Trump coloring books ImageImage
Trump propaganda team promotes #Obamagate bullshit Image
Trump marketing team pitches an "Honor Roll" and A+ grades and being part of a "distinguished group" to people who may not have experienced such things much in their lives. Image
Straight As! Honor roll! Coloring books!

Fascism for the young of heart and mind! ImageImage
Trump-Reagan commemorative coins only offered to Trump's top supporters, like me. Image
Latest bullshit club: Trump Executive Membership program ImageImage
"Do you stand with President Trump?"

"Given the fact that you’ve yet to officially take a stand for President Trump, we worry that your support lies elsewhere." Image
Using #obamagate nonsense and ‘5x match’ nonsense to induce donations ImageImage
Latest Trump emails.

"The Democrats are trying to STEAL THE ELECTION."

Free Trump mask. ImageImage
"Obama is the most corrupt and incompetent president in United States history." ImageImage
"This is COLLUSION at the highest level from the DEEP STATE! They’ve been trying to rig the system for years ...They hate true Patriots like you, Zachary." Image
"My team just showed me the winning Trump Executive Membership Certificate that was voted on by the American People. It comes as no surprise that you picked the same one I did, Zachary." Image
Trump store Memorial Day sale. 25% off. ImageImage
Trump email about Hillary Clinton with subject line: "Shouldn't she be in jail?" ImageImage
Trump email: "Obamagate is the biggest political crime in our Nation's history." Image
Shit reads like a cross between a slow-children's book and a Western.

"Corrupt Liberals like Cheatin’ Obama and Crooked Hillary are firing up their base of MEGA HOLLYWOOD DONORS to rescue Sleepy Joe’s failing campaign, which is why I’m really counting on YOU to step up, Zachary" Image
The Do Nothing Democrats
The Wicked Witch
The Deep State
The Fake News media
The Cowardly Lion
Cheatin' Obama
Crooked Hillary
Sleepy Joe
The Flying Monkeys
Shoeless Joe
Oompa Loompas
The Mighty Quinn
We Didn't Start the Fire Image
Sleepy Joe, Cryin' Chuck, Crazy Nancy. Image
Always projection with them: "The Democratic Party doesn't exist anymore."

Projecting hard, @newtgingrich. ImageImage
"Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups are running through our streets and causing absolute mayhem."

First Trump propaganda email I've seen with regards to protests/riots. ImageImage
"Despite the constant lies from Beijing Biden and his friends in the Fake News media, President Trump has NEVER wavered in his fight to Keep America Great. We want to give you EARLY-ACCESS to sign his Official Birthday Card FIRST." Image
"Sleepy Joe Biden's campaign is so RADICAL that they are working to get dangerous ANARCHISTS out of jail at the cost of Americans' safety. The Left-Wing MOB is trying to DESTROY communities around the Nation..." Image
"They are acts of domestic terror."

"While dangerous thugs are running rampant through our streets..." ImageImageImage
"Dangerous THUGS and angry MOBS will NOT be tolerated by our President."

"...get on the list of America’s Defenders who stand with President Trump against Antifa. " Image
“Liberal THUGS are destroying our streets.”

Latest Trump communications related to protests/rioting. ImageImage
Today's Trump emails

"While ANTIFA THUGS are destroying our communities and burning down our churches, the Radical Left is shouting 'Defund the Police'." ImageImage
They lie about big things. They lie about small things. They lie about everything.

"If you sign the card in the NEXT HOUR, I can guarantee you spot number #12 on the card." Image
“Do you support President Trump’s fearless resolve when he walked to St. John’s Church - a historical church that was set on fire the night before by rioters?” ImageImageImageImage
Make Space Great Again ImageImageImage
Latest Trump propaganda. "They've gone crazy. The Radical Left hates America... and now they even hate television." Image
"The Radical Left hates America and they hate our brave law enforcement."

Do your part to ensure it's not so easy for GOP to make this claim.

We can work towards eliminating excessive police violence while also showing we recognize that police provide valuable services. Image
Today's Trump email: "They hate me. They hate you... They hate the idea of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" ImageImage
Lol. Nice look, @VP.

The image that pops up when you go to exit out of the Trump donation page without contributing. Image
In a few minutes Trump propaganda team is having a special Father's Day event called 'Triggered' where fucking Don Jr interviews his fucking father.

