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#FunFact: I've been an expert witness in 2 civil cases. The second time, I was originally supposed to testify the 1st day fo the trial but kept being rescheduled; I finally testified on the 5th day...but I had to sit in the courtroom for ~8 hours each $150/hour.
The case involved both sides being clueless in different ways. A web developer working as a "volunteer deputy" at the Macomb County Sheriff's Dept. developed & maintained an elaborate website for them for free for 3 yrs...then demanded to be paid for his work, including back pay.
The plaintiff (the web developer) claimed that he was owed $300,000. He & his expert witnesses went on & on about how incredibly impressive/sophisticated the code was; all the nifty database tools he had implemented; etc etc.
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Again: Giving him side-eye or the evil eye or whatever isn’t gonna change the fact that he’s gonna have tremendous power over the Dem Senate caucus even if they flip both GA seats.

That may suck, but that’s where we are.
In 2018, a progressive tried primarying Manchin. She got 30%.

In 2020, the same progressive was the nominee against Capito. She got 27%.
#FunFact: Remember how the “Bernie woulda won” folks insisted that Bernie would have won West Virginia in 2016 because he won the primary there?

Hillary received 26.4%. This year, the Bernie-style progressive received...27%.
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Pouchkine, ou le big daddy de la littérature russe :

Alexandre Pouchkine est né en 1799 à Moscou, il a des parents assez space qui déménagent H24 d’une rue à l’autre et sont incapables de se gérer financièrement, genre quand ils reçoivent à dîner ils doivent emprunter des verres à des potes et des trucs comme ça
L’arrière-grand-père maternel de Pouchkine, Ibrahim Petrovitch Hannibal, était un petit enfant abyssin (c’est à peu près l’Ethiopie aujourd’hui), qui avait d’abord été kidnappé par des Turcs à sept ans puis adopté à huit par le tsar Pierre le Grand #improbable ImageImageImageImage
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Wollen wir heute Abend alle zusammen den Livestream schauen und darüber twittern?

Hashtag #Aluhut2020?

Ich bitte um Handzeichen.
Und es geht los! Die Verleihung des Goldenen Aluhuts 2020! #Aluhut2020
Geiles Intro vom Team aus Hamburg!

Heute Stream-Premiere mit Hilfe von Reservix. Wieviele Leute sind wohl online?
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Urban planning & naming in Benin city is unique & reflects the traditional sociopolitical system & philosophy of life of the Benins. By studying them alone you will learn more Edo history than from many books.
Benin City is divided into several Quarters & broadly into 2 parts: to the north Orenokhua and to the south Ogbe. Orenokhua once housed several quarters of the ordinary citizens, craftsmen, various specialist groups, and many chiefs.
The palace quarter called Ogbe was once separated from Orenokhua by a broad road called Oroghotodin. The wide road stretches from Oba market road straight to Sokpoba road. This was before a ring road (carved out mostly from the Ogbe side of the divide) was built there.
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Liebes #Kontakttagebuch,
MHG, 25.10.2020
In den letzten 14 Tagen hatte ich 2 relevante und 2 regelkonforme #Kontakte.
Morgen werde ich dir viel zu #beichten haben:
Ich reise in ein #Risikogebiet und #verstoße permanent gegen AHA+A+L-GGG.
Mal sehen, wie viele der 69 Menschen aus 3 #Kohorten die 45-90 Minuten mit mir und +GGG (PLUS statt MINUS!) verbringen. Immerhin trendet #Schulboykott.
Vielleicht kommt in meiner Bereitschaft aber noch eine weitere Kohorte mit bis zu 30 Personen hinzu. Vielleicht ist dann ⬇️
die Altersspanne der #Kontaktpersonen auch noch größer als 13-18 Jahre. Laut @rki_de sind zumindest die „älteren #Jugendlichen“ ähnlich #empfänglich und #infektiös wie Erwachsene.⬇️
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#SanMarino #footabll #FunFact

The football fans of the small state of San Marino experienced an unusual feeling of happiness. They had to wait 40 games before they could celebrate another point in their national team.
On Tuesday evening the time had come: the selection made it 0-0 in the Nations League in Liechtenstein. It was the first point win since 2014. The so far last away game without a defeat was even 20 years ago, as the football association of the small state in Italy announced.
The national team from the country with around 33,800 inhabitants in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna played their first official game in 1990. By the way, Liechtenstein is their favorite opponent:
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After 493 days Belgium will have very likely a goverment. After a 21 hours lasting talk the parties had agreement. Now both sides have to decided the postions of the goverment.
The so-called Vivaldi coalition consists of Liberals, Greens and Social Democrats as well as Flemish Christian Democrats. The right-wing parties NVA and Vlaams Belang, which are particularly strong in Flanders, are left out. The last elected goverment resigned 9th Decemeber 2018
#FunFact its not the world record... the world record is held btw by... Belgium too. with 540 days with only a buissnes goverment and 289 days without a goverment.
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#FunFact: If no one receives at least 270 Electoral Votes, the race is thrown to the newly seated U.S. House...except each state delegation only gets 1 vote. Currently, GOP holds 26, Dems 22, 2 tied.

