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My fellow Canadians - when it comes to climate change, one of the most important things each of us 18+ can do is VOTE, and our election is TOMORROW. If you have any q's or doubts, pls use the resources in this thread to inform your strategic vote. Onward! #canpoli #ClimateAction
🇨🇦 is uniquely vulnerable to climate impacts. From sea level rise that threatens coastal cities to bigger wildfires, more intense floods + thawing permafrost, we're all affected. And our cumulative carbon ems? We're the 9th biggest emitter in the WORLD.
But one party couldn't care less: the @CPC_HQ. Their climate plan has all the right words in it and it looks very nice. But when you get down to brass tacks, as @MarkJaccard shows here, their plan will actually INCREASE emissions rather than decrease them.…
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For weeks and months, i have been tracking the arctic temperatures and the decline of the icecap.
Wondering why it was so warm , and for so long.
What is happening there? Icecap is down over 50%.
Albedo effect will be massively impacted by this.
#climatechange #gretathunberg
We learned a few days ago, that scientific expedition in the east siberian arctic just found methane fountains bubbling on the sea surface , in the middle of the east siberian sea.
Some of the implications :

#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction…
Here is the theory:
1/ Increasing periods of open water implies an increasing number of storm events.. Such events have the potential to rapidly ventilate bubble-transported and dissolved CH4 from the water column, producing high emission rates to the atmosphere
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A dark tweet, sorry about this.
We learned yesterday that scientific expedition in the east siberian arctic just found methane fountains bubbling on the sea surface .
#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg…
Please watch the video and focus on what the russian scientist declares (13.20-14-20)
Dr Natalia Shakhova
#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg #methane

Natalia Shakhova doesn't agree with the #ipcc, which doesn't take the ESAS risk into account for calculating the various #RCP ..or any feedback loops including #CH4

You can read more here…
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Unfortunately, @KolkataPolice stopped our march midway despite prior permission. We decided to stand our ground by sitting in front of the barricade.
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I hear it was the largest individual #climateCrisis protest in history. Any city wish to challenge that? Regardless, 500,000+ people in #Montreal today for #ClimateStrike makes a POWERFUL statement that we’ve reached a real turning point toward #ClimateAction! Via @GretaThunberg
This makes me happy of many levels — including that #Vancouver showed up 100K+ strong for the @ClimateStrike, AND that citizens did it by showing how streets, bridges & our FUTURE are about people, not cars. #ClimateCrisis
Hat tip to @SimiHeer, great video!
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Our Side-Event on #Youth4ClimatePeaceSecurity @ #UNGA is about to start.

We titled it "Time for Action: Climate Change & Youth, Peace and Security Nexus".

It will bring together two agendas crucial to the future of our increasingly urban🏙️ , young👦👧, and climate ravaged 🌍.
You can follow the event live on UN WebTV 10 minutes after this tweet is posted.

We will tweet too, and add interesting information and key quotes of our panel and audience to this developing thread.

#Youth4ClimatePeaceSecurity #UNGA #ClimateChange…
Why should you follow?

We have an excellent set-up!

Our ED @MaimunahSharif , His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway @Kronprinsparet, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate @k_satyarthi .

We have @SofieNordvik , Norwegian #UNYouthDelegate to #ClimateSummit2019 , @Shan_Agrwl ...
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Today at #UNGA world leaders are taking steps to address two of the top priorities for human health:

🏥 Assuring #HealthForAll

🌍 Addressing #ClimateChange

The climate crisis is a human health crisis. We need #ClimateAction NOW 👉
#ClimateChange triggers hurricanes, heatwaves & wildfires.

#ClimateChange increases the reach of infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, zika & cholera.

#ClimateChange fuels the spread of noncommunicable disease by polluting the air, food & water that sustain human life.
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Nature is angry - and we foool ourselves if we think we can fool nature. Our Earth is issuing a cry: "STOP". The climate crisis is caused by us, and the solutions must come from us -@UN Chief @antonioguterres at #ClimateActionSummit on the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions
@UN @antonioguterres "We are at the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can do is talk about eternal economic growth" - @GretaThunberg makes a passionate plea for #ClimateAction at today's #ClimateActionSummit in New York. Watch live 🎥 #UNGA
@UN @antonioguterres @GretaThunberg @GlobalGoalsUN Indian PM @narendramodi - "We are going to increase the share of non-fossil fuels to 174 gigawatts in 2020, and to futher increase #renewableenergy to 450 gigawatts"

