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"I celebrate all the voices that internet brings. But the internet is not for listening yet." @jeffjarvis about the need for #diversity in his talk "Journalism reborn from the ashes" #djvbo
"Now, the public is the 5th pillar. Everyone has the opportunity to speak. And there are some people who are afraid about that." @jeffjarvis
"It is old white uneducated men, it is fear of an unknown future, of black people, of migrants, of women. They are burning down every institution rather than sharing it (...) The only solution to it at the end is education." @jeffjarvis
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We're LIVE in 10 minutes with @dessalen to learn where DE&I fits into addressing a global pandemic, strategies for DE&I in the virtual workplace, and how to have difficult conversations with effective outcomes. Join us! #TeVirtualEvents #DEI
What will we be talking about today? @dessalen also talks a lot about ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. What do these have to do with #diversity? Stay tuned for the replay to find out! #TeVirtualEvents #DEI
What is the best way to solve a problem? Need as many varied ways of thinking for the most successful outcome. Post pandemic, reopening, closing, second wave - this is new to all of us. ONE group of people will not have the best ideas. We need to be #crowdsourcing ideas. #TeVE
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I've seen diverse opinions on Twitter about @Ripple joining #TheBoardChallenge

I used to believe that the best person should get the job. Period.

Gender, ethnicity, age, and geography were irrelevant as long as you were the best at the job.

That's changed

Let me explain:
There's one major problem with that. Who gets to decide who the best person is? That would most likely be the incumbent board members. Who in most cases have been selecting likeminded people for years, and have ended up with a fairly homogenous group of individuals.
Does such a boardroom have exposure to a wide enough range of perspectives to facilitate robust discussions of the issues that arise?
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@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 1/ Good question @sarah_bodell
Love that idea @DrCConnell , we could even go to say that positive action is taken & there is always a seat specifically for election for each of those #Diversity groups
Thank you for both your engagement

Another draft idea... (cont.) #BAME
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 2/ If there is ever an #Equality #Diversity #inclusion (#EDI) officer in the college, then attached to this are @BAMEOTUK network, officially in @theRCOT contributing to the EDI agenda (cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal @theRCOT 3/ The aim would be to influence & impact @theRCOT activities & raise the agenda at board level regarding the issues of paying #BAME members across the profession & ...(cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
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My tired brain would like to associate '8' with infinity, since that's how long it will take to get any semblance of #diversity across #media.

Here's month eight of tracking the sorry #OpEds of @IndianExpress @htTweets and @the_hindu.

As sad as it is to note the increase in the number of #COVIDー19 positive cases across #India, it's sadder to note the lack of increase in #female #OpEds.

@IndianExpress had 129 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 120.
Of the 129 in IE, #women got 37 bylines, including 10 #jointbylines.

@IndianExpress adopts a convenient trope of getting multiple joint bylines featuring women. At times, as many as 3 women for one small piece.

While this is just sad, it ups the numbers.
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Research article thread - inspired by @bangerasai - aiming to read & comment on 25 articles in total from now until end of September - covering SLT general, ABI, concussion, youth offending, public health/ policy, global SLT & anti racism reading 📚
3. Language & culture in speech-language & hearing professions in South Africa: The dangers of a single story – ref. & key points below 👇👇Powerful read with gems 💎of truth, some specific to a post apartheid South Africa 🇿🇦 & others parallel with the UK #SeptemberDailyPapers
1/ Khoza-Shangase, Katijah, & Mophosho, Munyane. (2018). Language and culture in speech-language and hearing professions in South Africa: The dangers of a single story. South African Journal of Communication Disorders, 65(1), 1-7.… OPEN ACCESS 🔓🎉
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I’m just a normal salaried GP.

Before Covid, I was like so many of you. Why was I even a member of the @RCGP?

But #NHS staff were dying because they didn’t have enough #PPE and because they were #BAME and no one seemed to care...

I didn’t even have Twitter back then...
My experience Iof Twitter a decade ago was that it was just lots of people in a room shouting so I gave it a wide berth.

But people were dying and it wasn’t right that it was #BAME risk and lack of #PPE

@ThePalpitations @meenalsworld
So first I started posting on dr groups on Facebook and people said, Sonali, take this to Twitter.

So I overcame my fear of Twitter (truth; being public still gives me anxiety) and joined and started tweeting.

But revolutions will not be Tweeted.
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"You need to rethink what image you have of your students, and what image you have of professional behavior.

