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📌The more I dig into things- A central theme emerges... intelligence agencies create, fund, and support terrorism for the NWO shadow goverment. This is our enemy in every country. Good vs Evil. 📌Jamal Khashoggi Story: A journalist murdered or a spook who knew to much? Image
First you really need to understand Obamas support for Muslim Brotherhood. Obama had strategically outlined the U.S. support for MB in a Presidential Study Directive (PSD-11) a classified 18 page document Pres Trump should declass. #Obama #Khashoggi ImageImageImage
It was Obamas policy to help destabilize the Middle East in 2011. Over throw pro-U.S. gov Eygpt, Tunisia and bring down Qaddafi. (he was against NWO central banks)#Benghazi Remember ((they)) call it Arab Spring. Obama allows tons of Visas to radical MB into U.S. #Obama #Benghazi ImageImage
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@cspanwj #ObamaGate

Canada has already declared for the CCP, how long until the Vichy DEMOCRAT will come out for them, as well.

Watch for the DEMOCRAT to support the CCP. They are allies.
@cspanwj #ObamaGate @cspanwj @WarRoomPandemic
The Canadians

We know who
our enemies are
@cspanwj @WarRoomPandemic #ObamaGate @cspanwj @WarRoomPandemic

The Canadians

We know who
our enemies are

and we are ready for you.
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New Q (27 May '20). Yes, we know. It's never been about the virus. Would be nice if those behind the unleashing of the virus were rounded up and held accountable and the general public made aware of their disgusting mass murder scheme to regain power.
2. Premeditated mass murder. Cuomo gave NH execs immunity fm lawsuits after hefty campaign donations.…
They deleted order to NHs.…
Plenty of beds on USNS Comfort & Javits Ctr.
3. Not sure what else we can do other than continue to counter their lies; red-pill family members, friends, co-workers, & neighbors; contact our reps; vote; PRAY; & trust POTUS has a plan to ensure their plans don't succeed & guilty parties are held accountable for their crimes.
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A 5 mois de la présidentielle US, le sortant D. #Trump est convaincu- il l'écrit,pas moi- d'avoir été espionné par #Obama en 2016, de subir 1 future fraude électorale et d'être victime d'1 complot des réseaux sociaux qu'il veut faire fermer. Comment envisager 1 élection"normale"?
2) Ca fait 1h que le président des #EtatsUnis D. #Trump est réveillé et il a déjà déclaré vouloir fermer les réseaux sociaux, empêcher le vote par correspondance source de fraude et dénoncé de façon 1 #Obamagate d'espionnage par son prédécesseur plus grave que le Watergate...
3)... la 1ère question est déjà formelle. Où s'arrête D.#Trump? Parce qu'accuser l'ex-président Obama d'espionnage est aussi mettre en cause son VP Biden et nier sa légitimité à le concurrencer en novembre prochain. Et pour l'instant, il n'apporte rien. Aucune preuve.
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1. 🇺🇸 The future of our Republic is at stake.
Survival as a Nation.
We Rise or We Die.
We, the People.

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No Name on Obama 🎬

… this might be the best thing McStain has ever said!

#ObamaGate #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
Indonesia folks‼️
‘Soebarkah — Soetoro — Obama’ (Subud Cult)

#ObamaGate #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for May 26, 2020

Q posts can be found here:

My Theme: We Rise or We Die
2) Catherine Herridge tweeted @RichardGrenell's response to Mark Warner's concerns about #Obamagate documents being declassified and made public.

3) Grenell cited Executive Order 13526 Section 1.7 which specifies that documents may not remain classified to conceal violations of the law or prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency.
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It’s #NoCoincidence Obama is NOT a LEGAL U.S. citizen and his Birth Certificate is a FRAUD‼️

… he’s from the ‘SUBUD CULT’ in Indonesia 🇮🇩

#ObamaGate #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter ImageImageImageImage
It’s #NoCoincidence Obama’s Presidential Portrait was portrayed in the ‘Garden of Eden’ — he is that ‘Old Serpent’ the ‘devil’ the bible speaks about‼️

#ObamaGate #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter ImageImageImage
It’s #NoCoincidence the U.S. Currency has an ‘All Seeing Pyramid’ and an ALIEN printed on it… and it’s also the reserve currency for the ENTIRE WORLD — think Egyptian symbolism‼️

#ObamaGate #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter ImageImage
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In Grenell's final week as DNI he authorized misleading and politically motivated leaks attempting to frame Trump's opponent for espionage.

