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2014 post....I've been following the Ukraine and Obama administration corruption for years....Ukraine is my baby as far as me researching and knowing
Still 2014 im telling ppl to pay attention to ukraine
2017.....telling ppl about ukraine
2017 Ukraine is the key
Most of you that's rooting for impeaching or promoting it in happiness are misinformed and can careless spreading info ....but I'm a actual researcher that pride myself on truth and exposing
Stay out my way and let me cook
Is anybody still confused??? I have to challenge your motives or intellect (You choose)
At this time period I was watching some of these media heads using some of the verbiage I was pushing out about ukraine ....which alarmed me
A lot of people that mention Charlottesville don't know it was a Soros program to create a "White nationalist boogie man"'s the same blueprint they used in Ukraine
Military aid(winks) was always used to create corruption and fund the rebels(aka Soros and Obama secret army)....this is where they sold black market weapons *winks again* do You remember Libya(Benghazi) Ukraine is tied with selling the javelin missiles
Lt. Vindman was I'm the "Secret Hearing" last week and he slipped up and told on the Obama administration on accident .....😉
I suggest a lot of yall to sit back and allow the bakers and cookers to do what we do back to the slip up and Libya(Benghazi) situation Vindman tells about the Javelin missiles 🎉🎐🎈🎊🎁
Does it makes since know why other countries spied on Trump to keep him out ??? THE JAVELIN MISSILES
Is it starting to make sense yet??? #Benghazi and #Ukraine +Javelin Missiles = keep watching the show shit is about to head up
If you have to ask or don't know anything about the aid it would be wise of you to take a seat .....and just watch you don't have to speak out of the same of just speaking JOE WILL TELL YOU WHATS GOING ON
2017 post..... just focus on keywords arming and funding Ukraine and loyal you can look at the post on the link…
Why do you think @realDonaldTrump first task was to make peace with North Korea ??? North Korea would eventually spill the beans on who was supplying and helping them with weapons/Missiles
Dear Hunter.....we've been knew about you...the impeachment is to protect deep state and your father but it won't work
The whole "Russia Hack" stuff was fake .....John Podesta(Hillary Clinton Campaign Chair) have his passwords away to Crowdstrike and other folks got a hold of it #Location #Ukraine…
Most people talking about Trump this and that don't even know who @AlexandraChalup is .....I've been talking about her for years and they've hid her and just redacted her name on the impeachment docs…
2018 Facebook deletes all my 2017 post about @AlexandraChalup just like Fb did with Eric Ciaramella.....Ali or Alex whichever name she goes by is the BIG FISH on 2016 election interference
I can't have a thread without a shout out to @almostjingo with this Jewel right here it allowed me to connect more you see why the dems were scared of Matt "Thanos" Whitaker during his hearing #Ukraine
You might not like @realDonaldTrump but he will expose everything and Ukraine is key like I've been yelling since 2014
Let me slide this nude pict on you real quick for everybody pretending to care about Ukraine mil aid here you have @AlexandraChalup and the *whistleblower which is just a spy and COUP pawn* working together *coincidence 😂🤣😂🤣NOPE!!
Let this boy cook🔥🔥🔥
It's a video connected to the link ENJOY 🎂🍰🍫🍦🍧🍻🍺🥂…
🔧🔩🛠🔐🔓🔒🗝🔑 @AlexandraChalup is the key to the whole riddle
It's a hour plus vid I did mentioning @AlexandraChalup "The invisible person"
The quid pro quo story is what they are spoon feeding the people that are fed by the media and have ZERO knowledge of what's going on ......DURHAM AND BARR are on the loose and ready
They held Barr in contempt so they can muddy the waters of any investigation and when those indictments come #Ukraine
Let's get the party started🎈🎊🎁 @RepAdamSchiff lies about knowing the identity of the whistleblower #Ukraine
👀👀 watch the tweet dates August 28th 2019 <--please remember this date and pay attention to the content of the tweet
Now.....I told you to watch the dates of @RepAdamSchiff tweets on August 28th look and see when Schiff was sending/traveling to Ukraine August 24 to 31st 2019 😂😂😂😂 #Busted
So now.....look over here "Atlantic Council 🤔🤔 let's take a trip on where my mind wanders
Victor Pinchuk is on the Board of Alantic Council 🤺
Victor Pinchuk,Atlantic Council,Clinton Foundation,Hillary Clinton,Joe Biden,BURISMA <---- Dear @RepAdamSchiff was the trip yall took in August a trip to plant the impeachment
Victor Pinchuk donated 25 Million dollars to the @ClintonFdn during the 2016 presidential election 🎅🤶
Hey hey hey close your eyes it's nothing to see.... Jan 2017 Atlantic Counsel announced partnership with Ukraine gas company BURISMA GROUP👞👢
Well allow me to introduce Andrea Chalupa(Alex/Ali) sister
@AndreaChalupa speaks about Isikoff and @DavidCornDC and Christopher Steele then Paul Manafort<---
Good ole Paul Manafort anybody remember what Paul got looker up for *Hint* it wasn't Russia
I'm back !!!
