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UT quake likely a blacksite.
Khashoggi Complex.

NWO #MormunMafia must have big stockpiles.

P = Prophet

What if they pass baton around?
Pope down, Prophet up.

$100 Billion, 200+ temples, WW CIA ops

#Soros' wife went to U of Utah.
Great way to pass comms.
Follow the wives.
Thought process worthy of consideration, altho unlikely the answer.

We haven’t started the drops re: human trafficking / sacrifices [yet][worst].
Those [good] who know cannot sleep.
Those [good] who know cannot find peace.
Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.👈👈
Let's check out Idaho. See what we can find.
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Coronavirus - Medienkommentar #Coronavirus
Das #coronavirus: „Zufallsprodukt“ oder als #Biowaffe gezielt eingesetzt?…
Soros IS invested a biotech lab in Wuhan and it IS located on a 666 address.
#Soros is financially involved in WuXi PharmaTech Inc.

666 Gaoxin Road East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan 430075, China
Fact-checking hoaxes and conspiracies about the coronavirus & Soros 😉🤓
Poynter Institute "#Soros & #GatesFoundation got nothing to do with #coronavirus !"
Who sponsors Poynter? Yes, they are 🤣
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P was never Payseur.
InTheMatrixxx & frens misdirect.

P = Pharaoh

or similar symbolic title for top of Cult.

I knew Q team wasn't going to tell us.
Who is P?
#Q299 #favoriteQposts
Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P)
Banks / Financial Institutions
WW Gov Control
Gov Controls People
Oil Tech Sex/Children
Order is critical.👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽
Strings cut to US/UK.
Expand your thinking.
😎 They know Trump knows.
Q+ wouldn't highlight "P" carelessly.
Trolling them.

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Why people WW is in quarantine? Who has being infected by the 👑🦠? Why normal citizens around the world are less infect with this invisible enemy?
Universities directors
Politicians have 👑🦠
Why #POTUS mentions INVISIBLE ENEMY instead of 👑🦠?
Is he trying to tell us the [IE] are the Satanic and evil Elite? I think so!
This [IE] has being ruling the world for thousands of years. [They] have used us as food, slaves. The [IE] sacrifices our children to Moloch.
#POTUS and the MI are in Silence War against the [IE]
Our participation on this SW is stay at home so, they can finished [them]. They don't want to put us in danger. They closed schools, universities, theaters, concerts, stores churches, restaurants so, we won't be exposed
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The last chance to save America.

'Hillary's Election Trap' Theory.
Unrigging HRC's Election.

#QAnon @GenFlynn @TomFitton @NSAGov @780thC @1stTSC @US_CYBERCOM @WhiteHouse @USArmy @Real_ArmyCI
#VoterID #IBOR #EndTheFed @realdonaldtrump
2. HT/ to Anon 🙏👊#QResearch
For the full info slide.
Will include it at the end.👍

Broken it down here, into chunks, to #focusminds


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1-If there is anything good to be said about this #coronavirus pandemic is that the #MAGA #Qanon peeps are finally waking up to the fact that there is no #TrustThePlan or #TrustTheProcess at all
Just con artists preying on your fears and dreams while you donate to them all
2-And even if there is a #Plan, that plan certainly doesn't include YOU, but the rich and wealthy and the usual #NWO stuff re-branded as totally cool stuff and a #5DPlan for the current Admin doing exactly the opposite as #Qanon has said.
I have spoken to a lot of ppl in private
3-Over the last few days, on their realization that they were conned. This is encouraging news.
I got conned into believing #Qanon myself. And for a while there, I regurgitated the same talking points.…
However, I did make a point to reach out to peeps
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Everything lines up with the #UnitedStates declaring #MartialLaw on April 11th & annoucing the indictment of #JohnPodesta on March 11th, which establishes the 1st marker, #Easter weekend. #Qanon post 35 - “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son” EASTER!
I think it will help a lot if I walk through each logical step. So on March 11, 2020 @realDonaldTrump gave this Presidential announcement stating a 30 day ban on air travel. #Podesta was indicted earlier this day per this theory. I’ll get to that in a sec
.@realDonaldTrump tweeted this 15 Days to Slow the Spread tweet on 3/17 which goes through 3/30. #Qanon post 497, A [15] in brackets with [Win]/when being interchangeable. The [15] ties this Q post to the 15 day tweet & window.
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Follow The White 🐰: Is The Is There A Connection between #Wuhan/ #Soros / #Adrenochrome/ #covid19?


