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Crowd gathered at SLC's Washington Square Park for a pro-Trump "Election Night Freedom and Liberty Rally" #utpol #election2020
The event, happening in defiance of recent state guidelines on gatherings, is organized by a conglomerate of nine groups, including Pacific Islanders for
@BurgessOwens and Utah Latino Republicans
Around 90% of attendees, I would estimate, are sans masks #Election2020
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1/ THREAD: Donald #Trump is sitting in this odd manner during a town hall because he feels emotionally uncomfortable as well as physically uncomfortable. His advance 'team' failed here and should have insisted on a different chair design.
#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage
2/ Trump, with high probability, simply cannot balance himself on these high-styled chairs. His difficulty balancing is probably secondary to his obesity (and relatively narrow chair) as well as also possibly a neurologic or musculoskeletal problem.
3/ From a #BodyLanguage perspective, sitting in this configuration shows a lack of emotional commitment — and a lack of stability. This projects the emotional tone of a person who is feeling uncomfortable with the subject matter. He looks like he constantly wants to leave.
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📍RECAP: Key thing Kamala said at #VPDEBATE: ‘On January 28, the Vice President & the President were informed that #COVID19 was airborne and lethal in consequence.’

This was 4 days after I risked my Epidemiology career on line to publicly warn the world.
2) My family also suffered early on. Thank you to all those for trusting me and standing by my side from the beginning.

We have to keep spreading the message and eventually win the fight against #COVID19.

ICYMI: @NYMag’s story from March 2020 here:…
3) Right now, we need to #MaskUp and #vote like your life depends on it, because it does. Do it to save the CDC, the FDA, the EPA, to save democracy, to save our communities, to save our kids’ education so they can have school soon again. Godspeed everyone. LFG.
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Trump the human Superspreader: Chris Christie “enters his second week in the hospital battling the coronavirus, making his case the most serious among senior Republicans in contact with President Donald Trump while he may have been carrying the virus.”…
My position on all these Trump people sick with #COVID19

Editorial: FEMINIST GIANT Does Not Wish Donald Trump Well by @monaeltahawy…
This - which I wrote for 8th grader whose question was asked at #VPDebate - has become one of my most shared & commented on essays.

So many grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles tell me they’ve shared it with the girls in their lives.

Thank you!…
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1-“Despite fallacious,perfidious assertions by #SenatorHarris in the #VPdebate & other #Dems & #globalists,here’s the #truth on #US/#China #trade:
 —4 the 1st 8 months of this yr, r #goodstradedeficit with #China is down an astounding 19%.
 —R yr-2-yr...…
2..monthly goods trade deficit with China has been lower every month this yr.This despite stepped-up(regrettably required)importation of PPE & other #Covid-related goods with the onset of the #pandemic

 #Trumptariffs on #Chineseimports r #working—bigly
In fact,their success...
3..demonstrates the crucial need 4 equivalent tariffs on imports from the #EU,especially #Germany.
Helpful #FF of trade truth:
As I pointed out late in 2019 on Fox News,the term “free trade” is code for:”Cheap. Foreign. Labor.” I also pointed out in that short segment that...
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NEW: Our post-#VPDebate poll found watchers say @KamalaHarris won, but The Fly stole the show.

Nearly half of debate watchers – and 38% of voters – heard a lot about the bug on the VP's head, more than heard about other key moments in the matchup.

Interesting bit in our post-#VPDebate poll: @KamalaHarris got a 9-point bump among those who saw her on stage on the question of how prepared she is to be president if duty calls.

Her number now roughly matches the incumbent VP.…
^ This datapoint is the vegetables you have to eat before getting to the dessert in the story
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The fly that 'appeared' on @Mike_Pence's head during the #VPDebate was artificially added.

Let me tell you why (thread).

Let’s first examine the moment the fly ‘landed’ on Pence’s head. Watch the video below.

Notice how the fly does not fly towards Pence's head.

It just appears there, completely out of the blue.

How can this happen?
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So, for my unbiased #VPDebate post-mortem analysis:

Kamala Harris was outmatched. She displayed the same tendency that stopped Elizabeth Warren in her tracks, an inability to handle or respond to criticism.

