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I swear the inappropriate reply to today's Minister @BowinnMa reward of tax relief for FAMILIES in the form of @TransLink & @BCTransit youth passes of "why not seniors" & lack of gratitude from @taxpayerDOTcom confirm too much about our politics.

Yes, a #bcpoli #bcbudget2021🧵!! Image
But first, all photos are mine and were taken pre-pandemic. Thanks for understanding.
First point: by the time you add the youth fare(s) of children to a traveling family's transit fares... it's normally cheaper for a family to DRIVE in that circumstance or even use a ridehail or taxi. That's math.

That's just not good fiscal policy for congestion relief or ze🌎!
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Great to be listening to ⁦@AlboMP⁩ sharing his commitment to making AUS a renewable energy exporting superpower. Also committing to mfr of electric vehicles in AUS 👏👏👏 #CleanTechJobsSunmit@Bowenchris⁩ ⁦@SmartEnergyCncl#auspol Image
@AlboMP also committing to electrification if the entire Gov fleet. #ClimateAction #CleanTechJobsSummit @SmartEnergyCncl #auspol Image
“Rather than being a quarry for the world we should be maximising manufacturing here [in AUS],” says @AlboMP at #CleanTechJobsSummit @Bowenchris @SmartEnergyCncl #auspol
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Friday’s virtual meeting on #climate change between Chinese President Xi Jinping, French President @EmmanuelMacron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a good sign not only for the human endeavor of saving our planet, but also for China-EU relations. #ClimateAction Image
Europe has remained a champion for the Paris Climate Accord during the past few years when former U.S. President #DonaldTrump exited the deal. #China made the solemn pledge of having CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieving #carbon neutrality before 2060. #ParisAgreement
China and EU being major stakeholders for tackling climate change, collaboration of the Chinese, German and French leadership will be instrumental in materializing what’s written in the Paris Climate Accord. #ParisAgreement #ClimateCrisis
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The Japanese government has been forced to quickly retire an animated character it had hoped would win support for its decision this week to release more than 1m tonnes of contaminated water😡 from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the sea.#ClimateAction
“It seems the government’s desire to release the water into the sea takes priority over everything,” Katsuo Watanabe, an 82-year-old Fukushima fisher, told the Kyodo news agency. “The gap between the gravity of the problems we face and the levity of the character is huge.”
Riken Komatsu, a local writer, tweeted: “If the government thinks it can get the general public to understand just by creating a cute character, it is making a mockery of risk communication.#ClimateAction
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Canada spent $18B on financial supports for the fossil fuel industry last year: report here…
Canada has a moral obligation to cut domestic greenhouse gas emissions as fast as technically and economically feasible, while also substantially supporting emissions reductions in developing nations as part of our total fair share towards a 1.5°C-consistent global effort.
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#RaisinaEdit offers a selection of commentaries that unpack, interpret, and problematise contemporary global developments corresponding to the Raisina Dialogue thematic pillars of 2021.

Curated by Harsh Pant and @WarjriLaetitia


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#RaisinaEdit | If “Data is the New Oil” then our individual data has intrinsic value and, thus, the monetisation of the collective data of millions of our citizens is the proverbial gold mine, says Abdul Hakeem Ajijola:
Economic interdependence, imperatives of political geography, and Beijing’s successful elite capture in many societies have made it difficult for many in Asia to contest the unfolding Chinese dominance over the region, points out @MohanCRaja #RaisinaEdit:
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China ‘must shut 600 coal-fired plants’ to hit climate target #ClimateAction

The coal consumption of China, the world’s biggest emitter, is of global concern. The country has ramped up plans for new coal-fired power stations in an effort to spur economic growth after the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic.#ClimateAction
“If China fails on coal, the rest of the world will fail on containing dangerous climate change. But the stars are now somewhat aligning on breaking China’s addiction to coal.#ClimateAction
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The researchers said human pollution has led to a global plastic cycle, akin to natural processes such as the carbon cycle, with plastic moving through the atmosphere, oceans and land. The result is the “plastification” of the planet, said one scientist.
People are already known to breathe, drink and eat microplastics and the other research suggests levels of pollution will continue to rise rapidly.#ClimateAction
It indicates that the billions of tonnes of plastic discarded into the oceans and land and being broken down into tiny pieces are being thrown back into the air by road traffic and winds over seas and farmland.#ClimateAction
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Carcasses of 109 bald and golden eagles examined in study
Eagles probably exposed by predatory and scavenging activities
By examining the carcasses of golden and bald eagles found between 2014 and 2018, scientists were able to determine that the majority of them had exposure to poison. That included 96 of 116 bald eagles studied, and 13 of 17 golden eagles.
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Third of Antarctic ice shelves ‘will collapse amid 4C global heating’