Stream link: ImageImage
Trump email about his rally.

"This rally will be unlike any other. Your President is in the middle of an all-out POLITICAL WAR with the Do Nothing Democrats." ImageImage
Weird. Trump uses a floating Obama head to rile up supporters. ImageImageImage
Make Space Great Again hats.

"Because you're one of his best supporters, we're saving one just for you." ImageImage
"Imagine what will happen if Sleepy Joe Biden and the Democrats assume power and appoint more Radical Liberals to the bench... They'll take away your guns, legalize infanticide, open our borders, take away your religious liberties, and so much more." ImageImage
So much lunacy lately I missed the most insane, disturbing part of this email:

“shotgun blasts to the face of people who are proud to call themselves Republicans or Conservatives.” ImageImage
Following up weird ‘floating Obama head’ Facebook ad from few days ago, they used a floating Hillary head ImageImageImage
Here are close ups of Trump’s two recent creepy floating head Facebook ads. ImageImage
A look at the stupidest leading questions in latest GOP mailer.

Come on, why wouldn’t you approve of dangerous abortion policies and budget-busting spending? ImageImage
Trump propaganda team prepping the 'it was rigged' insanity.

"The 2020 election will be the most RIGGED Election of our lifetime." ImageImage
Even if Trump is defeated and goes peacefully, I predict we will have to endure a good amount of violence from lunatics riled up by this and similar insanity.

Blood will be directly on the hands of these lying con artists.
Side-by-side comparison of the emails sent to Trump supporters who have donated vs those who haven't.

"... he asked me to reach out one and offer you ONE MORE CHANCE to get on the right side of history with us." Image
Shaun King (who IMO is an unreasonable person & who blocked me once for something very boring) gets featured in Trump propaganda attempts.

Heart of political propaganda is about taking extreme views and painting them as representative of your opposition. ImageImage
“Democrats HATE America” ImageImage
"They are the party of chaos. The Democrats have lost it."

From @newtgingrich. ImageImage
"While the Radical Left TERRORIZES our communities, OUR President took [....] action to PROTECT our great Nation’s monuments and statues..."

"Rest assured, Un-American THUGS who choose to illegally destroy our America’s history will be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent..." Image
Huh. Apparently liberals are against learning now. Didn't know that.

"The Radical Left (the cancel everything party) will try and keep our schools closed FOREVER." Image
"How do you want to be remembered? As a Patriot who fought to Keep America Great? Or as an un-American Liberal who stood idly by as Radical Democrats ripped our Nation apart?" Image
Latest Trump propaganda: "The Deep State vs [your name]" ImageImage
Latest Trump propaganda: Joe Biden wants to abolish police, ICE, bail, the suburbs, the 2nd amendment, and the American Way of Life. Image
Trump marketing/propaganda emails multiple times a day. It's maddening and relentless onslaught. This is not even everything from last 3 days. Image
So disturbing.

"[Democrats] will destroy our Country as we know it. Unimaginably bad things would happen to America..." Image
"When you become a Trump Platinum Member, you will be the President’s first line of defense against the Fake News media [...] and, you’ll go down in history as one of the Patriots who won us the 2020 Election." ImageImage
Trump email:

"There used to be a time when you could proudly say, ‘I am a citizen of the United States,’ but now, the Radical Left is trying to erase the existence of this concept and conceal the number of illegal aliens in our Country. We can’t let them get away with it!" Image
Another Trump email:

"...the TRUTH about what America would look like if there were no police. The American People deserve to know what they’d be getting into if they elected a big government SOCIALIST like Joe Biden." Image
Trump email w/ coronavirus poll.

"[Trump] is encouraging every Patriot to wear a face mask... The United States has terminated its relationship with the corrupt World Health Organization." ImageImageImage
Trump emails hawking $35 "Freedom hats".

"YOU are a true Patriot through and through, which is why when I saw our beautiful, limited-edition Freedom 2020 Hats, I just knew you had to have one." Image
"This email is for PATRIOTS ONLY and is not intended to be shared...We have less than 800 of these iconic hats left, and once we run out we cannot guarantee they’ll be restocked." Image
Don Trump Jr selling pre-orders of 'Liberal Privilege' book for $75.

