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Repeatedly, colleagues of all ages express their surprise at seeing books about teaching on my office bookshelves.

They are surprised that people read about teaching / there are books about teaching in higher Ed / old prof me reads them.
It always reminds me of a senior scholar I admire, who told me that every year, he tried to improve something in his teaching.
My books often start conversations. People borrow them (granted, that was one of the reasons I bought them).

I plan to make them VERY visible when I reorganize my bookshelves.

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Remember when I asked you about the messages you got about teaching? Here is what we learned! BUCKLE UP. (Thread) #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #digped 1/
First, thanks to all of you (such a huge response!) who responded and began to create community around this painful experience so many of us endured. I appreciate you. We learned A LOT about the discourses of #Teaching and #Pedagogy in #Highered last week. 2/
Here are some common words/phrases y'all used last week: focus, distraction, job, too much time on teaching, too good, evals, tenure, teaching awards, unspoken, career suicide, grad school, kiss of death 3/
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Hey #Professors, how were you told (in grad school or as a new prof) not to work on your teaching or #Pedagogy? Do you remember specific phrases or language used to discourage you from developing your teaching skills? #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #HigherEd #Teaching
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread today! I’m glad to be in community w you. I’m writing abt the discourse around pedagogy & I may quote some of you (w full attribution of course). Soon I’ll do a roundup of this thread in a new thread and will probably unspool it.
I’m logging off for the evening but feel free to share examples. Be nice to each other. And get some sleep. ❤️
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My @UNC undergrads have crafted amazing policy briefs for years. This NEW guide covers everything: what's a policy brief; why assign this project; picking a topic; grading briefs & more. #Pedagogy #PoliSciTwitter #PolicyBrief #PublicPolicy @UNCPublicPolicy… Screenshot of Table of Contents of linked PDF Table of ConteScreenshot of Table of Contents on Linked PDF (Con't) Assign
I made the guide to help my students and TAs. I also know there are a lot of profs looking for "tried and true" assignments that can be easily integrated into their class. Policy briefs are used in different disciplines: poli sci, soci, criminology, public health, economics, etc.
Short, advocacy oriented policy briefs are ubiquitous in the policy world. They make great assignmente bc they prod students to make critical connections & develop practical skills replicating a "real world" task. They also empower students to advocate for things they care about. Policy briefs help to “set the policy agenda.” By agendaThe guide describes that there are different types of briefsWhy do I assign this project? The objectives for this projec
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Philosophy is a love of wisdom, which cannot be quantified by grading rubrics or systematized by learning outcomes. Why are philosophy professors addicted to academic metrics that commodify learning? (A thread on #ungrading).
@Jessifer says that "grades (and institutional rankings) are currency for a capitalist system that reduces teaching and learning to a mere transaction. Grading is a massive co-ordinated effort to take humans out of the educational process"...
@Jessifer also says that learning outcomes presuppose what is to be determined in the course of collaborative inquiry, & should be replaced by "emergent outcomes" that "are co-created by teachers and students and revised on the fly"...
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I am super happy to announce that I have been awarded a US$5000 grant from @StraussLibrary to develop an OER ("Open Educational Resource") Casebook of Public Health Ethics Teaching Cases.

Other than the wonderful CDC Casebook, teaching cases in #PHEthx are scarce.

I should know, since I have been scraping the Internet for a decade trying to find them. One of the first-day axioms in #PHEthx is that in important ways it is simply different from health care/clinical ethics. Good teaching cases must reflect these differences.

But some of the early casebooks are frankly dated, and other than the remarkable CDC Casebook ⬇️ there simply are not any good collections of cases really focused on public health ethics & law/policy (let alone open-source ones, either).…