That’s why I picked some of these races to support:…
Another #FunFact: One Trump scheme is to try & get state legislatures to ignore the will of the voters in their state & appoint Trump electors regardless of the results. Help flip up to 10 state legislative bodies blue at once by donating to these races:…
(Note: Of the 10 states listed, legislators only assume office before the Electoral College votes in 2 of them: PA & SC. Even so, this underscores the importance of controlling state legislatures on a host of issues most people rarely think about.)
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#Funfact: Da man nie vollständig ausatmet sondern im Mundrachenraum, der Lufrröhre etc immer Luft am Ende der Ausatmung verbleibt, atmet man immer, seit dem ersten Atemzug ,,seine eigene, verbrauchte Luft“ wieder ein...ewww
Diese Totraumventilation passiert also ständig. Wenn ihr nun eine Maske tragt, die optimalerweise dicht anliegt und nicht wie so ein Futtersack vor dem Gesicht hängt, erweitert ihr diesen Totraum lediglich um einen Bruchteil dessen, was ohnehin stattfindet. Aber es kommt noch
besser. Die Vitalkapazität beträgt, wenn sie richtig, richtig dolle schlecht ist einen Liter, die meisten von Euch dürften aber so 2,5-5 Liter VC haben. Die VC beschreibt, wieviel Luft ihr pro Atemzug maximal ein- und ausatmen könnt. Wenn ihr also sagen wir mal 3 Liter Luft
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Only Northkorea and Turkmenistan are not reporting officialy any coronavirus infections.


Both are the most isolated states on the world.
And Turkmenistan officialy dosnt even has any doctors
coorection: As well as 12 Island nations in the Pacific ocean
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#HindiDiwas is celebrated on September 14 to commemorate the adoption of #हिंदी in Devanagari script as one of the official languages of India.

#हिंदी_दिवस Image
Often mistaken to be the 'national language' of India, #हिंदी was initially the official language of only nine states and five union territories including Delhi.

#हिंदी_दिवस #HindiDiwas2020
In the year 1881, Bihar was the first state of British India to have adopted #हिंदी as its sole official language.

#हिंदी_दिवस #HindiDiwas2020
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The big implication of new rules in #multicap fund category by SEBI. An impromptu attempt at rambling up some thoughts. Would love comments and feedback no how to benefit from this trend. Some points i cover in tweets below 1/5
1) 18-20% of the Total Equity AUM is in Multicap Funds - Suddenly the rules of the game have changed. Will lead to merger and other creative solutions but not mad buying of smallcaps.
#FunFact - There are 35 schemes of #MultiCap Fund and 29 of #LargeCap & 27 of #LargeandMidcap Fund. #Multicap AUM = 1.46 lakh cr. #Largecap = 1.48 lakh cr. The regulator has a problem in principle and true to label issues. Why did they not notice till now? Source -AMFI site
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Solo quería contaros mi #FunFact favorito.

Viggo Mortensen tiene actualmente la misma edad que tenía Ian McKellen cuando interpretó a Gandalf en El Señor de los Anillos.

Revelaciones de sábado por la mañana.

😅 ImageImage
Solo por completar la información...

(Tuit patrocinado por @FalqueMonica) Image
Que no pare la fiesta...

(es que @FalqueMonica me provoca, de verdad) Image
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Daftar Penginapan Jogja Mulai 100rb Estetik, dan Gak Ramai Bgt!
Ini thread bukan berdasarkan review langsung hanya riset berd harga dan review di app airbnb.