"I’ve written a new book titled, Liberal Privilege. It’s not yet available to order [...] but because you’ve always been such a loyal friend of my father’s, I’m going to do something special just for you..." Image
Trump email subject line: 'Racist.'

"President Trump is a champion for Black Voices. He always has been and he always will be." Image
Latest Trump club: Donor Hall of Fame.

"You truly go above and beyond the average supporter, and President Trump wants to recognize you for all of your incredible support [...] when you make your next contribution, you’ll automatically be inducted into the Donor Hall of Fame." Image
"We know it seems unbelievable, but it’s really happening… For the FIRST TIME EVER, you can now purchase a PERSONALIZED SIGNED photo of President Trump." Image
"President Trump wants you to give the 2 millionth online donation."

"Just think, Zachary, YOU could give the 2 MILLIONTH online donation this month. YOUR name could be attached to one of the most HISTORIC donations in Election history. Image
An online Trump supporter presentation today, at 4:30pm. "You’re invited to an EXCLUSIVE Team Trump-Pence Grassroots Strategy call TODAY, Monday July 27th."… Image
Trump email "The Radical Socialist Left imagines an America with no free-speech, no police, and no patriotism [...] We CANNOT allow the Do Nothing Democrats to fundamentally alter the character of this great Nation. It’d be absolute CHAOS, Zachary." ImageImage
"While people like Joe Biden and Jerry Nadler express their strong endorsement of Antifa and Anarchy, President Trump is working hard to restore LAW AND ORDER in these liberal run-cities of chaos." Image
Trump email about Donald Trump Jr getting suspended from Twitter.

"Twitter is interfering in the 2020 election [...] Trump is calling on YOU to help make a statement SO HUGE that not even Jack Dorsey and his biased Twitter puppets will be able to silence us." Image
Trump 'multiple times match' stuff has really ramped up. I've never seen claim 7x before.

This is blatant bullshit; there's no matching; it's a known fundraising lie. It's almost like they're realizing they can say whatever they want. Someone should bring a lawsuit. Image
A piece about the bullshittiness of 'matching'.… Image
The Trump emails come more and more frequently. Insane pace. Image
GOP playing on Soros hatred.

Of all the insane comments on pro-Trump Facebook I’ve seen, the anti-Soros stuff is the most rabid and unhinged. ImageImageImageImage
Latest pandering Trump email: "You’ve been identified as our Patriot of the week."

An exciting chance to spend $10 to receive "free" stickers. Image
Trump emails: An ask for volunteers to call people on behalf of Trump campaign.

Sign up is at: Image
Trump text saying he aced his cognitive test, with poll about Biden’s cognitive ability. ImageImage
Trump campaign YouTube ad complaining that Twitter is "targeting" him. Image
Trump email:

"The Left [...] is celebrating as ANTIFA THUGS topple our monuments and assault our great police officers."

"... a philosophy that would DESTROY America." Image
I won Trump Patriot of the Week, which gave me the honor to donate money at a supposed (but non-existent) 500% match, even though they regularly promote 500%-700% matches. Image
Wow what amazing luck Image
Man, I keep winning all these accolades. Amazing how much Trump appreciates me.

Sure, it costs $50 to receive the accolade, but still, it's the thought that counts. #TrumpMVP #trophies Image
Trump email about #KamalaHarrisForVP

"They are WEAK on crime and want to see our cities burn" Image
Just hours later, another email about #KamalaHarrisForVP.

"Both of them are corrupt career politicians who LOVE anarchy and HATE America. [...] It’s REAL Americans vs. SOCIALISTS." Image
600 match 600 match do I hear 700 match 700 700 do I hear 800 Image
From Mike Pence, on #KamalaHarris

"That pick shows that Biden and the Democrat Party have been overtaken by the Radical Left... Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would set America on the path of SOCIALISM and DECLINE." ImageImage
"A match made in liberal hell."

"[they] are trying to DESTROY our Nation." ImageImage
Two Trump Facebook ads I saw today. ImageImage
Trump campaign frothing at mouth more than usual about #KamalaHarris.

"Kamala Harris is the meanest, most horrible, most disrespectful, MOST LIBERAL of anyone in the U.S. Senate, and I cannot believe that Joe Biden would pick her as his running mate." Image
"The Radical Left is trying to CANCEL College Football...they deserve a chance to live out their dreams without fear of them being CRUSHED by the Left." Image

"There has never been a time in the history of our Country when the media was so fraudulent, fake, or corrupt!"