So allow me to cook...I need a little it of parmesan cheese and olive oil *Paging Dmitri Alperovitch
Hi's time for the hot seat 🔥🔥
So I showed you Dimitri the Atlantic council member but here's Dmitri Alperovich the Co Founder and chief technology of Crowd Strike
2017 I was right but I missed putting Ukraine in the post Dimitri is Ukrainian/ let me say this loud they(Crowdstrike and the DNC) that Russia hacked the DNC but never handed over the server to the @FBI instead they gave it to a company named Crowdstrike founder Dmitri
Why would Obama appoint Dmitri Alperovich and Crowdstrike over it's cyber security 🤔
Why didn't the @FBI get the servers from the DNC and from Crowdstrike why didn't @BarackObama ask the fbi to get it??
They had to pretend to indict some body because they knew it was never any RUSSIAN HACKS..... #Ukraine
Crowdstrike and GOOGLE<-- remember earlier in this thread I had you focus on Ukraine and missiles to North Korea....keep that in the back of your head but Dmitri Alperovich is a Ukrainian Intelligence Agent
Crowdstrike=FBI rouge agents and Ukrainian Intelligence Agents
Watch Google like I've said ....427 meetings at the white house
Google gives Crowdstrike over $156 Million dollars it making any sense yet GOOGLE😍CROWDSTRIKE=OBAMA AND @DNC
Crowdstrike(Dmitri Alperovitch) wmgave cover to Google while Google funneled money to Crowdstrike by orders of the white house 😎🤓
How can a Ukrainian Intelligence Agent tell the U.S that Russia hacked the DNC then create the story of the 17intelligence agencies found evidence..YALL REMEMBER THAT TALKING POINT 17 17 17 intelligence agencies 17 17 this 17that all said Russia back but it was Crowdstrike
Let that boy cook.....LET ME COOK🔥🔥🔥
So hopefully you've been watching me focus ON GOOGLE as a glue to everything if you have now it will make a little more sense for Eric Schmidt to be at Hillary Clinton ELECTION NIGHT PARTY #ArrowsUp 🏆
The U.S Digital Service was snuck in and is part of the surveillance unleashed
John Podesta(Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager) plotting with Robby Mook and Eric Schmidt(Google) 2014 then look when the U.S Digital Service created in 2014
Imagine fvey(Five eyes) working with Google and North Korea.....hence why Trump made it a importance to end tensions with NK
Guess WHO?????? remember me showing you earlier in the thread that Ukraine was giving Missile help to North Korea can't have effective missiles without technology *ERIC SCHMIDT AND GOOGLE*
Kim Jung Un and Eric Schmidt 🤔🤔🤔
Just a simple breakdown go back to the phone call with @realDonaldTrump and the president of Ukraine "Crowdstrike" came up in the transcript(comversation)
I'm old enough to remember Google hiding devastating info on @HillaryClinton and scrambled the results to bad news on Trump #TheFixWasIn
Hmmmm.....🤔🤔 @BarackObama and @ericschmidt is there with all the other tech folks #NothingToSeeYall
Let's take a commercial break and we'll be right back📺
So just in a 3 month span in 2016 the @DNC paid Crowdstrike a significant amount of money
Let's give Shawn Henry a little love on the thread 😂🎉 he's the president of Crowdstrike
But... the same Crowdstrike that didn't give the server to anybody (Fbi,Homeland Security)etc ...Shawn Henry was named FBI executive assistant director of criminal,cyber,response and service whom??? Robert"Russian Collusion)Mueller himself In 2010
So I will go back to those payments from the @DNC
Dnc paid Crowdstrike $98,849.84 on 07/11/2016
Seth Rich murder lines up with it on 07/10/2016
Another fun fact is
Dnc paid Crowdstrike $113,645.77
On 8/03/2016
We gave Shawn Lucas dead on 8/02/2016
A lot of researcher ignored or aren't aware of the MIS Department.....the DNC/DCCC and MIS Department were tag team on computer techs(and hackers)
🚀*INCOMING*🛬 here's a link on Bill Browder I posted on fb and it ties everything and body in it including Crowdstrike and James Comey and the gang…