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Opening contribution to the Special Issue 'Cultural Studies & Education: A Dialogue of Disciplines?' - Guest Editors Bill Green & Andrew Hickey survey the pedagogical & disciplinary intersections of Cultural Studies & Education.…
The Editors cast a distinction between the pedagogical & educational, and from this basis argue that predominant accounts of Cultural Studies’ educative purpose derive from the relationship that the field has maintained with formal and institutional sites of Education.
Cultural Studies sought to ‘awaken the desire for education amongst working people in the belief that education was central to the cause of emancipation’, asking how ‘experiences are handled in cultural terms: embodied in traditions, value-systems, ideas, & institutional forms’.
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In my course on The Holocaust, I gave my students the choice between a final project and a final exam. I feel weird about testing them on genocide. 11 chose the final project, 9 chose the exam. Here is the breakdown of what my brilliant students did: #pedagogy #unessay
One student composed + scored own musical piece to try to capture the emotion of arriving at Auschwitz. "Lyrics" were a Hebrew translation of Ps 1 which victims might say (The Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.) 1/2
The student incorporated string instruments because of the accounts of the camp symphonies. The are some discordant notes which were intentional to evoke anxiety and fear. The song gave me chills. It is moving and powerful.
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Of the increasing number of initiatives setting out in recent years to challenge heteronormativity in education, the 2006-2009 No Outsiders project has arguably been one of the #MostInfluential
Conducted across 15 primary schools in England, #No Outsiders
Conducted across 15 primary schools in England, No Outsiders was an action research project that sought to disrupt heteronormativity through critical pedagogy, gaining widespread academic and media attention in the process
In spite of its prominence, though, there has been a lack of research exploring the ways in which #children have incorporated this work into their everyday understandings and doings of #gender and #sexuality.

Made worldwide news…practitioners & policy makers across UK
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Hey all, here is my report (THREAD) about my first #Ungrading semester, part 2 (pt. 1 can be found here:…) #ContractGrading #Pedagogy #DigPed #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter 1/
The biggest takeaway from this semester how easy it felt. Not ease of work--there was work, but how it helped conversations about student writing, which is literally my job, easier. #Ungrading #AcademicTwitter 2/
Here’s how it worked! Materials: my 1101 syllabus, project rubric, semester “snapshot” template, portfolio assign. sheet, class grade agreement, & list of grade items is here: . #Ungrading #AcademicChatter #WritingTeaching 3/
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A synthesis tweet of #pedagogy takes I've seen and agreed with over the past week: plan something way different for next semester. A pedagogy of PAUSE. The opposite of lean in. Slow it way down. Stop and check in. Reflect rather than jump-start. Thread 🧵 of references:
Re-think the knee-jerk response when our students ask for what we call "hand-holding." How can getting them to "figure it out themselves" become a re-introduction to teacher/student co-presence? (h/t to @shannonmattern for showing me this thread)
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UNGRADING report! Halfway through my first ungraded semester (comp 1) and I find I’m saying the same things when people ask how it’s going: 1/18 #Ungrading #ContractGrading #Pedagogy #DigPed #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter
My students report feeling “relieved” they don’t have to worry about grades, and I feel relieved, too: as I mentioned to a colleague, I feel more “settled in my soul” about how much freer I am to focus on giving constructive feedback. 2/18
Responding to work has been easier and quicker-- in the past, a not insignificant amount of time was given over to dithering abt letters and numbers (is this an A? Is this a B?--Thank god we don’t have pluses and minuses). 3/18
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One of the true joys in teaching overview classes is that I get to hit some of the highlights of South Asian history every year. Next week is #Mahabharata week.

How do historians teach this epic? Well, it depends on our subject. Short #pedagogy thread --
Starting point -- I can't teach the entire epic. I wish I could. I think about it every year before I come to my senses, again.

So, I teach select portions. Always a bit of the Gita, and then I tend to change-up the other part. This year, I'm doing Draupadi's disrobing.
The Mahabharata is not a straightforward historical text. It is mythology. But it tells us about things we want to know in the Indian past. Here's where I divide up by class.
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Draft #3 of an entangled relationship of #technology & #pedagogy.

@steph_moore asked if #2 represented what is / what should be. I've gone with *what is*

I'd *like* purpose, values & context to drive methods & tech, but they inevitably all shape each other?

Thoughts please 😀
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Draft #2 of an #entangled relationship of #technology and #pedagogy.

What do you think? Image
Featuring upgrades based on suggestions by @MarioVeen + @VirnaRossi. Thanks also to chats with @GillAitken2 @Dr_Derek_Jones @lucila_fdc @markauskaite @petergoodyear and others.

