1/5: "... researchers concluded that simply engaging in a discussion about #climatechange with someone you trust & respect increased a person’s belief in the scientific reality."

via @GreenBiz @phillipberry

#trustthemessenger #prosocial #scicomm

2/5: Important to keep in mind for any controversial issue - having trust in the messenger & talking through the details contributes to understanding & finding common ground.

I wrote about this from a cultural evolutionary perspective here evolution-institute.org/blurring-the-l…, via @tvolmag
3/5: Here's a study finding social/cultural factors like trust have more influence on decision-making than technical knowledge. Specific topic was acceptance of wasterwater reuse linkedin.com/posts/marcel-h…

#trustthemessenger #prosocial #scicomm
4/5: Here's a study finding we can reduce polarization by encouraging people to explain the details of what they support, their sources, & expected outcomes: behavioralscientist.org/to-fight-polar…

#trustthemessenger #prosocial #scicomm #polarization
5/5: And finally, here's another article providing tips for talking with friends & family about #climatechange & #climateaction: blog.ecosia.org/how-to-talk-to…, via @Ecosia

#trustthemessenger #prosocial #scicomm #polarization

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5 Jan
These are the type of actions our pharmacies, hair salons, retail stores, offices, universities, k-12 schools, individual residences, etc., need to be taking, particularly w/... 1/

@KDHE @LDCHEALTH @lawrenceks @douglascountyks @UnivOfKansas @usd497 @LawrenceChamber #ksleg #ksed
a more transmissible strain spreading in the U.S. & months left before vaccination levels are where needed to be.

CO2 levels can be used to estimate ventilation levels, though it's important to account for factors like the number of people present, the size of,... 2/
the space, & the use of portable air cleaners. Pages 23-24 of this document from @HarvardChanSPH & @j_g_allen provide a means for estimating ventilation rates based on measured CO2 levels. 3/

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3 Jan
I would challenge your point that “No matter what we do, resources will remain scarce and people will compete over them.” First, there’s an abundance of evidence from the archaeological, historical, & contemporary ethnographic records of individuals & groups cooperating... 1/
(employing some or all of Ostrom’s principles) to survive in environments of scarce resources (& not just hunter/gatherer groups). Not saying the evidence for competition (including violent competition) isn’t also there, or that the competition between groups isn’t also... 2/
what often drives the cooperation among group members (because it does), only that cooperation seems to have been most effective when these principles are applied (even as part of a larger competition between groups).

Cooperating (& squashing toxic individualism) was... 3/
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22 Sep 20
Sure. I think that’s great advice, whether or not we’re in a pandemic. As high performance bldg consultants, we’ve been doing that since last March. Engaging school districts to help them work through building/behavioral strategies for reopening relevant to their situation. 1/
As part of that effort we also developed a viral infection risk estimator to help districts (in conjunction w/us, by themselves, or w/ other consultants) evaluate the most effective strategies room by room. Particularly important when resources are limited. I know other... 2/
consultants have been doing similar things (though perhaps not the behavior focus or developing calculators).

But there are limits to such efforts, or other local partnerships w/ businesses, short of a nationally coordinated effort to reopen schools. Decades of deferred... 3/
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21 Sep 20
Thoroughly enjoyed this week’s @inquiringshow podcast consisting of @indrevis’s interview of Sara Hendrin regarding her new book: What Can a Body Do?: How We Meet the Built World. I love it when the tables are flipped relative to our views of the... 1/

built environment, particularly when that flipping provides a more comprehensive & inclusive focus on people. This idea isn’t new - that people are disabled not because of their bodies or brains but because of the physical environment we’ve created. But Hendrin provides... 2/
an insightful, inspiring, & hopeful take on it.

As they covered sign language in relation to the built environment, I couldn’t help but wonder how reopening schools would be impacted if we all generally knew sign language. Signing during... 3/

#schoolsreopening #ksed
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18 Sep 20
Ha! Yeah, Lawrencians are rarely shy about sharing their opinions.

It is true that some of what I discussed either requires larger societal structural change or starting the process to address several months ago. And I do recognize we're now faced w/ a somewhat dire situation.1/
But based on what I know about behavior, I think the ordinance/ticketing won't do much to change the risky behavior of those students already engaged in it. Though as I said before, it could help maintain the behavior of those already complying by reinforcing a perception... 2/
of fairness. I could be wrong (it's not uncommon), but we'll find out.

Something that could be done right now is for KU to convene an emergency working session w/ Greek students, other student groups, faculty, etc. to work out behavior related rules, monitoring procedures,... 3/
Read 6 tweets
18 Sep 20
Also good to see it has a sunset provision. I understand the need to hold everyone across the community to the same standard. That perception is important to help maintain compliance among those who've already been complying (& sacrificing to do so).

But I think the... 1/
ordinance/ticketing will have a limited effect on those individuals, particularly university students, who've been flagrantly engaging in risky behavior.

Many of those students have no ties to our community. They hold misperceptions, or are ignorant of, the seriousness of... 2/
the virus & how it's transmitted. They desperately want to experience their preconceived notion of college life & newfound independence. Their brains aren't finished developing yet. There's a host of reasons contributing to why a city ordinance enforced via ticketing won't... 3/
Read 7 tweets

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