#Trumpemails Image
"Americans [...] are hosting MASSIVE Trump Boat Parades [...] Democrats are terrified because they know they couldn’t even dream of having this level of enthusiasm for Slow Joe or Phony Kamala."

"Insane momentum" is a pretty accurate phrasing. ImageImage
Thoughts on how Trump marketing emails do a surprisingly good job matching his personality, which makes me confident that Trump does tell them sometimes "Talk about this thing!"

Quick thoughts, roughly written, be gentle.

From my Facebook:… Image
"Crooked Hillary is trying to help JOE BIDEN DESTROY AMERICA."

"Crooked Hillary is already making plans to infiltrate the White House if Sleepy Joe wins the Election. She’s crazy!" Image
About Trump campaign
Huh. Didn’t know Trump achieved peace in the Middle East. ImageImage
Trump email: 'Defend the police' sticker. Image
"Defend your Nation [...] We need to FIGHT BACK."

"Sleepy Joe and Kamala Harris are nothing more than puppets being used by the Radical Left. How Pathetic."

"These two Corrupt SOCIALISTS have vowed to destroy everything my Administration has built." ImageImage
"The future of our Nation is at risk. [...] Help us STOP THEM."

"To protect the future of our Nation from a RADICAL SOCIALIST TAKEOVER..." ImageImage
Not sure why this Trump text is addressed to Diamond and Silk. Image
The bullshit group of the week: the "GOP Convention Advisors," who will, amongst other things, "help President Trump prepare his confidential speech to accept the Republican nomination for president." Image
"This poll is highly CLASSIFIED and is only intended for a small group of hand-picked Patriots."

"Do you agree that Slow Joe and Phony Kamala would DESTROY our Nation?"

"Do you agree that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are just Trojan Horses being used by the Radical Left?" ImageImage
Trump selling "face coverings" for a $50 donation. Image
"...they’ve been attacking my father with a viciousness we’ve never seen before. We, the American People, need to be ready to defend him." Image
"I emailed you. The Vice President emailed you. My son, Don Jr., emailed you. Lara emailed you. Diamond and Silk emailed you. And now I’m emailing you. Again." Image
"Every attack against President Trump is really an attack on YOU."

Convincing group members they are persecuted by outside world is key factor in achieving cult solidarity. ImageImage
Trying to acquaint criticism of the leader with persecution of the group is a key strategy, too. Trump emails do that pretty much daily.

This characteristic is listed in this cult psychology website list, from:… Image
They were going for a spit take on the moon one. Image
"Register with Trump Talk TODAY and start making calls[...]"

Link to register: Image
Sick how many emails Trump campaign is sending out these days. This is just from this morning and yesterday. Image
At 800% match. Why not 1 million % match? Image
"The Liberal Mob will come after you on the streets simply for not agreeing with them. They hate our country and they hate YOU, Zachary."

"America's Defenders" Image
New Trump slogan: Make America Safe Again.

The instructions to 'make sure your community is prepared' are on surface about getting out vote but seem ominous in context. Image
Example of how GOP is making use of protests/riots. ImageImage
"Nancy Pelosi [...] CAUGHT on camera WITHOUT a mask"

A terrifying example of liberal privilege, brought to you by the people who have entire convention parties with no masks or distancing! Image
Trump campaign sending out emails at a crazy rate, as has been case last few months.

Here are all the emails they sent Friday and Saturday. Image
"The Radical Left hates you, Zachary. FOUR YEARS AGO, Hillary called you DEPLORABLE. Then, Joe Biden said we aren’t good people. NOW, Nancy is calling you a DOMESTIC ENEMY." Image
I signed up for this 'volunteer for Trump' thing, curious what happens. ImageImageImage
“Melania gave $45”: a rousing, inspiring call to action. Image
Such gross people.

"Everyone remembers what happened with Crooked Hillary in 2016 - my father wiped the floor with her - and Joe Biden, the Loch Ness Monster of the Swamp, will be no different." Image
New mafia-esque touch: "You're part of the family."