Jadi keputusan ada di pihak kalian hehe, ohya kalau mau review langsung mamaeh ada banyak hotel2 jogja yang udah direview bisa cek disini
Hotel Jogja Murce
1. Pojok Pas Guest House
Harga lagi promo di airbnb ya dari 15$ (Rp 210.000) jadi 11$ (Rp 160000)
Model guesthouse cuma 5 kamar, tempat adem banyak pohon, kamar juga lucu, lokasi strategis deket keraton dan demata museum.
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(Sur ce sujet aussi, les rapporteurs y vont avec des pincettes) Image
Pas de pincettes, en revanche, pour qualifier de «hold-up jurisprudentiel» (carrément) l'arrêt Tele2 de la CJUE, qui s'oppose à la conservation généralisée des données (cf.…) Image
Le rapport de la mission d'information envisage plusieurs pistes. La première mettrait sans doute la CJUE en PLS : Image
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Trivia Kemerdekaan

-A Thread-
1. Suara Bung Karno membaca teks Proklamasi direkam ulang

Ternyata, suara Bung Karno bukan direkam langsung saat pembacaan teks proklamasi. Rekaman itu memang suara asli Bung Karno, namun dibuat pada tahun 1951 di Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) u/ kebutuhan dokumentasi negara✨
2. Perintah pertama Soekarno sebagai Presiden RI

Setelah ditetapkan, perintah pertama Soekarno sebagai seorang Presiden ternyata bukan membentuk kabinet, mempersiapkan rapat, atau menetapkan kebijakan penting. Perintah pertamanya ternyata adalah memesan 50 tusuk sate ayam!
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In the end, @kdmcdonald2020 crushed 3-term incumbent Jessica Cooper by a nearly 2:1 margin. Let me explain why this one was so important to me personally:
Before I begin, it's important to understand:
1. For more than a decade before I delved into being a healthcare policy analyst, I was a freelance website developer.
2. I've had a long-standing policy of not discussing details of past clients publicly. This is the sole exception.
Back in 2012, I was hired by Cooper (who was then in her first term as Oakland County Prosecutor) to develop her re-election campaign website. It wasn't a huge job, and the site itself was a fairly standard campaign site for a county-level position. Nothing unusual.
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149 introducing jinyoung ImageImage
150 jisoo is a muse ImageImage
151 wink wonk ImageImage
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“With the exception of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, & Wisconsin...”
FWIW, there's ~200 countries nationally, and over half of them have a case rate below 1.5 per thousand residents.

Every U.S. state & territory has a higher case rate than that except American Samoa & the Northern Mariana Islands.…
"What about *mortality* rates, though?"

Well over half of countries have a COVID19 mortality rate below 0.04 per thousand.

Every U.S. state & territory is higher than that except Alaska, Hawaii, N. Mariana Islands, Guam & American Samoa.
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Ijue Bermuda triangle na matukio mengi ya kusaajabisha juu ya Bermuda 🇧🇲 triangle

Chukua popcorn 🍿 kabisa shuka na huu uzii mpaka mwisho
🔁Retweet iwafikie wengii

#FunFactFriday #wapwatuinuane
Bermuda Triangle ni eneo la Bahari ya Atlantiki pande zote mbili za ikweta mbele ya pwani ya Amerika Kaskazini, baina ya Florida, Puerto Rico na visiwa vya Bermuda.
Tangu mwaka 1964 jina la "pembetatu ya Bermuda" lilibuniwa na kusambazwa na waandishi wa habari wakijaribu kueleza kupotea kwa boti, meli na ndege katika eneo hili
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Today’s #OldSchool chat will be about “Cooley High,” one of the great #Chicago classic films that often gets drowned out by other flicks like “The Blues Brothers” or even “Adventures In Babysitting.”
Cooley was a break from the "blax" films that were popular at the time. An autobiographical piece by Chicago writer Eric Monte, he modeled the main character "Preach" after himself. CH was a real high school that served the kids of Cabrini-Green before it was demolished in 1980.
While much of the cast was made of up-and-coming actors like Glynn Turman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and Garrett Morris, the producers hired a lot of residents as cast members, including Jackie Taylor, who later founded the Blk Ensemble Theater. Some of them were natural actors.
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Since everyone is cringe-watching #IndianMatchmaking on @NetflixIndia, here are a few #FunFacts on the show, *the aunty*, other aunties, and arranged marriages. Thread 👇 Image
The star of the show Sima Taparia runs a Mumbai-based marriage consultancy “Suitable Rishta” that began by exclusively catering to the Marwari family market and has now gone global with families from USA, UK, Thailand, Hong Kong & Australia.
#FunFact: Fee= ₹1.5-4 lacs per fam Image
#FunFact : This isn’t Sima‘s first motion picture appearance. Earlier she has appeared in an acclaimed documentary “A Suitable Girl” which also showcases how Indian arranged marriages are regressive but this one is a true gem.
Streaming on
@NetflixIndia ImageImage
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For each like I'll tweet a useful fact about the Swedish language.
Swedish nouns have two genders: "utrum" and "neutrum", also called the common gender and the neuter gender in English. More names are en-ord/N-ord or ett-ord/T-ord.
2. When in doubt which gender a word has, either use a dictionary (😜), or use the common gender (en), since the majority of Swedish nouns take that one.
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