The #AwanBrothers telling staffers not to deleted nothing then Crowdstrike comes in and puts in(installs) the falcon program which tracked #SethRich as the leaker
@GenFlynn warned you all about us...I come from that squadron #DigitalSoldiers we are here 🌐
The intertwining of Perkins Coie and Crowdstrike *Hacking teams* pay attention 2014 is when I showed you they all teamed up tech(wise)
Michael Sussmann(Perkins Coie)
Aneesh Chopra(White house Cyber Tech)
Shawn Henry/Dmitri Alperovitch(Crowdstrike)
Michael Sussmann Twitter
"A conversation with FBI General Counsel James Baker" so again you have the FBI/Crowdstrike/Perkins Coie working together on "cyber stuff"😂
They worked hand and han d to create these "Hacks" that was supposed to the "Russians" and they weaponize the FISA
Just so it's clear this is a page out of @donnabrazile book *Donna you can sue me I ain't got shit 😂😂*…
The @DNC giving access away to Crowdstrike to create the back story
So why didn't Mueller interview Julian Assange and why didn't he analyze the "Hacked" would've led back to Crowdstrike/Ukraine
Then he(Mueller) would've found #SethRich aka Panda ......but who are the rest of the bears *Side notes this photo was a jab at Seth Rich who was killed a month later*
These are the rest of the bears COZY and FANCY(pay attention to fancy I have a theory)
Let's take a small second to bring in Greg Craig @BarackObama personal legal counsel
Greg Craig "Think Progress"
Think Progress shuts down 😎😍
Who sponsor "Think Progress"👀👀
Who runs CAP(Center For American Progress) ........Here comes Johnnnnny
This man right here @johnpodesta or sloppy as we call him
@johnpodesta the "Ukraine Fixer"
John Podesta =Hillary Campaign Manager
Paul Manafort =Trump Campaign Manager

Both worked together lobbying in Ukraine
Alan B Krueger(Obama and Clinton)Economic aid commits suicide around the same time Craig got pinched
I still believe Craig told on some big wigs about ukraine
"International Nuclear Arms negotiator" Ellen Tauscher dies around the same time period as the financial advisor and Greg Craigs troubles with Ukraine
Just a reminder ....Craig for tangles up in the Mueller report and it was about Ukraine(but this is Obama right hand man)🤔
Let's take a small commercial break and allow @RepAdamSchiff to lie about the words the president said(Which after this vid the president released the transcript)😂🤣 #CHECKMATE
Then @SpeakerPelosi tried to lie in support of Schiff but was corrected by fake news anchor 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 you know you trash when fake news corrects you ...and it's about Trump
Watch as @RepAdamSchiff cuts off a congresswoman because he doesn't want her to spill the beans on live tv.....about Schiff lying about the President words on the phone call😂😂
Back to the regular schedule program .....Libya and Ukraine is tied together by weapons and politicians

Libya=Obama,Hillary,John McCain,Marc Turi,Senate Armed Service committee

You will start to see why ive said John McCain disappeared
John McCain was able to maneuver weapons under the radar and knew that when Trump took office they were caught 🎣
#FunFact No other researchers connected these dots but this is @realDonaldTrump standing on McCain and the gang neck!!!!....
*Dust hands off* John McCain middle name should be Ukraine(Try saying that 3 times in a row 🤣)
John McCain is with _____(Fill in the name) remember deep state panicked when the new president of Ukraine won
*Restroom break yall go ahead and use it and come back in "17" minutes* #KurtVolker
@cindymccain awwwwh boo don't get scared we already know your secrets you might as well keep Kurt at the @McCainInstitute 😂🤣
2017 I'm telling you about a Ukraine Coup Blueprint.....either I pay attention or I'm this next person on my next tweet😂😂🤣
I've been picking my nose and scratching my head on why Deep State would even whisper Ukraine or even mention them....
