnacifauci #Fibonacci #FibonacciGangsta I pulled a legion out my mf ass for “science” while they sedate others. 🥲🥲
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-- Educational - #Fibonacci trading? --

1. What are Fibonacci numbers? (4 parts)
2. How are they used in Trading? (4 parts)
4. Using Fib Extensions (2 parts)
5. Using Fib Retracements (2 parts)
5. Using Time Cycles (2 parts)

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
-- What are #Fibonacci numbers? Pt.1 --

🔹 Fibonacci numbers are a numerical series depicting nature’s expansion
🔹 The same number sequence appears all over throughout nature. i.e.
🔸 The number of petals on a flower
🔸 A snail shell

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
-- What are #Fibonacci numbers? Pt.2 --

🔹 The sequence is made by simply starting at 1 and adding the previous number to arrive at the new number:

0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13, 13+8=21, 21+13=34,…

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
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Three Reasons Why #Nifty Is Due for a Correction:

1. 20 EMA and Nifty Connection
2. Fibonacci Pullbacks and correction modes
3. Metals rally in the past few months

Please retweet if you find the analysis useful and accurate ❤️
@rohit_katwal @kapildhama @gurdeeparora971

1. 20 EMA and Nifty:

As a thumb rule, for the past 18 years data, "Everytime Nifty starts a rally, it takes a pause at 20 EMA-Monthly support".

👉🏽 Important: I am not claiming that Nifty will fall instantly to 13000 zone tomorrow. But, 20MEMA will catch up with Nifty. Agree?
2. #Fibonacci ❤️

If you connect 2020 High and Low for the year, you would observe that markets followed the uptrend in a huge upward rally.

👉🏽 By Fib Extension rules, rallies usually take a stop/correct at 1.272 or 1.618 levels.

See chart. Best support around 13755-13664 🌟
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¡¡Feliz Día de Pi 2021!! ¡¡Feliz Día internacional de las matemáticas 2021!!

Hoy 14 de marzo, 3-14 en notación USA, es el mejor día para mostrar la belleza del número Pi. Por ello, durante el día de hoy os iré dejando curiosidades sobre él en este hilo #DíadePi #PiDay #PiDay2021
Y la primera va a ser la que he publicado hace un rato. Se sabe que Pi no es construible con regla y compás, pero sí hay construcciones aproximadas muy interesante, como el llamado método de Kochanski. ¿Lo conoces? Mira, mira #DíadePi #PiDay #PiDay2021…
Seguro que todos recordáis que Pi aparece en la fórmula para calcular el área de un círculo: A=π·r². Ahora, ¿habéis visto alguna demostración de ese hecho? Aquí tenéis una "sin palabras" muy bonita… #DíadePi #PiDay #PiDay2021
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