We see that the nature of her selection was purely AA Based.
Biden has an issue where he can not deal with criticism and will get ornery, babble, and go into "Old Man Biden" mode.

Kamala is the same, but she simply becomes glaring, incisive, and often malicious. I believe her focus groups told her not to and so she has to laugh instead.
We could obviously see that Kamala was trying to score headlines and bleed the Trump campaign dry. She knew most of her points were false and erroneous which is why she NEVER WENT INTO DETAIL about whatever she said.

It was always queuing up a vague accusation w/ platitudes.
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It’s become clear to me that Trump/Pence don’t believe in/understand social science. How can we move toward a more just nation with leaders who deny the existence of the very issues that are tearing us apart?

In the #VPDebate, Pence said it was insulting to suggest that law enforcement has implicit bias. That’s like saying it’s insulting to say that law enforcement officers have two eyes and a nose. These are facts. Along with our facial features, we all have implicit bias.

That’s why it’s so insidious and problematic. Indeed, the Executive Order on stereotyping also reveals a complete lack of understanding of these issues.…

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Mike Pence and Kamala Harris clashed over the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic during the #VPDebate, as the White House struggled to contain an outbreak that has infected President Trump and dozens of others 1/9
The matchup between Pence and Harris unfolded largely free of the chaos that marred last week’s presidential debate. Here are a few standout moments from the debate 2/9
Packing the court: Frustrated that Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate may soon cement a 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court, some on the left have called on Biden to expand the court to 11 or 13 seats. Harris declined to say whether she supported that idea 3/9
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For 90 minutes, US politics had been transported back to 2012…
During last night's #VPDebate both candidates gave a strong performance, sticking to clearly defined topics and avoiding personal blows
A total of six in ten said Kamala Harris claimed victory over Mike Pence, according to a @CNN snap poll.

In contrast, a @drudgefeed flash poll shows the Vice President as the winner, leading with 69% of the public’s support
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THREAD: Money matters to voters, so what did we learn in last night's #VPDebate ?

Here’s a summary of what we heard, specifically the hits and misses on our very complicated economy ⬇️
Pence repeated the previously fact-checked claim that Trump turned the U.S. economy around.

FALSE: GDP was 2% & 2.3% under Obama, 2.5% under Trump. It was an economic expansion Trump made possible by the 2017 Corporate Tax Cut.
Pence says Biden will raises taxes on all Americans.

FALSE: Biden plans to partially repeal the corporate tax cut. Trump dropped the corporate tax rate from 35% - 21%.
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Harris was more believable, more skilled and overall presented a better case for her campaign, but I'd say Pence won simply because he didn't have to do as much. #VPDebate
A political debate is not a contest of ideas. Pence's entire job was to lay out a case (credible or not) for re-electing Trump so that those who already want to vote for him can give themselves permission to do so. That's why he didn't bother with the questions. #VPDebate
Harris' best approach would have been to de-legitimise Pence, and thereby Trump, but she treated him with too much respect. Just as Biden did with Trump. #VPDebate
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I will say this in my column, but @KamalaHarris had to navigate so much: She was up against the sitting VP. She is one of only 4 women in US history to be on that stage, as a nominee and is the only Black woman & only 2nd Black person to do so.
The expectations of women are so much more than they ever are on men. For WOC, it is exponential. A Black woman on stage as a challenger to a white man is itself an optic that unsettles the fundamental narrative of white supremacy.

Many of us were shattered by the abusive performance by Trump a week ago. So comparatively, Pence's calm, message-driven gaslighting performance seemed different. Contentious but not threatening--not like Trump's scary shouty abuse. Or was it?
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Tonight, we saw VP @Mike_Pence expose the radical, far-left policies that a Harris-Biden Administration would force on the country, and articulate a robust defense of the Trump-Pence Administration’s accomplishments & vision. #VPDebate

Here are the top five must-watch moments:
1️⃣ VP Pence lambasted Joe Biden’s failure to confront ISIS terrorists and save Kayla Mueller.
2️⃣ VP @Mike_Pence contrasted President @realDonaldTrump's record of cutting taxes for middle-class families with Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes by $4 trillion.
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A team of New York Times journalists is fact-checking tonight's vice-presidential debate.