A lot of the qualities that we claim to foster are qualities that contribute to ableism."

@AcademicChatter #HigherEd #Diversity #DisabledInSTEM #AcademicAbleism

1/6 Powerpoint slide: Academic ...
"When we tell students that they need to develop certain skills, we tell students with disability that they are not enough.

We tell students with anxiety issues that they can just "overcome" their anxiety if they want to make a career." 2/6
"We tell students with processing disorders that the world won't wait for them.

We tell students with stutters that they just need more practice.

When we tell students that they shouldn't say um, or like, or they should practice public speaking so they don't flush.."
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A simple case for #Diversity: Patients

I saw a patient once on rounds
Her eyes beautiful and bright
A turquoise hijab framed her face
And twinkled in the light

“Hello, I’m Dr. Manning.”
She offered me a smile
I could tell that she was tired;
The wait had been a while
“Please call me Amira,”
She sat up tall and said.
Then turned her face to look at me
As I approached the bed.

I listened to her story
And then did an exam
She asked me a few questions
And then we set a plan
Before I left I saw her tray,
The food had been untouched.
(Unless you count a piece of fruit)
But otherwise not much.

“Amira, you’ve not eaten.
Is everything okay?”
Her mouth opened but then she paused
Deciding what to say
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/06/2020…
SIAM: A Life of Logic and the Illogic of Life…

#life #logic #tarski
Afraid of Airlines? There’s Always the Private Jet - The New York Times…

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When it comes to corporate #culture, do companies walk the talk?

Our @mitsmr paper finds no correlation between official #coreValues and employees' assessment of how well companies live those values

(Eees' assessment from 1.4 million @Glassdoor #Culture500 reviews)

We studied 560 large, mainly US based companies.

82% publicized official corporate #values, and most companies had 3-7 values

We identified 62 distinct values listed by at least 1% of the companies and grouped similar ones (e.g., ethics, integrity, morality) together

Diversity of values is striking. Most commonly cited value (integrity) listed by fewer than 2/3rds of companies. Long tail of different values

We question the value of frameworks that reduce all corporate cultures to a few universal values or a 2x2 matrix

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In 8 weeks, #Startwith8Hollywood has become the largest #DiversityAndInclusion initiative in the history of Hollywood and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Here's why this matters...

@TheJTCList @BiatchPack @manondereeper @Cheryl_CLBP

Before 2020, #Diversity programs at the studios & networks offered less than 10 spots per year for underrepresented creatives & crew to be mentored by those already inside the system.

Access to the access was nearly impossible.🔐

#Startwith8Hollywood #TheJTCList

In 8 weeks, powered by just 2 volunteers, doors were opened for nearly 300 women of color. That's 300 talented, driven, experienced creators who had been shut out from their dreams.

This is holding Hollywood accountable. No more #LipService

#Startwith8Hollywood #TheJTCList

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Dear #Academia, can reflect on the wording “what can we learn from #Indigenous Knowledge/people/experience” for a sec?

1) That framing has the danger of being extractive, and it potentially diminishes us as only being of use when we serve non-Indigenous means 1/5
Generalizable knowledge is important. But #academia must reconcile its colonial duality of discrediting our #knowledge systems while also wanting to benefit from it.

It’s time to enact protective and supportive structures if you value our contributions (hint to the NIH) 2/5
2) Requests for our knowledge can seem like a disingenuously guised #diversity #inclusion checkbox ☑️ that resembles “other”-ing, if unexpected.

Building trust is important here. So is not self-proclaiming allyship. If you want us to do the work, then you must work also. 3/5
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After @elizhargrave posted a screenshot of a comment written by a man claiming she has hate in her heart, I decided to continue reading the other comments to a blog post detailing #inclusion, #diversity, and minority representation in the board game industry.

Here's one of them.
First, a link to the blog post, which was based on her recent Twitter posts and thread on #BIPOC, women, and #LGBTQ representation in board games:…
In the comments of the post, "Stuart," who says he's a "professional data analyst" goes on to show that he's not even an amateur marketer, economist, sociologist, or all-around decent human.

Here's a portion of his post:
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We are ready for an #inclusive deliberation: Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @scicommsci.🥳
Will be discussing #Ecosystem & #Training, #Diversity & #Inclusivity for #Indian #Scicomm.