Links For Digging:

Soros-owned companies:

Links on #adrenochrome:

NIH Study:
Follow The White 🐰 #Adrenochrome

Buy via @AlibabaGroup:

Info on 3B Scientific

#CoronaVirus w/ A Side Of Soros

Adrenochrome Bust You Never Heard About
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Giuliani did say a few months ago ... keep an eye on romania. #ArrestsComing
"Now Rudy Giuliani is telling Hannity to "keep your eye on Romania. Just watch Romania" on the Bidens.
He later says he has another country on his list"
BRILLIANT Summary of The Storm!!!! Q - SHARE! the #coronavirus outbreak map matches the #sealedindictments list map almost perfectly. 💥🧐 i think the arrests just might be on their way. crossing my fingers... #DURHAM
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#Q299 #favoriteQposts

There's a LOT of info in this short post.

Order is critical.
Expand your thinking.

Rockefeller side was taken over by Bush/Clinton gang.
See my pinned thread.

One side of triangle taken down — first time in history.
Next tweet.

#Q134 #favoriteQposts

House of Saud.
One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history).

SA purge right before Las Vegas shooting.
Intended as assassination.
Bill Gates and Prince Alwaleed own Four Seasons, top 4 floors of Mandalay Bay.

#FlyRothsFly How many have we taken into custody?

How many remain in the public eye after being detained, devices implanted to track/listen/detonate ...
Imagination going wild.

Remember when the Atlanta airport went dark?
#Qanon operation.
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No os perdáis este vídeo grabado a finales del año pasado, antes de la crisis del #CoronaVid19. #coronavirus


(1) En él, se ve a una serie de representantes de empresas e instituciones debatiendo sobre las consecuencias (económicas) de una pandemia global en una simulación de un caso semejante al actual. La solución que plantean: más globalismo.
(2) El evento tuvo lugar en octubre de 2019, el vídeo se subió en noviembre y el primer caso de #Wuhan es de diciembre 2019. ¿Coincidencia?
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In Only A Few Hours: #Turkey’s Pres. #Erdogan to Meet with #Russia’s #Putin on #Syria. - - - “Putin-Erdogan summit: Prelude to Russo-Turkish clash or last best hope for Syrian peace?”…
I know they’ve had so many cursory meetings in the past, but this one is very critical. Tensions Very High. I’ll be covering the meeting with my analysis at #Newsbud. #Russia #Turkey #Syria
#Putin, #Erdogan Seek to Ease #Syria Tensions at High-Stakes Talks…
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The crooked ass, #Soros owned, #DeepState #DNC, just had their assets #Buttigieg & #Klobuchar drop out & support #JoeBiden before #SuperTuesday to prop up JB for a 3-way race between Biden, #Bernie & #Bloomberg who will eventually give his resources to JB w/ MB as VP to beat BS.
#DeepState traitor, #Biden & full economic might of the #CouncilOf300, #Bloomberg set out to crush #BernieSanders for the final votes w/ heavy voter fraud. If Bernie still wins, they’ll pull a #Hillary superdelegate to push their candidate. #DNC is cold blooded CROOKED #WakeUp
.@realDonaldTrump confirms that #PeteButtigieg & #Klobuchar made a #QuidProQuo deal w/ #JoeBiden in exchange for their endorsement. It’s a dirty game folks & the #DNC is the epicenter of it all. Anyone on the fence or lurkers of the movement, keep your 👀 on the #DNC’s sick games
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#JustDoIt #Nike Might go over ppl heads but not us that know the dots ENJOY
I will give you the spider web on how the movie black panther(Bob Iger) gave revenue to the Dem Party and Deep state

I will show you the connections of Nike,twitter,Fb connections to Walt Disney and #BLM
I will show you how Nike is directly into politics and etc
Oh and here’s Nike ceo artwork taste..remember they always hav pedo art…
We showed you the pedo and satanic art of Mark Parker(Nike CEO) plus his child slavery labor
*Jazz Music Activated*🎶🎵🎷
A lot of children come up missing due to child slave labor and most of us know child trafficking ..which you will see later
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He’s a banker, he’s Jewish, he gives to Democrats.

Soros has given #OpenSocietyFoundations $32 billion for democracy-building efforts in the US & around the world.

In US #Soros contributed $75+ million over the years to federal candidates & committees

It doesn't include the many millions more #Soros has donated to political nonprofit groups that don't disclose their donors.

Soros is a #Nazi #Antichrist whose assets should be frozen.

Marti network Cuba, aired a report in May that is now the subject of a government investigation.