Follow along, and see all of our #VPDebate fact checks here.
Mike Pence made a misleading claim as he defended the Trump administration's response to the pandemic in the #VPdebate.

Find all of our fact checks for the #VPDebate here. Image
Mike Pence made a false claim about a gathering at the White House on Sept. 26 that appears to have produced a cluster of coronavirus infections. Image
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A colossal "Dump Trump" message greets @VP as he returns to downtown Salt Lake City's Hotel Monaco. The video projection on the heavily guarded grounds, I'm told, was pulled off by a crew of local guerrilla activists #VPDebate #utpol
Make that a lone wolf. "I was, like, 'you know what would be real fun? I've got those projectors. I've wanted to do projections for a while.’ Vice presidential debate—why not?” the display's author, Collin Williams tells me #VPDebate #utpol
The creation, which Williams originally intended for the outside @UUtah's Kingsbury Hall, transitioned from the "Dump Trump" message to another displaying the current number of COVID deaths in the country with the intent to call out the administration's "lack of action,” he said
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1/ THREAD: @KamalaHarris expression as she says, "@JoeBiden's responsible for saving America's auto industry and you voted against it — so let's set the record straight."

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #VPDebate
2/ The 'Side-Eye' is a strong signal for the thought-emotions for someone you:

• Don't believe
• Don't like
• Don't respect

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #VPDebate
3/ Note also that during this scolding, @Mike_Pence closes his eyes as he attempts to distance himself — and psychologically protect himself from what he knows is the truth.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #VPDebate
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Harris Lie # 1

Biden will eliminate #Trump Tax Cut.

Harris said no.
Biden said yes.

Tax cuts are not for the big corporates only. My family owns a small business and it definitely helped us.

Harris Lie #2

Will the #BidenHarris admin ban fracking.

Harris insisted they won’t.
Both Biden and Harris said they would ban fracking.

Harris Lie #3

Trump didn’t denounce the KKK & White Supremacy. He called them “Fine people” & “He told them to stand down”.

POTUS #Trump disavowed both groups numerous times.

He told the #ProudBoys to stand down. PB are multiracial.
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Tonight's #VPDebate did not cover LGBTQ+ issues.

Multiple presidential forums have aired since the conventions. All of them skipped over LGBTQ+ issues.

Background from @shoeleatherkate:
2/ More from our coverage —

Across the nation, LGBTQ+ people are debating fast-tracking major life changes: weddings, gender-confirming medical care, legal name changes.

It's all in anticipation of a 6-3 Supreme Court conservative majority.
3/ Joe Biden has promised action on LGBTQ+ issues starting on day one. But undoing four years of anti-LGBTQ+ policy may take decades.
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Anyone seen a speaking time analysis from the VP debate? If you find one, please post it in the comments to this tweet. #VPDebate
UPDATE: My quick reading of the most recent NBC News speaking-time breakdown has Pence speaking for about two and a half minutes to three minutes longer than Harris, with no additional indication of how aggressively Harris was spoken over by the moderator as compared to Pence.
UPDATE2: One also notes that Harris stayed close to Mike Pence in speaking time only because on certain topics Pence abdicated altogether—like race. Whenever Pence had an issue he *wanted* to discuss, he was able to do so for as long as he wanted. Data journalism misses that too.
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For 90 minutes, the understudies had their moment.

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris faced each other behind plexiglass partitions in a low-key debate that was peevish but generally polite.

Here are takeaways from tonight's #VPDebate:…
Kamala Harris was tough and firm, but didn’t exactly mop the floor with her Republican rival, @markzbarabak writes…
@markzbarabak Pence’s heaviest lift may have been persuading Americans that he and the Trump administration have done a bang-up job on COVID-19, even as the president could plausibly be labeled a super-spreader of the virus that has killed more than 210,000 Americans…
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