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@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ Leaked documents on Iranian influence in Iraq suggest that the real battleground against Iran is Iraq.

The head of government, ministers, parliamentarians, party leaders, military and security officers and clerics are mere recruits for Iranian intelligence.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ When I say recruits, I mean that they are not just influenced by Khomeinist ideology or sympathizers but directly employed by Khamenei.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ The documents revealed the logistical support that Iran provided to al-Qaeda and ISIS and how it succeeded blatantly in expelling the American influence and defeating it in Iraq during Obama period.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ You cannot imagine the size of Iranian power and control in Iraq. Iranian intelligence has literally taken over US intelligence in Iraq.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ In other words, the CIA agents left the CIA and went with all their spy capabilities, tools, programs, softwares, techniques, relations and influence to work for the Iranian intelligence.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ The stigma of Iran Gate is merely zero compared to the scale of the Iranian penetration inside American intelligence CIA.

This is the legacy of Obama and the Democrats
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ Imagine that Iranian intelligence agent Nouri al-Maliki was inside the White House and being filmed with Obama in public, which is the biggest and widest breakthrough a modern-day intelligence agency can face.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ The documents revealed that Iraqi ministers and parliamentarians cannot run or resign at their own will, not even the president, the prime minister and the heads of parties.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ Even the Kurdish peshmerga is completely under the control of Iranian intelligence. We remember how the Peshmerga withdrew from Kirkuk without any resistance, and how the Iraqi army withdrew from Mosul from the face of only 100s terrorists.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ To know what was planned to destroy American influence from within and what was Obama's role, look at what happened in the Obama administration. Russia has taken control of Ukraine and Syria, and through Iran, Russia's hand is stronger in Iran, Iraq and Yemen.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ Obama has abandoned the entire Middle East in favor of US adversaries, and as Obama's closest adviser said he hated Arabs deeply, I don't know how it happened that a racist ideological fanatic hostile to US interests twice came to the White House.
@ScheyChris @Ctrl6 @ozsultan @RealthingUlli @DebbieAAldrich @farjad99 @Utopia75 @sunlight012 @RightisRight18 @LJT_is_me @Viatcheslavsos3 @orchardcitygal @Hessian_Mohd @KateStewart22 @zahacktanvir @moh_Yfrosi @bubasl @MHA_KSA99 @1ksa_ I wasn’t surprised by the content of these documents, therefore I’m not very excited about the events of Iraq todays because cleaning up Iraq needs a military coup, a hard-line military government for 4 years that can do the necessary to clean Iraq of foreign hostile influence.
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