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1️⃣ This thread is not in vain but is for the simple human communication that is supposed to take place between different peoples.

I gathered many individuals who engaged with this tweet.

#WelcomeToArabia #ThinkArabian 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia
2️⃣ Direct communication between people is the most effective to help to avoid the dirty ideological and political games that cause more complexity, conflicts and wars.

#WelcomeToArabia #ThinkArabian 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia
3️⃣ It’s easy for me and you to turn a blind eye but then what would make us different from extremists and terrorists?

Extremist and terrorists do huge efforts to to ignite hate, conflict and war.

Don’t help them.

#WelcomeToArabia #ThinkArabian 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia
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#Abqaiq #IranTerrorism

1️⃣ Questions like that seem to be fair but they’re not, this is a deliberate or non-deliberate failure of media outlets that express different ideologies rather than facts and technical outlook.



2️⃣ Such questions send a negative message without considering characteristics of various defensive weapons, and suggest a complete failure and absolute loss of control, as well as an absurd message that defense systems are useless.

#ThinkArabian #Abqaiq

3️⃣ Well, I do not claim to be a military specialist, researcher or expert, I am an ordinary person analyzing the data I have before me to draw logical results.

#ThinkArabian #Abqaiq

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.

أود مشاركة مقالتي الجديدة معكم على (Herald Report) @_T_HR_

🔴العرب وشعوب الأمصار | السعودية وفلسطين نموذجاً🔴

I would love to share the English version of my article on (@_T_HR_ ) with you guys.

🔴 The Arabs and the People of Al-Amsaar | Saudi Arabia and Palestine as a Model 🔴

🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia #ThinkArabian…
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السلام عليكم.

1️⃣ ترون كلام هذا البائس @Sabri_ali_oglu والذي يعبر بالضبط عن الانحطاط الأخلاقي والشعور بالنقص والكذب والخسة والدناءة والغطرسة اللامتناهية، والشعور الوهمي بالتفوق.

إنه في الحقيقة يعبر عن حالة التهتك والضعف والمهانة كذكر مخصي.

2️⃣ إما أن ذاكرته ذاكرة ذبابة، وإما أنه يعتصر ألماً من فشل مخططات بلده العدوانية تحت حكم البائس أردوغان ضد العرب.

لقد تعامل الأتراك طوال تاريخهم مع العرب وشعوب المنطقة بعدوانية منقطعة النظير لا لشيء إلا بسبب الغيرة والأحقاد.

3️⃣ حارب العربُ الأتراكَ ولم يستقر للأتراك سلطان على الجزيرة العربية طوال حكم العثمانيين البائد، ولم يمكنهم سوى وضع حاميات عسكرية هنا وهناك، بينما قبورهم شاخصة حتى اليوم في أرجاء #المملكة_العربية_السعودية.

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❇️ Thread, #Atheism

1️⃣ I don’t know if you’re an atheist or not but you look like one.

Thanks, it’s a great time to enlighten people about the heinous truth of Atheism that most of people don’t know.


Peace, blessing & mercy of Allah be upon you 🌹❤️😊
2️⃣ Most of atheists are ignorant, don’t understand the implications of the logical & realistic necessity of #Atheism. Let’s make efforts to enlighten & help them to imagine the terrible error that they don’t know or hide by remaining in the circle of ignorance.

3️⃣ All that is said by this abhorrent atheist is hatred & he falsely claims to have common sense & fair historical view, while in fact he knows the amazing truth of #Islam & the heinous truth of #Atheism.

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2️⃣ I have put this and other threads to explain basic concepts in order to improve communication between people. My goal is to express the abstract truth & improve the opportunities for communication & understanding for people who really yearn for understanding & peacemaking.
3️⃣ I have sufficient knowledge of the Scriptures of other religions, and I can easily attack them in a very ugly way. But this is only a hateful, emotional and repulsive way that does not suit my goal.

#ThinkArabian #Logic
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❇️ #ShariaLaw

1️⃣ Distortion of terminology is one of the tools that evil uses 2 counter goodness in people’s hearts and minds.

Peace, blessing & mercy of Allah be upon u & upon your beloveds😊❤️🌹
@BlueStateSOS @fergiedurgish @WayneDupreeShow
2️⃣ Evil grows because of artificial barriers of hatred that prevents the circulation of knowledge & prevents human communication. People easily fall for this process because of fears that evil planted in their souls against each other.


3️⃣ Media and extremists among Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists & Liberals in the whole world have been helping misguided people to takeover the intellectual space, spread #FakeNees, spread hatred and war among people.

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1️⃣ This kind of anarchist behavior is totally unacceptable. Societies and states fall apart and turn into failure without controlling the interests and the disadvantages.