The report called #Soros a “multimillionaire Jew” of “flexible morals,” who was “the architect of the financial collapse of 2008.”
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#TheGreatAwakening, time to dig Anons! I’m sure there’s a #Bronfman/#Soros tie here. “The 76-year-old Nygard raped seven teenage girls, ages 14 to 16, at his private Nygard Cay getaway in the Bahamas — with some of the terrified teens drugged before they were sexually assaulted."
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#Qanon #Hussein #Obama

In honor of Q drop 3836, 02/06/2020

A THREAD ‘honoring’ the man and legacy of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA
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@realDonaldTrump Democrat Rising Star, Former Obama Organizer JACOB SCHWARTZ, Arrested in 2017 For CHILD PORN [with baby only 6 MONTH'S OLD] is now SUING NYC For Back Pay - with help of his father.. Attorney ARTHUR SCHWARTZ… #IowaCaucusDisaster #Obama #Hillary #SICK #EVIL
Sometimes it takes a ‘roast’ in order to be able to speak the TRUTH and get away w/ it.

[Selected Samples]

[13:45] – Deception

[14:05] – Pretending not to hate Catholics

[14:40] – HAITI

Symbolism will be their downfall.

@realDonaldTrump NEW!!…
Read carefully _ big development.
Senate back to work?
Impeachment goal was to delay?
Witness requests meant to delay?
Will they try again?
Accountability is coming.
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#Kozp is een onderdeel vd culturele oorlog tegen blank die pas is begonnen 😨
Lees dit aub👇🤓
Address At The Commerce Faculty Graduation Ceremony(Media friendly) by Saleem Badat, 10 April 2015, Rhodes University | South African History Online…
Saleem Badat is a #SouthAfrican sociologist, higher education policy specialist, and researcher. Since August 2014, he is the Program Director of the International Higher Education and Strategic Projects program at the Andrew W. #Mellon Foundation.…
De Mellon Foundation (USA) geeft ook fellowships/studiebeurzen uit. Mellon is rijk door olie/oorlogen geworden. Esajas van #KOZP kreeg ook een fellowship in zwart activisme
Het is een subversief netwerk met blank-NL als doelwit…
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@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @WhiteHouse twitter is censoring the majority of your #maga2020 supporters & nukn accts. 90k in dec. 9th acct in 12yrs. 8 this yr. 3 in 2mo. Lost 30k followers. Twitters head twat admitted the #Censorship. BOLO nu purge 100k accts coming.
#qanon #DeepState
They weren't saudi accts. Coverup. They were #trump supporters. Dont 4get whos got vested interest in twitter. SA.…
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"The announcement that George Soros will commit $1 billion to create the Open Society University Network (OSUN) has flooded the mainstream media and the internet in the last several days."…

#GeorgeSoros #Soros #OpenSocietyFoundation #QAnon #Marxism
"George Soros is a currency speculator with political ambitions. His goal is to remake the world."
"The idea of the “open society” goes back to the period of the Cold War when Karl Popper, a British philosopher, advanced it as a response to the Soviet threat. It has been largely neglected since then."
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Lekker volk bij dat Berggruen Institute 😉
NWO Special met o.a. Kissinger, Google, Gerhard Schröder (Harz-IV), Sarkozy, Jared Cohen van Jigsaw (regimechange), Verhofstadt, Blair, etc.
Dat beïnvloed onze democratie via AI? 😨……
De voorzitster vh EU Parlement zit dus lekker te smoezen met Soros en Berggruen over hoe onze democratiën digitaal gemanaged kunnen worden. Kortgezegd, de mond snoeren.
Mind you, de EU & Soros sponsoren ook #KOZP
Opa zei "dat is tuig jongen" 🤓…
Nicolas Berggruen "The meeting (2016) was an important moment marking the starting point of a two year effort to develop a tool kit for 'managing democracy' in the digital age"…
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01/25/2020 Bill Clinton's FCC Chair Admits Creating a Tech Monopoly Was the Plan All Along
"led the FCC 1993 to 1997"…

Bill Clinton was ushered into office in part thru Chinese military support, that is an objective fact…

1993- Epstein created a sex ranch in America to grease political wheels.… <- very detailed dig. This is before he bought "Epstein island" in 1998

Everything is connected
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#Soros has announced a billion dollar fund to interfere in the politics of India, China etc to ostensibly fight "authoritarian" despots. This was exactly the language used by 19th century European thinkers to justify colonisation. 1/n…
John Stuart Mill is much celebrated as a "liberal" but he worked for the East India Company and actively justified colonization as deliverance from "Asian despotism" and as a civilising mission 2/n
In his book "Consideration on Representative Government", Mill states that Britain did not benefit from colonising the world but must do it in the interest of world peace. Not too different from Soros, eh? 3/n
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