India has installed #solar panels on the roof of the @UNHQ building in NYC

#ClimateActionSummit #ClimateAction
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@LiekeScheewe @MazMHussain 1+
Dear Ms Scheewe,
You are one of the few who noticed & RT'ed above article. May I request your (& your followers') attention for the following articles which contain more info on the true/main causes of #ClimateChange. We should be (re)thinking effective #ClimateAction.
@LiekeScheewe @MazMHussain 2+
Here are 3 articles that describe how the military industrial complex & warfare are the MAIN cause for #ClimateChange. Unfortunately this subject is ignored by MSM. #War destroys ALL #Life on earth!………
@LiekeScheewe @MazMHussain 3+
Taken into consideration that #warfare, #aviation & #shipping industries are excluded from the @UNFCCC while these are the 3 BIGGEST causes of #ClimateChange, should make a sensible person think on what effective #ClimateAction should be.
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My 20.09-27.09. 🌍diary:

20.09. #allefürsklima Magnifica gab ihren Geist auf, kein Caffè als Starter in den langen Tag. Ein Zeichen?
Es war auch so ein guter Tag im Leben als Aktivist.

#069forclimate #Klimastreik #AlleFuersKlima #FridaysForFuture #ClimateJustice
21.09. Caffettiera a stantuffo - french press kommt wieder aus dem Schrank. Guten Morgen #Frankfurt. Es geht auch mit Handarbeit beim Mahlen. Da muß ich jetzt durch, ohne caffè. Hauptsache genug la caféine around my brain ist dabei.
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Unpopular opinion, but I don't really care about the polar bears. I'm selfish. I'm fighting climate change bc it poses an existential threat to humanity, with the burdne falling heaviest on formerly colonized nations & poor communities of color. #ClimateStrike
Now it's not that I don't care about polar bears, it's that I care about people more, and that the survival of many humans r linked to the health of the environment and biodiversity. #ClimateStrike #ClimateAction
The climate fight isn't just about recycling and saving pandas. Millions of people are going to be displaced from natural disasters, rising sea levels, and thinning resources. Every political and social issue u care about will be worsened by climate change ange #ClimateStrike
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#ClimateStrike #ClimateAction #YouthStrike4Climate in London today, in photos. Posters speak better than stories.
the full photo reportage here:…
Note: many adults are trying to hijack the simple and powerful message & use it to gain popularity. At least 10 groups in the streets pushing their ideological or mercantile agenda under the guise of caring for children & climate. Don't fall for provocations. #ClimateAction
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#ClimateStrike is set to call on governments to address climate change, but why petition those who designed this crisis? The State doesn't exist to serve our needs but to protect those who profit off the causes of this disaster. A thread. #ClimateAction…
The most effective way to pressure those in power to address the climate crisis is to show that whatever they fail to do, we will do ourselves. This means moving beyond symbolic displays towards build the capacity to shut down the mechanisms actually killing the planet.
There are many examples of this. The Occupy Movement demonstrated that tens of thousands of people could make decisions horizontally, and organized a day of action which shut down West Coast ports.
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THREAD: In a new study in @nature we present a way to avoid the bias that burdens future generations and the risky strategies that current #climate change mitigation pathways suffer from.

A #climatetwitter explainer

#Fridays4Future #ClimateStrike #ParisAgreement

Existing #ClimateChange scenarios focus on reaching a target in 2100

but by doing so weirdly suggest that the best way to achieve a #climate target is to delay action first, miss it over the next decades, and then to try to make up for it later

This puts put a disproportionate burden on future generations, who:
-will suffer higher #climate impacts in their lives
-are burdened with later cleaning up the mess by actively pulling #CO2 out of the air

This strategy is very risky and can be avoided

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[Thread] Triez-vous bien vos déchets 🚮 ? Eteignez-vous bien vos lumières 💡 ? Avez-vous investi plusieurs milliers d'€ pour 1 meilleure isolation et 1 chauffage optimisé ? Faites-le parce que les sociétés du CAC 40, elles, ne font aucun effort #ClimateEmergency #ClimateStrike
Dassault System 💻💽✈️ a augmenté ses émissions de gaz à effet de serre de 185,5% depuis la signature des Accords de Paris, en 2015, sur le #Climat. 185,5% en 3 ans ! Quelqu'un a-t-il entendu @Elisabeth_Borne ou @brunepoirson tancer vertement la famille Dassault ?
PSA (Peugeot) 🚘 a augmenté sa pollution de 60 % en 4 ans... Valéo ⚙️🚗 de 27 %. Merci les SUV !
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🎉Today marks the start of the our launch week! 🎉 We'd like to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about what we do.