The latest bullshit "you're part of a special group with a name" thing in the long string of them: the "Official First Family's Circle." Image
They're going crazy with the bullshit groups: "The Trump 1000 Club", for "Real Patriots Only." You can get a "limited edition Trump 1000 Dollar Bill." Image
Another one from today: the "Donor Hall of Fame," which you can get on by donating any amount. Obviously a very elite club. Image
"Contribute ANY AMOUNT RIGHT NOW to support President Trump as a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee."

I admittedly don't know much about Nobel Peace Prize nominations, but you don't win them by asking for money from people, do you?

And I don't think they look like that either. Image
“They’ll attack your homes”

Antifa-related fear mongering from last few days of Trump tweets ImageImage
"Remember, Zachary, when they come after the President, they’re really coming after YOU and everything YOU stand for."

One of key cult characteristics is convincing group that an attack on the leader is an attack on the group. Image
Trump marketing team seems chaotic, like there are multiple people working on it.

One indicator of this is that they'll send out "6x match", "7x match", & "8x match" emails within minutes of each other, which you'd think would tend to make potential donators confused. Image
Trump wine glasses and pint glasses. ImageImage
"The future of America is in jeopardy, Zachary. I know you don’t want to live in a dark socialist Nation any more than I do [...]" Image
Next level of Idiocracy close to being unlocked. Image
I “won” a set of Trump pint glasses that I have to pay $35 for. Image
This stuff sounding increasingly desperate and unhinged.

Never seen one before where they promise to win the election if money is donated. Image
"Defend the White House"

"...Joe Biden would set America on a path of socialism and decline. The future of America is in jeopardy... I know you don’t want to live in a dark socialist Nation any more than I do." Image
Trump text just now Image
“The President is right, we have an obligation to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court, without delay!” Image
Language is creepy/threatening.

"Defend the Republican Party"
"if we just sit back and do nothing, the Democrats will take over our Nation [...] We absolutely cannot let that happen"

You can sign up to see what they send out at Image
Trump/GOP mailing.

“At stake in this fight is the survival of our Democracy.”

“capturing control of our nation so they can force their Lawless Big Government Socialist Agenda on us all.” ImageImage
One of today's Trump emails.

"The Radical Socialist Democrats want to destroy our economy and our military." Image
Trump email:

"It is about rigging this election [...] We won’t let the Democrats steal this election for Slow Joe..." Image
'Join the fight' button links to this page:

Which includes events labeled 'Trump Army'. ImageImage
Trump email.

"They laugh at you for wanting to Make America Great Again. They call you racist for loving your Country. They verbally abuse you in the streets for disagreeing with them. They want to silence your vote, eliminate your voice, and DESTROY your American Dream." Image
"President Trump fights for YOU. Will you fight for him?" Image
What is the deal with the Trumps having weird, nonsensical signatures?

Her “signature” looks like a fucking EKG reading. ImageImage
More violent phrasings in Trump emails.

"an all-out POLITICAL WAR with the Radical Left"

"I won’t go down without a fight" Image
Latest bullshit club: Trump Diamond Club. Image
Trump propaganda throws in mention of KKK to try to give "fair and balanced" appearance to the antifa hate/fear-mongering.

They lose the thread farther down in solely focusing on the "radical actions of these left-wing radical extremists". Image
Trump email.

"The Democrats would DESTROY all of the President’s great accomplishments if their radical puppet was elected, and honestly, you have got to be out of your mind if that’s what you want." Image
Trump text implying Biden will be getting help from earpiece.

Which was same fake news used right before 2016 by liar and felon @true_pundit (Mike Moore of Pennsylvania), who created fake news stories about Clinton using earpiece. Image
Here are screenshots from the Sept 2016 True Pundit fake news article, replete w/ bullshit fake sources (often used by Mike Moore of Pennsylvania, aka True Pundit).

TP's fake news was RTed by Don Trump Jr, Michael Flynn, others. Very influential domestic fake news producer. ImageImage
Here's the main tweet professional liar/propagandist True Pundit (aka Mike Moore of Pennsylvania) where he shared the fake Clinton-wearing-earbud story, and you can see how popular a tweet it was.

Trump propaganda email about Biden wearing an earpiece from before the #Debates2020 Image
Story by @alexwoodward about the 'Democrats wearing earpiece' propaganda…
From mailed GOP poll Image
Creepiest Trump email I've seen.