‘Unimaginable amounts’ of water will flow into oceans if that temperature rise occurs and ice buffers vanish, warn UK scientists
Researchers from the University of Reading said that limiting the temperature rise to 2C could halve the area at risk and avoid a drastic rise in sea levels.#ClimateAction…
The findings, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, suggest that 4C warming could leave 34% of the area of all the Antarctic ice shelves – amounting to about half a million square kilometres – at the risk of collapse.#ClimateAction
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How an election in Greenland could affect China — and the rare-earth minerals that go into your cellphone
Sitting on vast, untapped reserves of uranium and rare-earth minerals, Greenland holds the keys to massive wealth.

But many Greenlanders have grave doubts about whether they should allow the world to exploit these resources
Rare-earth minerals are used to make high-tech devices, including cellphones, flat-screen monitors, electric cars, wind turbines and weapons.
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The research station, at an elevation of 11,135 feet on the summit of a picturesque volcano, has been monitoring the weather and chemistry of the atmosphere continuously since the 1950s. #ClimateAction
When the station began collecting CO2 measurements in the late 1950s, atmospheric CO2 concentration sat at around 315 parts per million. #ClimateAction
On Saturday, the daily average was pegged at 421.21 parts per million — the first time in human history that number has been so high. Previously, it had never exceeded 420 parts per million.#ClimateAction
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Herring off western coast will ‘teeter on edge of complete collapse’ if commercial fishing continues at current level, says report
First Nations and conservationists are warning that Pacific herring populations are “collapsing” off Canada’s western coast, and are appealing for a moratorium on commercial fishing until the critical species can rebuild.
The small, oily fish are a key food source for various species along the coast including Chinook salmon, which are in turn the main food source for endangered southern resident killer whales.
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India wants richer countries to adopt “net negative” emissions targets. Indian energy minister "launched a broadside against the climate goals of big emitters in the EU and China, in a sign of how climate negotiations are heating up ahead of a UN summit this year." A thread. 1/n
The Indian minister is correct about the lack of ambition among the industrially advanced countries, esp. the U.S., which is creating hurdles against the EU-led effort to introduce a carbon border tax, which would go a long way in curbing consumption. 2/n…
Let's be clear, nothing can replace the need for reducing luxury emissions linked to profligate consumption. The environmental impacts of net-negative are unknown – where are we going put all that carbon with what other environmental & social consequences (unknown unknowns!)? 3/n
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❗️ #WAleg Ways & Means is about to vote on #cleanfuelsnow. They're briefing the bill now.…
Sen. L. Wilson offers an amendment to exempt trucking fuel.

Sen. Gildon offers an amendment to allow for a weaker standard.

There are a few other amendments and a striker. They are going to caucus now.

Just as a reminder, this is #cleanfuelsnow's first time in this committee. We're in uncharted territory!
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Turkish environmentalists say Canadian firm lying about legality of its operations in Kaz Mountains #ClimateAction…
A Turkish environmental group defending the western Kaz Mountains has said that the Canadian gold mining company was lying about the legality of its operations in the area, and that it was in fact no longer allowed to be there. #ClimateAction
The authoritarian AKP-MHP government is ideal for them. People get fined, are taken into custody and criminalized because they want to protect their environment. #ClimateAction #Canada…
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President Biden unveiled a $2 trillion jobs and infrastructure plan Wednesday to address some of the country’s most pressing problems, including damaged bridges, unequal broadband access, climate change and care for people with disabilities and the elderly.
The proposal seeks to replace 50,000 diesel transit vehicles and electrify at least 20 percent of the country’s yellow school bus fleet.
Biden’s proposal would invest $213 billion to build and retrofit more than 2 million homes. The plan would build and rehabilitate more than 500,000 homes for low- and middle-income home buyers and invest $40 billion to improve public housing.
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*Very Biden voice* Folks, here's the deal:

At ~$1 TRILLION in total clean investment, what Biden is proposing in #JobsAct is not just bigger than clean investment in the Recovery Act of 2009 (~$90b), it's bigger than the ENTIRE Recovery Act (~$831b)!