They earned the dummy award🏆🎖
Obama and the gang have the Coup in Ukraine steroids(not real ones)but yes they fueled it and put in their own hand picked players
And .....Soros again
Soros and Deep State basically created the rebels to overthrow the Ukrainian government they trying it here but they were using BLM and Antifa but it didn't completely work
Soros and John McCain Resist Movement.....I hope it's starting to make more sense
John McCain was basically the president of Ukraine and @BarackObama was the Vice President then @HillaryClinton was still sec of state for Ukraine(loser) 😂🤣
John Kerry and Joe Biden were the back up singers and dancers singing *money money money money.....monnnnayyy*🎵🎶🎼🎤
Funny moment while I scrolled my timeline @simonamangiante is @GeorgePapa19 ❤heart ....but she just tweeted this 2 hours ago and I feel at least I'm not the only one feeling weird
#Resistance #Resist ....everything you're seein in America was done in Ukraine even the #ResistanceMovement
@SenBlumenthal 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I see you 🤓👀👓🔦💡🕯🔭🔬🔎🔍 #Ukraine
Even in 2017 I was telling you that N.Korea was working with #Ukraine all they can do is cry #GunControl like him or not he stopped the plan
I can keep going and going and going and going....
In 2017 everybody was like RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA....I was like naaah look at #Ukraine
If you sit back and watch they had to spring up this Ukraine stuff because the IG Report us coming and it will expose the origins ...the investigation been going on for a while now
I can go deeper but it gets boring 🤣😂 so I'll just be basic pay attention to the names and names of the foundations #Ukraine speaks for itself Uranium One is bigger than a wikileaks email #Ukraine
Dear @cindymccain and @MeghanMcCain ....wth Johnny is a traitor…
The best video that ppl never seen @cindymccain @MeghanMcCain ...I know you're proud as ever 😍…
I wrote(Direct message) and @ most of the big researchers and Qfolks on Twitter to ask them to check out my thread..only 1 answered and retweeted and I ❤ her always 💪 @almostjingo <---The Dopest
P.s if anybody else did a thread this long and Deep the cliques would share it
Let that boy cook🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Obama state department knew what was going on ....take a look #Ukraine
Jim Jordan exposing Ukraine and the state department
The Biden Family wasn't just getting the billions themselves....Hunter was a smokescreen just like Hillary in Haiti,Obama appeared clean but got Haiti money
@RepAdamSchiff throws a hissy fit while his witness gets destroyed by Elise Stefanik...I've never seen anything like this #Ukraine
Why did they even bring her in today 😂😂 they could've brought in "Boots" and "Dora The Explora"
I'm done cooking(still have a lot of info to put on this thread) it's ARROWS UP🎯 #ArrowsUp #Pilluminati
Why did @realDonaldTrump as about "Crowdstrike" during the call😁
Roger Stone.....attacked by deep state but we will show a little sunshine
The key to the Roger Stone case was he was demanding to see the server that was "Supposedly" Hacked...he(Roger) knew That it was never a hack and Crowdstrike(Ukraine) had it
John McCain and Ukraine 😂🤣😂 this tweet is personal because she @MeghanMcCain knows her daddy is involved with Ukraine and Crowdstrike
Let's make this make more sense
I hope you're ready
Do you remember earlier in the thread I tied Ukraine with Libya(dealing with the illegal weapons deal) or missiles.....
So the federal Judge that threw out the Benghazi/Hillary Clinton case*drumroll*🥁 Judge Amy Berman Jackson<----focus on the name
🤔 Judge Amy Berman Jackson over the Paul Manafort case??
Guess who was Roger Stone judge??

Yup that's right federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson.
So this is Amy Berman Jackson Obama secret weapon....the cleaner and fixer of deep state
3)Roger Stone
4 Protect Crowdstrike during the court case
I told yall that Obama wouldn't endorse Joe Biden ...because of Ukraine watch the video 😍 it's only 3 minutes #Ukraine
This went over a lot of people's head but now I will ask ....Why would anybody where this to The State Of The Union have to go to the next tweet
This is the state of the union where @realDonaldTrump was being protested but it's a man with a flag on!! What was the flag ???
The flag of Ukraine.....✨🎇🎆🎉 but why??
