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BREAKING NEWS @Limmat_Verlag @murschetg @larissambieler @schischeglia

morgen mo 16.30h liest + interpretiert #LeoTuor IL CUDISCH DIL STRIEGN

werdz aus techn gründen not LIVE abr megazeitnah via @SoundCloud online stelln: #SoundCloud
Hör dir Aufnahme2021-05-09 22-09-41.wav von @sms2sms an auf #SoundCloud
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Web3 nedir? Web3, internet kültüründe bir değişimdir. Yeni teknoloji güçlendirilen Web3 hareketi bir değişime öncelik ediyor. Tek cümle ile internetin bir sonra ki çağı. Web3, daha demokratikleştirilmiş bir İnternete doğru bir paradigma kaymasıdır.. Ayrıntılar Flood ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
''Charles Darwin'' Evrim Teorisinde bahsettiği gibi internette evrilecek!! Web3!! update Image
Web3 İnternet Devriminde Blokchain Teknolojisi ile #SIACOIN #Filecoin #arweave #ocean #data #hns #audio #Miror coinlerin değişime liderlik edecektir. Ayrıntılı proje paylaşımları Flood ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
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Boa noite @paulocoelho

A curiosidade levou-me há dias, a rebuscar nuns velhos papéis que guardo no fundo de uma gaveta esquecida, um pequeno caderno, no qual, à guisa de diário, na minha já distante adolescência, eu já rabiscava fatos ou acontecimentos passados.
São folhas esparsas de uma era longínqua e saudosa, e nas páginas amarelecidas do modesto livreto pude sentir todo um poema de ternura e saudade, toda a beleza das épocas remotas.
Traços de coisas que se passaram, ensaios de incipientes composições literárias, inícios de contos brotados do fundo de nossa imaginação juvenil, fotografias de amigos que desapareceram, lembranças de namoradas que se diluíram na voragem dos anos que se sucederam...
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Our last EP of @the_analysand has just released!
Check it out on your favorite podcast apps or #YouTube or just follow our link in this thread. However, if you haven't listened to part 1, absolutely go back and do that before listening to this episode. :D
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Land Back isn't that hard. Only 11% of land in Canada is privately owned. 41% is federal, 48% is provincial. So 89% of the land claimed by Canada could be restored with no impact to you.

People worry about that. What about my house?
What about it?

Say the Haldimand Tract reverted to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Now you pay your taxes to the Confederacy.

Say Northwestern Ontario was restored to the Nishnawbi Aski Nation. Now they are in charge.

Governments change. You stay in your house.
Land back also means abolishing systems of ownership that convert land to private ownership.

Not that hard. Remember that most of Canada is not privately owned. Has not been converted to wealth.

Wealth is extracted from those lands in the form of lumber, oil, etc
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I need to talk about this sometime – maybe write an article – to spread awareness, but for now, a PSA. Japanese i-Mode phone games: thousands of popular digital-only games, many in series you know and love. The service shuts down 2026. Not one has been dumped. It's an emergency. Screenshots of seven i-Mode...
The low-down:
• You can still buy many i-Mode games!
• …But no new i-Mode phone plan can be signed since 2019.
• So to preserve them at scale, one would need to find someone with an existing plan who's willing to help.
I was working on this in Tokyo last year when… pandemic.
I tweet about Japanese feature phone games and the preservation thereof, so if you're interested, perhaps gimme a follow! I'll likely make an episode or two on i-Mode for Obscuriosities, my podcast about obscure video games, as well. Let's get some info out there. #soundcloud
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I’m checking temperatures today at work & this lady walks in, I check her temp she says loudly “YOU SAID MY TEMPERATURE 100 & WHAT? let me go home” y’all she really left😭😂 it was only 96😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Check out this dope lights also😍
Hear Perfectly Imperfect, a playlist on #SoundCloud… If you like dope music take a listen!!🔥🔥 & FOLLOW @trepound38 he follows back ASAP🗣🗣
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In 2021, our video interviews are now available for you to 🎧 to on 9 different platforms. #podcast
👂 @MPWangTingyu Member of Parliament & Co-chair Foreign Affairs & National Security Committee w/ @amitabhprevi on the U.S. declassifying it’s Indo-Pacific Framework, what to expect from the Biden administration and an upping of India-Taiwan ties. ⤵️…
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Sometimes Hypnosis fails under stress and you have to let it be ok:
An uncomfortably personal thread.