Peace be upon you. 🌹❤️😊

Cc: @maitelsadany
2️⃣ #Iraq #Syria #Libya #Yemen are examples can benefit sane order people not the anarchists who have no limits, no values, nothing but insanity, ignorance and vanity with identity disorder.

They even don’t who they are.
3️⃣ Because you read some books or moved from Middle East or anywhere one Earth to settle in Washington, London, Paris or Berlin, doesn’t mean that you have authority to change states and societies that they’re there before your daddy and mommy have been born.

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1️⃣ Most of people especially #Muslims, #Christians & #Atheists fall for (Straw man) argument .

Let’s discuss it here.

(Straw man) argument is an illusion of refuting an argument that wasn’t presented in the first place.


Peace be upon you friends. 🌹😊❤️

#Muslims or #Christians say: The Creator does exist.
#Atheists say: The Creator does not exist.

Both are claims which have to be proven, but none of all of them can prove it, so they continue sinking in loop of cyclone dilemma which can’t stop.

3️⃣ If they started to say: (I believe) that The Creator does exist or (I believe) that The Creator does not exist, then the argument has begun to take a more rational course so that everyone can understand the other's position.

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Peace, blessing & mercy of Allah be upon you & your beloveds.

1️⃣ Let’s discuss the absolute necessity of the existence of The Creator.

✅ The argument of the existence of The Creator is so simple that even your kids would get it easily by simple #Logic.

2️⃣ Consider this thread as well as other threads of mine as practical exercise. Belief in Allah strengthens mental health capabilities. The kind of exercise we think through in these threads increases IQ.

3️⃣ I’ve mentioned before that intelligence and stupidity are not genetic. They are the result of the accumulation of logical or illogical ideas and decisions.

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1️⃣ The Saudi Public Prosecution last night issued a statement on the end of investigations with a group of citizens who are suspected of adopting foreign agendas and receiving money in order to undermine national security.

🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia


2️⃣ Some international parties especially what so-called human rights organizations or activists, launched a heinous campaign full of lies against 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia to defend these suspects.

3️⃣ These parties don’t respect nations singularity, sovereignty & the difference of value system.

Actually, these parties have been part of undermining the stability in the world especially in Middle East what caused wars and sectarian wars.

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Peace, blessing and mercy of Allah be upon all of you and upon your beloveds.

1️⃣ What does “Peace” mean?

Peace is a result of common understanding that comes through direct communication, dialog to reach a point to serve interests of different parties.

2️⃣ When there is no peace, this is a fundamental indication of the lack of adequate communication between the parties because of dominant fears and lack of protecting common interests.

3️⃣ Political, ideological parties mostly, tend 2 cast doubt, fear, conflict among people & among nations & stimulate negative emotions & primary instincts.

This aims 2 control & limiting people's ability 2 influence 2 ensure they remain under authority control.

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1️⃣ Since the spread of this statement came from these politician, everyone has been talking from one angle, "incitement". In fact, we have to ask whether this is an “incitement" or a complete #Terrorist action. #ThinkArabian

@FBI @UN @etidalorg @kbsalsaud
2️⃣ This statement is similar to what terrorist groups such #ISIS call publicly to express determination, wish or will to commit assassination. #ThinkArabian

#Terrorism @IntlCrimCourt @FBI @UN @etidalorg
3️⃣ Such an open hostile call via an American media outlet shows leniency on the part of the US authorities regarding acts suspected of being terrorist, as well as double standards for dealing with terrorism, allowing terrorists 2 start terrorist actions or orgs.
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Peace be upon you dear friend Lori 🌹

1️⃣I have read the report & found it rich in terms of clarifying some concepts for the US citizen regarding the relationship with 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia, but needs more information to strengthen the interests of the two nations.

2️⃣ US Politicians must stop using 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia as a weapon against local opponents, because bargaining for American interests is hostile and does not reflect a national spirit.

3️⃣ 🇸🇦 #SaudiArabia is critical to ensure global stability politically & economically, especially 4 the US.
#SaudiArabia buys various US goods & services, invests $Billions in the US economy & shares with USA many domestic & international values ​​& visions.
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1️⃣ Let’s see if @IlhanMN knows what she’s talking about,

This is a simple challenge:

What is moral compass? What is the definition?

In fact, #Leftists, #MBrotherhood use the same tactic where they sink people in floating terminologies.

2️⃣ Before we’re dragged 2 deception, we should ask the essential questions that #Leftists & #MBrotherhood are not able 2 answer, so we can educate people to expose scams that leads 2 division through glamorous terms like peace, human rights, freedoms and justice.
3️⃣ #Leftists & #MBrotherhood led by #Obama, #Hillary supported the largest wave of violence in ME, stretching Arabian Gulf 2 Atlantic, leaving millions of dead, wounded & displaced, yet they’re bragging about values ​​of humanity without a shred of shame.

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