"Democrats know they can’t win without these illegal schemes. But President Trump [is] fighting every day in court and on the ground to prevent this kind of shenanigans [...]."

'Join the Fight' button goes here: Image
More violent language from Trump team. Use of 'fight' several times, and 'defend' and 'protect'.

"I’m calling on YOU to join in our fight to Defend America" ImageImage
Aggressive language is more and more frequent. Another email from today.

Uses 'fight' couple times, 'destroy' several times, 'steal your vote'. ImageImage
Interesting: usually by this time of day, I would have gotten like 8 Trump emails; there have been a massive amount lately.

Today so far only have gotten 1. Image
Today's Trump email. "President Trump is a warrior."

#TrumpCovid Image
Today's Trump email. "NO ONE is tougher than President Trump, and I know he will beat this thing fast."

A weird thing to say. The certainty part. Image
Trump propaganda email includes a strange diss of the weakness of humans who aren’t Trump. Image
Man, maybe I should get covid. Sounds great.

"Best I've felt in 20 years!" Image

"We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines - all developed very recently under President Trump’s administration." Image
The Trump propaganda/lie machine is very chaotic. They go from regularly offering 8x matches, even 8.5x recently, and then will act like a 7x match is something special. They do this a lot.

Imagine the chaos and incoherence Trump brought to his casino marketing strategies. Image
You don't say.

"As Chair of the Coronavirus White House Task Force, Vice President Pence knows firsthand the challenges our Nation has faced battling the Coronavirus." Image
"They want you to be AFRAID of the coronavirus, because that's how they MANIPULATE you into voting for their liberal puppets."

"FIGHT BACK. We can't be the Liberal Billionaires trying to steal this Election unless every Patriot takes action." Image
"We must stop them. With your help, WE WILL STOP THEM FROM STEALING THE ELECTION."

"We are training thousands of volunteers to legally observe throughout Early Voting"

"The Democrats will be up to their old tricks" Image
Trump emails about the #VPDebate

"Kamala rambled and refused to answer a single question honestly."
"Joe Biden’s mental state is DECLINING"
"It’s clear they cannot be trusted." ImageImage
Trump team attacking a lot of "enemies" at once.


"These power-hungry COASTAL ELITES don’t believe in the freedom of speech."

"We can’t let them get away with this" Image

"Biden shouldn't be allowed to run. He got CAUGHT and now he needs to pay the price." "a treasonous plot"

WaPo piece about how Trump is pressuring his admin to charge his political enemies:… Image
What an honor. I've been identified as an official "Trump MVP":

Most Valuable Patriot. ImageImage
GOP referring to “coup” Image
Operation MAGA.

"You’ve been identified as one of President Trump’s fiercest and most loyal defenders, and according to your donor file, you’d make an excellent addition to Operation MAGA." ImageImage
The 2020 Trump Diamond Club.

"Out of all of his supporters, the President selected YOU to be a part of this exclusive group, so he was really surprised when we told him you STILL hadn’t stepped up." Image
Piece by @badler about Trump emails… Image
"This email is for REAL PATRIOTS ONLY!"

"the President's OFFICIAL Trump 1000 Dollar Bills." Image
Lot of selling of Trump swag last few days ImageImageImageImage
"Join our exclusive group of supporters who recently became the largest grassroots operation in presidential history surpassing Barack Obama’s campaign!"

Trump supporter sign up: Image
Trump saved college football and, to celebrate, he wants to give me a football. Image
.@DonaldJTrumpJr admits Trump campaign is in dire shape.

I’m getting mixed messaging because I’m also being told they are DEFINITELY going to win.

Also, I’m getting 9x match offers from Trump. Why would I choose your measly 6x match, Donald Jr? Image
So weird. They go from 9x “matches” back to 6x matches then to 8.25.

Can’t even bullshit in a coherent way. Maybe someone told them non-even numbers seemed more legit. Image
Trump email on Biden stuff Image
An extremely rare 8x match, only seen 5 times a day, or a larger amount. Image
I get sense some of these Trump emails from non-regular people are tit-for-tats, like "If you go on Fox News and praise Trump, we'll let you hype your book to our list."

