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Alex Jones took the stand this morning in the Sandy Hook defamation civil trial in Connecticut.
I couldn't watch until now, so this thread will be about an hour behind what you see in the livestream, but I'll likely catch up to the proceedings by skipping the court's breaks and lunch recess.
Jones' hands are shaking hard when he pours himself some water.
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[ 1/4 ]
PTI chairman Imran Khan was the abettor in a $250 million money-laundering case and the ‘guarantor’ of Arif Naqvi and could get up to 290-year jail.
$250 million in money laundering stood almost one-fourth of the Pakistan-IMF’s current $1.1 billion package.

[ 2/4 ]
And how an ‘abettor and protector’ of this illegal activity could be declared “Sadiq-o-Amin.” Imran Khan lived in the 200-300 Kanal house in Banigala and claimed of having no income source, but to lead a luxurious life & his Assets increases Year by Year.

[ 3/4 ]
Imran Khan's Assets
Year 2018: 3 Crore 80 Lakh
Year 2020: 8 crores
Year 2021: 14 crore 21 lakh
Year 2022 August: 30 Crore 42 Lakh
26 crore 62 lakh increase in Imran Khan's assets during 3.5 years as Prime Minister.

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(By Prof. Ihechukwu Madubuike)


Any historians in the house to vet this but no insults or character assassination please:
Forgotten History Of Igbo Tribe And Northern Alliance.

Do you know that when Tafawa Balewa was Prime Minister of Nigeria;

Chief of Army Staff was from SE

Chief of Naval Staff was from SE

IG of Police was from SE
Chief of Defence Staff SE
Internal Affairs Minister SE
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Don't let me waste my time tongue-lashing these overrated journalist and social media warriors

If a well known self acclaimed Ph.D holder pastor could failed to understand the meaning of satire written years back on PMB , A CLONED MASTER, then , expecting something great
and huge from these people is like expecting Arsenal to win next season UCL trophy despite knowing fully well they are not going to show face in the competition

I saw Bashir Ahmad tweet and it was short, simple and direct enough for a toddler to understand
Indeed , the money used in sending some of these people to school should have been used to by a plot of Land in Anambra
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It is a new dawn. Vote your conscience in the forthcoming february presidential election. Don't be manipulated. If your pastor says don't vote for a Muslim, ask him if Daniel served a saint; whether Modeccai did not serve King Ahaseurus and if Joseph was
not a prime Minister under Pharaoh.

This election is not about North versus South, nor is it Christian versus Muslim. It is about Nigeria and good governance. Don't allow politicians divide us. When they share money, they don't talk about religion. When they want donations
from Aliko Dangote, they don't remember he is a Muslim. When they enter an aircraft, they don't ask the religious faith of the pilot. When their bosses are atheists, they don't resign from the job. When an Alhaji gives them contracts, they don't reject it.
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15 TV series to watch when you're aroused/horny - Ranked - based on (Content+Matter)

(A Thread) Personal Opinion
#TopTen2blue #TVseries Image
15. #OrangeIsTheNewBlack (7s - 91epi)
Woman prison show. Mostly lesbian. Lots of ugly and nasty stuffs.. I stopped after 2nd season. Image
14. #Satisfaction (2s - 20epi)
Wife went to male escort for satisfaction.. So husband started working as a male escort.. Image
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Thought on @AzukiOfficial: I’m one of the unlucky one that who bought back Azuki a few hours before the floor crashed & Zagabond-gate. Did some research on his previous projects and decided to take L & sold my Azuki.
Someone took a screenshot of my listing and made fun of me papering my Azuki, that’s just showing that so many toxic people in the NFT space. Don’t forget who are the victims here, it’s the people who believed in Azuki & Zagabond. If you minted your Azuki then you are fine.
But let’s don’t forget that there are Azuki holders that who bought at 20, 25, 30eth+. We all know NFT is very high risk and Azuki could goes to 0eth tomorrow. If you are the people that who pointed your finger and laughed at ex-Azuki holders paperhanding then shame on you.
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A Thread For List of series I have ever watched(Part 1)
Series 1-100
#TvSeries #Kdrama #Anime
Some of my fav's👇 Image
1. #TheFlash (133epi - 6S - Currently Watching)
My First Ever series.
Started watching On - 07.11.2017
First Few seasons are great but after that becomes very average..