Immediately after leaving, he goes to directly to the campaign. This is a massive scandal the media is ignoring.
To all those wondering why #Obamagate randomly became a thing in the middle of a pandemic 5 months from an election - this is the answer. The President's new senior campaign aide needed to authorize the politically targeted leaks in the last week he could.
Since email protocols were so important to the Trump campaign I do hope Grenell saved all communications with Parscale, Trump Jr., etc about #Obamagate and that @HouseIntel will review.
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1. News: What!? TWITTER TAGS TRUMP TWEETS AS 'MISINFORMATION'...mere hours after KARA SWISHER appeared on CNBC to CALL ON TWITTER to establish a panel of 'content reviewers' who can help the platform tag & remove "misinformation"… @realDonaldTrump
2. News: Twitter 'UN-VERIFIES' Journalist 1 Hour After He Tweets About Obama Spying On Journalists: His article suggests #Obamagate is just the "latest development in nearly a decade-long battle" for journalists like former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson…
3. News: Former worker on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean Pedo island says HE SAW BILL CLINTON ON THE ISLAND, Netflix doc… #Trump #ShareTheNews
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MAKE THEM ALL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!






Military Intelligence posted droves of videos and pics onto Youtube/Google

You can find that pic here…
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I found this, to be a VERY VALUABLE TWEET!

RT it Trillions of Times

American Accounts - If you speak loudly for our friends outside of the states, things may be Different this time

Let's get them ALL Unshadow Banned
Round 2


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1.) 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 #WinsAnon 5.25.20 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

"Who is #WinsAnon?" Great Question. Let me answer on the Anon's behalf.

They post on (the official #QAnon backup discussion board)

#WinsAnon posts "Wins of the Day" quite regularly, and it's an amazing collection.
2.) With permission, I will be trying to replicate his work/copying what I can and paraphrasing what doesn't fit.

Blessed is this Digital Soldier. He provides a valuable service and it should be shared far and wide.

Let's begin!
3.) Flynn’s name was NOT masked, they openly spied on him and shared the info … and all the rushed unmasking requests were an attempt to cover for that abuse:…
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OK so this should really prompt people into doing some digging right? They are testing Aussies, shouldn't we look into "Novavax".

follow along for a quick check...…
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New Episode Tonight!

#168: Memorial Day Special
Freedom Is Never Free.

Our Rights To Vote - PAID IN BLOOD.

God Bless America
POTUS Delivers Memorial Day Address
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
Inquiring Minds Want To Know!
Do we have a Rule of Law? Or a class of RULERS?
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RETWEET!: 60 minutes exposed the Swine Flu and its vaccinie as a hoax in 1979!!!
Grab a copy of my #1 bestseller, "History of the Deep State 3", now available in paperback!

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Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I honestly don’t think the DNC has any other viable candidates to throw at the wall.
Hillary will get pummeled again if they run her, if she is even still a free woman by the time the Convention happens.
Michael lived outside of the US...
for more than 15 years, if I’m not mistaken & forged documents may have worked for her hubby, but I seriously doubt the same would fly with her in the current climate & scrutiny of #ObamaGate.
Honestly who else do they have who could garner enough support in such a short...
amount of time? There’s a reason candidates spend a year or two campaigning. If they make a swap, that candidate will have to cover a lot of ground in less than 4 months.
I honestly think they’ve screwed the pooch.

Now this is not me saying that #Trump2020LandslideVictory is...
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THREAD: In honor of Memorial Day I want to let you know this is what Q talked about on “infiltration.”

The Obama’s were them. M Obama caught bashing our flag and his husband agreeing. Justice is coming! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MemorialDayWeekend #MemorialDay
M Obama saying this is the first time she has been proud of this country because we elected her treasonous husband, Barack Hussein Obama #infiltration #ObamaGate
Barack Hussein Obama standing at attention during the National Anthem without his hand over his heart #infiltration #ObamaGate #MemorialDay
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This #MemorialDay Please take a moment and remember the Soldiers of #Extortion17 And please say a Prayer for their Family's 🇺🇸

We Will Never Forget
As soon as Joe Biden announced that it was a SEAL Team who took out Bin Laden, within 24 hours, my son called me and I rarely ever heard him sound afraid in his adult life… He said, "Mom, you need to wipe your social media clean…your life is in danger, our lives are in danger."
Additionally, Charles Strange, father of fallen Navy SEAL Michael Strange, has been just as outspoken as the Vaughns against both Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In July, Strange told WND “Obama sent my son to his death.”
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Obama, Democrats, Judge Sullivan, Comey's FBI are stalling for time, trying to run up defying DOJ orders to drop @GenFlynn's case until after the 2020 election hoping they'll still win so Americans won't know Obama set him up. They'd then prosecute Flynn for political purposes...
Beth Wilkinson:
She's the lawyer who got each of Hillary's assistants total immunity during the email scandal, even tho not one of them was made to testify about anything she knew!
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