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Nov 7, 2019 14 tweets 11 min read Read on X
Join me for a live-tweet of the second speaker in @WCMSU's Language Diversity Speaker Series! Tonight's speaker is Dr. Staci Perryman-Clark. Away we go!
@WCMSU Dr. PC's talk is entitled "The Work of Writing Never Ends: Using the Students' Right to Their Own Language to Bridge Writing Across the Curriculum and Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Opportunities." #highered #antiracism #curriculum #diversity @WCMSU
@WCMSU Follow along with us at #WCMSU! @WCMSU

How do we create culturally competent pedagogies? How do we explore the intersections of afrocentrism, class, and other identities? We'll dig into questions like these tonight.

#pedagogy #teaching #highered #decolonizing #writing

Dr. PC posits: to support students' rights, #composition must reach across disciplinary boundaries. Essentially, we must emphasize writing across the curriculum. We have to make a change beyond comp classrooms & influence students (AND FACULTY!) across disciplines. #wcmsu

Though the work of writing centers is often 1-1 (and so is a lot of the deeper conversation involved in comp instruction), we need to consider what writing studies can offer to broader forms of instruction across institutions. We can reach so many more writers!
@WCMSU Dr. PC cites building alliances, building from research, building vibrant/collaborative/engaged partnership to continue the work of diversity and inclusion. And WAC is part of that! #WCMSU
@WCMSU Dr. PC notes that while universities claim diversity and inclusion are dearly held values, few institutions have done the work of increasing access. How does faculty development contribute (or not) to a pipeline wherein underrepresented students are equipped for success? #WCMSU
@WCMSU Now, Dr. PC is noting the ways in which diversity & inclusion scholarship could benefit from WAC scholarship -- the field of rhetcomp has had an increase in antiracist writing/pedagogies, and if we shared this scholarship across disciplines, we could benefit more people. #WCMSU

How can WAC initiatives include communities? How can we think beyond curriculum and development and see our connection to our communities as implicit rhetorical proving grounds? How can we align this work with institutional vision/mission?
@WCMSU Dr. PC describes what it was like to search out other African American women on her campus. It wasn't an easy task. It was easier to use community resources to meet fellow Black academics than it was to use campus pathways! What does this say about institutional pathways? #WCMSU
@WCMSU Now, Dr. PC is sharing visuals and breakdowns of how to debunk myths surrounding language and she suggests making creating actual materials that help shape/create accessible, equitable pedagogies for all students -- LGBTQ, students w. disabilities, etc. #WCMSU
@WCMSU Dr. PC is talking about the ways in which writing instructors are typically the first line of defense when new students come to campuses with accessibility needs: can we empower #WAC specialists to see themselves as #highered authorities on accessibility & inclusion?

Q & A time!

Someone asks, what's "edited english?"

PC replies: It's the language of wider communication -- when you adopt the terminology or language the most audience members or readers or listeners can understand. #WCMSU

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Jan 15, 2021
If you require your students to share formal uni paperwork to receive disability accommodations in your class, lemme just tell you this right now: that is a ridiculous, ableist, unfair stance and I am writing a short thread here to tell you why. (1/7)
Accommodations almost always require a formal diagnosis. Barriers to GETTING a formal diagnosis are enormous, expensive, & VERY slow.

It took me 7 MONTHS from beginning the process to getting a copy of paperwork. And that's without trying to give that paperwork to anyone. (2/7)
It takes weeks to get a referral to schedule testing (if your insurance even covers it).

It takes months (usually) for the testing to finally happen.

It takes another FULL MONTH to wait for follow-up & diagnosis.

Then, the shuffle with insurance & meds begins. Awful. (3/7)
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Sep 9, 2020
Still feel like the phrase "love is love" (intended to validate queer couples) erases all the differences & miracles & places of wonderment that make queer love so different from not-queer love. OFC I love my wife, but our relationship dynamic isn't the same as a cis-het couple.
I KNOW we grocery shop, bicker, and snore in our sleep like cis-het couples do. But I am nonbinary; our dynamics, cultural information, Burkean rhetorics, & ways of engagement are different than cis-het couples because we live in/are of a very different world than those couples.
My family has and deserves value, as all families do. I'm not saying love ISN'T love, in that way. I'm saying that in erasing the ways queered companionship, queered commitment, and queered sense of love and belonging, you are limiting what the world can know of a love like mine.
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Aug 31, 2020
A little parable on self-care that has some twists and turns (thread).

I used to run. Like, a lot. Like, two dozen health marathons in two years. And then, hard things happened in my life & I stopped. Started feeling really anxious any time I even thought of running. (1/10)
For several years, I would attempt comebacks. It never really stuck. It was hard to make a routine when I was battling my mental health. I also didn’t want to invest in the process (new shoes etc) because I knew I was unreliable about follow-through. (2/10)
Then, this winter, I really started hitting my stride again. I was running regularly, but I was also getting some serious hip and back pain. First, I assumed it was my body tryna get back in shape. I pushed on, not wanting to lose my gains. (3/10)
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Aug 26, 2020
Today's Pedagogy Tip:

Get your ego out of your classroom! Take your job seriously, but don't be self-important. Remember that this semester is just a moment in time, that your students are in precarity & are also Real People, & that they have needs & self-care boundaries too.
To clarify: When students are absent, seem tired / disengaged, or can't get it all together to meet your arbitrary (& they are, let's be real, arbitrary and randomly curated or selected based on imagined timeframes) deadlines, it is VERY LIKLEY NOT *clap* ABOUT *clap* YOU! *clap*
I'll go one step further. IDK about you, but, I'm pretty smart and have a lot to share with my students (or, I'd like to think so). And I STILL don't think ANYTHING I will share in a 1-hour class is worth my students compromising their mental/emotional/physical health to hear.
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Aug 24, 2020
Pedagogy Tip of the Day:

Always analyze which of your classroom practices are ableist, or only serve students who fit your prefab ideation of who a "student" might be.

Examples to follow in a short thread.

Read, RT, pass it on, etc.
1. Do you only present your classes/lectures orally?
If so, students with hearing disabilities as well as students with certain mental/invisible disabilities will struggle to fully access course information. Consider providing written notes, captioned audio, or multimodal format.
2. Do you have a strict attendance policy?
If so, students w/ chronic health issues, including mental health issues, will be penalized through ableism. Reconsider what it is you're grading when you grade attendance. Is it course content mastery? If not, why're you grading it?
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Aug 19, 2020
Today at a pedagogy development meeting I got to trot out my favorite teaching position:

Stop having attendance policies.

(Short thread.)
Attendance Policies serve NO purpose aside from making sure folks are okay/safe/not falling away.

You're there to grade learning/mastery.

If a student can ace assignments without attending lectures, why shouldn't they ace the course?
When students miss class, it is not about YOU or about their CLASSROOM or their CLASSROOM COMMUNITY. They aren't out here tryna hurt your feelings.

It is about their choices, needs, priorities, and lives. Especially in a pandemic.

Why not find other ways to track engagement?
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