S01 - 4.75
S02 - 4.25/5
S03 - 4/5
S04-S05 - 3.25
S06 - 2.75/5

#Shows2blue #CW #DC Image
2. #StrangerThings (25epi - 3S)
Started Watching On - 12.12.2017
Great One

S01,S02 - 4.5/5
S03 - 4.25/5

#Shows2blue # Image
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Who exactly is Brian Goldman aka @NightShiftMD?

Is he a real MD? Is he still practicing? Real doctors always pose with a stethoscope draped over their shoulders, right?

Let’s dive in a bit and try to figure out who one of Ontario’s most prolific #COVIDGrifters is.

@cpso_ca Image
If you were to look at his profile you’ll notice he immediately mentions he is an ER MD yet he still has time to host a CBC podcast and write books, and have his own website.

Judging by his tweets you would assume he’s run off his feet in an Ontario ER.

Bonus pronoun pts. Image
Well let’s check out @NightShiftMD’s website to see where he is an MD.

Oh look at that right on the homepage he is an “ER DOCTOR” first and foremost. But where?

It should be noted this cartoon is also on his webpage which I guess narcissists think is endearing. ImageImage
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Hi All - the last @ArizonaIRC public hearings about to start in Maryvale and Tucson. I will be looking to see if the liars and cheats associated w/ @SALCLeaders will double down and be out in force - or do they step back after having their lies exposed?
In Maryvale, how many speakers will note if they are "paid" or not - after @ErikaNeuberg's tone deaf statement yesterday?
As an aside - busses may have been used in some communities to attend hearings because hearings were held in unaccessible locations -
off of public transportation routes. I wonder if that constitutes "being paid".
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They are back - and immediately headed into E-Session for guidance on VRA -for the 2nd time in 6 hours. Maybe they really need better legal counsel @BallardSpahrLLP and @SWLawNews. And draft maps do not yet exist -
BACK - Live -- does it look like @ArizonaIRC is pleased?
Dr @ndc_doug ready to talk through CD maps - This is 5.2
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WHAT HYPOCRISY! @SusanRSwecker @vademocrats accusing ANYONE of lack of transparency/not responding to FOIA requests! #McAwful had his bought & paid for new blue GA add 180 exemptions to state FOIA laws to conceal his thefts from poor black children in #RVA @bluevirginia @RTDNEWS
#RobinHoodInReverse = #TerryMcAwful @DelRichAnderson @cToddGilbert @TommyNorment @BillStanley note the Tweet to Swecker & VaDems above. McAuliffe's GA had 180 exemptions to state FOIA added to hide his many thefts of resources for poor Virginians a HUBZONE in #RVA & across #RoVA
They astoundingly @vademocrats are trying to add another FOIA exemption #181 to cover up their latest crimes against certain individuals and this Commonwealth. @VASenate @VaHouse @GovernorVA #SHAMELESS
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Apart from the calculated brutality of this view, think what it would mean for prison guards & medical staff who work in prisons (which have suffered many horrible outbreaks). O'Toole's cheap politicking would consign those workers to death along with the prisoners. #Shameless
Here are some questions I really hope reporters will ask today:
1. To Theresa Tam and other PHO's: Why do you think prisoners should get the vaccine, and what are the health risks to the PUBLIC if they are not vaccinated?
2. To legal experts: What are the constitutional, civil, and even criminal risks of denying essential health care to prisoners, and what are the financial risks to the federal govt if courts should rule against this policy?
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La vacuna de AstraZeneca es una vacuna que depende de un vector adenoviral que tiene la información para la proteína de la superficie del virus, la proteína spike. (1/?' bitácora de la capitana)
Eso quiere decir que es como un delivery que va a llevar algo que se parece al virus y le va a decir a las células del sistema inmune: leru leru (2/?)
Está lleno de otros voluntarios ❤️ (3/?)
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I have just heard that NAB has picked up my friend Colonel Sher Khan who had worked as Manager (Admin) in Tethyon in their Islamabad Office. Sher khan is the gentleman son of the legendary mountaineer and Founder of the PAF Skiing School, Naltar, the great gentleman, Group 2/
2/ Captain Shah Khan, a Prince of Hunza. Sher Khan is straight as an arrow and a simple, innocent man. I know this #Selected so-called 'government' is thrashing about arresting people who worked for Tethyon to somehow make the case that would help it wriggle out of paying the 3/
3/ US $6 Billion award granted to Tethyon ny the Arbitrator there should be SOME limit to its #Shameless and #Behayaee. I mean, what in heaven's name does a Manager Admin. have to do with anything at all to do with financial matters? 4/
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Another election scam underway in Georgia. First they assure us that changing voters’ registration status to “inactive” doesn’t necessarily mean they will be purged. Then they suppress those voters during the coronavirus pandemic w/ a verbal sleight of hand. 😡 #gapol #shameless
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Oh you have got to be kidding me. I just can’t. This guy is insufferable. I’ll bet he’s there just to ensure they’ve all got their wills up-to-date. And to drag along your own photographer so you can leverage social and drive media sentiment, he’s just so savvy.
And this is just a another day at the office. I mean it’s been a busy week on the news as far as education goes, and I’ve heard next week should be interesting, but our little prince is also a fiddler would like to play a song while everything burns.
And because I respect the democratic process so much I just have to sit here and watch this horseshit? I suppose so, huh? That’s how civilized society works. It all the #NonnasforLecce have ever wanted. #onpoli #cdnpoli #cutshurtkids #osstf #etfo #upsidedown #shameless
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Comienzo el hilo de temporadas vistas en el 2020:
T02 | @castlerockhulu