Roger stone case were he's asking about the DNC and DCCC hack(Servers) and proof that russia hacked the servers
@realDonaldTrump giving the heads up that we see the injustice and double standards #Ukraine
Don't ask who's great idea it was to have public impeachment hearings about ukraine ....but THANK YOU 😂🤣😂🤣
You see all the plotters celebrating
How they raided Roger Stone home ...Let's get into it
Like I've been say all day the guilty are cheering
The main reason I rock with Roger Stone is he advocated the pardon for Marcus Garvey ✊🏾✊🏻 @realDonaldTrump do the right thing and pardon both of them…
Always Remember anything Crowdstrike or DNC were involved with Ukraine is there
This is why John Podesta is celebrating about the stone verdict
Private Podesta and Stone hearings so the public can stay in the dark
They could've granted this with Assange testifying via video(Live Stream)...So the courts wouldn't let Assange in or the DNC servers
@Fandango presents "Remove the judge"
😎😍 the party will begin soon
Muddy the waters..... #Ukraine
If you made it through my thread you will already know that I said @JoeBiden "was" basically the president of Ukraine....he was the big dog
Why is it so many people listening to @realDonaldTrump phone calls ....hell can yall call me on 3 way so I can listen too
Them receipts hit your spirit different when you believe in @CNN 🤣😂
12-08-2015 back when the news reported the news 🤣😂 #Ukraine
Plants ...on top of plants🌱🌳🌿🍀☘
A must watch $$$$$$…
Wow!!!! The first few minutes I go in #Ukraine lit🔥🔥🔥…
Everything is connected it's a chess game #Ukraine
*check out this dope connection* hit the link
Blood and soil(Charlottesville)
Blood and soil(Ukraine)

Charlottesville was staged to muddy up Trump and the blueprint was created by Soros and Deep State in Kiev
Ukraine tiki torch march
Charlottesville tiki torch march...
Read the dates ....John Durham is in Ukraine getting the goods
Everything shines brighter in ukraine 2014
Watch the August 21 headlines #Ukraine…
Michael Cohen takes plea deal 21st
Awan brother avoids jail 21st
Podesta and Manafort both lobbied for the Clintons and the white house
Mueller shuts down the podesra
Oligarch and companies and election meddling
Mood level:Super Saiyan ☄🔥⚡💪
The blueprint please pay attention
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
The grand finale @MeghanMcCain daddy
Yikes !!!!!!! Ukraine ....Wow!!!!! EXCLUSIVE @OANN: @RudyGiuliani Yovanovitch instructed to dismiss 2 cases of Ukrainian collusion w/Dems to help Clinton campaign.
Ukraine is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ukraine is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jsolomonReports
Wearing the military uniform to a coup hearing was the worst mistake ever 😂🤣 #DummyAwards 🎖🏆
*Singing*🎶🎼🎵🎤 do you see what iiiiiii are we #Ukraine
(Tweet from @almostjingo )Vindman was originally brought in to handle Russia he was later moved to Ukraine because NSC had too many people assigned to RUSHHHHAAAA.
🇺🇦 is in the house better watch ya mouth 🤣🤣😃😂 #Ukraine
Col.Vindman was asked 3 times to be Minister of defense by Ukraine officials gets deep
Why would they(Ukraine) ask Col.Vindman to be in charge of the Ukrainian army if he was just a regular Joe blow
No means No #Ukraine
Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg says:

“I was on the much-reported July 25 call between President Donald Trump and President Zelensky … I heard nothing wrong or improper on the call. I had and have no concerns.”
Vindman ...I'm not calling this dude col. no more ......DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE
The only "colonel" I respect this week🤣😂 #ColonelSanders #Ukraine
Nothing to see hear yall ....we just waster hours of your time
Come on over and get your red pill #Pilluminati
He's a traitor with low self esteem that's why .....spies get rewarded and him going back and telling is basically leverage for a promotion 😉 #Ukraine
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say @realDonaldTrump is the commander in chief 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️
The 2014 Ukraine Revolution or aka planned Coup
Take your time and click the link and look at all the news during the 2013 prep for the coup…
2013 #Ukraine
2013 #Ukraine actually taking over the streets and building a wall #Coup
Some people stayed out side -11 🤶🎅 #Ukraine
The coup was well organized and funded #Soros money #Ukraine
Well this is about to blow 🎈🎉🎊🎁🎏🎂🍰🍬🍫🍭 #Ukraine 🎆🎇✨…
@realDonaldTrump just read hand written notes from his convo with Amb. Sondland "I WANT NOTHING"
🎶🎵🎼🎵🎶📣🔊 then I heard BOOM from the amplifier 😂😢 #Ukraine #Burisma
I see a lot of people talking about @RudyGiuliani and @RudyGiuliani that....everything that he's doing is legal and can be proved that Trump needed a back channel for communication against corruption #Ukraine
#Ukraine in the membrane
Take a listen was Ukraine with the help of Russia that was trying to help Hillary Clinton
@RepAdamSchiff asked the final blow to his questions and wasn't ready for the response #Ukraine
@DevinNunes is Bob the builder right now he's laying out the groundwork #Ukraine
Fiona Hill is very partisan....links below #Ukraine she's a plant and a #Soros warrior………
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