TW: gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, and political PTSD. 1/
Most of you know that I am a subject of my own Hypnosis, and I have been very open about my #masculinization journey over the years.

If you are not familiar, catch up:… 2/
What I am often less open about is the fact that I straight up NEED this Hypnosis to be gender secure as a male.

At one point in my life I wondered if I was trans because though I had no desire to be a woman I absolutely hated my body and my gender expression. 3/
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It has been a full, challenging year - not as much for me as for many, thanks to good health and steady employment - but still: new baby (Sept. '19), new job (City Council), and back surgery kept it interesting. So I want to pat myself on the back for making a lot of music (🧵):
Early in the year, while recovering from surgery, I recorded a bunch of songs I was making up for the baby. This one is about her and me both being immobile and in bed:
These are the ones that her mom appreciated because she could play them when Mailén was fussy in the car to calm her down:
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Let's discuss polyamory and ethical nonmonogamy a bit before 2020 is over because you all still don't know what it is and refuse to use the Google.
As a Black woman, I was socialized that my body and energy were supposed to be trained up and disciplined to appeal to heterosexual men. This included the performance of monogamy because I was supposed to belong to that *one* man.
He was supposed to be able to dictate how I use/d my body, maybe even giving my whole grown ass "permission" to engage the world as I wished.
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The Dutch regulator and DNB as financial supervisor are a tough cookie to deal with. In essence they hyperregulate EU-rules into goldplated Dutch rules which go beyond what is prescribed in Europe.

All NL-customers at British banks may thus be kicked out on brexit.


If we start with the capital requirements directive, it says attracting deposits is forbidden. In article 9.…
Now the translation of that rule into Dutch law is slightly expanded to not only prohibit attracting deposits, but to also prohibit, having those deposits under custody ('ter beschikking hebben').

That's not in EU law, but it is in our Dutch law.…
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What's happening is

AS Marx taught us, the capitalist system he described was rife with contradictions and couldn't last long.

Not long after his death across much of the world the capitalist class was overthrown and in much of the rest, constrained by workers' power
The bourgeoisie with ruthless violence and cunning, from its 20thc home base the US, mounted a successful counterrevolution
But the TENDENCY of the rate or profit in the exploitation of wage workers in commodity production eventually resulted in an _actual concrete falling rate_
So that the most powerful ruling class players innovatr to ESCAPE this contradiction and accumulate In ANOTHER WAY. This new way was very cleverly constructed, thanks to COMPUTING POWER and the development of myriad social sciences of ABSTRACTION & social engineering.
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"economic growth" is an evil monster says Crabapple as Bill Gates begins shrinking the world economy to nothing

Listen to US ruling class doesn't want economic growth by Alphonse Van Worden on #SoundCloud…
Listen to Economic Growth 2 by Alphonse Van Worden on #SoundCloud…
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Hier mein Thread, wie man gute journalistische Podcasts produziert! #podcast #podcasters #journalism #PodcastRecommendations
1. Sucht eine gute Story oder ein tolles Podcast Thema. Bleibt immer neugierig! Es gibt über 1 Million Podcasts in der Welt. Die Konkurrenz ist hart 😬
2. Immer einen Pitch schreiben! Ein Podcast ist ein Projekt, und man weiß nie, ob man seinen Vorschlag an irgendwelche Medien oder Institutionen verkaufen muss.
#podcasters #journalismus #Pitch 🎙️📻🎚️😃🤓
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An underdocumented part of Japan's video game history: arcades had (and, to an extent, have!) communal notebooks in which people would write game tips, comments, ask questions, and generally communicate – GameFAQs before GameFAQs! These were core for Japan arcades' social aspect. The cover of Takadanobaba Mikado's retro game notebook. TheyA page from the notebook. On this one, people are using it aA diagram someone's drawn to explain a trick for the shoot-'
Famously, The Tower of Druaga was a “community effort” based on sharing obtuse secrets – Western historians will often say people “shared secrets on the playground”, but I talked to some old-timers in person: in reality, these notebooks were at the heart of that communication! THREE OLD MEN IN A ROW PLAYING THE TOWER OF DRUAGA AT MIKADOA page from one of the notebooks – this one describes an a
If ya like obscure Japanese video game history, give me a follow! I tweet about it all the time – and even run a podcast about it! I also do Japanese localization and ROM hacking and hardware hacking, so if any of those are your thing, c'mon down! #soundcloud
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A recent thread of podcasts at @project_polis ‘"Capitalist Dreams and Nationalist Designs in India": A conversation with Dr. @rkadelhi Ravinder Kaur’ on #SoundCloud #np…
‘"Everyone Has Been Silenced", UP violence and its aftermath - Conversation with Dr. Sajjad Hassan’ on #SoundCloud #np…
5 Object Podcast | Conversation with philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò’ @OlufemiOTaiwo on…
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If my life had a go-to romcom song for the OST | Peter Murphy - I'll Fall With Your Knife by Nettwerk Music Group on #SoundCloud…
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Com a suspensão das aulas por causa da pandemia do Coronavírus (com autorização do @Twitter)