No idea if that's likely in this case, as I have no idea how often Cruz goes on TV to defend Trump. ImageImage
Our records show that you are not a Patriot.

"Do you not care about the future of your Country?" ImageImage
Mitch is in shock. Image
“America vs Socialism”
“Everything is at stake”
“If we don’t win, the Radical Left will destroy our Nation.” ImageImageImage
The tone of Trump propaganda is Chicken Little “sky is falling” mixed with “Santa knows you’ve been bad, don’t you wanna get on the good list?”

Trumpism is for the young at heart.
Trump campaign presents: the Grim Fundraising Tales.


• Little Red Biden Hood
• Goldilocks and the Three Antifa
• And more
If @tedcruz seems more Trump-boot-licking than normal, it's because they probably made some deal letting Cruz promote his book often to Trump's list. Many emails lately about it. Image
Lot of crying today Image
"My father and I agreed that a Patriot like YOU would make an excellent addition to the Trump 1000 Club. When you become a member, the President will come to YOU when he needs help making important campaign strategy decisions."

"OFFICIAL Trump 1000 Dollar Bills" Image
We are certain we will win.*

* but we need some help please. Image
Trump YouTube ad “Joe Biden Wants Your Money” Image
With Radical Leftist Hollywood Billionaire Antifas threatening to take over the country, Melania only gave $45.

#confirmedbusto Image
"All Biden does is lie"
"We can’t let them get away with this." Image
Post-debate Trump emails.

#Debates2020 ImageImageImageImage
The Presidential Pledge of Support.

"I am asking that you publicly pledge your support for President Trump and join my husband as he fights for our Nation."

Because it's not enough to vote for Trump to show those pesky liberals how many people support Trump. ImageImage
Trump email with subject line: "Where's Hunter. The whole Country's wondering".

"my father was CLEARLY the winner of last night’s debate"

#Debates2020 ImageImageImage
Another Trump email about Biden "scandal."

"The truth is, Joe Biden is totally and completely compromised. Many witnesses say what his son, Hunter, did is a crime against our Country."

The old "many people are saying" ambiguous smear tactic. ImageImage
Trump email about 60 Minutes thing.

" interview on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl - who wasn’t wearing a mask while she was in the White House - so I released an unedited preview of it so the American People could get the FACTS." ImageImage
Trump email.

"BIDEN CALLS TRUMP SUPPORTERS “CHUMPS”. Wow, Zachary. That’s what the Left thinks of you."

"The Liberals HATE President Trump. They HATE you. And they HATE everything YOU stand for." Image
Trump email about Barrett confirmation:

"America 3 | Democrats 0" Image
Two Trump emails from today about Barrett confirmation. ImageImage
Oh shit. We've reached 950% match.

Do I hear 1000%? Image
.@tedcruz shilling frequently for Trump in order to reach Trump's list and promote his book. ImageImage

"THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO STEAL THIS ELECTION! There will be FRAUD like you've never seen, plain and simple."

"Don't wait, step up NOW to DEFEND the integrity of the Election!" Image

"Joe Biden is a corrupt politician. He wants to send YOUR jobs to China, while his family rakes in millions from the Chinese Communist Party. If Biden wins, China will OWN the USA." ImageImage
Latest Trump emails.


"We can't let the Democrats STEAL it." ImageImageImageImage
Lot of violent wording in most recent ones.

"I’m asking my fiercest and most loyal defenders, like YOU, to FIGHT BACK!"

"Can I count on you to step up and FIGHT BACK?" ImageImage
This one from last night.

"They're not going to call the race."

"They will try to do whatever it takes to KEEP US FROM WINNING, and that’s why I need YOU to step up."

"NOW I’m calling on YOU to defend me AGAIN" Image
"If you vote for the Left, your kids will not be in school, there will be no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, and no Fourth of July."

This stuff would be so fucking comical if it weren't such an obvious danger. Image
Look at how many emails Trump propaganda team sends out. First one is just from so far today. Second screenshot is from yesterday. ImageImage
"It’s only a matter of time before the Democrats try to steal the Election and manipulate the results. [...] they'd rather destroy our Nation than have four more years of our President’s incredible leadership."

"Will you step up and FIGHT for your President?" ImageImage
Latest Trump email.

"They are finding Biden votes all over the place."