Day 2 discussion commences in a few minutes!!
This live-tweet thread is curated by @AnamZille, @yaskap94 & @ChampakSuchitha on behalf of @spf_in & @scicommsci. 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻
🗣️🗣️Yesterday we discussed #funding and #infrastructure, #multidisciplinary #scicomm #research. Here’s the live tweet thread:
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“In the last quarter century—there’ve only been seven truly new vaccines introduced globally into clinical practice.”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal on the grave disservice done to the public w/over promising a #COVID19 vaccine
“You’re one of four African American CEOs in the #Fortune500—does it make a difference to ‘our ppl’ that you’re in the room?”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal discussing the issue of race in America post-#GeorgeFloyd
nb: @wkamaubell @staceyabrams
@tsedal: What does it take to find a reliable vaccine?
@Merck’s Frazier: It takes a lot of time—(I think) the record for the fastest vaccine ever brought to market was Merck in the mump’s [#MMR #MMRV] vaccine, it took about 4yrs; our most recent vaccine for Ebola took 5.5yrs. Image
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I’ve been thinking about the racial demographics of the phase 1 moderna #COVID19 mRNA vaccine study participants since yesterday.…

A thread on #racism #healthequity #diversity in #clinicaltrials #blamenarratives and other stuff. 1/n
I’m an oncologist - so I think about clinical trials a lot. I’ve also been manipulating large health registry databases for my postdoc research.

Recently an interview panel member asked me about the racial/ethnic breakdown of one of the registries I use in my data analysis 2/n
A major issue (among many) with retrospective analyses of large registry studies is that these databases are not diverse.
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The @PrefaceVentures website is live: Special thanks to @BrettBerson @atouchofair as well as an anonymous designer akin to Banksy for the output. We're doing a few things a bit differently, specifically around founder #communication. A thread:
1 / Founders deserve more #transparency into how VC's operate and what we will do for them as partners. At Preface we call this "The Code", which is essentially our #SLA for #frontierenterprise founders
2 / We are clear how and what we invest in you. How much initially ($250-$750k), how much is reserved for follow-ons (1-3x) and how often (5-7x pa, ~20 investments per fund). This simple info is impossible to find online on 99% of VC’s
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*DON'TJOINTHEM* "The more #artists support ambition to be part of the status quo, the more we support the limiting structures set by the status quo" great insight from #artist @camp_networking in response to my provocation. Image
"Organisations to make #artists regular agenda item, to get beyond who are we going to work with but how can we support #artists / include #artists in our organisational make-up beyond the programme"
"Diversity as JOYFUL and VULNERABLE space/place to share/understand/learn/change"
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This week, I attended 2 very important engagements in the UK. One was a four-day journalistic conference- Innovation in digital publishing during the COVID-19 Crisis courtesy of @newsrewired.The other one a #PR conversation on Wednesday night under the hashtag #PowerAndInfluence
2. I am glad that we are being deliberate about our commitment to #Equality and #Diversity.
I am sharing some of the lessons I picked from both engagements @MissChisomo @amandacomms @Advita_p @EllaMinty
3. Though these conversations might have been very emotive we must engage our communities in discussing experiences of racism, racial injustices including discrimination while learning from each other. Inclusion means going out to look for all voices because #AllVoicesMatter
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I've been doing this for six months now. SIX 😭

Tracking #OpEds of @IndianExpress, @htTweets and @the_hindu is painful and the results continue to be abysmal.

Of course everything #Covid is horrifying and demoralising, but certain things needn't be.

Those are the #OpEds. I'm convinced #Editors don't care about #representation.

@IndianExpress had 130 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 122.

I haven't included #Sundays from the beginning of the study since they're reserved for the same old #columnists.

The quality of #writing overall could be better, but a part of me gets the constraints.
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I’m jazzed to hear #company and #HR leaders finally saying the word “racism” instead of “insensitivity” or “bias” (🥴) to describe the broken promise of our society & workplaces. But I’m also nervous that we’re embarking on what @sapinker calls a “euphemism treadmill.”/1
I hear “racism” but I also see upticks in trainings. I hear “racism” but it’s already starting to roll off others’ tongues a smidge too easily. Here are a few thoughts on how we can resist turning the current moment into the next wave of #DEI corporatization./2
#1: Reinforce that racism isn't normal. As leaders develop the fluency to say “racism” with ease, they must also be explicit about the fact that - although racism is prevalent - it never was nor will be OK. This emphasis will help secure racism as signal vs. ambient noise./3
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