Once again, some context here:…
Oh - and I used @drubeli's comment about agency rather than control - thanks!
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/26/2021…
Student loans, the racial wealth divide, and why we need full student debt cancellation…

#StudentLoans #DebtCancellation #RacialInequality #WealthDivide
The Delta Variant Is a Grave Danger to the Unvaccinated…

#delta #variant #COVID19 #VaccinationRate #consequences #risk
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I'm very grateful to David Polizzi @indianastate for hosting a symposium on A Criminology of Narrative Fiction in the Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Criminology (JTPCRIM) later this year. #criminology #philosophy #zemiology #aesthetics…
David was the first to publish my research on the criminological values of fiction and JTPCRIM is a repository of 12 years' worth of interesting and innovative #openaccess articles.
I'll be joined by colleagues from @uOttawa, @warwickuni, @QMUL, and @SussexUni in the symposium, across the disciplines of #criminology, #philosophy, and #filmstudies.
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#Pedagogy moment --

I'm teaching History of Hinduisms (plural intentional) this term. For the final paper, I give students 4 options.

This accords with my general emphasis that students should work on topics they care about. Interest (if possible, passion) are critical. #THREAD
Option 1. Close reading of a specific text

I give students a list of possible texts (from the Rig Veda forward). We read excerpts over the semester from most of the texts on the list. Students can return to a text that caught their eye, read more, and analyze.
Option 2. Traditional research paper

Pick a topic, any topic, at all related to Hinduism and write a paper about it. This can be a subject we covered in class that caught a student's attention. It can also be a subject that we didn't cover in the class (which is a lot, always).
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#RNC was "explicitly told beforehand" both by #LeonardCohen's estate & company that licenses "Hallelujah" that it didn't have the right to use the song. Trump played it twice on the final night anyway. Trump takes what he wants. To hell with YOUR rights.…
#LeonardCohen's estate "surprised & dismayed" Trump played "Hallelujah" after he was denied the right to use it & brazenly attempted to "exploit in such an egregious manner" 1 of Cohen's "most important songs."

They're Canadian. No American's surprised & 40% aren't dismayed.
Anyone think I'm crazy to assume Trump played #LeonardCohen's "Hallelujah" (despite being denied the right to play it) because Kate McKinnon played it dressed as Hillary as the cold open for #SNL's 1st show after he won?

Anyone? Anyone?
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#Highered and fellow #pedagogygeeks, in the spirit of talking about teaching and learning, the heart of our work, and not just fall planning insanity, a thread on boredom and attention:
I've been thinking lately that #highered has a boredom problem. AND, it also has a "fill up every space and leave no time for contemplation and reflection" problem. Been chewing on this and would love to know your thoughts.

One of John Medina's brain rules: We don't pay attention to boring things.

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To all those educators out there. Get to know your students, BUT hear them as well. I ask students at the end to share there thoughts about their experience in my course and what I have taught. EVERY SEMESTER is enlightening. Who they are. Their struggles. Their triumphs. 1/3 👇
The amazing perspective that individuals have, that is often suppressed in an educational setting is startling. A pedagogy that does not acknowledge these facts is borderline oppressive. 2/3
Over the last couple years I look back at their responses, the positive and the negative, to reflect on my own progress. Perhaps more importantly, & selfishly, to gain fuel for the struggle in the future. Teaching history is often not "respected”/acknowledged as valuable. 3/3
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So I've been thinking about #MaslowBeforeBloom, and I remembered, Bloom contributed to more than one taxonomy of learning. We're most familiar with the cognitive, right? But guess what? There are also affective and psychomotor taxonomies, and they're GOOD...

This is my favorite resource on the three taxonomies. Clear and concise.

As we plan for this #funkyfall, and as we hopefully continue to prioritize holistic, trauma-aware approaches grounded in care and adaptability, the affective and psychomotor domains might help many of you with course design and planning.

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Hello, my name is Chris Willmott (usual handle @cjrw) and I’ve been given the keys to officially drive the @LearnOnScreen account for the next two hours #TV4Teaching
I'm an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at @uniofleicester with a long-standing interest in use of #BroadcastMedia in Teaching & Learning #TV4Teaching
This is a new venture for @LearnOnScreen and they’re trusting me to take good care of their account. I promise I’ll endeavour to do so! @cjrw #TV4Teaching
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