Participações: @Claudiozaidan11 @humbertoperon @RonaldGimenez @jairbolsonaro @nilsen_jr @ricapriotti @mribeiroMEC @alvarodias_ @Bernardoramosal @miltonjung
Mário Quintana - Língua Portuguesa

Imagem do poeta pós-moderno, Mário Quintana, que apresenta uma poesia marcada por um profundo humanismo, tanto no conteúdo quanto na forma, por uma "difícil simplicidade".
O lúdico e o simples talvez sejam as marcas que mais cintilem na poesia de Mário Quintana, poeta gaúcho nascido na cidade de Alegrete, no Rio Grande do Sul, como pode ser confirmado em De Gramática e de Linguagem, poema de Quintana em homenagem à Língua Portuguesa, ...
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Dear sisters...
The neck is ‘awrah
The neck is ‘awrah
The neck is ‘awrah...
We observe hijab in obedience to our Creator Allah who loves us and wants what is best for us. We obey Him on HIS terms, not according to fashion and fads. Did you know that the women in Jahiliyyah (Age of Ignorance) already covered their hair and exposed their necks...
Then Allah revealed verses of Quran telling the Believing women to cover their necks and chests:
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It was a busy week of Demagogue For President book promoting! (a thread)
First, on Sunday there was this amazeballs @Folly_and_Glory review of the book in WaPo: Review | A deep dive into President Trump’s doublespeak and other rhetorical tricks…
On Monday there was this great profile: How Donald Trump's Rhetoric Jazzes His Base ... And Splits the Nation via @amstillwriting
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20/ Shout-out to @Coldcut & #Keleketla for this dope London-Lagos-Joburg-LA-West Papua collab. @shabakah
the late, gr8 #TonyAllen @YugenBlakrok @Antibalas



#music #RobsPandemicPlaylist
#NowHearThis ImageImage
21/ Also, y'all should really hear @MulatuAstatke1 & @bjxtweets collab, #ToKnowWithoutKnowing. Heavy #ethiojazz grooves



photo: Francesco Vicenzi

#music #NowPlaying #RobsPandemicPlaylist ImageImage
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A daivajna & mantrasastravit (Astrologer cum expert in mantrasaastra) called me up this morning& said that immediately we need to perform a homa 4d wellbeing of our ppl&soldiers during this tough time to please Rudra for saving us from untimely death&diseases ailing all of us. ImageImage
It requires resources for procuring dravyams required for execution & dakshina to ritviks who are otherwise not able to easily eke out a living as they used to earlier during non corona days.
Budget needs 2b worked out but still not sure of capable of organzng it due 2 expnditure
Its not an atirudra like one. Its just 2 richas of Srirudra prasna's 1st anuvaka with purascharana with homa 2b performed on number of days suggested. The vidwan who suggested this feels it better be organized at individual's houses for japa & homa then can be performed at 1place
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Unpack decades of #RacialInjustice and #PoliceBrutality unleashed on communities of color by the #DemocraticParty, how #Democrats attempt to save face by co-opting justice movements, and the party’s roots in #WhiteSupremacy.…
#DNCCorruption #DNC #police
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