Los orígenes de Annie Wilkes (la enfermera psicópata de #Misery, creación de @StephenKing). Lizzy Caplan está inmensa en el papel y su “hija” Joy es Elsie Fisher de #EighthGrade. Qué final 😱 disfruté los twists de esta antología.
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There's seemingly no end to self-serving politicians trying to make the opioid crisis a campaign issue. This time it's Alabama's @RepTerriSewell drafting the fraudulently-named "NOPAIN Act" which actually denies patients access to opioid medications. 1/3…
Sewell is attempting to construct additional barriers for disabled & chronically ill patients w/ cancer, Sickle Cell Disease, & chronic pain.The bill's co-sponsors are as poorly informed as she is: @RepMcKinley @ABrindisiNY @AWMooneyDC @RepMoolenaar @RepDerekKilmer Alex Mooney2/3
Strangely, the Legislation has a bizarre pork fat remuneration scheme specifically designed for ambulatory surgical centers implanting medical devices for the purpose of controlling postoperative pain (?). Looks like spinal cord stim and pump lobbyists got to her. 3/3 #Shameless
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.@PAStateDept is defrauding the public. This post refers to PA’s ExpressVote XL voting system, which:

* Puts votes into barcodes that are the only part of the paper counted as your vote

* Includes a “Ballot Stuffing” feature

* Bombed during PA’s own verifiability testing 1/
3/ The “Ballot Stuffing” featured (dubbed such by election-security expert Andrew Appel) is discussed here:…
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Short films on digital platforms.

A thread..
#AMonsoonDate (2019) directed by Tanuja Chandra and written by @gazalstune, featuring @konkonas and @priyanshu29, streaming on @ErosNow @JioCinema and Airtel TV.

@RidhimaLulla @krishikalulla @ErosIntlPlc
#TobaTekSingh (2016) by @KetanMehtaMaya, feat. Pankaj Kapur @pathakvinay and @dwivedi1914.

Based on Saadat Hassan Manto's short story of the same name, showcased under @zealforunity initiative by @ZeeTV.

Streaming on @ZEE5India.
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In my last #QAnonMemeDrop thread, I noted that the new memes were hard to find because they were unorganized. Well 😆👍👍😄
It starts with info from the US code, #basedBenCarson, with the proclamation that #RoevWade will be OVERTURNED #SaveTheChildren but from here, brace yourself...
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Let me ask you this question.

In 2018, HOW MUCH did you make with this your Attitude of

"this is who I am"
"we don't talk in our house"
"I am a very shy person"
"I don't like to broadcast myself"???

How much?

Not to worry, if you made so much money from them, but if not, you must change!

Nothing will change in your life if you keep doing the same thing!

If you're a very quiet and reserved person, there's a very high tendency that you may find it difficult to make money
Don't get me wrong. I know you'll be saying, "what about Dangote?" My friend, be patient and understand me first.

Dangote is a reserved and quiet person, but with crazy business ideas. He's only quiet in looks and nature but not quiet in actions and words.
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Good morning from New York, and grab your raincoats.

More for what’s likely to go on inside the court for the Michael Cohen proceedings today than outside.

Look out for the live-feed soon and read the story below. 🔽
Let's get the jargon reminders out of the way so that you can refer to it quickly later.

Michael Avenatti has pro hac vice and intervention motions pending.

"Pro hac vice" = "for the occasion," as in to appear in federal court here, rather than California, where he's licensed.
Intervenor: A nonparty -- not a plaintiff or defendant -- who has an interest in the case.

Trump and the Trump Organization have been granted intervention so far.

Now, Avenatti wants it to be Stormy's turn.
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