"We must DEFEND the integration of the Election" Image
"The Left-Wing MOB is up to no good. It's up to American Patriots like YOU to stop them." Image
Latest Trump email.

"Trump was leading, often solidly, in many key States - in almost all instances Democrat-run and controlled [...] his lead started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted."

"They will try to STEAL THE ELECTION from the American People." Image
Trump emails from just today. Image
Trump emails seeming more desperate and unhinged than usual. This one doesn't even make sense, seems to be missing a phrase.

"Based on actual math- and not gamesmanship like the Democrats are attempting." ImageImage
Another Trump email.

"We’ve seen it from Day ONE:
- We’ve found ballots in drainage ditches
- They’re not letting our poll watchers inside
- There are videos of them passing out collateral material in polling sites all over Philadelphia" Image
Subject line: TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP Image
"We can’t let America be disgraced by this. I need YOU to FIGHT BACK."

"If you count the LEGAL votes, I easily win the Election. If you count the ILLEGAL and LATE votes, the Radical Left can steal this Election from us." Image
Trump team is shaming Trump supporters, which they've done before but this is prob on more extreme end of what I've seen via email.

"You’ve ignored Team Trump, Eric, Lara, Don, the Vice President AND you’ve even ignored the President of the United States." Image
All the emails I got from Trump team yesterday, November 5th. Only slightly more than average. Image
Couple Trump emails just now.

"Detroit and Philadelphia, two of the most politically corrupt places in America, cannot be responsible for deciding the outcome of this race."

"they’re not only trying to STEAL the Election from me - they’re also trying to steal it from YOU." ImageImage
This is like the dirty phone call of political fundraising. Image

• • •

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Nov 16
"I think that the Left has fallen into a bit of a delusion in thinking that by stopping things from being said, that you're stopping people from believing those things."
- paraphrasing @Erica_Etelson from polarization discussion
"those thoughts & beliefs that we really might not like [...], they go underground, they fester. People will find another outlet; if they can't talk about it openly in their classroom or somewhere else, then they're gonna go online, & then the alt right will be recruiting them."
.@Erica_Etelson is the author of Beyond Contempt, about how liberals can help with depolarization…
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Apr 20, 2021
An interview I did w/ a recently retired police captain, which includes his thoughts on Chauvin's behavior (it sucked), how bad neck restraints are, how anti-cop sentiment contributed to his deciding to retire, and more.

One of the more interesting things mentioned by this cop I interviewed was an increase in domestic/family fights due to social media.
One great tool that has helped me better understand killings of civilians of police is this interactive project from The Guardian called The Counted:…

Can filter by race, sex, age, unarmed vs armed. And you see descriptions of the incident.
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Nov 5, 2020
A look at what people are saying in a 'Deplorables for Trump' Facebook group.

Note the shit welovetrump "news" URL.

More from same thread.

A look at some of the Facebook groups that come up when searching for 'steal election'.
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Oct 17, 2020
Some beliefs associated w/ US political parties make sense, while some might seem rather arbitrary and based on “opinion cascades” (see below).

Can u think of some group-associated politicized views that you could imagine either group having if things had gone a different way?
The paper on "opinion cascades" by Michael Macy of @CornellSoc…
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Oct 17, 2020
Has anyone called @JamesOKeefeIII Slippin’ Jimmy O’Keefe yet?

Getting his start pretending to be a pimp and making deceptively edited videos going on to becoming a prominent GOP con artist seems like a dumber, less ethical Saul Goodman plot line.
For my new conservative friends, you might enjoy my podcast, where I talk about how we've gone too far, on the left & right, w/ political anger and polarization.

In this one, I talk to a Portland protester who defends violent protest (badly IMO):…
If you want to learn more about @JamesOKeefeIII's deceptions and opinions of his work by some smart people, including conservatives, recommend reading his Wikipedia:…

If you aren't wikipedia fan, it has many links to other places where you can learn more.
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Oct 16, 2020
Thread about tips for more psychologically healthy use of Twitter (and other social media).
Turn off notifications. This is key for emotional well being. If important to get some messages, leave message in your bio to contact you another way if something is important.
When arguing/debating, do not feel the need to respond to everything people say. You can make your point and then leave the thread, or even mute the thread.

A lot of anxiety comes up around feeling the need to reply, but you just don't have to.
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