Details #EnergyTwitter ⤵️
The White House Fact Sheet here details more than $550 billion in what we can classify generally as clean investment, incl:

$174b for EVs
$165b for public transit & rail
$100b for grid
$46b for clean energy manufacturing
$35b clean energy RD&D
& more:…
IN ADDITION, @washingtonpost reports "The plan will also include approximately $400 billion in clean-energy credits on top of the $2.25 trillion in new spending."

That takes the total clean investment in the American Jobs Act to >$950 billion.…
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#ClimateAction is embedded throughout the 'American Jobs Plan,' including over $500b in what could be described as 'clean investment.' That's more than 5-times larger that the 2009 Recovery Act's spending on similar areas for context. An overview:…
The plan would invest:

$174 billion in incentivizing electric vehicle manufacture and purchase, building half a million charger stations

$85b for public transit investments

$80b for modernizing Amtrak and freight railways
$100b to build a more reslient electric grid & expand transmission to harness renewable energy

$46b for clean energy manufacturing

$46b for fed govt to procure fleets of EVs

$35b for 'climate technology' R&D

$16b for fossil workers transition

$10b for Civilian Climate Corps
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After years of effort, a veto by @CharlieBakerMA, & passage of a new veto-proof bill, the #Massachusetts #Climate Roadmap Act is now law! 🎉👏

@MiriamWasser breaks down the law:…

50% GHG reduction by 2030, 75% by 2045 & Net-Zero by 2050!

Here's more details on the back and forth between the Massachusetts Legislature and @CharlieBakerMA over the climate law…
In addition to updating economy-wide emissions goals for the first time since 2008, the new law: codifies environmental justice rules, directs the utility commission to prioritize equity & emissions cuts, sets EV goals, requires more renewable energy, and much more.
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🔴Départ à #Paris de la manifestation pour une « #VraieLoiClimat », alors que le projet de loi « #climat et résilience » sera examiné à l'AN à partir du #29mars. Plus de 200 personnalités politiques dénoncent un texte qui n'est pas à la hauteur de l'urgence.
#MarcheClimat #28mars
🔴Le parcours de la manifestation à #Paris est de la Place de l’Opéra jusqu’à la Place de la République.
#VraieLoiClimat #climat #28mars #MarchePourLeClimat #ClimateAction
🔴La manifestation arrive sur la Place de la République à #Paris. Nombreuses personnes présentes.
#VraieLoiClimat #climat #28mars #MarchePourLeClimat #ClimateAction
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A wee history lesson on wetlands as wastelands. This philosophy dominated colonialism in the 🇺🇸 as wetlands were seen as a barrier to “building the country”. Early settlers lacked resources to drain wetlands, but this changed w/ the Swamp Land Act passed by Congress in 1849. 1/
States gained the right to sell wetlands, w/ profit intended to fund “dehydration” of the land. This Act decimated wetlands throughout #Louisiana & #Florida but also #Minnesota & #Oregon. It also set the stage for toll-use of canals, privatizing travel in the U.S. 2/
The govt used wetland drainage to attract settlers to push through the “last frontier.” Cultivating drained wetlands was seen as the best option to curb overcrowding in cities and to reduce land disputes. Because of the scale & what was at stake, the US military got involved. 3/
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📣CALLING OUT ON ALL #ClimateChange activists and to those who care about the existence of #Humanity

Is the climate clock still ticking for the existence of humankind?

Please spare us about 5 mins to read this thread. Thank you guys 🙏🏼
#SaveMyanmar #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
The clock has gone off in #Myanmar for many decades already.

How ❓
Myanmar has been under military dictatorship for six decades. Even though the country is rich in forests and natural resources, the citizens are the poorest in the world...
So who are the rich people?
They are the ones those abuse the use of weapons and take over the resources of Myanmar. They are the #Myanmar military.

This guy is MinAungHlaing, the general of Tatmadaw (Myanmar military). He staged a coup back in february 1st...
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