We research the social science of #ClimateAction

We're a partnership between @cardiffuni @uniofeastanglia @UniOfYork @OfficialUoM & @ClimateOutreach. 1/5
We're funded by @ESRC and our work focuses on four challenging areas which have substantial #climate impacts, but which have so far proven difficult to change:

🥕Food and Diet
🌡️Heating and Cooling
🛒Material Consumption

We set out to align the positive outcomes of action on #ClimateChange with those in other domains like #health and #wellbeing.

We want to identify actions that provide other #cobenefits – like cleaner air, lower bills, or fairer communities.

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#Thread My Statement at @UNCTAD Trade Forum: SDGs & Climate Change.
I am honoured to be representing The Most Hon. @AndrewHolnessJM, ON, MP, Prime Minister of Ja., at this important gathering which is a necessary precursor to the United Nations Climate Action Summit which is scheduled to take place later this month at the United Nations HQ in NY.
I bring greetings on behalf of Prime Minister Holness who has asked me to commend @UNCTAD for the foresight in organizing this meeting & for the Organization’s extensive work in this area. This year is especially relevant as climate action talks gain more momentum and rightly so.
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Starting from 1 October, Flemish civil servants are forbidden to take the plane for work trips of less than 500 km or 6 hours travel over land…

# Legislation and historical development :

* Proposals of 23 October 2017 […] by @JorisVDBroucke, Bruno Tobback @sp_a and @JohanDanen @groen and 4 july 2018 […] @JorisVDBroucke @IngridPira1 @NadiaSminate
@ward_kennes, pointing at 👇
- responsibility of aviation for +- 5 % of emissions
- only 2-8 % of external "costs" are internalized for short and long distance flights
- no measures taken on EU or international level to reduce emissions
- EU ETS does not apply
- flights 20 times more impact than flights

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(Thread 1/10)

“The science is absolutely clear: #ClimateChange is an existential crisis—one that is no longer a distant threat but a clear and present danger.”

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS

"#HurricaneDorian, reported to be one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record, is stalled out and barely moving as it pummels the #Bahamas. It has flooded neighborhoods, destroyed homes and left several people dead."

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS

"#ClimateChange is moving indeed faster than we are. The #ParisAgreement states we must limit global temperature rise to 1.5 °C. But current national #ClimateAction plans get us nowhere close. Instead, we’re on pace for a 3 °C rise or more.”

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS
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Woke up this morning feeling like @KamalaHarris was going to give the P E O P L E a Climate Plan.

She did.

Didn't know my heart could race as much as it did reading a policy document.✊🌎

This is a THREAD
This is not a new fight.

"When Indigenous Americans are leading to preserve our natural resources, not the oil companies seeking to destroy them...communities across our country have been fighting for the right to live in a clean environment for generations."
Remember where you came from.

"The United States is the single largest carbon polluter in history and we have benefited the most from the growth that came with burning fossil fuels. We must speak this truth and accept the responsibility."
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@Chimos5CAD @2020inslee @ewarren @PeteButtigieg @BetoORourke @amyklobuchar @JulianCastro Here is @PeteButtigieg’s voluntary national service plan. The climate corps would “build resiliency & sustainability against climate disruption and help first responders in the wake of disaster that threatens us all.”…
@Chimos5CAD @2020inslee @ewarren @PeteButtigieg @BetoORourke @amyklobuchar @JulianCastro .@PeteButtigieg has experience to inform his Climate Corps’s disaster relief function. As mayor, he has deployed his Fire Department’s highly regarded Swift Water Rescue Group to help in flooded areas, like in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence.
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Tired of not getting any ideas on what to do about #climatechange
Here's just a few:
reduce driving
stop using/buying plastics/chemicals
turn off all appliances at the plug when not in use - many stay 'on' even when switched off including computer & phone plugs
close off heat to rooms that are not used
buy recycled clothing
use air conditioning sparingly
Spay/Neuter pets
Reduce Waste/buy products w/ no or less packaging
Plant Trees - #climateaction
Plant Flowers for pollinators
Stop using gas fueled power tools like blowers or lawn mowers
Get your car checked for emissions/leaks
Stop burning plastic & other trash
Keep fireplaces and wood stove clear of creosote
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@TylerGarret2 @Chaander @PeteButtigieg @MaddowBlog @PeteAholics Just this week, #PeteButtigieg broke ground on a green hydroelectric project in #SouthBend.…
@TylerGarret2 @Chaander @PeteButtigieg @MaddowBlog @PeteAholics #PeteButtigieg “ the City's commitment to a sustainable future. Through our historic investment in parks & trails, natural gas-powered fleets, & downtown electric vehicle charging stations, we are distinguishing South Bend as a model for clean energy."
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